To a TV set-top box

Modern TV set-top boxes (supporting Wink) run operating systems:

  • Apple TV (versions 10.0 and higher);
  • Android (version since 5.0).

If the house is just like that, then you can safely load the desired program on it. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

For their

The most budgetary option for 199 rubles / month. Includes 115 of the most popular TV channels with films and series for every taste.

Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

Owners of these TVs will have to download Wink for Smart TV. This will require:

Wink и PT-TB. Халявное iPTV с АРХИВОМ / Теперь Установка Без Магических Заклинаний

If all the conditions have been met, the program will start working, you can start using the service in full.

Description and capabilities of the application for viewing interactive television

The list of features of this service is quite extensive, it consists of the following list provided to all users of the services:

  • viewing several hundred channels (both Russian and foreign);
  • thousands of films, TV series;
  • high quality (HB4K);
  • convenient player for viewing. You can control the included pause, rewind uninteresting frames, record the necessary clips;
  • parental control service;
  • downloading of your favorite programs is allowed, which is very convenient in cases when there is no Internet or when you need to download your favorite movie and throw it on a USB flash drive to a friend.

To register, you need to go to the official website of the application (, create an account:

  • click on the “Login” section on the main page of the site (in the right corner);
  • choose any registration method: via email or phone number.

When registering, it is recommended to indicate your phone number as a login. So it will be more convenient to enter it with the remote control if you use the resource through Smart TV.

  • when everything is entered, check the accuracy (remember or write down the password in a safe place), click on the “Register” item;
  • a letter will be sent to the specified coordinates confirming the completion of registration, confirm the code written in it in the displayed window;
  • select the section “Login”.

After that, the new user needs to pay for the package. The tariffs have fundamental differences:

  • monthly subscription,
  • movie rental,
  • buying content you like forever.

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In this package, the user has access to the minimum list of TV channels: 160. It does not provide any more features.

Special subscription to TV channels, films and series

For movie lovers, there are tariffs that include all kinds of channels that broadcast only films and series, and the opportunity to subscribe to different films is also open:

  • For holidays. 13,000 films and TV series for 399 rubles per month.
  • For moviegoers. 14,000 films and TV series for 599 rubles per month.
  • For connoisseurs. 170 TV channels, 18,000 films and series for 749 rubles per month.
  • Amediateka Home of HBO. more than 100 TV series and 4 TV channels for 299 rubles per month.
  • KinoVIP. 120 TV channels, 1400 films and series for 379 rubles per month.
  • For entertainment. 180 TV channels, 14,000 films and series for 699 rubles per month and others.

Some users try to unlock paid packages on their own, share their knowledge on the Internet. It is not recommended to do this, such actions are unlawful and can lead to serious troubles.

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

The service “View Control” does not work

On some “old” TVs, the service stops working due to the lack of updates from the manufacturer. We wrote at the beginning that Samsung is extremely reluctant to support its older models. Remember what we wrote at the beginning of the article about updates? This is it. What else can be:

  • Re-authorize via Multiscreen (section “Mine” in the application). To prevent the binding from flying off, when you finish viewing, go to the main menu of the application. It is also recommended to turn off the TV from the remote control.
  • If you live, then these are regional restrictions of copyright holders specifically for viewing from the application. Here Rostelecom really has nothing to do with it. you will have to buy a set-top box if this service is so necessary.

Image freezes (“An error occurred while loading data”)

There is a constant freeze of the picture, which then hangs down automatically, or rewinds back (repeats) or shows segments. First, check the speed by opening the page on the TV. It will show your current speed. it must be at least 25 Mbps. If the speed matches, then update the application. This situation is observed on versions 5.21.4 and 5.25.0.


Picture and sound out of sync

After updating the application to version 5.21.4, many Wink users started having problems with sound and images. the picture freezes, but the sound continues to play or rewinds, and no buffering is observed. The problem with such jumps and fills lies in the incorrect processing of the video content stream. As far as we know, the problem should be fixed soon. Stay tuned for app updates

After loading Wink, there is an immediate black screen

First of all, check your internet connection speed. The speed of stable operation recommended by the developers is 25 Mbps. If the problem persists, then try the following life hack: when a black screen appears, press the “Back” button (in some models, “Return”). the main Wink window should open. Most likely, this bug will be fixed in the next revisions of the application, but for now it can be used as a temporary solution

Error “Player error not supported format

This error has another version. player error not supported operation. It occurs when watching 4K content or even on HD channels, mainly on TV models of 2020 (they have the letter T or TU). Wait for the application update. the problem is still being solved by the developers

Is it possible to install Wink without going through SmartHub?

If for some reason you do not have access to the SmartHub service, you will not be able to install the application. To install an application manually through Tizen Studio, you need the files of the application itself, but there are none for the Tizen platform. Installation files are only available for the AndroidTV platform. They can be asked to send via technical support.


Wink‘s technical support responds quickly enough to all kinds of hardware-related incidents. But not everything is so simple. often you have to work with third-party vendors who are not very willing to drop everything and start helping the developers of some kind of applications for their TVs. The main article about Wink is here. There you can also see the list of supported devices (including those on the Tizen platform). It should be borne in mind that Samsung releases software updates only for TVs no older than three years, and this is a wake-up call for owners of old TVs.

The problem may be not only in the application, but also in the unstable Internet connection or in the hardware of the TV. And the latter is not uncommon. Fortunately, qualified service centers can be easily distinguished from unsightly fly-by-night businesses. Good SCs always have almost all spare parts in stock and their specialists can and are able to carry out complex technical repairs of the matrix, eliminate problems with sound, color rendition and TV power. The full list can be viewed here.– TV repair