No connection to TV via Skype. Skype on Samsung TVs with Smart TV feature

At the past week Samsung deleted the Skype application from the official store on Smart TV TVs. Which provoked a storm of indignations from users. Comment Microsoft:

What changes will occur with Skype for TV?

“In June 2016. Skype stops support for television applications. For him no longer be updated. Find out when the application will be removed from the device, you can have a TV manufacturer. These changes also deal with accounting and password discharge. These actions can be executed only on”

Can I use Skype for a TV after June 2016.?

“It may depend on the TV model. TV manufacturers can delete the Skype application for the TV on some or all of its models. To find out if the Skype application for the TV is available for your model, refer to its manufacturer.”

Unfortunately, Samsung not only removed the application from the store, but also removed the previously installed Skype from all TVs. From Samsung himself, there is no detailed Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this.

Below I will describe how to install Skype to your Samsung Samart TV.

Why do you need a camera for TV?

TV firmly settled in every apartment, quietly standing in the corner, he became the usual interior item. However, the mass appearance in the personal PC homes led to the fact that the “old man” functionality became insufficient. and more people preferred to watch TV programs on a PC or laptop. Manufacturers of household appliances realized that they lose niche. It turned out that if you modify the existing TVs, they will be more interesting to buyers again.

So began sales of “smart” TVs. The overall idea is simple. expanding the basic features of the device. This supplement allows you to:

  • connect to global web,
  • access online video,
  • download programs and games listening to music,
  • Chat on Skype.

Here we are just interested in the last item. Video communication gives new opportunities! This is not just a voice, but also what will be able to see on the screen. Satisfaction from communication will be directly dependent on the quality of the camera, which you and your interlocutor connected.

SMART TV camera is needed to communicate in Skype.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers consider the web chamber as another method of enrichment. And to their product it is possible to connect only one chamber. branded. As already understandable, its price is at times exceeds the usual average market price for similar models. Thus, at the stage of selecting a Smart console or already Smart TV, you can protect yourself from surprises in the future. Carefully read the instructions to the goods to buy. Make sure you can use any camera with USB connector.

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And what if you already have such a “incompatible” version of Smart TV? In order not to spend extra money, you can use the “people’s” way.

  • Connect your TV as a monitor to a home computer or laptop.
  • As you already guessed, connect to the PC (laptop) any webcam for Smart TV (if you have already bought it) or just anybody in principle a webcam and use a wide and rich screen of your TV as a monitor.

So the need to buy an expensive camera option disappears.

install, skype, smart

Install Skype can only be installed for Series E, F and H !!

No, for TV TV series. K, m and q can not! At all in any way.

The first thing to do is download the files suitable for your model.

Installer to install Skype EMPSKYPE library for 5-6 series Added library Empcamera:

If you already have Skype. But when it starts, a blue screen saver appears and an authorization circle is infinitely spinning, it is enough to simply install a remote library suitable for your series.

Unpack the archive and copy the Install folder to the flax root.

Connect the flash drive to the TV turned off. Turn on and wait 30-40 seconds. On a page with applications, an installer icon with the SAMYGO inscription and the name “Install”.

Insert a USB flash drive to the TV and turn it on. Next, go to the section. Applications. There will be an Install icon.

Run the Install application. After 15-20 seconds will write on the screen three times with green “ok!”And that the installation has passed successfully and you need to turn off TV.

After installation, the USB flash drive must be removed from the TV.

After turning on TV, Skype should appear in the list of applications.

Installing Skype for Samsung H Series (5th version)

Learn the firmware of your TV in the menu. Help. Appeal in Samsung. Download the installer based on your firmware.

Installation: (If there is no skype on TV, then the first 2 points are skipped)

  • Remove the old Skype version.
  • Turn off TV (from outlet. ) and wait until the light bulb will go out on the front panel. Enable TV.
  • Insert a USB flash drive with the InstallSkype folder.
  • Log in SmartHub and run widget “Install Skype“. (If the widget does not appear. turn off TV, insert a USB flash drive, turn on TV)
  • Press the “ENTER” and wait on the console (3 last lines should be with “OK” at the end).
  • Press “EXIT”, go to the TV menu and check the system option. General. Instant inclusion. If it is. turn off.
  • Turn off TV (from outlet. ) and wait until the light bulb will go out on the front panel. Extract flash drive.
  • Enable TV, run Skype.

Skype features

The program for video communication is very popular and in demand, because it allows you to organize a free possibility to communicate with people from any point of the planet on a wide screen. It has convenient settings and high functionality.

Most recently, Skype was installed only on mobile devices and computing techniques. Today it became possible to install a software product and on . Now communicating with friends and relatives can be made better and interesting, because it will happen through a large screen of the TV.

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Installation depending on the TV model

Well, and when I have a smart and working TV at home, there is no reason to not enter this part of the menu and choose one of the test applications for personal experience. Satisfaction does not always come, not always joy. Of course, we should never forget about the main thing. The basis of good television must be primarily an excellent picture and a decent sound. And let’s recognize that we don’t always get it in sufficient quality. This is the topic for another article, another discussion. You yourself feel that new operating systems can bring some promotion form and a large number of small programs that will benefit a greater percentage of buyers.

Features and Skype features for LG TVs

If you have previously worked with Skype, the launch will be held without registration: you just need to enter a login and password. Those who only met the application will need to create an account, but it is more convenient to do it through PC.

You can download the program only if the model of your device supports such a function. As mentioned above, Skype for LG TV will work throughout the technique since 2012.

The popular Skype program can now be found on almost all devices that can be connected to the Internet. These are computers, and smartphones, and players, and tablets. Recently, the ranks of the technique, which can also use Skype also TVs.

Install Skype on Samsung

Since the messenger is no longer supported via Smart Hub, the user can download the installation file, load it on the USB flash drive and run to activate Skype. Or use the online version of the program, which is preferable for most Samsung models.

The installation file will be saved on the computer to the “Download” folder, from where it needs to be copied to the USB flash drive. For the subsequent launch of the messenger on Samsung, do the following:

  • Turn off the TV;
  • Insert a USB flash drive into a USB port;
  • Turn on the TV and open the view folders in the Smart Hub menu;
  • Find a portable device and start the installation file.

All applications will be saved on the USB flash drive. With each Skype connection to SMART TV, you will need to attach a portable device.

SAMSUNG can still remain working messenger on the old models. Due to the lack of system updates, the embedded application will once stop working completely. Therefore, even if there is a working icon, it is recommended to install a new version of the messenger.

And what about Skype? How much traffic he spends

Compared to Viber a lot, more almost three times. For example, the approximate alignment on Skype will be like this:

1 minute of conversation = 384-410 kb = 23-25 ​​MB per hour.

1 minute video call = I understand everything like Viber.

Plus, this application is constantly synchronized in the background mode of contacts of the address book and messages, which takes at least 1.5-2 MB at least 1.5-2 MB per hour. But Viber is almost deprived of such a shortage, in the background he almost nothing “eats”.

In addition, he feels well in the slow networks of type 2G and even GPRS, effectively compresses (with visible loss of quality) sent in posts Photos.

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Considering all the foregoing, it is more profitable to use Viber on the “enemy” territory. So it will be more economical because I sincerely believe that Skype was originally sharpened for a desktop platform, and not a mobile. Hence the difference.

Although I still have more familiar to me and more convenient to use Skype. After all, until now, with relatives from the near abroad, communication takes place only in this way.

Benefits Skype on TV

Messenger is the official product of Microsoft. It is supported by all versions of the Windows operating system, Android smartphones, iPhone and Windows Phone. Due to the small size of the application and the simple inteeis it is convenient to use it on any device.

  • Voice and video calls;
  • Sharing of different format files;
  • The ability to create a group chat or conference;
  • Unlimited number of reports in correspondence.

Through the “smart” models of televisions, you can also communicate with the interlocutor on Skype. Their main advantage is a widescreen screen that allows you to clearly see several interlocutors at once during a video conference, or communicate “on the big screen” with one person.

Previously, Skype on LG Smart TV was included in the list of major software components. Since 2016, the developer stopped supporting the messenger, because of which the Skype icon is no longer available in the TV menu.

To communicate in Messenger by Smart TV, the user will need a portable camera with a built-in microphone. If the user does not want to use video call, it can only be limited to a portable microphone to be connected to a TV via USB port before the start of the conversation. Adjusting Skype options is carried out using a regular console.

Skype on Smart TV. Third way

The two previous options for installing and using Skype are suitable for most TVs with SMART TV feature. But there are models on which third-party applications cannot be used.

In this case, you can use the online version of the messenger. To go to the site, you need to open the installed browser and enter the Web domain in the address A login window will appear on the screen, where you need to enter a login and password.

After entering the data in the browser window, the Skype custom page will appear. To make a call, it is enough to choose the interlocutor and call it.

Microsoft officially stopped Skype support for televisions with the SMART TV option. To communicate with users on the big screen, you need to install Skype manually via Smart Hub, use the portable version of the messenger without installing or the online version. The last option is most preferable for users whose “smart” model of the TV does not support third-party applications.