Watspa setting on Smart hours

Popular text messaging and call organization is available not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for smart hours. To connect, you need to follow the developed mechanism of action and know its features.

To install whatsapp on smart watches, it is enough to buy modern gadgets with Android, iOS and other systems. The feature of the program is the lack of payment and opening access.

How to change the language on Smart clock

Taking into account how often the Smart clock is ordered to Aliexpress, it is absolutely not surprising that, first of all, users face nuances of the inteeis language. Immediately I want to say that this setting is on any wearable device, regardless of the country of the manufacturer.


Typically, the language setting occurs when the watches are first activated.

Some sellers took care in advance about it and immediately Russify their devices, but so far such, alas, minority. In any case, configure the desired localization is not such a difficult task.

Typically, the language setting occurs along with the first clock setting. If this did not happen, act exactly like on your Android device:

  • Unlock smart watch.
  • Find in the Settings menu.
  • Next, select Language (language).
  • Install the one you need.

Often with a similar problem face the owners of children’s smart clock. On some models, for example, on Kidphone 4gr, Kidphone4g, Kidphone3G can be configured by the method described above, and on FixItime2 it will be installed as soon as you connect the SIM card to the device.

In the children’s clock, the change of language is usually running through the application on the smartphone.

For other models like Fixitime3, Kidphone2, Kidphone Lite, Kidphone Well, wait!, Kidphone Fresh, FixiTime Lite The manufacturer features the following:

  • Go to the SafeFamily app on the smartphone.
  • Next, select Settings, Tracker Settings.
  • Then tap the choice of language, enable.
  • After that, in hours, go to the binding code menu.
  • Swipe on the screen from top to bottom.
  • Next, select Automatic (according to SIM card) or manual.
  • Ready.
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Loading and installing WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Installing WhatsApp directly to Smart clock is not provided by the manufacturer, but you can still use it on the device. To do this, first of all you must download the application to the phone. Skip this step if it is already installed.

  • In Play Market, find and install WhatsApp.
  • After completing the installation, open the program and enter your phone number.
  • Enter the received access code from SMS and go through the primary setting.

IMPORTANT! Similarly, Galaxy Wearable Complete the WhatsApp setup by adding it to the list of applications operating in the background. Enable all notifications and add to exception when working in power saving mode.

ATTENTION! You can receive notifications only from groups for which audio alerts are included.

How to configure whatsapp on DZ09?

Users of this device can be answered within the messenger, send or receive messages and files of any supported format. The main advantage of the WhatsApp program is that it spreads free. Gradually, the application is modified and acquires new options.

  • Download a program that can work almost on any operating system. In this case, on iOS and Android database smartphones. You can find the application in Google Play or App Store.
  • Open “My” point on the smartphone, go to the “Programs” tab. Next choose WhatsApp and confirm permission to install the messenger.
  • In the “My Watch” application, you should allow the forwarding of WhatsApp functions to smart hours.
  • Installation takes a certain time, you need to wait for its end.
  • After that, on the clock, you need to configure notifications by selecting in the WhatsApp menu. DZ 09 work with all application options.

Important! The IOS 11 version operating system does not support DZ09, but telephones with an earlier firmware can easily create a pair with Smart clock. At the moment, the developers of the wrister work on the solution of this problem.

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Roman Vladimirov. Apple EXPERT, PEDANT.Ru. Appleiwatch Site Consultant.Name, co-author of articles. Works with Apple products over 10 years.

How to configure whatsapp on smart clock?

After you installed the application on the iPhone, it should be configured. At the first login, it is recommended to enter the phone number with which the pair is synchronized. Then enter the activation code that will come to the specified number.

  • In order to change or put an avatar, you should go to the “Edit” settings. The menu is located under the photo (place under photo).
  • To add subscriber numbers from your phone book, you need to go to the “call”, and click on the Plusik.
  • For correspondence you need to click on the “chats” and start a conversation with the right person.

Apple Watch does not see whatsapp. one of the common problems when the clock is losing a couple with a phone. If the messenger stopped submitting signs of life on the clock, it is recommended to check the link between iwatch and iPhone.

Roman Vladimirov. Apple EXPERT, PEDANT.Ru. Appleiwatch Site Consultant.Name, co-author of articles. Works with Apple products over 10 years.

New WatchApp features on Apple Watch

That generally gives the installation of this application to the device? There are a number of advantages that inclined in a positive way. On the clock you can:

  • Send text messages with voice without spending a lot of time.
  • Communicate.
  • Change and edit contact list.
  • Customize notifications and banners, control vibration.
  • Select a banner on display with new messages.
  • Maintain a history of correspondence.
  • Share videos, photos and use various emoji.

Someone is likely to be exclaimed that it is very uncomfortable: to type messages, and also listen to various messages. But the application perfectly adapted to the clock, thanks to which the convenience has increased several times.

The reasons why Whatsapp incorrectly works on Smart Watch DZ09

Technical malfunctions from developers happen in very rare cases, it is usually written about this in the application itself, so during installation it is important to properly comply with the instructions for stable work of the WhatsApp social network on Smart clock DZ09.

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Installing WhatsApp on iWatch

Before installing the application, the smart clock must be associated and synchronized with iPad 3, iPhone 6 Plus or their later versions. To do this, go to the AppStore, the iWatch application is loaded, which is responsible for setting up the gadget. The smartphone then matches the “Apple Watch”, the “Search” or “Selection” section is selected in the menu. After you need to click on the icon of the relevant program and wait for the download. You can also scroll down the list down to the “Available Programs” tab and click “Download” opposite the Icons “WhatsApp”.

At the end of the download, the application icon will appear on the main screen of the clock. The settings of the messenger are automatically synchronized with the phone. To receive notifications for hours, you must allow automatic synchronization between devices.

How to install WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch?

First you need to create a pair between smart clock and telephone. To do this, you need to download and run a program from Play Store or App Store, connect. Then follow the following algorithm actions:

  • Enter the Galaxy Watch program on your mobile device, scroll down to the “Settings” section, and go to “Notifications”.
  • Activate messages from WhatsApp.
  • Check for notifications on page.
  • Then go to the “Settings” menu on the phone. Here you need to choose whatsapp application and make sure that the slider is turned on. This action will allow messages from the smartphone to be transmitted to Galaxy Watch.

In order to view incoming notifications, go to the main screen of the clock and swipe on the left side. After the operation performed, the user will be able to send data from any type from hours.

Roman Vladimirov. Apple EXPERT, PEDANT.Ru. Appleiwatch Site Consultant.Name, co-author of articles. Works with Apple products over 10 years.