The easiest ways

Most often the model name consists of alphanumeric characters that can be found on the case or when turning on (booting up the OS). However, devices that show the brand name when you turn it on are produced less and less over the years. Fortunately, there are other simple ways that even an inexperienced user can cope with.

In the settings menu

One of the traditional ways to check. through the settings (main menu). This option is suitable if you bought the device “from hand” or in an online store.

In the main menu you can get basic information about the device, including full technical parameters.

Information will be presented in the form of a trademark or alphanumeric code, depending on the cell phone firmware version and manufacturer.

How to Check Model and BIOS information? | ASUS SUPPORT

On the Box

When you buy a device in an official store, the seller gives the buyer the phone in the factory packaging. Most often a special sticker with the cell phone brand is glued to the box.

From the manual or receipt

This information is provided in the accompanying documents:

model, tablet, asus

On the case or under the battery

Another obvious way to find out the model is to look under the cover of the phone or examine the case. Most manufacturers indicate important information under the battery or on the case.

This method is not suitable for devices with a non-removable battery. In the case of a non-removable battery, we recommend that you check the model through the settings or use another method.

Having removed the back cover and taken out the battery, you can see:

Many experts recommend that you do not remove the battery immediately. Before that, it is better to take out the SIM cards if the slots for them are on the side. The smartphone must be switched off before doing this.

By serial number

You can identify the model by its serial number or IMEI. a unique identification number. Suitable for blocked, button-operated, old brands,

Dial command #06#. The screen will display a 15-digit code.

model, tablet, asus

Then you need to use a special Internet resource, which will show all the information about your smartphone.

    . After entering the code in the special field on this site all the information about the device will be displayed: year of manufacture, number, country, manufacturer, modification.

  • Analogous to
  • Google or Yandex. “The searchers will find the IMEI of the device on the web and show the results.

Via Gmail

Google users can find out their device model when they sign in to their account. This works if the system’s email is tied to your cell phone. It’s simple: when you sign in to your account from another device, you’ll receive an email from Google security, and an alphanumeric code will appear in the sign-in window at the bottom of the page.

Using a computer

If the touchscreen of your smartphone is damaged (broken or the sensor does not respond to touch), you can find out the brand by connecting to a computer with a USB-cable. Information is displayed in the tray around the clock.

Find the name of the phone in “Control Panel” → “Device Manager” → “USB devices.

In the engineering menu

Engineering menu. a hidden set of functions, which are available to the user on any smartphone by typing the right combinations. Engineering menu requires special skills.

You can access the menu by dialing codes #15963# or ##4636#.

On some smartphones ##364633## will work. If none of the combinations works, MTK Engineering or MobileUncle Tools applications will help. They can be downloaded from the official Google store.

Before that it is necessary to unlock “Developer Mode”. To do it, go to settings, find the “Kernel Version” section and click on it 10-15 times in a row. To find the phone model, you need to go to “SW add HW version” or “Device View” in the engineering menu.

You can get the information you need with other numeric combinations. Each brand has its own code. You need to enter it and click on “Call”. The screen will display information about your device:

Do not make changes in the menu that opens. In case of error you have to take your smartphone to the nearest service center.

If the device is locked

If the equipment is locked with a graphic code or pin code, watch the video tutorial:

In the settings of the tablet On Android tablets, just go to the settings, select the last item (it will be called About tablet, About tablet PC, or something like that, depending on the Android version and manufacturer). You will see the Model, and there you will see the name of your tablet model.

Remove the back cover, it should say. By motherboard marking, battery model, nameplate on the back cover. The model is indicated on the back of the case at the bottom.

  • Open the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Find and open the “About device”, “About smartphone”, “About tablet“, etc. tab
  • Scroll down the screen to “Model number” (the exact name can be different but it will be similar).
  • Press the “Win R” key combination.
  • In the window that appears, type “msinfo32” and confirm the operation.
  • This will display system information. Look for the Manufacturer and Model
  • Press the “Win R” key combination.
  • Type “msinfo32” in the window that appears and confirm the operation.
  • System Information will be displayed. Look at the “Make” and “Model” line
  • Click Start. and then enter the system information.
  • Select System Information from the list of results.
  • Find the Model of the system in the Element column.
  • Your Surface device model information is displayed in the Value column under System Model.
  • Click on Start. and then type your system information.
  • Select System Information from the results list.
  • Look for the Model of the system in the Element column.
  • Your Surface device model information is displayed in the Value column under System Model.

Desktop / IdeaCentre and Lenovo The product name is printed on a label on the back of the machine. Note. The model type in the picture is just an example. The serial number is printed on a label on the back of the machine.

On the back of the tablet‘s case, the manufacturer gives some information about this device under the iPad logo. Here you need to find the parameter designated by the term Model, which is a combination of the letter A and 4 digits.

  • Press Start. And then enter the system information.
  • Select System Information from the list of results.
  • Look for the Model of the system in the Item column.
  • Your Surface device model information is displayed in the Value column under System Model.

The combination #0000# will allow you to get such information as the software version (software) and the date of its release, as well as the code name of the model, which has a unified form: RM-XX, where XX is the model number.

Zenfone AR is the first Asus smartphone to support Google Tango augmented reality technology and Daydream virtual reality. over, this is the first model with these technologies, which is made in a more or less compact body. At MWC 2017 I managed to work with this device for a while.

To find your device’s serial number in the software, select “Settings” “System. Then go to About Phone Status (On Huawei and Honor devices, go to General Information). The serial number of your device is listed at the bottom of this screen.

  • Plug the flash drive into the USB connector on your PC. Download from the link above and unzip the ZIP archive. Run the file with the EXE extension in it.
  • A window will open with detailed information about the flash drive. Look for the “Serial Number” field. That is where the serial number of the USB key will be located.

On the box and back cover of the device

How to find out the phone model through the OS and third-party apps, we figured out. But what to do if the device, for example, does not turn on? In this case, you have to identify it by its marking. Of course, if you have one.

On smartphones that are produced for the Chinese market, there is always a factory number on the back cover.

In the case of international versions, the case is more complicated. Instead of the factory number, the certification information is placed there, and the name and model number can only be found on the box and in the phone’s passport.