Huawei P40 Lite: How to install Google Services using Google Play

Huawei P40 Lite Perhaps the most balanced member of the whole family P40. It has an official price that does not reach 300 euros, and offers interesting features, such as its rear-view camera. However, not arriving from Google service can force many users who have already acquired it or who intend to do it, withdraw. Today we will see how it is not difficult to solve this problem in a matter of minutes.

The binding of the United States to Huawei continues, and, if possible, exacerbated by the current situation. Purchase P40 Lite. Pleasant option because it was released even at the best price than the one that we saw last year for P30 Lite. However, when you turn on a mobile phone, all users will be without a trace of Google and its most important services, such as Google games or Google Maps.

How to easily and quickly install Google-Services on any smartphone from Huawei or Honor

Recently, the popularity of new products from Huawei and Honor brands has declined somewhat due to the lack of Google-services. Despite the fact that Huawei develops his own Huawei Mobile Services system, many users prefer to use the usual applications from Google Play. Market installation paths set, but the simplest. using the Chat Partner application. It is literally done in several taps on the screen. This method does not require unlocking the bootloader, or the root, and also does not affect the update or the safety of the smartphone, so it will be absolutely all.

So, for a start, you need to download the APK file of the Chat Partner application. it will help in installing the usual services. When you try to install the system can warn about unsuccessful installation of applications from unverified sources, but in understanding Android almost any source is not sufficiently reliable.

Next, you need to start the installed application. Login to the system does not interest us. below is the “Detect Device” button, and click it.

Chat Partner application requires Google-services. Having found their absence, the program will offer installation. press “REPAIR NOW”, when requesting I give the Chat Partner administration to the administrator rights (this is necessary) and wait for the installation.

The next step is to log in to google account after installing services, like when you first start any Android smartphone, make sure that the Play Market icons and restart the smartphone.

Congratulations! Now you have a familiar market, from which you can install almost all the usual applications. And pay attention: the entire installation process takes only 5 minutes. But note: NFC payment via GPay will not work, as new Huawei and Honor smartphones have not passed the necessary certification. However, you can use contactless payment through other bank applications (for example Yandex.Money).

By the way, already on March 26, the global launch of the Huawei Pay system will be announced, which, in fact, is an analogue of Google Pay, Apple Pay and other similar payment systems. This will allow you to pay for goods with the usual way.
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Installing Google Services Manual

There are two methods how to install Google-services on the Huawei device manually. Installation of the original APK file from Android, or through GoogleFier service. The first way is also suitable for other Chinese smartphones, Xiaomi mobile devices, Meizu, Honor.

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Installing the original APK File Play Market from

This is not the most common installation option for the Huawei tablet, since only for old devices is suitable. To install, you just need to download APK file Installer Google Services from Android, after which Play Market will appear in the list of applications. If the device is more fresher, then the start will be possible only via Recovery-Menu, this method will be reviewed in the next section.

Installing Play Market Through GoogleFier

This method is only suitable for devices running EMUI 10 and below. The installation on the Huawei tablet is performed using Googlefier application, you need to download the original APK file of this application. It is available on many sites / forums dedicated to Android-subjects.

After downloading the file, you need to start the installation, it will take about 5 minutes, then you need to give the program all the permissions that it will ask. Next, you can open GoogleFier and install all the necessary Google Services.

It is important to note if attempts have been made to start Play Market or services in other ways, before installing GoogleFier, it may be necessary to reset the HUAWEI device to factory settings.

How to set up payment methods

If you plan to buy through Play Market Applications, pay for subscriptions and other digital content, then for more comfortable work it is recommended to configure payment methods. Instruction:

On the Main Page Play Market Call the swipe menu and in the list that opens, select “Payment Methods”.

Here you can bind to the account card, PayPal account, choose a preferred payment method. To do this, just enter data and confirm the SMS binding if necessary.

After that you can pay for purchases within the application from the account that indicated in the payment methods settings. If necessary, you can untie the bank card at any time, PayPal account and select any other account convenient to you.

How to install Google Play on Blocked Huawei Smartphone

A few days ago, Google began to massively block all modern Huawei smartphones, which were released from mid-2019 and as of now. Because of this, all such things have been impossible to use both the Google Play software store and various branded services from the “search giant” itself, including Chrome, YouTube, Gmail and many other popular programs with extremely popular all over peace. The whole thing in American sanctions, according to which the Chinese brand does not have the right to more use technologies from companies from the United States, so with its actually illegal actions, they decided to start fighting, but the owners of its products were made under the blow.

Users who have encountered such a problem report an error called “The device is not certified by Play Protection”, and therefore the use of GMS services (Google Mobile Services) in any full way is simply not possible in any way. However, as expected, resourceful users have found a way to establish this kind of services, including playmarket from the search giant, on the Blocked Huawei and Honor smartphones, so that all their owners can continue to use any software in full. However, as noted, in the future, American Google Corporation may well close and such a way, making it inaccessible, but now, now, it is fully working.

To install Google Play on Huawei smartphones that have been terminated, you must first download and install a special application that shows such a parameter like Google Service Framework (GSF). This is a kind of unique identifier of a particular mobile device, which is generated based on the technical equipment of the phone, its model number and other data. Then, after that, you need to go to the official Google site in a special section and enter there to your account, following the introduction of the GSF Identifier I copied after the application. Immediately after that, it will be necessary to agree to the agreement and confirm the registration. Following this, you need to wait about 5. 10 minutes, and to restart the phone.

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If everything was done correctly, blocking from a smartphone of the Chinese corporation will be removed, so you can install Google Play on the Blocked Phone Huawei, as well as all company applications, including Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and others. If suddenly, for some reason, the message “The device is not certified by Play Protection is still displayed, you just need to find in the phone settings and clear the data from Google Play services, after which you reboot the phone. This blocking method is completely legitimate and official, so the probability of its disconnection in the future is extremely small. It works as an absolutely every person who has collided with such a problem.

Previously, it was possible to find out that the American Google Corporation added a function in Android 11 that everyone dreamed of.

How to install Google Services

Before installing the APK file with Google services, you need to install the Chat Partner Special application. Since without it you will display the following notification on the phone Huawei or Honor.

How to install Google Services on Huawei

In order to install Google services using Chat Partner, you must perform simple steps. This method does not require root rights, does not affect the safety of the smartphone and does not affect the updates.

Installing Google Services:

After authorization, you can install all the usual Google Apps: You-Tube, Chrome, Calendar, Gmail and so on.

Need to be considered: that when installing Google services, the NFC payment will not work with the help of Google Pay! This is due to the fact that the Huawei and Honor devices do not have official certification. But if there are NFC, you can also use the contactless payment system Huawei Pay, which is an analogue of Google Pay.

How to install Google Services on Huawei smartphones

As you know, the new Huawei smartphones are supplied without Google services, because due to American sanctions, the brand from China is now forbidden to use in their branded mobile devices. So far, only Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro flagships are supplied without the “search giant” services, but in the near future all company phones will not be able to boast such. That is why many are asked whether the services of the American corporation can be installed, and if so, how exactly can it be done. Developers from the 4PDA forum managed to achieve this, finding a way to make the most easy way to add to the phones of the Chinese corporation.

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The fact is that Google services are not only a G Play store, but also many other programs, including G Maps, Gmail, G Drive, Chrome, YouTube, Gboard and Other. It is hardly possible to fully use at least some smartphone on the international market without all of this software, so the instruction on how to install Google services to Huawei smartphones is very important. On the joy of users, to do it is very simple, and you do not even need to get root-rights. The installation process of this software, in fact, does not differ from that when installing any program or game from the Internet.

To begin with, you should open a standard browser in the Huawei smartphone, after which go to the official website of the Chinese company LZ Play. As soon as it is done, you need to click on the special button on the main page, and then, after that, wait for the App-Release file download.Apk and make it install. If necessary, you should give the program all the permission requested. As soon as it is established, and usually takes no more than 10 seconds, you need to start the set Google Play store and log in to your account by entering the username and password from the American Corporation account. If two-factor identification is enabled, you will also need to enter the code that comes to a trusted phone.

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After executing this procedure, Google Play will offer additional software on the Huawei smartphone, i.eutube, chrome and other applications. Agree with this or not. the personal case of each. All updates to Google services will be installed automatically, that is, it is not necessary to do this procedure after each update. Currently this is the only real way easy and simply add the services of the search giant to the phones Huawei and Honor. As it can be easily noticed, the procedure is extremely simple, so I can even fully cope with it. You will have to repeat this procedure only when the firmware is fully reinstalled, and when it is updated, nothing will “fly”.

Why in new phones huawei no play store?

After inclusion in the list of legal entities of the US Department of Commerce, Google was forced to terminate cooperation with the Chinese brand in the development of their phones. This means that, as it has so far, Chinese smartphones can work with the non-license version of Android, that is, they cannot use Google Services (GMS). These services allow payment by phone, to determine its location and T. D.

After that, Huawei strike began to develop its own applications for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) phones, which, imitating GMS. allowed him to create its own appgallery application store.

However, some Huawei phone owners want to access Google applications on their newly acquired mobile devices, but the official way to do it is not. All you can try. It uses these third-party alternatives, which from time to time appear and disappear.

How to replace Google on honor

Before installing Google Service on Honor 30 or 9c, consider whether it is really necessary for you? Huawei phones have already acquired their store, excellent applications and solutions that replace familiar programs. You may be completely suitable for you, and you will not have to additionally bother with the instructions to install Google services on Honor 9A or 9S.

  • Analog Play Market. Appgallery. From here you can install all the necessary applications: Yandex Browser will replace chrome, can become an alternative to Gmail. Without problems are installed telegrams, Tiktok, online cinemas.
  • Additional Application Store. APKPURE. It helps to install and update APK files. Instead of looking for them and download, you can simply put apkpure just from the browser, and then put the version on the smartphone. which will work correctly. In the same way, you can set a lot of useful programs that are supposedly not available on Honor.
  • Analogue of Google Pay. Wallet App. Most Honor have a NFC chip for contactless payment at the box office. Thanks to the “wallet” you will not notice the difference.
  • Separate software, for example Youtube, you can use directly from the browser.

But if you do not want to put up with an insufficient phone functionality, the instruction above will help you put Google services on Honor. You can enjoy the usual work on the phones without thinking about the constraints. I hope this information will be useful to you, and you will figure it out in all nuances. And if they cannot be installed, you can always use the alternatives indicated above.