Through the keyboard

If it was not possible to configure through the system options for some reason, then you can use another option to disable autocorrections. To do this, you will need to make changes to the functionality of the keyboard itself as follows:

  • Open any utility that is capable of and supports text input. It can be a notebook, SMS, notes or messages on a social network.
  • Press and hold the space bar on your keyboard for 2 seconds. On some phone models, you must click on the input field itself.
  • A new “Select Input Method” menu appears. Click on the keyboard option you are currently using.
  • Select the “Autocorrections” tab from the list and carry out the same manipulations that were described in the previous method.

This option to disable T9 works not only on phones, but also on tablets that use the operating system from Google. This does not apply to cases when a third-party layout is installed for input; in such cases, you should make corrections to the settings directly in the utility itself. As a rule, the section names are very similar to those described above.

Some owners of Samsung phones may need to activate the T9 mode on their gadgets. The specified mode contributes to faster and more convenient typing, allowing you to significantly save the time of the owner of the phone. Turning on T9 on Samsung is not so difficult, in this article I will tell you about several ways to do it.

T9 technology (abbreviated abbreviation from English words “Text on 9 keys”. text on 9 buttons) was invented in the USA in the 90s, and was originally intended for standard 3 × 4 pushbutton keyboards.

Cliff Kashner of Tegic Communication is believed to be the inventor of this technology. For the first time this technology was implemented in the Sagem MC850 phone, the sales of which began back in 1999. At the same time, T9 technologies had to actively compete with similar in functionality analogs “iTap” (Motorola), “SureType” (RIM), “Tauto” (Intelab), and, in the end, gain world recognition.

The key feature of T9 is the ability to predict a word when it is typed in letters. Since 3-4 letters are usually attached to each button of the phone, the use of such a system can significantly save time when typing the text we need. The system fixes the frequency of the words used by the user, and during the next typing “popular” words will be suggested among the first.

With the improvement of technology, she learned to independently complete the word the user wanted (T9 version 5.1), as well as suggest the next word, or even the whole phrase (T9 version 7 and higher).

Some T9 implementations also offer the use of “smart punctuation”. This feature offers the use of the “1” key to apply in a sentence (or for a single word) various punctuation marks automatically selected by the system.

Through system settings

The principle of how to turn off autocorrect on Android is the same for all mobile devices, but, for example, Samsung, Lenovo and Nokia have slightly different menu sections. By analogy, this procedure can be carried out with other brands of smartphones. Below you will find instructions on how to disable T9 on Android using the example of a Samsung phone. TouchWiz:

  • Find the section called “Settings”.
  • Go to the item “Language and input”.
  • Find the keyboard you are using, click on the settings icon.
  • Check the box next to “Keyboard Options” at number 9.

On other phones, the algorithm may be slightly different. For example, in the Explay Flesh model, the section is called “Autocorrection”, in which you need to deactivate the “AutoCorrect” line or move the slider to the “Off” position. On some Android models, in the Language & Input section, when you select the keyboard you want, you will see the Show fix options option. Click on it, select the “always hide” mode. then it will turn out to turn off T9.

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Many users are annoyed by the feature of the standard Android keyboard when it suggests its own spellings of a word or, even worse, corrects an already written word in its own way. Really annoying. In this article I will tell you how to disable it all.

How to disable T9 on iPhone and iPad

To disable T9 or predictive typing on an iPad or iPhone, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, then “General”, then “Keyboard”. It is necessary to turn off the “Predictive typing” function. You can also turn off “Auto-correction” if it does not work as you need when typing. IPhone has a similar menu.

A convenient and very popular option for automatic text replacement has become widespread among users. An important advantage of this function will be the ability to compose your own dictionary, as well as other features of the program. At the same time, sometimes such help becomes very doubtful, because corrections often concern the wrong words, which leads to funny and offensive incidents. Such examples are full of entertainment resources, and in order not to replenish the collection of such anecdotes, our article will tell you how to turn off T9 on Android.

There are a number of ways you can turn off auto-corrections for text messages. A simple and accessible function is included in the standard settings of the phone, therefore, to deactivate it, no special settings and downloaded programs are required.

Disabling T9 on different models

For some smartphones, the instructions may be slightly different, especially if the device has a proprietary shell. Let’s consider an explicit example.

  • Go to system settings and find the “Advanced” menu item.
  • In the window that opens, select “Language and input”.
  • From the keyboard options, select the one you are using at the moment. In our version, we will consider
  • In the keyboard parameters, we are looking for the “Text correction” option.
  • It remains only to turn off all those options that are not needed by the user, namely: “Suggest options” and “Suggest words”.

After that, the T9 shutdown process can be considered completed.

If the user needs to turn off various AutoCorrect features such as Auto Caps or Auto Space, you can follow the instructions previously described. It is enough to go to the settings of your keyboard and mark all the functions that are somehow similar to the T9.

On Xiaomi

Haiomi smartphones are confidently catching up with Samsung in popularity, so many users have such a gadget. Despite the software differences, Xiaomi smartphones are also equipped with the ability to correct spelling in text messages, so it will be useful to learn how to enable this useful feature.

In messengers

Sometimes messengers offer their own settings for keyboards, thereby imposing the autocorrect function. This can happen in well-known communication applications such as Viber or WhatsApp.

Typically, applications follow the system settings or the parameters in the keyboard. To quickly disable T9 in Viber or WhatsApp:

  • Click on any field where you can write text.
  • In the keyboard that opens, find the line with the autocorrect options, where there should be an application / settings icon or an arrow to the right.
  • This icon will open the keyboard quick settings, where there may be an option to disable word prediction. In our case, there was no such option, so it is worth referring to the system configuration or the capabilities of the application itself.

Режим T9 или проверка орфографии в Samsung

This situation may not arise for everyone, because, nevertheless, third-party programs, such as WhatsApp or Viber, do not have access to system elements. This method is also suitable for the social network. as well as any other applications for correspondence.

Usually you need to do the following:

  • In the settings section, find the keyboard menu. It can be called differently.
  • In the settings options, select the autocorrect function. It can also have several names: “Smart text input”, “Input options” or, of course, “T9”.
  • It is necessary to release the activation button, move the slider to the side of cancellation, or in any suggested way refuse to use this option.

Typically, a smartphone has a standard keyboard version according to the type of device model. If your gadget has several input options at once (for example, the Samsung and Google keyboard), you need to select the mode of the necessary settings, either in all types of control at once, or only in the active one. The definition of keyboard settings can be found in the same section (“Language and data input”), where the active program will be by default.

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How to turn on T9 on Samsung Galaxy?

The T9 system (Text on 9 keys) got its name for a reason. it was used on push-button telephones. In modern smartphones, keyboards support prompts, however, as a rule, the system is called differently, but in Samsung, surprisingly, it is called T9. And today we’ll show you how to turn it on.

Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

Next, find “General Settings” and open them.

If you cannot find this item, for example, for the simple reason that a different menu design is used, enter the word “language” (without quotes) in the search box and select the appropriate item that will show you the search.

Click on “Virtual Keyboard”.

There is also another option. Bring up the keyboard. See the settings icon?

Click on it to open the settings. If it does not help, press the button and hold until an additional menu appears, in which you just tap on the same icon.

If you are using a different keyboard, for example, Gboard, we recommend that you use our other instruction.

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How to turn on T9

If, when entering text on a smartphone, the system does not offer any prompts, you need to put T9 on Samsung. The principle of operation is identical for almost all models (Galaxy J5, J2 and others), but there are still some features (we will talk about them below). The most common method is using Samsung settings. To enable the T9 option, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings;
  • go to the System or Advanced settings section;
  • enter the Language and Input section;
  • select the Samsung keyboard section.

In this section, you must enable the option (if it is disabled). Now press your finger on the T9 Mode Off button and move the slider to the side so that it lights up green. These steps are enough to enable the feature on Samsung. In parallel with it, automatic replacement for Russian and English languages ​​is activated, as well as an additional function. Spaces are not automatically inserted.

Now you know how to make T9 on Samsung. But this is only the first stage. Now it is necessary to resolve the issue of data personalization. To authorize the use of personal data, you must check the box next to the corresponding item. After activating the option, the use of personalized information is permitted. In this case, all My settings are activated. Later, when the virtual keyboard is called, a warning appears that the system is applying personalized data. To confirm this fact, you must click on the OK button at the bottom right of the window or go to the settings.

Now let’s look at how to connect T9 to new Samsung Galaxy models. The principle of operation may differ slightly here. The algorithm is as follows:

  • go to Applications;
  • go to Settings;
  • go to the General Management section;
  • enter the section Language and input.

For Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, you need to tap on-screen keyboard followed by Samsung Keyboard. The next step is to select the Predictable text or T9, and here put the checkbox in the active mode. This is enough to enable.

How to delete?

If a smartphone user wants to enter text on his own, he needs to know how to clear T9 on Samsung. For this, the same steps are taken as for inclusion. The difference is that at the last stage the option toggle switch is moved to the Disabled position. In this case, the function slider should turn gray. After that, you need to enter the text as usual. In the future, you can turn T9 back on through system settings or after entering from the virtual keyboard.

What is T9?

Before installing T9 mode on Samsung, it is important to understand its features and benefits for smartphone owners. T9 is a special mode that needs to be enabled to make it easier to enter text on smartphones. The full name of the option is as follows. Text on 9 keys. In other words, this is an accelerated set of information using nine buttons, as it was on the first phones.

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The T9 function first appeared in 1999. At that time, this was the only method for speed dialing SMS. Smartphone users often complained that the selected mode distorted the intended phrase, which made the output completely different from the one the user was typing.

install, samsung

In modern smartphones (including Samsung), a more sophisticated text “guessing” mode called Smart Type is used. Out of habit, many users continue to call this option the “old-fashioned” T9. If you enable T9 on Samsung, you can speed up text input.

When typing a word, the system offers several options from the dictionary, and the user chooses the appropriate solution. Endings for the proposal are also suggested. This feature speeds up the input process and avoids errors. After enabling the function, you won’t be able to write ordinary words with misspellings, because the mode automatically makes edits.

How to enable T9 on Samsung phones and why this feature is useful?

Owners of South Korean smartphones of different years of production often ask how to enable T9 on Samsung, what are the features, pros and cons of this option. Despite the convenience and capabilities of the option, many users forget to activate it, which is why typing messages or texts takes longer. Below are recommendations that can help you fix the problem. In addition, we will highlight the features, as well as the pros and cons of the popular mode.

Alternative option

There is another method on how to enable T9 on Samsung. To do this, enter the typing application and bring up the keyboard. After that, find the icon with the settings, click on it, after which the system will immediately move to the desired menu. After that, it remains to enable the option. If the settings buttons are not provided, you can press and hold the spacebar twice until a choice of input methods appears.

Pros and cons of T9

The T9 mode on Samsung and other smartphones has a number of pros and cons. They must be taken into account before enabling the function in the phone.

  • correction of mistakes in the most difficult words;
  • quick input of words;
  • the end of sentences, which allows you to spend less time on entering a large text;
  • ease of customization.
  • in many smartphones this option is disabled by default, so you need to enable it;
  • in the proposed options, the right words do not always come across;
  • filling the dictionary can take some time;
  • T9 can still make mistakes.

For correct use, you need to configure T9 on Samsung. To do this, you need to enable the option and use it as often as possible. With the filling of the dictionary, the number of words offered by the system also increases. In addition, the process of entering small messages and large texts is accelerated.

T9 programs

Knowing where the T9 is in Samsung, you can easily enable the option and use its capabilities for fast typing. Other applications are available today, often with broader functionality. Let’s highlight the three best options for Android devices (including Samsung phones):

  • TouchPal is a program that stands out for its large selection of interesting themes and colorful pictures. The software is based on the intelligent principle of word recognition and application termination. T9 settings include prediction, automatic saving, prediction (emoji, contextual), personalization and other options. All these functions can be enabled and disabled separately from each other.
  • SwiftKey is a T9 app from Microsoft. Gives hints when entering text. To connect, you need to specify the username and password that are used in Outlook. Features. Automatic capitalization, prediction, automatic correction, gesture input, and more. Each function can be turned on and off separately.


  • Go Keyboard Lite is another T9 program that is suitable for different smartphones, including Samsung. than 60 languages ​​are supported here, many themes and emoticons are provided. To speed up typing, there is an automatic correction and prediction.

To use the applications, you need to download them to Samsung and turn on T9 when typing.