Do not work buttons to turn on the phone on Android, how to turn on the phone?

As a result, individual controls can fail.

Practice shows that one of the most vulnerable places of the Samsung smartphone is the power button (power on/off).

If the main phone button has broken or stopped responding to pressing, only the master will help to correct the situation. However, for some time you can use a smartphone with a non-working power button.

Turn on Samsung with a non.working button

How to turn on samsung without button on?

There are several options for solving this problem, these are the most effective of them:

We put a smartphone for charging. Many Samsung phones and other manufacturers when connecting to the charger are turned on. The first thing that can be done in this case is to put the device for charging and try to clamp the sound adjustment key.

If there is no network charger at hand, but there is a laptop and a USB cable, then you can connect the phone to the computer.

If the first method did not give a result, try to squeeze the volume button in the position “-“, the “Home” button and, holding these two buttons pressed, connect the power cable (the buttons do not let go all the time!). After a few seconds (about 5-7), a preliminary menu should appear on the screen.

The buttons need to be released immediately, and then press and hold the volume button a little to the position “-“. After 5-10 seconds, the loading of the device should start.

The third way gives the result in almost 100% of cases if the button does not work on Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulations with the battery of the smartphone and requires a certain dexterity of the hands.

You need to remove the back cover from the device, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears, you need to sharply turn off the power cable and also remove it sharply and insert the battery. The phone will begin to reboot.

Reply to the post “Connecting a wireless subwoofer to the Samsung Harman Kardon soundbar” ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

And here I freaked out and gave Dal made a soundbar with my own hands.

He took the old colonies from the muses of the center, pulled them out with a screwdriver and dremel. I bought furniture shields, on Ali I ordered an amp of d class for one hundred watts to the channel.

TTX: Electric power. 200 watts, acoustic. 520, subwoofers in the floor. Copper is non.acidic, granite stands.

Connecting a wireless subwoofer to the soundbar Samsung Harman Kardon⁠ ⁠

One acquaintance called me with a request to repair my wife’s birthday acoustics.

We say we removed the cottage for celebration, I want the music louder, but sad: the soundbar works, and the subwoofer is silent from it. I would fix it until Friday. Well, take, look at.

Here it is, time.beaten acoustic organism.

The set consists of the Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar panel itself

and wireless subwoofer Samsung PS-Wr65b

So he did not want to connect, blinked with a blue eye, demanded a pairing with the panel.It seems to be nothing complicated. soundbar in sleeping mode, click on the remote control 5 sec button mute, and voila!

The whole catch was that the remote control was long lost. However, there is a Xiaomi smartphone with the function of IR remote control.We go to the Mi remote control: Add the remote control. Amplifier. The choice of the manufacturer. Samsung. We are looking for from 6 options the one to which the soundbar reacts, and the Mute button is present in the remote control. Add the remote control.Well, then we connect the sub.Good sound! )

Turn on Samsung without a button using the application mobile uncle

Each time it is not very convenient to turn on the Samsung phone without a power button in all of the above, so after a successful launch we recommend installing a special Mobile Uncle Tools 2017 (mobile uncle) on a smartphone).

With this universal multi-tool, you can make almost anything with Android devices, completely changing the settings and functionality of working buttons.

The Mobile Uncle application works with any devices based on MTK processors.

There is another application. Power Button to Volume Button (free of charge in Play Market). it is designed specifically for such a case. With it, you can shift the function of the power button to the speaker volume control keys.

There are only two active points in the application menu: Boot and Screen Off. It is enough to put a checkmark near the Boot point and the smartphone will turn on using a volume swing.

As an additional option, we recommend that you consider the Shake Screen On Off application. it allows you to turn on/off the screen with a light shaking of the device if the power button does not work.

How to turn on samsung if the power button does not work? It is clear that the failed element requires an appeal to the master and replacement with a new one, but sometimes we need to “delve” on the phone. To enable or restart the smartphone with a non.working button, try to use the methods below.

How to turn on a smartphone if the power button does not work

The most intense load in the smartphones is experienced by the inclusion button (kV), since it is constantly used by the owners. We click on it to enter the applications, see notifications and see the time. Severe operating conditions lead to the fact that sometimes KV first fails.

If the HA breaks down, you need to contact the master, and most of the methods below will allow you to clean the phone a little or stretch the time before the salary. There is another method that involves loading special programs that change the functionality of the Galaxy buttons. They will help transfer the role of the power to the sound control key, and allow the owner to use the phone further.


There are several products developed for the playmarket for cases when the power button does not work on Samsung. Programs allow you to digest a little in the system and change the functionality of the keys in places. So, there is an application “Mobile uncle”, which can be found on a playmarket on the request of Mobile Uncle, and a similar program Power Buttom to Volume. The tools transfer the function of turning on to the low.constrained volume reduction key. Changes are convenient in that the power of the speakers can be adjusted in addition through the device itself.

If you do not want to lose the functionality of the volume control key, download another application. Shake Screen Off. It turns on and off the phone, registering a shaking of the device. Yes, yes, “you shaking, shit smartphone,” and then it will turn off.

other methods

It is clear that to download programs you need to have access to the “living” Galaxy, but how to do it if KV does not work? There are several ways to defrost him:

During Galaxy activation, we quickly use the moment and go to the menu to download the application. It is important that the device is provided with a sufficient charge, so after unlocking, we connect it to the outlet.

Inclusion by charging

Disabled device with non.working AC can be reanimated using charging. Some models after complete discharge when connecting to the outlet are launched by themselves, we use the moment and go to the menu to clean the phone, download saving software or transfer important data to the SIM card and memory card for further use on another smartphone.

If this method does not work on your model, you need to work hard. You need to catch the moment when the charge is just entering the battery and completely clamp the volume control key. We wait for the release of the boot menu, and if this does not happen, we continue the manipulation until we achieve success. Select Normal Powerup mode and work with the phone turned on.

Ways to manage the Google account check

We use the SIM card

  • We take out a SIM card from a smartphone. Turn on the gadget.
  • We skip a message about the absence of a SIM card. Indicate the language of the Interais.
  • In the form of input e-mail or phone numbers for a couple of seconds, we hold @ ic.
  • The settings menu will be displayed, in which we indicate the “Android keyboard setting”.
  • Click on the keys “Home” and “Back” to activate the Google search engine.
  • Enter the “Settings” request, open the proposed tab.
  • Disconnect the options “Preservation of backups” and “Automating”.
  • We carry out Hard Reset again.

APK Tool app

This utility allows you to run the Android device without Google Account. The only nuance is the difficulty of installing a program on the phone.

launch, samsung, phone, card
  • Choosing a suitable version of the utility for work. For example, Frphijacker Tool is suitable for Samsung devices.
  • Download APK Tool on a USB flash drive for a simplified launch of the program.
  • Using the OTG cable, connect the flash drive to the phone.
  • Install APK from a flash drive.
  • Now you will have the opportunity to change the Android settings and deactivate the Google account checking option.

Circrating check without Internet access

  • Insert the SIM card into a blocked gadget and call it.
  • We answer the call, click “Add a new call”.
  • The form in which we indicate any numbers will open.
  • Click “Save”, after which we indicate “Google” and conduct the process of creating a new account.
  • Restart the smartphone.

Using a memory card

A very simple way that consists in performing the following actions:

  • Insert a memory card into a working gadget.
  • There will be a notification in which we click “OK”. After that, the storage settings will open.
  • Click “Applications data”.
  • Open the section “All”, indicate “Settings”, and then click for “launch”.
  • Settings will be opened in which we indicate “restoration and reset”.
  • Click “DRM reset”, after which we confirm the process of removing the keys.
  • Again go to the “Restoration and Reset” tab, after which we reset the settings.
  • We are waiting for the inclusion of the device. All problems with FRP will be resolved.

Through Wi-Fi

During the initial setup, open the Wi-Fi network connection page. Then we follow the instruction:

  • Choose any network. Then, to enter the password, we open the keyboard.
  • Run the settings in the keyboard. This process can be performed in the following ways:
  • We clamp “Swype”.
  • Click on the “Language Change” button.
  • Pour a gap, comma or button “123” (digital keyboard).

After rebooting the Android device, you can start it without Google’s account.

Method for professionals

To solve the problem, we will use the SP Flash Tool or Caste Recaver utility. These methods are suitable for Android devices that function on the MTK chip.

  • Install the following drivers https: // wtffix on PC sp Flash Tool.COM/WP-Content/Uploads/Firmwarees/Files/Sp_flash_Tool_v5.1824_win.Zip. Also download the Scatter file that corresponds to the trim of the device. We take this file from here https: //
  • We indicate our Scatter at Scatter-Loading.
  • We perform the steps “Format. Manual Format Flash”.
  • Indicate the address where Google FRP Lock is located. To do this, open the Scatter file.TXT.

By turning on the device, you can start it without Google Account.

Repair engineer for mobile and computer equipment in a specialized service center, g. Continuous experience from 2010.Have questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article. I try to answer as quickly as possible to you in the indicated mail. Each case is individual and therefore it is very important that you write your problem as much as possible and what is your device model.

Samsung Galaxy does not turn on. restore the work of the smartphone

Sometimes Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may stop turning on. Android operating system fails, but most often users have problems due to pre-installed Root rights. Now you will learn how to revive the device, unless, of course, it is hardware breakdown.

There are several ways and we will start with the most obvious and simple.

Check the charger and cable

Perhaps your Samsung smartphone is discharged and does not turn on. You connected the charger, but nothing happens. First of all, try to take exercises from another gadget and if the phone reacted on it and began to receive a charge, then the problem is in it. Next, you should change the USB cable to determine what exactly stopped working. If, after replacing the wire, your charger began to charge the smartphone battery, then the reason is in its malfunction.

Check the availability of bad applications

Sometimes a bad application can cause problems with Android or other applications. To check if the problem is caused by a bad third party, download the phone in safe mode and check for the presence of a problem. If there is no SIM card error in safe mode, but returns to normal mode, you can argue that a bad application is to blame.

To start S10 in safe mode, follow the following actions:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the power button outside the screen with the name of the model.
  • When Samsung appears on the screen, release the power button.
  • Immediately after releasing the power button, press and hold the volume reduction key.
  • Continue to hold the volume reduction key until the device is rebooted.
  • Safe mode will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen screen.
  • Release the volume reduction key when you see a safe mode.
  • In safe mode, try to charge the phone for at least 30 minutes and see what will happen

Safe regime itself is not a solution. This is rather a tool that will help you determine whether a bad application is the cause of the problem on Android. So, if the phone discovers that your SIM card is fined only in safe mode, you can assume that this is caused by the installed third-party application. If the error began after installing the application, be sure to delete the specified application to correct it. If you cannot remember the application or do not know what it may be, you can use the exclusion method to identify it. This is how it is done:

launch, samsung, phone, card

how to get free internet without sim card

  • Load in safe mode.
  • Check if there is a problem.
  • As soon as you confirmed that a application is to blame, you can start removing applications individually. We suggest you start from the very last added you.
  • After deleting the application, reboot the phone in normal mode and check if there is a problem.
  • If your S10 is still problematic, repeat steps 1–4.

Reset the phone settings to default values

At this stage, the discharge to the factory settings is mandatory. Perhaps there has been a software error that does not allow Android to detect the SIM card. To check, you want to drop the settings of the device to factory. Just don’t forget to create backups of files in advance.

To restore the factory settings S10:

  • Make a backup of data in the internal memory. If you entered the Google account on the device, you activated Anti-Theft, and you will need your Google accounting data to complete the general reset.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the volume increase and the Bixby key, then press and hold the power key.
  • When the Android logo is displayed, release all the keys (for about 30-60 seconds before the parameters of the Android recovery menu).
  • Click the volume button several times to select “Wipe the data/reset of settings to factory.
  • Click for a selection click the power button.
  • Press the volume reduction button until “Yes. delete all user data”.
  • Press the power button to select and start the overall discharge.
  • When the overall discharge is completed, it will be allocated to “restart the system now”.
  • Press the power button to restart the device.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card

Since it became clear that WhatsApp on a tablet can work without a SIM card, you need to figure out how to install the application correctly. After all, at the first launch, it will still demand to enter the phone number and confirm it.

The installation of the application is available in several ways:

  • After a previously registered number.
  • Using a stationary phone.
  • Using the Textnow application.
  • Through the virtual number.

The presented methods are strikingly different from each other. Therefore, the installation process, depending on the selected method, will be a kind of. The most rational solution is to consider each method individually.

Using a previously registered number

This method is selected by the vast majority of users. In principle, there are no pitfalls here. But there is only one clarification. for installing Watsap Thus, you need to register in advance in the system through a smartphone using a SIM card. If the account is already created, it remains only to download WhatsApp to the tablet. You can use the Play Market or App Store app?

It is not recommended to download the program from resources. Similar files may contain viruses that will negatively affect the work of the tablet.

The algorithm of action looks as follows:

As a way of passing verification, you must choose the voice option. So it will be possible to register from another device.

With a stationary phone

Another option for registering in the system, when it is not possible to install a SIM card in a tablet. using a stationary phone. WhatsApp does not put any restrictions on the type of number. The program does not matter whether a mobile or home phone is used. The main thing is to pass verification.

As a result, you need to take a few steps:

launch, samsung, phone, card
  • Download the program to the tablet.
  • Open WhatsApp and choose your country.
  • Enter a stationary phone number and click “Call me”.
  • Pass verification using an audio call.

When the user selects the “Call me” parameter, a call from the answering machine will receive a stationary phone. A person will be said to the person, which must be entered in the application as a confirmation of registration.

Of course, there is far from every household house now on a stationary phone. Therefore, the first way to register in WhatsApp without using a SIM card seems most effective. But there are several more options that need to be considered. Perhaps to someone they will seem more convenient.

With the Textnow application

Textnow is a unique application. It allows a person to create his own virtual number. Subsequently, it can be used when registering in the WhatsApp system. But first you need to figure out where to download the program, and how to work with it.

The application is available in Play Market and App Store. The program is distributed for free, so anyone can use it. When the user downloads and installs the application, you will need to take a few steps:

  • Open the program.
  • Indicate the email address and come up with a password.
  • Confirm registration.
  • Write the number that will issue an application.

Next, you need to perform certain actions in the WhatsApp application:

  • Open the program.
  • Enter the number that Textnow issued.
  • Try to confirm the creation of an account by SMS.
  • If the message is not displayed in the Textnow application, select the “Call me” item and respond to the bot call.
  • Enter the numbers that the answering machine said.

The disadvantage of this method is that it will be difficult for the user to restore the account if he deleys the application. Will have to start a new virtual number.

Using a virtual number

Textnow is not the only application that allows you to create a virtual number for registration in WhatsApp. There are several more programs and resources that work in this direction.

From paid services, the following can be distinguished:

Services offer a fake number for a symbolic fee. Only 3 rubles or a little more. But here the user cannot be sure that the sent numbers will work for a long time. Perhaps when you need to restore the account in the Vatsap, this will not work.

This list can be continued indefinitely, but in the case of free services, no one can guarantee the performance of the number received. However, even an unsuccessful (and free) attempt is unlikely to deliver a lot of inconvenience.

And there are also several applications for creating a number:

All programs, as well as the previously indicated services, work on a similar principle. A person simply enters the email address, after which he receives his virtual number. Next, you should perform only a couple of actions to register in WhatsApp:

  • Download the WhatsApp application.
  • Open the program and enter a virtual number.
  • Confirm the creation of an account with an SMS code or an audio call.

Due to the fact that virtual numbers have certain restrictions, it is recommended to use services that work through branded applications. The program will always have the opportunity to answer an automatic bot to confirm registration in WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp web versions

In the end, no one forbids the owners of tablets to use the web version of the popular Messenger WhatsApp. But here a person needs a smartphone. It will read the QR code from it. The same account will be used on the tablet or computer that was registered on the phone.

launch, samsung, phone, card

The registration process is as follows:

  • Open Web
  • Launch WhatsApp on the phone with a working account.
  • On the smartphone screen, go to the “Settings” section and select the “WhatsApp Web” item.
  • Put the phone on the QR code, which is located on the Internet page.
  • Confirm the synchronization of the account.

On the Web page.WhatsApp.COM user can receive help if problems arise with registration. But usually this process goes without difficulties.

It is also worth noting that the web version, although it is very similar to the application, is still not so comfortable. Especially if you use it on the tablet. The site is designed to work with personal computers, and it is not the best for mobile devices.

FRP! Blocking modern Samsung. How to unlock yourself!⁠ ⁠

Hello dear friends, and dear subscribers.

Three months ago I wrote this post, but with E ### the pace of inflation, I have to rewrite the song.

Three months ago, I posted a post about how quite easily it is possible to unlock Samsung phones, based on 9 android, at home, in about one and a half minutes. And I must say that this vulnerability lasted quite a long time. But, nothing forever, and on modern phones, this method no longer works. Window with a lock icon simply not to appear.

But until Samsung has increased the bootloader version, banal flashing helps, but the older version of the software.

sim card not registered on network only emergency calls fix in samsung phones

In other models, it is made by analogy, but of course, the firmware must be taken from your apparatus.

In general, the idea I think is more than clear. Just in case, I remind you, you can not flash firmware, with a more old bootloader.

“Moisture protection” in modern flagships Samsung⁠ ⁠

I purchased the top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone building. One of the pleasant features for me was the presence of dust and protection according to super standards (immersion by one and a half meters by half an hour in water). The apparatus pleased me exactly until he visited the water park on vacation. After minor dives into the water (fresh) and filming in conditions of high humidity, he drew attention to the foggy eyes of the chambers from the inside. The next day, the back camera and vibration engine refused. With this issue, Samsung Plaza turned to the corporate guarantee salon (Nizhny Novgorod, ul. Gorky, d.152). There I was informed that they would contact the main office for making a decision, since the marriage of the device is possible. Well, all the rules, I thought. It is not for nothing that moisture protection and fashion standards on the box and advertising shares of the company are not for nothing, should guarantee the declared opportunity, I thought. However, I was deeply mistaken. A few days later, a polite manager Maria, who reported the good news, was in touch that the Samsung engineer from photographs (just like a psychic) ​​provided from the service center saw traces of moisture inside the smartphone, and this cannot be, their products were protected from water on top technologies, which means the fault is on me. Further, they charged me that on my part there was an effect of water under high pressure, then it was charged to me that I specially opened the SIM card tray before immersion, although all this is not reality (they imposed it on me very intensively with clear irritation and contempt in my voice). As a result, I was refused in the warranty due to violations of the operating procedure, and in the same service center they politely proposed replacing the system board and the train of the system connector with subsequent diagnostics and search for new faulty components requiring replacement.

It is worth paying attention to the noise around the Galaxy Note 9, associated with the glow on one side face of the apparatus (there were guesses around the possible marriage and not dense contact, and therefore there was a pass of the display and impaired tightness), which was written off by the manufacturer on the “features of the bonded display “, however (according to information from thematic forums and reviews of the owners who bought the device at different times) it was in the first batches of devices, including what I have acquired. Perhaps a tightness defect in any way is associated with this “feature” bent displays on some Samsung devices.

In any case, in fact, I have an expensive, partially and temporarily working flagship, which, due to the high cost of repair, will most likely go to the scrap.

People, do not go to moisture protection, even if the inscription on the box is full of this or advertising is read. Once again, do not immerse the devices in the water, especially the Samsung lineup (how do I do with this from other manufacturers unknown). There are a hundred reasons to refuse to guarantee repairs. For myself, I decided to limit myself to the use of Samsung technique (perhaps my case was exceptional, but left a negative imprint). Thank you for attention! My first post, please do not throw sticks)

Why does the phone do not see a SIM card. a hardware defect

I personally ran into a situation when I bought a new smartphone, cut the card so that it normally enters the appropriate slot. But after turning on, the network was not found. It turned out that the device was not inserted until the end.

On this occasion, you should familiarize yourself with the standards of Nano, Micro. which differ in size.

Ideally, at the time of purchase, ask a consultant to prepare your simards for a new apparatus.

None of the above helps. contact the service center. I know many cases when Samsung phones did not see the second SIM card. And the reason was a factory marriage. Repair in official centers was carried out for free.

Moisture hit

The gadget was subjected to negative effects of liquid. fell into the water, fell under the rain, etc.D.? Then the oxidation of contacts is likely (both in the smartphone itself and on SIM). Try to extract the card, wipe it with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol:

Even after the repair, the phone does not see the second SIM? Most likely, “experts” poorly completed work, used non.original modules, adapters, which, at the slightest blow, can shift and lead to a loss of signal.

I would like the listed methods to help you eliminate the problem. Alas, most often you have to contact the service.

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