Disk with OS

Of course, to upload a new OS to the computer, you need to have it in record. Ideally, it should be a software with a license, but most users, of course, use pirated copies.

The free version of the system with keys can be easily found on the Internet. To do this, enter a request to Google or go to the forums to get a link to download the file. Acceptable version for the standard HOME Premium user.

If you already have a disk, you can proceed to the second item, and if not, you can read below how to write OS on the disk.

How to record windows on the disk?

You will need a clean drive (DVD-R or DVD-RW). Next, you need a program to write to this medium of information. For example, Nero. The record is made as follows:

  • Insert a clean drive into the drive;
  • Launch the program. Nero;
  • Click Browse and choose your downloaded file with Windows;
  • Click “Open”;
  • Then put the recording parameters and expect.

How to enter BIOS on Lenovo laptop

To begin with, turn on the laptop and insert the disk from Windows 7 into the drive. Turn off, pull out the battery, pull out the nutrition from the network from the laptop. Put in place meals and launch a laptop from the novo button. It is such a small button that is next to the power button.

After a few seconds you get to the service menu. Choose Russian, keyboard layout. Russian. Further choose

Diagnostics. Additional parameters. UEFI built-in parameters

Now the laptop will require a reboot. click the Restart and Voila button! We entered BIOS.

Now go to the keyboard arrows to the Security section, the down arrow select the Security Boot point and click Enter. The Secur Boot parameter is translated to the Disabled position. disabled.

Returning to the main menu of the bios by the ESC key and arrows to the right go to the Startup section. Choose the Boot item. Click Enter. In this section, arrows find your hard drive. ATA HDD and button (plus), located on the right on the digital keyboard unit, raise it to the top of the list. If it does not rise to the very top, then select Windows Boot Manager and key. (minus) omit it down. In the same way, raise the CD-ROM drive to second place. ATAPI CD1.

The next in the queue can be put in the device from which Windows will be installed in the case of? If this is not a built-in drive.

Return the ESC key again, click down to the UEFI / LEGACY BOOT point UEFI ONLY, change to Legacy Only.

Keep the configuration with the F10 key and agree with the Enter key.

Keep: If you forgot something, they moved or not so configured to enter the BIOS on Lenovo B590 to restore the default settings you can only remove the back cover of the laptop (nothing terrible. only 2 screws) and rejects the CMOS battery for a while. Then do not forget to set the right date and time.

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Download via Boot Menu

To start loading Lenovo from a USB drive, it is not necessary to do it through the BIOS Setup. In Lenovo laptops, a special “Boot Menu” download menu is provided for this.

To go to the boot menu, you must:

    Enable the system, and immediately press the “F12” button.

Press the

Proper creation of bootable flash drive for Ubuntu 15

For Ubuntu 15 it is necessary to download from the HTTPS site: // UnetBootin.Github.IO utility UnetBootin. Running the program, you need to select options as in the figure below and click OK.

After that, download and recording files on the boot flash drive, in this case it is a D disc.

In the final window will be prompted to restart the computer or laptop and boot from the flash drive.

Download via Boot Menu

As I wrote, it is the best and easy way. To open the Boot Menu on the Lenovo laptop, you need to actively press the F12 key immediately after clicking on the power button.

A menu will open in which you need to select our drive.

As you can see, in my case, in the Lenovo laptop boot menu displays two USB drives. One with the inscription “EFI USB Device”. Try to start choose the drive that without EFI (in the screenshot it is at the very bottom). This is if you are going to install Windows 10. Otherwise, there may be problems with installing Windows 10 on the MBR-section.

After selecting and pressing the Enter key, the laptop will be loaded from the flash drive. Provided that the flash drive you correctly recorded.

If the F12 key fails to open the “Boot Manager” menu, then use a special arbitrator button. Which is probably on every Lenovo laptop. Sometimes it is located next to the power button, and sometimes recessed into the housing (as in my case).

It needs to be pressed when the laptop is turned off. Then, in the menu, select “Boot Menu”. Also from there you can go to BIOS.

And already in the boot menu, select your drive, as I showed above.

Write Windows 10 on the USB flash drive or DVD to install on a laptop

To begin with, we need to download the image of Windows 10. You can download it from the official site, or from other sources. Well, you understand what I should have.ISO image system. I wrote in a separate article in detail how to download Windows 10 from the official site Microsoft. Through the same branded utility Media Creation Tool, you can immediately burn the image on the USB flash drive.

Further we need to be determined with the drive from which we will perform the installation. If your laptop has a CD-ROM drive, and you have a clean DVD disk, then you can write an image on it. But I would advise you to use a USB flash drive for this business. The difference in principle is small. It’s already like you like more and what is suitable in your case.

To make this article as simple and understandable as possible, without unnecessary information, I’ll just give references to the instructions on which you can easily create a bootable drive with an operating system for further installation:

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Return to this article When you have a ready-made boot disk, or a USB drive.

If you are going to install the system not on a new laptop, then make sure that the local disk C is not valuable for you. Including in the “My Documents” folder and on the desktop. Everything will be removed only from the C disk (provided that you select the section correctly).

In order not to make a mistake with the selection section for the installation “Dozens”, go to “My Computer” and remember the size and free space on the disk C. Then you can navigate through these numbers at the installation selection phase for installation.

How to install windows 7

Make sure the version you want to put 64x-bit. It is important because you just don’t find the necessary drivers on a 34-bit.

The manufacturer is set by such a load order that the operating system will be loaded only from an internal hard disk, so you need to turn off the protection and change the settings in the BIOS.

To start the BIOS mode, you need to run after the device or reboot, waiting 1-2 seconds., When the Lenovo manufacturer logo appears on the screen several times press the FNF2 keys. It is important to have time until the OS load itself began. The F12 key allows you to move between partitions, and to change the positions in the menu, the keys are used /-. The F5 and F6 keys are navigating between items in the menu.

If you are interested in the question of how to install Windows 7 on the Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15iBy laptop, then there is a NOVO key to call the BIOS menu, the manufacturer emphasizes that the computer must be turned off.

Also, depending on the laptop model, the key combinations may differ. Options are possible as the Del, F2, or ESC keys.

In order to ask the settings you need to choose BIOS Setup.

Next, moving to the EXIT point and set the parameters:

Go to the BOOT menu item and set the following settings:

We canceled the default loading priority and set the parameters you need, now it is necessary to return to the EXIT menu item and preserve. Saving Changes. Yes.

An external USB drive must already be connected to your laptop. Now you need to go to the boot menu by pressing the F12 key or the NOVO key and select Boot Menu, where your device will be displayed. It needs to choose and then Windows itself unpacks files. Then choose a complete installation.

Next, you need to split the working space to the partitions using the “Create” button. Consider that under the system, for full-fledged work, it is better to leave at least 30 GB. When you finish the separation of all available space, you need to highlight the section allotted for the system and press the installation. Follow the instructions of the setup wizard and comfortable use to use the usual inteeis!

Installing Windows from a flash drive

If the preparatory actions have been successful, after restarting the laptop, Windows installer will appear on the screen. After downloading it, confirm that you agree with all the items of the license agreement, putting a tick to the corresponding window (as in the figure below) and clicking Next.

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The unpacking process will take some time. You need to suffer, and after choosing the “Full Installation” item.

In the case when the laptop hard disk initially consisted of partitions, and the file system was formatted in NTFS, then everything is simple. Otherwise you will have to delete hard disk partitions. Just click “Drive Setup” and delete all sections.

Now you can share free space by Section. To do this, click on “Create”, select the section size you want and confirm your choice. So as long as you do not share all available space.

Now click on the section in which you want to install Windows and proceed to the case, just follow the instructions that appear on the monitor. During the installation process, your laptop will reboot, do not be afraid of this, and in no case interrupt the installation process.

The reasons why Lenovo laptop does not see USB devices and ports do not work.

Most often, it is exactly the faulty southern bridge that causes why Lenovo laptop does not see USB. Despite the fact that it is just a small chip, the southern bridge performs a huge number of important functions, among which and high-quality ports of ports. Initially, this component is actually very simple. To do this, there will be a single short circuit, which can be caused by spilled coffee or other liquid. Restore the work of the southern bridge actually turns out not in each case. As a rule, the microcircuit has to be fully changed. 2. If in Lenovo

One USB port does not work, most likely, he just came into disrepair. As a rule, it happens as a result of improper operation or when the device gets strong mechanical damage. Quite often it is to be fully changed in order for Lenovo Lenovo again earned. We will make such a repair without problems.

Through problems in the Lenovo operating system

ports can also not work. First of all we advise you to check the system for viruses. If you can independently solve this problem, you can not, we advise you to come to our service center ZhSmmoskov, where you will definitely help.

Much less frequent Lenovo laptop does not see USB devices and mouse

For other reasons. As a rule, if it is impossible to determine the breakdown without special equipment, we carry out a complete diagnosis.

does not work through dust and dirt that is going there. In this case, in order for the device to work, it will be enough to carry out an external inspection and blow the connector with air or carefully clean the brush area.

No less common case when contacts are departed that go directly from the motherboard. Naturally, they are inside Lenovo Aibeam

Contacts may be damaged as a result of pressing the flash drive or any other device.