Features of Smart TV by Sony Brivia

It remains to find out what is unique to the service on the device described.

Intelligent interface. Users are given the opportunity to enjoy watching movies and TV series with maximum convenience.

Remote control that controls Smart TV function may not be included depending on region.

Some apps and TV channels may vary from country to country. This is due to the blocking of unwanted content and political sanctions.

Broadcast function does not work on all applications. You can only check compatibility when you use it directly.

Netflix channel requires registration before use. Search for videos after it’s finished.

Image resolution on all channels. 4K: 3840 2160 pixels.

Excellent contrast and color reproduction immerses users almost in the real world.

Other features vary from device to device and are only available after you start using it.

Important! If your Sony Bravia TV is missing any of the features or TV channels described, call Sony Tech Support for advice.

As a rule, the name of the buttons and some other small details of design and function may be different.

Smart TV is a feature that’s present on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, you can perform all the same operations on the device as you would do on a computer, and even more. The user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch videos online directly from the TV, without going to the computer. But you need to connect the internet. In addition, you can browse the web and install various applications.

How to set up a Smart TV on your Sony TV

The Smart TV function on a Sony TV is necessary to use all the entertainment or information services on the big screen, which the manufacturer of the equipment provides. And to use Smart TV, you need to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable.

After establishing a connection between the router and the TV, the following operations must be performed from the TV menu in the “Network” tab according to the following algorithm (the instruction is suitable for all models of the TV in question, for example, Sony Bravia):

  • Choose wired or wireless type of connection. Preferably connect via Wi-Fi. this way the wires won’t get in the way and spoil the look of the house.
  • The user will need to enter the password that was given in the envelope by the service provider.

If the data is entered correctly, it will take a few minutes to connect to the internet. At the end of the operation, the TV will automatically offer to update the existing Sony firmware. It is advisable to perform this operation to avoid further errors and malfunctioning of the device.

To do this you need to confirm the action by pressing “Start loading”. Once the download comes to an end, you will need to confirm the installation, and the TV will automatically start downloading. If the TV starts to turn on, and then turns on by itself, it means that everything has passed successfully.

Important! You should not interfere with the system, until the TV turns ON. Otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the software, which will lead to serious damage to the entire device.

After these operations the TV-set will be almost ready to work with Smart functionalities, the only thing left is to update the available Internet content (this is a feature of Sony Bravia/Sony Bravia and other variants of this model) and install the necessary applications.

To perform the operation, you must follow the manual:

You can now go to the Sony store to select the necessary applications, which will be displayed in the “Processed” tab in the main menu. To install additional utilities, you can click on “All apps” and then “Choose from the list provided”. This will open a list of useful apps that you can download to your Sony Smart device.

To download a favorite application to your personal menu, you must click on it and click on “Add to My Applications”. The utility will appear in the main menu on the right side of the screen.

Following these steps, you can fully enjoy the capabilities of Smart TV on the Sony TV.

Possible problems

In most cases Sony TV problems related to Smart functionality can be caused by the firmware that was not updated for a long time (warning message with network error 2123 or similar can appear on the screen).

In this case you need to download the latest version of the program and thus get rid of the problem. Specialists recommend to check regularly (once a month) if there are any updates, to keep the TV-device in working order.

Also, problems can occur with the work of some applications that are available thanks to Sony Smart TV. In this case you need to update the system again, but this time inside a specific, problematic utility.

To get rid of most problems, you need to download stable versions of installed programs from trusted resources.

Practice shows that most of the problems arise not due to problems with the network or applications, but due to the actions of the users of Sony devices. wrong settings, poor connection of devices, etc.

How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

Go to network connection settings on your TV.

Select Manual Installation.

Change the primary DNS in the settings to

Launch the NOW app.RU Theta.

Signing up for publish.tvstore.opera.com

Get the developer ID in Opera Store on your TV or home.theater ( Menu. About). This ID is only valid for 15 minutes, after the time has expired you must retrieve it by clicking on #ID.

Once you’ve got your ID, you’ll have to tether your devices here Enter there the ID of the developer.

The Develop category should appear in the Opera Store.

In the URL Loader field enter http://operatv.obovse.ru/2.5/

To access the brb.then and tray.TV also need to change the DNS in the network connection settings (DHCP) to or

Smart TV is a feature found on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform all the same operations on the device as on the computer, and even more. The user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch video online directly from the TV, without going to the computer. But you need to connect the Internet. You can also browse the web and install various applications.

In addition, to use the function of Smart TV is not necessary to buy the most expensive devices Sony, and you can opt for a budget category of TVs. You should pay special attention to the programs and applications you install on your TV, because their quantity and quality largely determines what functions the device will be able to perform.

Sony today is one of the leading manufacturers of TV sets and auxiliary media equipment.

install, your, sony, bravia

Thanks to these features, the “smart” TV from Sony can largely replace the computer, because watching movies and TV on a big screen is much more enjoyable.

  • Android TV. It’s the most common platform for smart TVs, with many services and applications.
  • Linux TV. The most advanced firmware in terms of functionality and software features, but is one of the least popular.

The functionality of these platforms is very different, so sometimes they will be considered separately.

To find a widget on your Smart TV

Via Play Market

With Play Market you can download software for most TV models of different manufacturers. The Android TV widgets used in Philips and Sony devices are officially available on Google Play.

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control and go to the applications menu.
  • Find “Google Play” or “Play Market” in the list.
  • In the search box, enter the name of the app you want to add.

Via Samsung Apps for Samsung

Samsung has developed its own widget store, Samsung Apps. It contains apps for the Tizen OS platform.

  • Access the Smart TV menu using the button on the remote control.
  • On Smart Hub in the middle of the screen, click “Samsung Apps.
  • If there is no icon, update apps by tapping on “Service” and then “Update apps”.
  • Find the program you need in the search box or by using thematic categories.

Via Game World from LG

  • Press Smart TV button on your remote control.
  • Click on “LG Game World”.
  • Use the search bar to find a specific application or browse the game categories.

With Fork Player for Sony

Fork Player is an adaptive app with which you can watch videos, create playlists and all without installing add-ons. All information is taken directly from video content sites and converted into your own format player. Additional widgets can’t be downloaded through apps, but you can watch any movie online.

What applications can be installed on your Sony TV?

Installing apps is only available on Sony TVs because the device itself has Smart TV. It is this feature that opens up many possibilities. To understand what utilities the user can install, you must use the search service Google Play, which is also installed in the “stuffing” Sony. The user can pick up any game he wants by entering a specific program name.

The dictaphone function is available on the platform, that is, you can dictate the desired combination with your voice, after which the platform will find the necessary file to download. If voice control is not available, you have to use the standard means, that is, enter everything yourself.

Download apps that are designed specifically for Sony are based on the Android TV platform. And some utilities can be installed from the official browser on your TV. from ForkPlayer.

The more programs the Sony owner installs on his device, the greater and wider its capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that even with the installation of the program not all the features can be fully available. Some open only after the installation of an additional file has passed.

To download Forkplayer for Sony Smart TV you need to:

  • In the “Network” settings, click the “Reconnect” button;
  • choose the setting method and click on the “Specialist” mode;
  • define the connection method. wire or Wi-Fi;
  • Now click on the “set IP address” line;
  • In the “Initial DNS” section write the combination;
  • On the “Second DNS” line, the code;
  • press the “Done” button.

Installing by changing DNS

You can download the utility to your Sony Bravia Smart TV using the following methods. There are a few installation instructions at the bottom.

If you still have questions or complaints. let us know

Method 1

  • First, run the “Menu Settings” folder for the TV network connection.
  • In the tab that opens, click on the section with manual installation.
  • In the new window insert the combination for DNS
  • Start the connection to the network.
  • Immediately after finishing, open the utility now.Theta.
  • Fork Player will open on your TV screen.

Method 2

  • Open the www platform in your browser.publsh.tvstore.opera.com.
  • After the authorization, the page will show the required ID. It is in the folder “All programs”, then the tab “About”.
  • The indicator ID put a line on the site;
  • Next, type the model of the device and in the line URL Loader insert the link address in the column;
  • Thus, in Opera Store you will see a separate view called Develop.

Install through the IDE of the developer

  • Download the current version of Java for your operating system;
  • enter the current version of the webOS TV SDK;
  • If you get Git errors on the display, install the latest version of the program;
  • register your profile on the webOS TV site;
  • Connect your PC and TV to Wi-Fi;
  • After activating the TV

Installing from flash drive

Getting ForkPlayer is easy with additional media. You need to take into account the fact that the media files will not be provided completely. To get it you need to download Remote ForkPlayer. The option is included in the Smart TV settings

First way

The first method is needed for Sony Bravia:

  • download the file and unzip it to a flash drive.
  • Open your personal account on Smart TV.
  • insert a USB stick.
  • Then click on the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • Open the app on the TV, then on the device with the app.

Second way

This method will come in handy for Sony Bravia appliances that have been on sale since 2010, as well as those with Netcast:

  • Download the archive and send it to a compact flash drive, then unzip it.
  • Launch Sony Bravia Smart TV page.
  • turn on the “My Software” park;
  • Click on the line about USB utilities.
  • Click on ForkPlayer.
  • Download the LG widget archive to your computer.
  • Check the file system of the flash drive.
  • Unzip the contents of the archive to the root of the flash drive.
  • Plug a USB flash drive into the top USB connector on your TV.
  • Launch My Apps, select the USB icon and open the widget installation file from the flash drive.

Perform Refresh Internet Content operation by pressing HOME button on the supplied remote control and using arrow keys to select Network Refresh Internet Content.

Sony Bravia 40 inch Smart TV

Smart TV function on all modern televisions, which adds a huge number of diverse abilities. Widgets make your TV more comfortable and enjoyable to use. Added features:

  • Internet access;
  • Bluetooth support (to synchronize with your phone);
  • Video record TV shows;
  • mirroring (to synchronize with your computer);
  • light sensor.

In this video, let’s take a look at Sony Bravia TVs:

Installing the FORKLMOD widget on Sony TVs with Smart TV support

This program has the same working scheme as Opera mini. It’s designed for J2ME smartphones that don’t have a standard browser enabled. ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV takes all the media content from a variety of software. Then processes them and translates them into its own format.

Sony Bravia TV: How to Download/Install Apps

The new Sony Smart TV devices have Internet browsers. However, they are considered incomplete. In addition, does not support many sites and web pages. ForkPlayer is a reliable option that allows you to watch clips, listen to music tracks without. Also, the utility has a list of top pages and movie platforms.