To a TV set-top box

Modern TV set-top boxes (supporting Wink) run operating systems:

  • Apple TV (versions 10.0 and higher);
  • Android (version since 5.0).

If the house is just like that, then you can safely load the desired program on it. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:


This tariff has an extended list of channels: 185 units. Among them there are channels for any age:

  • baby,
  • sports,
  • cognitive,
  • on-air, news;
  • musical

You will have to pay 420 rubles per month.

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

Description and capabilities of the application for viewing interactive television

The list of features of this service is quite extensive, it consists of the following list provided to all users of the services:

  • viewing several hundred channels (both Russian and foreign);
  • thousands of films, TV series;
  • high quality (HB4K);
  • convenient player for viewing. You can control the included pause, rewind uninteresting frames, record the necessary clips;
  • parental control service;
  • downloading of your favorite programs is allowed, which is very convenient in cases when there is no Internet or when you need to download your favorite movie and throw it on a USB flash drive to a friend.

To register, you need to go to the official website of the application (https://wink.rt.ru), create an account:

  • click on the “Login” section on the main page of the site (in the right corner);
  • choose any registration method: via email or phone number.

When registering, it is recommended to indicate your phone number as a login. So it will be more convenient to enter it with the remote control if you use the resource through Smart TV.

  • when everything is entered, check the accuracy (remember or write down the password in a safe place), click on the “Register” item;
  • a letter will be sent to the specified coordinates confirming the completion of registration, confirm the code written in it in the displayed window;
  • select the section “Login”.

After that, the new user needs to pay for the package. The tariffs have fundamental differences:

  • monthly subscription,
  • movie rental,
  • buying content you like forever.

For their

The most budgetary option for 199 rubles / month. Includes 115 of the most popular TV channels with films and series for every taste.


After installation, you will have to enter the data (login and password), and only after that all the platform’s capabilities will open.

On computer

On an ordinary PC, it is enough to go to the program’s website from any browser. If you already have an account, all you have to do is connect to it, choose what you want to watch, and start watching.

You don’t need to download anything specifically, just a stable Internet connection is enough.

Wink TV from Rostelecom. what is it

In the fall of 2018, Rostelecom presented its new product. interactive television. to the public. Unlike others, the site has collected a huge amount of different content. The purpose of the service is convenient access for each client who has registered in the system to films and broadcasts from any corner of the world where there is an Internet connection.

An additional advantage of Wink is the ability to be installed on almost all modern devices:

  • smartphones (software supported: Android, IOS);
  • TVs with Smart TV function;
  • set-top boxes;
  • computers.

Installing the app on Samsung Smart TV (OS Tizen)

Select Samsung Apps from the Home screen. Usually located on the bottom left. App can be written there, or an icon with 4 rectangles can be simply located. Here are the different variations:

Then click on the search icon in the upper right corner:

Next, you need to type the word Wink on the keyboard (it is better to type in English, if you search in Russian, Vink. you may not find it)

This problem may also be accompanied by endless loading of the application. Reason: an unsuccessful firmware update for Samsung TVs, which the company released in November 2018. its version 1250. The application on firmware 1250 will not work correctly. you need to update it to 1260, at least. In this case, updating the Wink application is not required, after installing the software it is recommended to restart the TV on power.

At the moment, an update has been released for the MU and Q series with firmware version 1260.6. There are no firmware updates for M and LT series TVs. Samsung TVs have an update function, but the latest firmware is not always available for download on the TV itself

To a TV set-top box

Modern TV set-top boxes (supporting Wink) run operating systems:

  • Apple TV (versions 10.0 and higher);
  • Android (version since 5.0).

If the house is just like that, then you can safely load the desired program on it. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

What is Vink: description and features

Wink is a special application from the operator that gives you access to interactive TV under one account on 5 different devices, including Android and iOS, Smart-TV LG and Samsung.

Interactive TV is analogous to cable TV, but is provided through various applications and services. In fact, it is no different from satellite or cable options, but it is much more convenient due to the fact that much less equipment is needed to connect, and access to channels, TV shows and films can be obtained on different devices. For example, smartphone, laptop and tablet.

Since Smart-TV is a special television set that differs from conventional TVs in wider functionality and the ability to connect to the Internet, it is very convenient to watch interactive TV on them. Large screen allows you to fully immerse yourself in high quality viewing.

When registering for the first time, the user can get the first month on the service as a gift. there is no need to pay for it.

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

Download Wink Rostelecom app

The company’s managers recommend abandoning the browser version of the resource in favor of software. It has several advantages:

  • allows you to view video in the highest quality;
  • provides the ability to configure or disable the service if necessary;
  • can be used on almost any device anywhere with an Internet connection;
  • does not require connection of set-top boxes;
  • helps in browsing management.

In addition, the software is provided free of charge, therefore it is a preferred resource for operating the service. In the event of an initialization error or other problems, it is recommended to contact technical support.

The Wink app is available on LG TVs with webOS 3.0 or higher. Support for webOS 1.0 and 2.0 is planned to be implemented by the end of 2019. If your TV supports the application, then you can download Wink, in this case, from the LG Content Store. To do this, on the main screen, in the quick menu, find the item LG Content Store

install, wink

Sound problem in LG app

At the moment, on LG TVs, there may be a problem with switching the audio track to English, this is due to the incorrect operation of the TV player (by default, two audio tracks are encoded in the series, the LG TV player does not have the ability to select any one track, therefore it can switch from one to the other).

Frequently asked questions about Wink

We will briefly answer other users’ questions about the platform.

Supported if your TV meets three conditions:

  • It is released by Samsung;
  • It was released after 2012;
  • Smart TV is installed on it.

In all other cases, the TV is not supported by the system, you will have to use a prefix.

Needed if you have an unsupported TV and don’t have a suitable set-top box. To work with the platform, you need a set-top box from Apple TV version 10.0 and higher or a set-top box with Android TV version 5.0 and higher installed.

The first month of use when registering through the mobile application is free for everyone. Also, free access is provided for 12 months to all Internet or mobile users from Rostelecom while the “TV-Online” promotion is in effect.
You can also watch Wink channels free of charge to assess their quality and content. For this, 5 minutes of viewing are provided.

How to get a Wink promo code from Rostelecom?

The promo code can be obtained in a single personal account in the “Home Internet” section by clicking on the “Service management” button. In the options of the tariff plan, you need to find the connected TV-online service. If you click on it, a description of the service with detailed conditions will appear. At the end of the information block, you will see your promo code.

Detailed instructions for using Wink promo codes will help you get and activate the code on any device.

This can be done from any device. To activate the promo code from the browser, you need to log into the service using your account and click the “My” link in the menu. In the window that opens, all that remains is to select the appropriate button and enter the code.

Yes, it is available. It will allow you to start watching a movie on one device, and continue watching from where you left off on any other registered device. It also makes it possible to watch different content on different devices. Each family member can choose their favorite channel.

How many devices can be connected to one account?
Up to 5 different devices can be connected in total.

Is it possible to replace the connected device with another?

Yes it is possible. To do this, you need to disconnect one of the connected devices and connect another.

Is traffic consumed when watching multimedia content on Wink Rostelecom?

If you are an individual and use the Internet from Rostelecom, then no traffic is consumed.


In this package, the user has access to the minimum list of TV channels: 160. It does not provide any more features.

Most Popular Apps

Consider the TOP of the most popular and convenient applications for LG Smart TV:

  • Forkplayer is a widget that allows you to access movie sites and other entertainment services for free.
  • OTTplayer is a service that unites a lot of TV channels. Allows you to create and manage playlists.
  • MegoGo is an application for watching movies, cartoons, TV series and TV shows for free. The app also has a paid subscription to watch new films.
  • TwitchTV is an application for watching streaming videos broadcast by various users from all over the world. For the most part, here you will find live broadcasts on a game theme or free communication with the audience.
  • Gismeteo is a widget that stably displays the weather for the next week. Information is updated in the program every 6 hours.
  • Culinary Academy. An app with tons of step-by-step recipes, videos, and tips for experienced chefs and newbies alike.

App classification for LG Smart TV

  • Global can be used by any Smart TV owner on the planet.
  • Local. widgets available only to users of a specific region.

At any time, you can change the country in the TV settings and install applications that are necessary, but not available in your true region of residence.

Account registration and authorization

Before installing the program directly, you need to know the version of the operating system. Open the TV settings, where the characteristic of the installed operating system is displayed.

Next, we need to log into an existing account, or, if there is none, register a new one. To register for a Smart account, you must:

  • Press the button with the gear image on the remote control (on some remote controls this is the “Settings” button).
  • In the menu that appears on the side, select “Advanced settings” (these are three dots at the end of the list).
  • Then select “General” and find the item “Account Management”.
  • In the new window, select “Create an account” and cancel all the proposed items.
  • Click “Agree” to confirm actions.
  • And, in order to complete the registration process, enter your email address (in the future it will be used for authorization as a login), date of birth and password. Click “Register”.
  • Confirm registration by completing all the necessary actions in the letter sent by the system before creating an account.

If all the points are observed, the account will be successfully created, and you will need to log in by entering your username (i.e. email) and password.

How to Install and Use Apps for LG Smart TV?

Smart TVs have come a long way in our time and are more of a home entertainment center than a peripheral device. To diversify the viewing of television programs, many additional applications have been created, but you need to be able to install them correctly.

Installing the app

Next, we will focus on TVs released after 2015. They have a modern operating system. webOS. So, before installing apps, check your internet connection and follow these steps:

  • Press the “Smart” button on the remote control.
  • Use the arrows on the remote control to scroll through the tabs until you go to the “LG Store”. Click “OK”.
  • The screen should display a list of applications available in your region.
  • Select the widget you are interested in and click the “Install” button.

If the application is paid, the installation process itself will tell you what you need to do to pay for it.

Applications can be accessed by pressing the “Home” or “Smart” buttons on the remote control (differently named on different models) and scrolling down the menu to “LG Store”.

Usually, installing widgets is not difficult, but the popular ForkPlayer application requires additional manipulations, which are described in the following

For Philips

Since 2014, the Android TV operating system has been installed on Philips Smart TVs. Software products are downloaded from the Play Market. In earlier versions, the following sequence of actions is required (for example, IPTV):

  • Open “Configuration” in the main menu.
  • Select “Connect to the network”.
  • Connection type “Wired”, confirm selection.
  • In the “Configuration” item, enter the “Network Settings” section.
  • Open “Network mode” and “Static IP address”.
  • In the “IP Configuration” tab, select DNS 1 and enter
  • On the main page, press the Smart TV (NetTV) button.
  • Open APP Gallery.
  • Select the region “Russia” at the bottom of the page.
  • Find IPTV application, click “Add”.
  • The downloaded widget is available on the home page.
  • In this way, you can add new programs and update already installed ones.

    How to download and install applications on Smart TV

    The algorithm for downloading and installing is similar for all devices, but the sequence of actions for models from different manufacturers is different.

    For LG

    • Enter the menu section “Home page”.
    • Open the section “LG Smart World”.
    • Select the “Login” button (pictogram of a stylized image of a human head).
  • If you already have an LG account, use the appropriate login and password to log in.
  • If there is no account, open the “Registration” section.
  • On the LG account registration page that opens, enter the existing Google mail service box address (gmail.com) and twice. the selected password.
  • Activate “Registration”.
  • The system displays a notification that a notification has been sent to the specified address confirming the authenticity of the registration data. To complete the registration, open the received letter and activate the item “Complete registration”.
  • The system will offer to enter Smart World. Agree by clicking “Yes”. The Smart World section opens. Now from here you can install the app on LG Smart TV.
  • Select the program with the navigation buttons of the remote control.
  • Click in the pop-up window “Install“.
  • After the download is complete, launch the widget.
  • The installed program will appear on the home page.
  • Just like Samsung, LG has limited the ability to install third-party programs on its Smart TVs.

    For sony

    To install the program on a Sony Smart TV running Android TV, you need to:

    • Press the “Home” button on the remote control and enter the main page.
    • In the section “My applications”, use the navigation buttons of the remote control to select an empty widget with a sign inside.
    • Open the section “All applications”.
  • Select the desired widget with the remote control and press OK.
  • In the window that opens, click “Add to my applications”.
  • Find the installed program and open it.
  • The official Sony website contains information that it is impossible to add an application that is not in the general list of programs on your own. New items are added to the list after the owner of the program contacts Sony for cooperation.

    How to install applications on Smart TV: instructions for different brands of TVs

    Smart TV is a true home multimedia center. This is a cinema with an unlimited Internet film library, a music player of high-quality tracks broadcast by online resources, and a game console. Programs for the implementation of these functions are installed in the device memory at the production stage. You can significantly expand the capabilities of your smart TV by installing additional applications. With the help of this article, you can download and install the application you like on Smart TVs from different manufacturers.

    For Samsung

  • In the window that appears, activate the “Download” button.
  • The system will notify about the end.
  • When you click on “Run”, the installed application starts working.
  • To enter Smart HUB mode, press the RETURN button. Check if the loaded widget appears in the field of installed programs.
  • It is impossible to install a third-party application downloaded from the Internet on Samsung Smart TVs. the manufacturer specifically introduced a restriction on third-party content in the operating system of the device.

    Types of Smart TV Apps

    There are several main types of programs that are most often downloaded by users to Smart TV.

    • IPTV television programs. Provide access to several hundred TV channels of various topics.
    • Online cinemas. Most work with a paid subscription. However, promotions are often held when access to new films is opened for a low price.
    • To display video content.
    • For streaming the passage of games, e-sports competitions, etc.
    • Clients of social networks. for communication in VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, etc.
    • Services for searching and listening to music: Yandex music, Play music, etc.

    For Dexp

    Pure Android is installed on the Smart TV, so applications are installed both from the Play Store and from third-party resources. Installation sequence (using Forkplayer as an example):

  • Download the Forkplayer installation file through any installed browser (not built-in).
  • Use the remote control to open the “Downloads” section, open the downloaded file and click “Install“.
  • At the end of the installation, click “Finish”.
  • Select Forkplayer and click OK.
  • For the second installation method, you need a pre-formatted USB flash drive. Download the installation file of the Android program with the APK extension via a computer to the drive from a reliable site (official website of the developer, forums of registered users, etc.).

    An important condition is that the system requirements of the software product must match the Android version on the TV device.

    Be sure to check the downloaded content with the latest version of the anti-virus program with the latest virus databases. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV, find the downloaded file through the system explorer and install it.

    Wink: Reset TV

    This is the most extreme measure after all the tried ones. It doesn’t matter why Wink hangs or does not work at all, resetting the TV will return it to the original parameters entered at the factory. This will eliminate all errors that appeared in the program later. There can be several main mistakes. Let’s consider them in detail.

    Error during playback

    Often an error occurs when the application was downloaded and installed without interference, but during playback it starts to slow down, there are interference, interruptions in work. The program automatically searches for problematic algorithms and reports them in the form of a digital or alphabetic code. The diagnostic results, that is, signs and numbers of existing errors, appear on the screen. From them, you can easily determine the cause of the malfunction and quickly fix it yourself.

    Why Wink Doesn’t Work on TV

    The Wink app became the final product that emerged from the digital TV service. The portal can only be used on the territory of Russia. Since it is still quite young and has a lot of raw technical know-how, users sometimes experience crashes preventing them from watching. Let’s consider why Wink does not work on the TV, and how to revive the portal from Rostelecom on our own. All methods are quite simple and do not require any special technical skills.

    Why Wink Doesn’t Work

    The Vink multimedia cinema service is installed by many device users and continues to gain popularity. He has a wide variety of video content in his arsenal, which is able to satisfy viewers with different taste preferences. These are films, series, TV programs, cartoons. But it does not always work flawlessly. The portal was launched relatively recently, so some options still need to be improved.

    Developers regularly upgrade the functionality of the multimedia platform. Hopefully, application errors will be a thing of the past soon. The main problems of the cinema portal, users call the unavailability of some options, slow loading with failures or a complete failure to work.

    Error code 6000000 Wink

    Error number 6000000 occurs when there is no internet connection. See if the cable is properly connected. Probably a problem with the router. You can check its working condition by turning on your computer or set-top box.

    Why undertake resets and reboots if the reason is still on the way, and it is possible to eliminate it with simple methods? If at least one gadget shows the presence of an Internet connection, then the router is working properly. Restarting the router can help here. Turn it off for a few seconds, then turn it back on.

    Error in filling out the form

    The appearance of a Rostelecom error provokes an incorrect filling of the form. Do not look for incorrectly entered data. It’s easier to reboot and connect the app again.

    Wink: reinstalling the service

    If everything worked out and the application worked, enjoy the service, turn on the television and start watching a TV series or movie. If these steps did not help, and for some reason Vink does not work on the TV, we take the following steps to fix the problem.

    How to install Apps on your LG Smart TV (2020)

    Installing APK applications from a USB flash drive manually

    For old LG TVs with the NetCast operating system, the instructions for installing applications from a USB flash drive are standard: you need to download the application, unpack the archive onto a USB flash drive, insert the USB flash drive into the TV and the new application will appear in the “My Applications” section in the “USB” subcategory.

    But users of later versions of LG TVs with webOS operating system often face problems.

    To install an application from a USB flash drive to a TV with webOS before 2017 release, follow these steps:

    • Download the archive with the required application.
    • Format USB flash drive in FAT format.
    • Unpack the archive to the root of the flash drive.
    • On the TV, log in with your SmartTV LG Store account.
    • Insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector of the TV. If a window appears with a USB flash drive connection, you need to cancel it.
    • The app should appear on the home screen.

    If nothing happens at startup, you need to:

    • Log in to the LG Store.
    • In the lower right corner, click on “My Page”.
    • Select the item “Purchased applications”.
    • Launch the application.

    For LG TVs with the webOS operating system from 2018, to run applications from a flash drive, you must first log in to your account.

    If all else fails and the applications still do not start from the USB flash drive on the TV, all that remains is to try to install the desired application through the developer mode. This method is very complicated and unsafe. Only specialists can figure out all the settings. And if something goes wrong, LG service centers will refuse to repair your TV.

    Installing from LG Apps Market

    If your LG Smart TV has an Internet connection, then you can start installing software for webos. They do it as follows:

    • after connecting the TV to the network, you need to enter the Smart Home section;
    • in the LG Smart World section, you enter your account;
    • in the list of applications that appeared as a result of the manipulations done, they find what they need;
    • be sure to get acquainted with the information about the program and specify its price;
    • at the next stage, you need to click the “Install” button;
    • to install a paid application, follow all the instructions that appear on the TV screen;
    • all operations are confirmed with the “Ok” button;
    • after the program is installed, open it by going to Smart Home and clicking on the folder

    If the application does not work, then you should fix possible errors. And this could be:

    • lack of internet connection;
    • the application is not suitable for this model;
    • the TV does not have enough memory to install a new application;
    • user is not logged in.

    If, after correcting these errors, you still cannot install the program, then you should definitely contact a professional. If there is not enough memory on the device, you can delete applications that you have not used for a long time. To do this, enter the section of installed services and click on the “delete” button next to the selected program.

    Varieties of widgets for webOS

    Widgets developed for LG Smart TVs increase the capabilities of the gadget, improve its functionality and are fully customized for a specific user. But the programs built into the TV are not enough and you have to download and install them yourself.

    All widgets are global and local.

    LG Smart TVs have both global and local apps built in. But, in practice, people looking for an application do not even think about what kind of application it belongs to.

    Therefore, widgets for Smart TV LG are divided into the following varieties:

    • games;
    • social networks;
    • IPTV;
    • Internet telephony;
    • informative;
    • educational;
    • for watching movies in 3D format;
    • search applications.

    Installing webOS applications on LG Smart TVs for a pleasant pastime

    TV has become one of the main ways of spending leisure time. LG Smart TV is a versatile device for watching your favorite movies or videos, playing games and even communicating with family and friends living in other cities. To do this, they use webOS applications, the number of which is increasing every day.


    Since it is not possible to install applications without an account, it is imperative to create an account. To log in to the system, you will need to do the following:

    • On the remote control, the “Settings” button is pressed.
    • In the “Quick” section they find the “Account Management” button.
    • Create an account.
    • At the end of registration, click the “Agree” button.
    • To enter the system as a login, it is recommended to use an email address and enter a password.
    • The next step is to confirm your email and registration is complete.

    In order to make it convenient to create an account, it is recommended to connect a computer mouse to the TV. Then it will be easier to enter text.

    You can use the browser on your TV to confirm your email, but your best bet is to use a computer. To do this, go to your mailbox and follow the specified link to the LG Smart World website. An inscription will appear here confirming the completion of registration.

    After carrying out all the manipulations, you can log into your account on the TV. To do this, enter the email address and password specified during registration in the login window. If the data is entered correctly, then the screen will display information notifying about the successful login to the account. After that, you can start installing the APK on webos.

    Installing Apps on LG Smart TV

    After that, you need to connect to the Internet and log in.

    If there is not enough memory left on the device, then the application can be installed from a USB flash drive. But this is much more difficult to do. For this procedure, you will need an IPTV program. The only condition is that the folder with applications must be unpacked in advance. If everything is done correctly, a list of applications for installation will appear in the upper corner of the screen.

    What to do if you don’t have an account

    If this is the first time Smart TV is enabled on your LG TV, you need to register. The authorization process itself is not complicated, but some conditions must be met. After connecting the device to the Internet, you need to select the country where the user is located and the language convenient for work. It is important that all data is correct, especially the location of the instrument. This will ensure stable TV functionality.

    Before registering, the user will be provided with an agreement that must be accepted. Otherwise, registration will not be carried out.

    Keep in mind that you can uninstall applications from your device and install new ones. That allows you to use the TV for entertainment and enjoyable leisure time.

    Installing third-party widgets on Smart TV (for example, Samsung, LG and Philips)

    To make Smart TV even smarter, install third-party widgets using a USB flash drive, ForkPlayer or IP addresses of applications.


    Connect your flash drive to your computer.

    How To Install Apps On An LG TV

    Open “Computer” and right-click on the drive.

    Select “Format”.

    Select the FAT32 file system.

    Formatting will erase all data from the drive. It remains to prepare it for installing widgets on Samsung Smart TV.

    Create folder “userwidget”.

    Download archives with widgets and drop their folder without unpacking.

    Installing widgets from a USB flash drive will start automatically and end with the message “Package is done”. After that, a new widget will appear in the Smart TV menu.

    Besides, widgets on Samsung can be downloaded by IP address. To do this, press the “Smart Hub” and “A” buttons. Enter the username “develop”. The password will be substituted automatically on all series except F. on TVs of this series you need to use the key “sso1029dev!”.

    Then you need to click the “Tools” button to get into the settings, go to the “Development” section, mark the “IP settings” line and enter the address of the application that you want to install.

    Standard widgets are available on LG Apps TV service. But if there is not one you need among them, you can download and install applications from third-party developers. This is done using a flash drive:

    • Download the archive with the LG widget to your computer. Download applications from trusted sources so as not to harm the system.
    • Check the file system of the flash drive. It must be formatted in FAT32.

    Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the flash drive.

  • Connect the USB stick to the top USB port on the TV.
  • Launch the My Apps application, select the USB icon and open the widget installation file from the USB flash drive.
  • There are several limitations on LG TVs. Widgets are launched only if there is a USB flash drive connected. Some USB storage devices may not be suitable for installing applications, and TVs with only USB ports may not support launching widgets.


    The installation of standard widgets can be done through the App Gallery application, which is located on the main page of Smart TV. If you want to install a widget from a third-party developer, you need a USB flash drive.

      Format the flash drive to FAT32 file system.

    Create a folder “userwidget” in the root of the flash drive.

    Transfer the archives of the widgets with the installation files inside to the created folder.

    Launch Smart TV and connect a USB flash drive to the TV.

    The installation of widgets, the files of which are uploaded to the root of the drive, will start automatically. After the installation is complete, you will find the applications in the SmartTV menu.

    Instead of a flash drive, you can use ForkPlayer to install third-party widgets. We have already described how to install this application on Samsung and LG. Instructions for Philips:

    Open the network connection settings on the TV.

    Wait until the connection is established. If there is no connection, restart the TV.

    Open the Megogo program. Instead, ForkPlayer will work, through which you can install third-party widgets.

    Some Philips TVs run Android OS, so there is no problem installing applications, including third-party ones. widgets are added in the same way as on a phone or tablet.

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