VideoShow. Video editor

To merge videos on your Android device, you can rely on the powerful video editing app, VideoShow. It might be the most intuitive video merging app on Android. This video combiner makes it easy to merge / trim / split / flip / rotate / blur / collage video clips in your video cutter.

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Some basic editing features of VideoShow:

  • Perform many editing functions such as merge, cut, reverse, rotate, crop and more.
  • Fast or slow motion to adjust and control the video playback speed.
  • Add your voice, soundtrack or sound effects to your edited video.
  • Offer many themes / effects / stickers / memes / emoticons / fonts / sound effects / fx and more.
  • Compress video to reduce video size.
  • HD video compatibility and lossless video export
  • Supports over 30 languages ​​and almost all Android devices.

Notes: You need to upgrade to VIP to remove ads and get more features. So this video merger app is not completely free. You are not allowed to edit a long video if you are using the free version.

best ways to merge videos

Sometimes you may need to merge two videos. For example, when you create a video, you will probably end up with many different video clips, and finally, you will need to merge the videos together.

Combine video clips and create funny videos. a great way to get creative. But you can easily get stuck by putting two videos together. You know how to merge videos?

To merge video files easily, you need a good video merge editor on your computer or mobile device. In fact, there are many tools on the Internet that will allow you to merge video clips. However, it will be a long process if you do not know which one to use. With that in mind, this post shares 5 effective solutions to merge videos on PC with Windows 10/8/7 / XP / Vista, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Best Way to Merge Video Clips on Windows PC and Mac

Once you’ve shot some video clips with your Android / iOS portable device or digital camera, it’s time to merge the videos. You can rely on Windows Movie Maker to make this happen. What if you are using a Mac? Not to mention, it is no longer available for download from Microsoft’s website.

Here in the first part, we highly recommend one best video merging software for you, Vidmore Video Converter. It offers versions for Windows and Mac. importantly, this video merger can offer you the best way to merge high quality videos.

  • Upscaling to 4K, H.265 / HEVC, etc.
  • Remove video noise and reduce video shake.
  • Automatic adjustment of video effects.
  • Enhance MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MTS / M2TS, VOB, DVD, etc.
  • Edit video effects like rotate, flip, crop, cut, merge, watermark, etc.

This video clip merging software allows you to merge video files on both Windows PC and Mac. So make sure you download the correct version. Double click the download button above and follow the instructions to quickly install it on your computer.

Launch it and then click the Add File button to add the video clips you want to merge. It supports any commonly used video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV and more. You don’t need to worry about unsupported formats here.

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After uploading the video files, select all the segments of the video you want to merge and then check the ‘Merge into one file’ box next to the big ‘Convert’ button.

As you can see, it has many editing features like rotate, crop, crop, add watermarks, adjust images / sound effects, enhance output quality and more, you can click the Edit button to access them.

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Click on “Profile” and select the appropriate video format from the drop-down list. Then click the “Convert” button to save the edited video to your computer.

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When you need to merge multiple videos together, this easy-to-use video merge tool might be the best option for you. It has the ability to easily combine any video clips and save them in one of the most popular formats, accepted by literally all computers, mobile devices, editing programs, televisions and multimedia systems. Just download it for free to combine your videos.

How to Merge Videos on iPhone and Mac with iMovie

iMovie. it is a powerful default video editor for Apple products that can help you merge videos. It is available on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Therefore, if you are merging video files on Mac OS, you can rely on iMovie. The same method can be used to merge video files on iPhone and iPad.

First, you need to run iMovie on your Mac. We’ll take video merging on Mac as an example. Click File in the menu bar, and then select Import Media from the drop-down list. At this point, you can import the video clips you want to merge from Mac.

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Click one video and click Import Selected. Repeat the operation for the second video clip. You will see them in the multimedia section of the window.

Drag both videos to the timeline one after the other. Thus, 2 video clips are added.

join, videos, iphone

Finally, you need to save the new merged file to your Mac. Click Share in the upper right corner and then click File to export from iMovie. You can name the video and select your desired video quality and file folder during the step.

How to merge 2 videos on Android

This part will show you how to merge 2 videos on your Android device. If you are using Android phone and need to merge video files, you can use Android video merge below.

How to Collect Two Videos Online for Free

For small video clips, you can rely on an online video merger app. Please be aware that the online video merge tool is not designed for large and long video files. Here we introduce you to the relatively best free video merger, Kapwing to merge two videos together.

Kapwing. It is a full featured video editing tool that performs many editing functions such as filter, add subtitles, add music, convert, reverse, resize, crop, loop and many more. You can use the following tutorial to link two videos with it.

Go to the Kapwing website in your browser and download videos one at a time or all at once. Its video merging tool also lets you download online videos with url. Video size is limited to 300 MB, you should know this.

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Before combining videos, you can arrange the video clips in the order you want. This way you can easily merge 2 or more videos.

After you finish merging your videos into one merged video, click “CREATE!” export it. You will be taken to the Download page to save it to your computer. Since Kapwing. this is a website, you can use this video combiner on any iOS / Android / Windows phone, PC / Mac, Chromebook or tablet.

How To Combine Videos Together On Iphone 11/11 Pro/XS Max/XR/8/7 Plus

We mainly talked about how to merge videos on this page. We will show you effective ways to merge videos on your computer, iOS / Android portable device, or the web. You can choose one suitable method based on your needs. Free download Vidmore Video Converter and give it a try. It has no format or size restrictions. importantly, it allows you to stitch videos together to make one video without any loss in quality.

Slideshow Maker

For more opportunities in creating video from photos with music, it is recommended to download a special application from the AppStore. For example, consider the Perfect Video video editor.

The program offers pro and regular versions. The first includes a wide range of possibilities, but it is “for the money.” Many people need a free account to create slideshows.

This program differs from “Memories” in that it offers the following features:

  • Insert text, subtitles.
  • Selecting the format of the created videos.
  • Cropping pictures.
  • Adding watermarks.
  • Self-selection of the desired “piece” of melody.
  • Sound effects, transitions.

The downloaded app helps you to fine-tune your video clip.

Built-in feature on iOS 10

If the iPhone is upgraded to iOS 10, then it’s pretty easy to create a small movie from your photos. You don’t even have to edit anything manually here: the built-in function will do everything by itself (!). So let’s get started:

  • Opening the “Gallery”.
  • At the bottom of the screen we see “Memories”.
  • We choose one of the proposed.
  • Determine the “mood” of the clip.
  • Watching the finished video.

But if it suddenly happens that the automatic video does not like it, you can fix it. When creating “Memories” from personal photos, the user changes the background music, selects a photo, increases or decreases the speed of transmission of pictures, adjusts the duration of the video.

How to create a video from photos with music on iPhone

Each photo has its own story. If you combine several pictures into one video from a trip, from a memorable meeting or a walk, decorating with music, you get an author’s masterpiece. Memories will become much brighter and more pleasant. Let’s figure out how to make a video from a photo with music.

Work algorithm

When launched, there will be a mini-menu at the bottom of the screen, consisting of three items:

  • Add videos or photos.
  • Write text.
  • Choose a song.

The following functions are available during the editing process:

  • circumcision;
  • resizing;
  • adding subtitles;
  • changing file size,
  • adjusting the speed of the product;
  • selection of effects for pictures and transitions.

To add sound to a video, in the appropriate section, select one of two options: “Select your own track from the playlist” or “Record sound”.

After all the edits, revise the result, and then export and save as a video. The film is easily launched from the “Gallery”. You can share it with your friends.

If you need a simple editor with no additional features, the built-in Gallery, available since iOS 10. It is simple, but has all the basic features. Create video from photos using the editor will work without problems.

But if it turned out that the device with the iOS version is lower or you need advanced functions to create clips from photos, it is better to download one of the free applications from the AppStore. Programs differ from each other only in the number of functions provided.

How to crop video on iPhone and iPad using Photos

Open “Photos”.

In the “Albums” tab, go to the “Videos” folder or find a video in another way convenient for you.

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Open the video and in the upper right corner click the “Edit” button.

How To Merge / Combine Videos On Your Iphone.

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At the bottom of the display, click on the camera icon, a storyboard will appear, and in the left and right corners there are arrows that you can drag to shorten or increase the length of the footage. When you start working with them, the ribbon will turn yellow. If necessary, you can reproduce the resulting section.

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Click the Done button and choose the Save Video As New or Save Video action. Be careful with the second point, because by incorrectly cropping the video, you can lose valuable frames. It is much better to save “as new” and delete the original separately. This will keep it in the basket for 30 days.

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Don’t worry if you clicked Save Video by mistake — you can go back to the original version and undo the crop. Just open that video, click Edit, and select Check In in the bottom right corner. Then click Return to Original in the menu that appears.

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But keep in mind that if you do this, not only the video resizing will disappear, but all other previously made changes to it will also disappear.

How to crop and crop (crop) a video in the iMovie app on iPhone

While you can crop and crop your video in the Photos app, iMovie will do just that. This quality video editor from Apple can also make any necessary changes to the video length and size. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the iMovie app on your iPhone.

Click on “Create Project” and select “Movie”.

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Select the video you want, click on the checkmark icon and select “Create Movie”.

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Click on the timeline so that a magnifying glass icon appears in the upper right corner. Click on it.

To crop the video, use two fingers to increase or decrease the frame size (pinch gesture).

To trim its length, drag the borders of the timeline. This will allow you to set a suitable start and end of the video.

When you’re done, click “Finish”.

To save the video to iPhone or send it to a friend, tap the export icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to crop a video (crop) in the Photos app

Find the video you want to edit and click on it.

Click on the crop icon at the bottom of the screen.

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Move the corners of the rectangular selection tool in the video to remove unwanted areas.

join, videos, iphone

Or, if you want to fit the video to a certain aspect ratio, click the resize icon and select the necessary values ​​under the video.

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How to Crop or Crop Videos on iPhone and iPad without Third-Party Apps

We often shoot video in a hurry and literally “on the go.” As a result, there may be a lot of unnecessary things in the frame. There are several easy ways to change the length of your video or crop it. With each subsequent release of iOS, the Cupertinos are implementing new functionality, thanks to which we can abandon many free and paid analogues from the App Store, being content with regular applications. In this article, we will tell you how to crop a video using the standard “Photos” application on iPhone and iPad.

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Frankly, when I was offered to write this material, I immediately thought that to trim the video, you need to install the free iMovie program, which does an excellent job with video editing, completely forgetting about “Photos”. The native iOS viewer has an excellent tool that is ideal for our task.

The iPhone video cropping skill is quite useful. After all, this makes it possible to create videos with the ideal aspect ratio for subsequent publications in. Instagram or or save the most precious moments of your life without extraneous elements in the frame. Agree, I don’t want to see my thumb in the corner of the screen. But if you just need to reduce the length of the video or change its width and height, then quick cropping is possible right on the iPhone. The video does not need to be uploaded somewhere for processing on a computer.

Cropping or cropping (crop, crop): what’s the difference?

For many users, the terms crop (cropping) and cropping are considered synonymous. However, it is better to separate the two. Both actions really relate to video editing, but if crop changes the resolution of a clip, then crop. its duration.

So, the crop works with the size of the picture. This technique is used to optimize video for posting on social networks or remove unwanted objects from the frame. And cropping (trimming) makes the video just shorter. In this case, you can trim both the beginning and the end of the video to form the desired duration.

If your iPhone is running iOS 13 or later, you can quickly adjust video length and resolution using the Photos app. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a video shorter or crop a fragment of the frame, the built-in Photos application will help you to solve the problem.

Try all the video editing features on iPhone

You can do a lot more with your video with the editing features on your iPhone. They go far beyond just cropping and trimming. The Photos app now covers basic editing not only for photos, but also for video. You can crop, crop, straighten, flip, rotate, adjust brightness, change exposure, apply filters and more to enhance the final look of your video.

And if you want to add background music or combine multiple videos into one, then the iMovie app will do just that. So now you can make basic changes to the captured video right on the iPhone.

Combine videos with Videoshop

Videoshop. a great video editing app, which is why it has become the second video merging app on our list. This app has everything from cropping videos to adding sound effects, recording your own voice, resizing video frames and many more features. Here’s how you can merge multiple videos together on iPhone via Videoshop app.

Step 1. First of all, download the app from the App Store. Run it after downloading.

Step 2. Click on the plus icon to add your videos.

Step 3. Now you can choose your own parameters for the video. You can choose from various settings or editing options such as adding a transition, entering text, changing the speed, adding an audio track, and more.

Step 4. When you are finished, feel free to click on the “Next” button.

Step 5. Provide the video title, author, location and creation date if you like. Also you can customize filters and themes for videos.

Step 6. When finished merging videos on iPhone, click on the Share button and save the file. You can also upload your file to YouTube, Vimeo or email, save to Dropbox.

Combine Live Photos to Videos with iPhone Photo Apps [iOS13]

The recently released iOS 13 added a very cool feature to the Photo App: you can now combine multiple Live Photos together and save them as a separate video or slideshow. Here’s How to Combine Live Photos into Videos on iOS13.

  • Launch the Photo Application and click on the Select button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the Live Photos you took earlier, click on the Share button in the lower left corner of the screen and select Save as Video.

Merge Live Photos to Videos on iOS 13

Combine videos with iMovie

iMovie. one of the apps on this list to help you merge videos on iPhone. You can create great movies yourself with iMovie. After merging videos on iPhone, this app will allow you to transfer the resulting video to various iOS devices via AirDrop or iCloud Drive. This is how you can merge videos on iPhone via iMovie.

See more details on How to Edit Videos with iMovie

Step 1. Launch the iMovie program and go to the Project section available at the top of the screen.

Step 2. Then click “Create Project”, and select the type of video from the two available options: “Movie” or “Trailer”, in this case select “Movie”. Then, in the next step, click Create. Or you can just import the video from the File menu.

Step 3. Your project interface has been loaded onto the screen successfully. Now, to add the original video file, tap the Media icon at the top left of the timeline and your video gallery will load on the screen. Select one video you want and click the Add icon to add it to the iMovie timeline.

Step 4. Once your favorite video is added to the timeline, you can scroll the timeline left or right so that a vertical line, known as the playhead, appears on the screen. Position the playhead by scrolling left or right where you want to combine the video.

Step 5. Now you need to add another video that you want to merge with the original video. Follow the same procedure mentioned above to add your video to the timeline. The closest position to the playback point, whether it is a point before or after an existing video clip, will allow the new video to be added to the previous one.

Step 6. Now, if you want to view the two added videos in a combined view, just click on the Play icon available just above the timeline in the center of the screen.

Step 7. You can also use the transition effects from the presets to add an effect when your first video switches to another. Alternatively, you can use traditional fades (default transition).

Step 8. If you are happy with the result, just click “Done” in the upper left corner of the screen. And the next step will take you to a screen where you can save the merged video file to local storage or directly upload it to various cloud storage platforms. over, here on this screen you can also assign a unique name to your video.

Larry jordan

We all love watching videos for different purposes. It’s no wonder you have loads of videos on your iPhone. How about combining all your favorite genre videos into one right on your iPhone? For example, you can combine all funny videos and make one long video out of them. Thus, you can enjoy all your favorite videos in one go. For those people who have a lot of video clips on iPhone and want to merge them into one, we have developed some amazing and useful iPhone video merge apps. Let’s learn these methods faster.

Merge videos with Filmora on Windows or Mac

You may face some issues when merging videos on iPhone using iMovie. Using iMovie to stitch videos can result in dropped frames, which can have a very noticeable impact on the result. Therefore, we recommend you the Filmora video editor, which can be used on Windows and Mac computers. It is considered to be one of the best video merging apps and will come in handy if you want to avoid frame loss issues.

In addition to combining multiple videos into one long video, Filmora can also put two videos side by side and create a split screen video. Watch the video tutorial and try a free trial of the program at the link below.

And in this part I will show you how to combine two videos into one on iPhone using Filmora on Windows.

Launch Wondershare Filmora on Windows and click on the “Import” button and select “Import from Camera or Phone“.

In the “Import to Device” pop-up window, on the left you will see photos and videos on your iPhone, click on one of them to preview, and then select it to import. Filmora will upload it directly to the Project Media Library.

Step 3. Select all the photos and videos you want to combine in the Project media library and drag them to the timeline. Once you do this, you will notice that the video files that you dragged and dropped were aligned on the same timeline.

Step 4. Filmora is also equipped with powerful tools that allow you to change contrast, colors, add effects, filters, elements, background music and so on. After combining the video, you can edit the result as you wish. You can check out our tutorial on how to edit videos in Filmora.

Step 5. Once you are happy with the result, you can export the video to your device. To do this, select the “EXPORT” option available on the toolbar and select iPhone as the target device.

This concludes the article on how to merge videos on iPhone, and we hope you have gained valuable experience by reading this post. Thank you for your time. We have brought you some interesting applications like Filmora video editor to combine your videos. So which video combining app do you think is the best? We would like to know your opinion!

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to Apple Device with iTunes

How to add videos to iTunes?

Now that the desired video is on your computer, you can proceed to the step of adding it to iTunes. This can be done in two ways: by dragging it into the program window and through the iTunes menu.

In the first case, you will need to simultaneously open two windows on the screen. iTunes and the folder with the video. Just drag the video with the mouse into the iTunes window, after which the video will automatically go to the desired section of the program.

In the second case, in the iTunes window, click on the “File” button and open the “Add file to library” item. In the window that opens, double-click your video.

To see if a video has been successfully added to iTunes, open the Movies section in the upper left corner of the program, and then go to the My Movies tab. In the left pane of the window, open the Home Videos sub-tab.

How to Convert Video to MP4 Format?

To convert videos, you can use either a special program, for example, Hamster Free Video Converter, which allows you to easily convert videos into a format adapted for viewing on an Apple device, or use an online service, which will work right in the browser window.

In our example, we will look at how video conversion is performed using an online service.

To get started, go to your browser using this link to the Convert Video Online service page. In the window that opens, click on the “Open file” button, and then in Windows Explorer select your video file.

The second step in the “Video” tab, check the “Apple” item, and then select the device on which the video will subsequently be played.

Click on the “Settings” button. Here, if necessary, you can increase the quality of the final file (if the video will be played on a small screen, then the maximum quality should not be set, but you should not underestimate the quality either), change the audio and video codecs used, and also, if necessary, remove audio from video.

Start the video conversion process by clicking on the “Convert” button.

The conversion process will begin, the duration of which will depend on the original video size and the selected quality.

Once the conversion is complete, you will be prompted to download the result to your computer.

How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod?

It should be noted right away that in order for you to be able to transfer a video to your portable device, it must be in MP4 format. If you have a video of a different format, then you will need to convert it first.

How To Combine Videos On ANY iPhone! (2021)

How to Transfer Videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. Click on the device thumbnail that appears in the top area of ​​iTunes.

Once in the menu for managing your Apple device, go to the “Movies” tab in the left pane of the window, and then check the box next to “Sync Movies”.

Check the box next to the videos to be transferred to the device. In our case, this is the only video, so we put a check mark next to it, and then click in the lower area of ​​the window on the “Apply” button.

The synchronization process will begin, after which the video will be copied to your gadget. You can watch it in the Video application on the Home Videos tab on your device.

We hope this article helped you figure out how to transfer videos to iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you still have questions, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

In addition to this article, there are 12387 instructions on the site. Add to your bookmarks (CTRLD) and we will definitely be useful to you.

Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

Create a live photo from video

First, you need to convert the video to live wallpaper style in order to use the video as wallpaper on iPhone. To do this, you first need to create a live photo from the video. This can be done in two different ways.

David Darlington

2021-03-27 14:48:07 Updated: Photo / Video / Audio Solutions Proven Solutions

In this technological era, mobile phones have become one of the most important parts of our lives. They practically determine the personality and character of a person. We sincerely welcome innovation in every aspect of mobile customization. Everyone loves such an interesting update as the ability to set video as wallpaper on your phone.

Just remember how enjoyable it is to make changes to your home screen and lock screen settings, which is the first thing you see when you turn on your phone. How beautiful it will be if you make a video as your iPhone wallpaper.

So let’s see how to set video as wallpaper on iPhone.

join, videos, iphone

How to turn video into live wallpaper on iPhone

With the help of Giphy

  • To turn video into iPhone live wallpaper, install Giphy for iOS.
  • Sign in using an account (you can also use an account).
  • Open the app and click the download arrow at the top.
  • You can either record a new video, or choose a ready-made one from the camera roll and upload it.
  • Now download the processed live photo to set video as wallpaper on iPhone.
  • To do this, click on the account avatar at the top, and then click on the channel.
  • Here you can find the video you uploaded.
  • Click on the video you like and it will open in full screen mode.
  • You can click on the 3D objects you see if you scroll down to other options.

join, videos, iphone

  • Click on the “Live Photo” icon to create a video wallpaper for iPhone.
  • When saving, select the full screen video option so that the video is saved to your camera roll as a live photo.

join, videos, iphone

Set Video as iPhone Wallpaper

Now you have created a live photo from your video. Let’s see how to make video wallpaper on iPhone.

  • Open the settings icon. Scroll down to see the wallpaper option. Click on wallpaper.
  • Click “Choose New Wallpaper” to choose a live wallpaper to create iPhone video wallpaper.
  • There you can see various options such as dynamic, still and live wallpapers. Select live photos.

join, videos, iphone

  • From this album you can select the desired live photo.
  • Click “Install” and then choose if you want to set them as your lock screen or home screen.

join, videos, iphone

join, videos, iphone

Using an intuitive app

Download the intoLive app from the app store. The basic version of this app is available for free.

join, videos, iphone

After launching the application, allow it to access your photo library, then select the “VIDEO” tab and select the file you want to use.

On the next screen, you will see small editing options such as adding a filter, changing the video speed, and sliders that allow you to edit the length of the video.

Your live photo will be created by clicking on the create icon at the top of the screen. It will allow you to turn video into iPhone live wallpaper

Instagram video editing

The 15-second video limit was finally dropped. Now you can record videos per minute on Instagram. This allowed the developers to add a new Multi-Clip feature and send the Instagram client to the Video Editors section. You cannot compare with iMovie yet, but the most basic things like cropping and gluing several videos will work.

Let’s see how you can merge several videos into one (up to 1 minute) on Instagram on iPhone:

  • Launch the official social network client on your Apple smartphone.
  • Click on the add post icon in the center of the bottom panel.
  • Expand the “Camera Roll” menu on the top panel and select the “Video” section.
  • Add the video to the editor, which should be the first in the splice, and click “Next”.
  • Open the “Shorten” tab.
  • Change the duration of the first clip by dragging the slider. Anything outside the boundaries will be cut off. To save the result, you need to click on “Finish”.
  • To add a second video, click on the plus.

When adding more videos, you can select multiple files at once. The total duration is limited to 1 minute. It will not be possible to overcome it: Instagram will automatically cut the length of all added videos.

Clips can be swapped and deleted. Before publishing, you can apply filters, select a cover and decide what to do with the sound. keep it or remove it entirely. The publication ends by adding a name, a place, setting up import to other social networks and clicking the “Share” button.

How to merge 2 videos in Tik Tok?

How to combine several videos into one in Tik Tok?

  • Go to video download.
  • In the window that opens in the lower left corner, click on the “Several” button.
  • Then choose the videos you want and publish them like a regular video.

Other ways to edit videos

If there is a need to create good videos not only for posting on Instagram, but also for solving other problems, then it will not be easy to do without a separate editor. Fortunately, there are several proven applications on iOS that help you quickly create high-quality videos.

For example, iMovie is the most popular video editing app made by developers at Apple. The video editor is constantly updated and offers a huge number of interesting features: from support for 3D Touch and editing videos in 4K format to applying templates, effects and filters right during shooting.

iMovie allows you to quickly create high-quality video, record a soundtrack and share the result via iCloud and AirPlay. Want the most powerful yet simple editor. choose iMovie.

If you don’t like Apple’s software, it’s not hard to find an alternative. Install and test applications such as VivaVideo, Video Trim Cut, Magisto, Splice, etc. Each editor has its own peculiarities, so if one does not suit your task, you can always try another.

How to merge videos in Windows 10?

How to merge videos in Windows Media Player

  • Download Windows Media Video clip joiner. Run the program by double-clicking on it.
  • Go to “Add File” from the “File” menu. In the window, select the files that you want to combine.
  • After that press the button “Combine”.

How to merge videos into one on iPhone

In 2016, Instagram on the iPhone introduced the ability to merge several videos into one, which, as it turned out, turned out to be quite popular. In our material, we will talk about some of the intricacies of this process and clarify the incomprehensible points.

Instagram creators made concessions and increased the 15-second limit to 60 seconds.

This gave the green light to a new feature, Multi-Clip, which now puts Instagram under the category of video editors. Of course, he is far from the functions of the same iMovie, but it’s quite possible to make a simple cutting of videos, even without transitions.

How to merge multiple Instagram videos for iPhone

Launch the official Instagram client and tap on the central icon “”.

Open the Library tab, select the first video and click the “Next” button.

  • change the length of the video by changing its beginning and end (trimming). To do this, simply tap on the video thumbnail and drag the sliders to achieve the desired result;
  • add new videos by clicking “”.

With the subsequent addition, you can already select not one, but several videos at once. The total length of the video should be no more than 60 seconds, but don’t worry about this, as otherwise Instagram will automatically cut the length of all videos added to the feed.

In the end, you will only need to correct the whole thing. You can also delete or shuffle clips among themselves.

At the end, all that remains is to apply filters, select a cover frame and resolve the issue with sound (leave it or remove it completely).

Then click the “Next” button, specify the name of the video and the location. The final action will be to click the Share button.

Easy video cropping for Instagram

If you do not want to merge different videos, but just want to trim the video, then use the instructions written above, but do not add other files, but just save the shortened clip. The only drawback of the built-in tool is that it can only cut the file at the edges. To remove a segment of the video from the middle, you will have to use a third-party application. for example, InShot.

  • Run InShot.
  • Select the “Video” section.
  • Mark the video you want to edit.
  • Click “Select” to start the compression procedure.
  • Tap on the scissors icon to enter trim mode.
  • Select the mode, on the icon of which the borders are located in the middle of the strip.
  • Using the arrow sliders, select the part you want to remove.
  • Click on the checkmark to confirm the deletion.
  • Tap on the “Share” button to start video processing.
  • Choose what to do with the video. save it on your phone or immediately send it to social networks and instant messengers.

The app is not perfect because it blurs the image on the sides of the video and adds an InShot watermark, which can only be removed after purchasing a license. But for fast video trimming, the program is suitable, especially if you do not want to install a more powerful editor.

How to speed up videos on iPhone

We will tell and show you how you can speed up your video on iPhone from the simplest to the most unusual one. There are several proven ways to speed up video on iPhone.

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Built-in function for recording video in accelerated mode. Time Lapse

join, videos, iphone

The footage is instantly converted to an accelerated version, eliminating the need for users to accelerate it manually.

When you select a mode, you can adjust the shooting speed. The disadvantage is the long shooting time, which is impossible without special equipment: a tripod or tripod. The timing itself during and after the shooting cannot be divided into separately accelerated parts. It is necessary to resort to the use of third-party programs.

The Interval feature was released on iOS 8, and with the release of iOS 11, the name was changed to Timelapse

Instructions for shooting video using Timelapse:

Open the Camera application on iPhone 2. Select Time Lapse mode 3. Press the red button for video recording 4. Press the red button again to stop the video to save it.

Other applications:

advanced iPhone users, including hobbyists and professionals, use a number of other programs to speed up videos of high quality.

Let’s single out among the whole variety 5 popular and functional in our opinion:

Adobe Premier Rush A universal application not only for creating, but also for assembling existing videos using a huge set of tools. Allows you to set the start and end point of acceleration, with the possibility of layering additional effects.

VideoLeap Great for more creative users. It contains such interesting features as layer-by-layer editing and video speed calibration with the addition of static images.

Movavi Clips The application, previously available only on PC, and now on iPhone, can surprise with frame-by-frame editing and the ability to create transitions between video acceleration effects.

Splice A convenient and powerful editor, a characteristic feature of which is the ability to accelerate videos to super speeds, as well as adjust the duration of the effect and the speed of transition between them.

VivaVideo One of the best applications in its segment with many useful tutorial videos. Timeline combined with acceleration effects to create the most extraordinary videos.

Thus, we have reviewed with you effective ways and tools to speed up video speed on your phones, so that you can easily give your video an interesting look and highlight bright moments.

Speed ​​up video using IMovie:

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Software ways to speed up videos on iPhone

The AppStore contains dozens, if not hundreds, of applications for editing, editing and processing videos.

iMovie For convenience, Apple offers a stock iMovie application that runs on the iOS operating system. With it, you can easily edit, add effects, apply filters, backgrounds, titles and much more. The functionality of the application also includes video acceleration.

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An easy way to combine video and audio files

Is there any free software to combine audio and video?

Of course, there is every opportunity for good software to easily combine your audio and video files. They all have different functions and qualities that should be the focus of the selection. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few programs you can consider to merge video and audio with ease.

The most cost-effective video editor to combine audio and video

If your options are limited when looking for the best audio and video merging software, consider using Filmora Video Editor for Windows (or Filmora Video Editor for Mac). It is a powerful video editor that can meet all kinds of video file editing needs. It supports multiple video and audio formats.

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Why choose Filmora video editor:

  • Allows you to import files from iPhone, iPad, Android, camcorders, cameras and other devices, as well as from other social platforms.
  • The ability to create high-quality videos, including with video stabilization tools.
  • Lots of basic editing tools include changing video orientation and speed.
  • Comprehensive media library for easy project management.
  • Various special effects are also available, including split screen, green screen and shutdown functions.

# 2: Combine Video and Audio X2X Free Video Audio Merger

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As the name suggests, X2X Free Video Audio Merger Merger is available freely and comes with ease of use. It supports a variety of input file formats, including MP4, MPEG, WMV, MPG, AVI and MOV and several others. It does a professional editing job thanks to its simple interface as well as distinguishable buttons. In just a few seconds, you can merge video and audio files.

# 1: Combine Video and Audio with Mute Video Audio Merger

You can easily add soundtracks to your video file with Cute Video Audio Merger which is very popular with online users. It has a good degree of compatibility and will combine both video and audio files regardless of their formats. Its interface is one of the easiest to use and the most user-friendly for any video editor. As a first user, you can easily install the program. There are very few programs that can match its performance.

Top 3 Free Software to Combine Video and Audio Files

Tutorial to Merge Audio and Video with Filmora Video Editor

You will get it for free in most cases. Several times, when you are asked to pay for services, the price will be reasonable. You also need to take a look at its features, and you’ll love it more than anything you’ve seen before. They are limitless and support a large number of supported file formats for compatibility. Find out below a guide on how to connect audio and video files with Filmora Video Editor. A barrier to oddities, the following simple steps will help you merge video and audio files using software:

Start by importing the video and audio files you want to combine with this program.

join, videos, iphone

Then they all need to be added and ordered on the timeline to avoid confusion.

join, videos, iphone

o.combine. you need to put the audio and video files in the correct position, if necessary, before combining them. Plus, you can add any special effects to your videos or customize the audio files as you see fit.

join, videos, iphone

Create. you can click the “Export” button to merge video and audio files in seconds. At this stage, you can choose the output format of the video file at your discretion.

join, videos, iphone

# 3: Combine Video and Audio Movavi

join, videos, iphone

Movavi is more of a video editor, but it allows merging with audio. Once installed on your computer, it will be easy for you to add files, which is its biggest advantage. You can save time and energy. Another thing is that making changes to files before merging is easier compared to other programs. Movavi supports a wide variety of formats including OGG, FLAC, WMA, and MP3.