How to install Apps on your LG Smart TV (2020)

IPTV setting guide to Smart TV without prefix

To view the IPTV on the SMART LG TV, you must perform the following points:

  • Connect TV to a router, preferably, using a cable.
  • Install the SS IPTV program. For this:
  • Click the “Smart” button on the TV remote control and go to the menu.
  • Select the Smart World window or LG Store.
  • Select the “Search” button at the top.
  • Enter in the search bar “SS IPTV”.
  • Select the SS IPTV program in the list that appears in the list.
  • Select the “Install” button and wait until the application is installed.
  • Configure the program for working in our network. For this:
  • We open the SS IPTV program.
  • We go to the settings in the “Content” section.
  • Select “External playlists” (there are several of them, you need to select the necessary) and click the “Add” button at the bottom.
  • Enter the address of the playlist http: // and click “Save”.
  • We go out to the main window of the program and choose our playlist.
  • Since TV OS TVs do not support Multicast, it is necessary to enable the function “Convert UDP addresses to http”. For this:
  • Open the SS IPTV program settings
  • In the general section, put a box “Convert UDP to http”.
  • Enter the IP address of your router in the “address” field (if it supports the UDP Proxy function)
  • Leave the Port Field.
  • Now it is necessary to enable the UDP transformation function in HTTP (UPD Proxy) on the router.

How to launch OTT Player on LG TV

The OTTPlayer service uses the following playlist file formats: M3U / M3U8, XML, XSPF. The user must find such a playlist: either in the form of a file, or in the form of a link to a playlist. The link should work without authorization on the provider website.

About playlists and providers can be viewed in the post “Providers with inexpensive IPTV content”.

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  • Playlists of IP-television and video (publications of free playlists). The topic is closed.
  • IPTV is a common topic (discussion of all kinds of playlists). The topic is closed.
  • Playlists from Eden TV (Ilooktv playlists are also examined). The topic is closed.
  • IPTV software club (a lot of information on playlists and providers). The topic is closed.

Having a playlist from the provider. we load in one of two ways: either on the OTTPlayer website, or on a device, locally. In the first version, users receive all the advantages of the service: program program (EPG), access to the channel logo library, the ability to tie the playlist to different devices right on the site. The second option can be useful in rare, exceptional cases. For example, when using portals with films, or on devices where there are some problems.Through the browser (the easiest way from the computer) we go to the OTTPLAYER website, authorize, press on our nickname, and then the “playlists”. We give the name to the playlist, determine with the “source of the playlist”, and click either the “file” or “link”. If the “file”. download the playlist in the form of the file, if “link”. enter a link to the playlist (should work without authorization on the provider’s website). In the column “Devices”. click “Choose”, and in the window that opens, we determine which devices will be available this playlist. You can skip this column and add the devices later. Now click the “Send” button to complete the download of the playlist.

You can look in more detail about the loading of the playlist at, on the page help (support for OTTPlayer) #x2794; Where to begin? #x2794; Control of playlists #x2794; Download the playlist.

How to register the device on the OTTPlayer service and tie the playlist to it?

On the device, install the OTTPlayer application. Launch. We authorize by entering the email address and password. In the window of “registration of the device”. enter the name of the device. Go to OTTPLAYER website. Check the registration of the device. There, on the site, we go to the Playlists page. Choose a playlist. Click the “device” icon, and then the button for the designating device, thereby tied the playlist to the device. Now you can watch the playlist on the device!

You can look in more detail about the registration of the device at, on the page help (support for OTTPlayer) #x2794; Where to begin? #x2794; Management of devices #x2794; general information.

What are the features of OTTPlayer applications on different platforms?

How to configure OTTPlayer on Smart TV (Samsung and LG TVs)?

IPTV connection and configure in TVs of various models

The presence of a Smart function on TV allows you to watch IPTV television programs via the Internet.

Smart LG

To connect IPTV in SMART LV TVs, one of 2 ways is configured.

The first way. The algorithm of actions:

The second method. Perform the following actions:


IPTV is used to connect the FORK SMART widget. The algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the menu through the remote control, turn on “View parameters”.
  • Fix the indicators.
  • Return to the menu, find the “network parameters”.
  • Set the IP address.
  • Launch the setting by indicating the recorded data.
  • Reload the TV.
  • On the remote, select “Smart”.
  • Connect Vidget Megogo, which connects Forksmart.
  • FORKPLAYER will connect and IPTV will be installed.

How to connect and configure IPTV on a TV, prefix, phone, android tablet in 2020:

Router setting to view IPTV

In most cases, additional router does not need to be adjusted and the technology is supported automatically. But some users are faced with the problem of the need to adjust some parameters. In case of viewing IPTV programs through such a router, it may require its competent setup. Therefore. the ideal option is to purchase a router with support for IPTV. In other cases, to include this function through a router, you need a mood process.

The main difficulty is that the universal instructions for setting up Rostelecom on a router or other provider does not exist. It all depends on the device model. We describe the two main methods of setting the router.

The first way

Available on some models. activation IGMP Proxy:

  • We go to the device control panel. How to do this is written in the instructions for the device.
  • In the wired connection settings, we are looking for the IgMP function.
  • Activate by installing a checkmark.
  • We retain new positions and reboot the device.

The second method

Available on all devices. the router is converted to a regime version of Access Point:

  • Disable DHCP on a router.
  • You can just put the device with an access point of Access Point.
  • The main cable is rearranged in the port
  • We connect the service through the provider, making a call to technical support.

Most advanced users do not advise using channel viewing through a router. This connection is unreliable and often leads to a distortion of the sound of an image or a signal disappearance.

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Free viewing

IPTV television is available in free and paid format. In the first case, a playlist who is in the public domain is downloaded from the Internet. A paid option. buying a license playlist from an official provider with a monthly payment for the possibility of viewing.

Below are described rules for downloading and installing applications for free use. However, it is worth remembering. unlicensed in terms of often the reproduction of content in poor quality.

The rules for installing and setting the player

Access to IPTV without connecting the prefix is ​​not possible without a special player (computer program). This is done as follows:

  • The application store at any Smart-TV presents a large selection of media players.
  • The example uses media player “PEERS.TV “. Find it in the list, select, download.
  • Channels become available immediately after installation, but in a very small amount. To expand the list, go to the settings, click on the “Add playlist” item.
  • Insert a link to the playlist found on the Internet in a special line. Also, the addresses of sites that have free content are lower in the article in the section “List of free playlists”.

Advantages and disadvantages

Minus at free viewing IPTV. providers periodically block the channels in open access playlists (they temporarily disappear). Developers of free playback lists eliminate the problem, but not always promptly. Sometimes several days pass.

  • Savings. there is no payment to operators;
  • A rich choice. a huge amount of content selected to your own taste is available;
  • The installation of additional equipment is not required;
  • Finding age or thematic free playlist will not be difficult. there are children, adults, including 18, with films, cartoons, developing, cognitive, musical, etc.D.
  • 4K HDR movies. than 50 films of different years of release in excellent quality: “ALLADIN”, “GRINCH”, “Jumanji: Call of the Jungle”, “Venom”, “Angels Charlie”, “Spider-Man: Far from home”, etc. Link address. https: //
  • 3D films. than 60 films and cartoons: “Angry Birds in the Cinema”, “People in Black 3”, “Teleport”, “Fantastic creatures and where they live”, “People X: Days of the Past Future”, and others. Drug link address. https: //
  • Playlist with films. than 70 movies with a personnel frequency of 60 FPS: “Big Game”, “Alien 3”, “Miracle Woman”, “Lord of the Rings: Brotherhood of the Ring”, “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”, “King Arthur” and others. Link address. https: //
  • Children’s playlist. than 30 TV channels: “Disney”, “carousel”, “Kids CO”, “O!”,” Lolo “,” Nickelodeon “, etc.D., and more than 200 cartoons: “Baba Yaga against!”,“ Cars 3 ”,“ Chipollino ”,“ Winnie the Pooh ”,“ Masty Me ”,“ Moana ”,“ The Secret of the Third Planet ”. Site address for download. https: //
  • 500 free channels. Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, international television channels. “Mir”, “Channel One”, “Discovery”, “Hunting and Fishing”, “ONT”, “First USSR”, “BOOMENG”, “Belarus 1”, “REN TV” and others. The playlist is located at. https: //

Before installing the playlist in the player, you should familiarize yourself with the contents. The installation file contains the names of all channels / video.

Wireless type of connection

If you view IPTV. broadcasting through a router, its competent setting is necessary. Most often it is not required to set up a router. The technology is supported in automatic mode. On the other hand, the problem is often forced to set up a router. The problem is that the universal instructions for setting up IPTV on the router do not exist. It all depends on the model of the device.

install, iptv, player

We analyze the two main ways to set up the router.

The first method

Activation IGMP Proxy. Available on some models.

Скрытая функция LG SMART TV (webos) / Samsung �� Как установить ForkPlayer | Iptv 2021-2022

  • We act through the device control panel. How to do this is written in the instructions for the device.
  • In the wired connection settings, we are looking for the IgMP function.
  • Activate by installing a checkmark.
  • We retain new positions and reboot the device.

The second method

The router is translated into a regime situation by Access Point. Available on all devices.

  • Disable DHCP on a router.
  • We put the router in mode with Access Point access point.
  • The main wire is rearranged in the LAN port.
  • We connect the service through the provider, making a call to technical support.

Forums and social networks are full of recommendations with wishes not to use this method of viewing interactive television, since the connection is not reliable. This leads to a distortion of image or sound. In addition, the interrupted contact will prevent the film, interrupting the show in the most interesting place.

SS IPTV player installation and configure on LG TV

Previously, the SS IPTV application on LG TVs could be installed in two ways: directly via TB and using a flash drive. But today it can only be taken from the LG app store.

Installation of the application through the store from LG

In order to install the program on TB, you need to go to the LG Content Store store. It is present on modern top models of LG TVs with the Web OS operating system. On TVs with NETCAST OS (most often, this is TB produced before 2014.) the store is called LG Smart World.

The integration in two these stores is almost the same, so we will consider only one of them. The installation procedure is shown on the example of the LG Content Store store.

After the installation, you can proceed to the loading of the playlist.

Loading an internal playlist (by code)

To download your playback list, you need to take such steps:

  • Go to the settings (in the upper right corner of the gear icon).
  • Go to the “General” section (left in the column). Next, so that you open access to the connection, click on the “Get Code” button.
  • Remember or write down a one-time code, and follow the link-http: //
  • Enter the resulting code in a special window and click on the “Add device” button.
  • Next, select the desired file on your computer and click “Save” so that it is downloaded.
  • After that, an icon with the name “My playlist” will appear in the appendix.
  • Next, you can download any playlists.

Only one internal playlist can be loaded, and it must correspond to the officially adopted M3U format. The loading of a new internal playlist automatically leads to the grouting of the old.

Polelists from OTTCLub

OTTCLub provides many channels in good quality to connect it, you need to go to the site. register, confirm mail. Immediately after the activation of the mail, you will have a free trial period. To get a link to the playlist, log in to your personal account. On the main page, click “How to watch” and follow further steps: if suddenly, you have not installed SS IPTV, OTTCLUB will also provide you with instructions:

On some TVs LG brands may arise problems with IPTV reproduction. These are models on the Webos platform, they do not support multicast. This is a form of broadcasting, in which IPTV works. additional measures are needed to work in this case. The solution will be a proxy server that will allow you to convert UDP protocols to http. T.e. After starting the server in its settings, it is necessary to note a checkmark opposite the “converting UDP to HTTP”. Additional information will also be required. IP address and port.

Using IPTV for LG SMART TV is making the TV more comfortable. Now you can choose the playlist you like and do not waste time leafing on uninteresting programs. Downloading and installing the application does not cause difficulties, you can understand the intricacies of playlists the first time. If there are problems with reproduction, you need to check the settings of the router.