How to donate apps through iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer.

Find the app you want to gift.

Click on the down arrow next to the “Buy” button under the application icon.

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Select “Free Application”.

Enter the recipient’s email address. Gifts can be sent to several users at once, but you have to pay for each of them.

Add a personal message that appears in the email.

Select a pickup date. If this is your New Year’s gift, choose December 31st so they can find a nice present in their inbox the next morning.

Click “Continue”.

Choose a topic. The email that the addressee receives will be formatted based on the chosen subject. For example, the blue holiday theme contains snowflakes.

Click “Continue”.

Confirm your choice and click Buy Gift. Now enter your Apple ID and password.

How to donate apps through iTunes or the App Store

Everyone knows that you can download applications from the App Store to your device, but few people know that they can be gifted to other users. Perhaps someone in your family just bought a brand new iPhone or iPad and does not know what applications to install on it. Or you just want to please someone with gifts for the holidays.

Well, then, as an experienced iOS user, you can give them the best games, photo editors, social networks, etc. Below we will explain how this is done.

How to donate apps through the App Store

Open the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad.

Find the app you want to gift.

How to Install apps using iTunes. Iphone / Ipad / Ipod

Click on the icon in the form of “” in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to install Apps on iPad/iPhones using Windows/Mac computers

In the menu that appears, select “Donate Software”.

Enter the recipient’s email address. Gifts can be sent to several users at once, but you have to pay for each of them.

Add a personal message that appears in the email.

Select pickup date. If this is your New Year’s gift, choose December 31st so they can find a nice present in their inbox the next morning.

Click “Continue”.

Choose a topic. The email that the addressee receives will be formatted based on the chosen subject. For example, the blue holiday theme contains snowflakes.

Click “Continue”.

Confirm your action and click Buy and then Buy Now. Enter your Apple ID and password.

Now you know how to please your friends and loved ones with gifts in the form of applications. If you suddenly receive an iTunes gift card, you can read the instructions on how to use it.

How to install games and applications for iPhone and iPad via iTunes on computer

In this article, we will show you how to download an application from the App Store using iTunes, and then install it on an iPhone or iPad from a Mac or PC. This method of installing content can be useful if there is no wireless connection directly on the iOS device or if you need to quickly install a large number of applications.

First, you need to download the required game or program on Mac / PC using iTunes.

How to download an app using iTunes?

Open iTunes. You can download the latest current version of the Apple multimedia combine from the official iTunes page.

In the top bar, go to the “App Store” section.

Select the iPhone or iPad tab.

Find the application you are interested in.

Click the “Download” button if the application is free, or “Buy” if it is paid.

Enter your Apple ID and password and click the Get button.

In the upper right corner, by clicking the arrow button, you can see the status of the active download (progress and the remaining time until the download is finished).

After successful download, the application will be displayed in the “My Apps for iPhone / iPad” tab.

Purchases (free downloads) made on other devices such as iPhone or iPad will be available in the Updates section.

How to install the app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad using iTunes on Mac or PC?

Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your Mac / PC using a cable or Wi-Fi (if you have wireless sync set up).

Go to the tab with the connected device.

In the left side menu go to the “Programs” menu.

In the list of workspace programs, find the application downloaded from the App Store.

Click the Install button. A new button will appear in place of this button. “To be installed”.

To start synchronizing the process in the lower right corner, click the “Apply” button.

Sync progress will be displayed at the top of iTunes.

What to do if apps won’t download from iTunes on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad?

Most likely your computer is not authorized. To fix this, follow the steps below:

Open the menu “Store” → “Authorize this computer”.

If authorization of the computer did not help, follow these steps in sequence:

Reboot your computer.
2. Reinstall iTunes.
3. Try to install the application on iPhone or iPad from another Mac / PC.

How to install an application on an iPhone via iTunes

ITunes is a popular computer program that allows you to organize work on your computer with all the available arsenal of Apple devices. One of the features of the program is downloading applications and then installing it on the device. This process will be considered by us in more detail.

Important: In the current versions of iTunes, there is no section for installing applications on iPhone and iPad. The last release in which this feature was available was 12.6.3. You can download this version of the program at the link below.

How to download the app via iTunes

First of all, let’s look at how the applications of interest are loaded into iTunes. To do this, start the iTunes program, open the “Applications” section in the upper left area of ​​the window, and then go to the “App Store” tab.

Apps downloaded from iTunes will appear in the My Programs tab. Now you can go directly to the process of copying the application to the device.

How to Transfer App from iTunes to iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Connect your gadget to iTunes using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. When the device is detected in the program, in the upper left area of ​​the window, click on the miniature icon of the device to go to the device control menu.

In the left pane of the window, go to the “Programs” tab. The selected section will be displayed on the screen, which can be visually divided into two parts: the list of all applications will be visible on the left, and the desktops of your device will be displayed on the right.

In the list of all applications, find the program that you need to copy to your gadget. Opposite it is the “Install” button, which must be selected.

After a moment, the application will be displayed on one of the desktops of your device. If necessary, you can immediately move it to the desired folder or any desktop.

It remains to start syncing in iTunes. To do this, click on the “Apply” button in the lower right corner, and then, if necessary, in the same area, click on the “Synchronize” button that appears.

Once the sync is complete, the app will be on your Apple gadget.

If you still have questions related to how to install applications through iTunes on iPhone, ask your questions in the comments.

How to install app updates on iPhone: using iTunes and the device itself

Every application downloaded from the App Store, unless, of course, is abandoned by the developers, receives updates that allow it to adapt its work for new versions of iOS, fix existing problems, and also get new interesting features. Today we will look at all the ways that will allow you to update applications on iPhone.

How to update apps via iTunes?

ITunes is an effective way to manage your Apple device, as well as work with information that is copied from iPhone or iPhone. In particular, through this program you can update applications.

In the upper left pane of the window, select the “Applications” section, and then go to the “My Applications” tab, which will display all applications transferred to iTunes from Apple devices.

Application icons are displayed on the screen. Applications that need to be updated will be marked with an Update. If you want to update all the programs in iTunes at once, left-click any application and then press CtrlA to highlight all applications in your iTunes library. Click on the selection with the right mouse button and in the displayed context menu select the item “Update programs”.

If you need to update selected programs, you can either immediately click on each program that you want to update and select the “Update program” item, or hold down the Ctrl key and start selecting the selected programs, after which you will need to click on the selection in the same way right-click and select the appropriate item.

Once the software update is complete, it can be synced to your iPhone. To do this, connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync, and then select the miniature device icon that appears in iTunes.

In the left area of ​​the window, go to the “Programs” tab, and in the lower area of ​​the window, click on the “Synchronize” button.

Manual application update

If you’d like to manually install game and app updates, open the App Store app and go to the Updates tab in the lower right pane of the window.

The “Available updates” section will display the programs for which there are updates. You can update all applications at once by clicking on the “Update All” button in the upper right corner, or install selective updates by clicking on the “Update” button next to the desired program.

Automatic installation of updates

Open the Settings app. Go to the “iTunes Store and App Store”.

In the “Automatic downloads” block near the “Updates” item, move the toggle switch to the active position. From now on, all updates for applications will be installed completely automatically without your participation.

Don’t forget to update the apps installed on your iOS device. Only in this way can you get not only a redesigned design and new features, but also ensure reliable security, because first of all updates are the closing of various holes that are actively sought out by hackers to gain access to confidential user information.


Most users will use this method, which allows you to install the application from Cydia via iTunes.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer. Compare with the version on the Apple website, update if necessary.
  • Download free applications from Cydia in the form of IPA files.
  • Double click on the downloaded file to open it in iTunes. The application will appear in the “Programs” section.
  • Connect iPhone / iPad to Computer.
  • Select the connected device in iTunes and open the Applications tab.
  • Check the new app and click “Sync”.

As you can see, using Cydia to install jailbroken apps or third-party programs and games is optional. You can download the application from Cydia as an IPA file and add it to your phone via iTunes.

AppSync and vShare

If you’re looking for how to install jailbroken apps through Cydia, check out the AppSync tweak. It allows you to quickly add any IPA files to your phone.

  • Launch Cydia.
  • Open the “Repository” tab.
  • Click “Edit”. “Add”.
  • Add angelxwind and hackyouriphone repositories.
  • Confirm adding.
  • Find the AppSync extension for your iOS version.
  • Install the tweak.
  • Reboot your device.

The vShare extension works in a similar way. The advantage of this tweak is that the applications available through it are stored on the vShare server, which greatly simplifies the installation process.

  • Open Cydia.
  • Connect the appvv repository.
  • Find and add vShare.
  • Run the installed application.
  • Find the game or program you want to install and add to the download queue.

But installing apps only through Cydia isn’t your only option. You can use other programs to work with iOS devices.

Using Cydia Impactor

On older versions of iOS, if desired, it was easy to jailbreak and access Cydia. The higher the iOS version, the fewer vulnerabilities it has. You can still jailbreak, after which Cydia will appear on your phone, but it’s much faster and more convenient to download games and programs through a special application. Cydia Impactor.

In Cydia Impactor, the application installation looks like this.

  • Download and install Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Download the IPA file of the application you want to add to iPhone / iPad.
  • Connect your mobile device to your PC / laptop. When prompted, click “Trust”.
  • Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes.
  • Launch Cydia Impactor.
  • Select the connected device.
  • Transfer the IPA file to the program window.
  • Enter your Apple ID details.
  • In the Developer Warning window, click OK.

If you did everything right, Impactor will prepare the file and download it to your mobile device. It remains to establish trust in previously unknown certificates. Open the settings on iPhone / iPad, go to the “General” section, select “Device Management” and click “Trust”.

Installing apps on iPhone or iPad via Cydia

Cydia apps can be installed on iPhones and iPads with a jailbroken file system. If you don’t want to jailbreak, there are other ways to install games and programs that are not in the AppStore.

Installing IPA files

Cydia apps can be installed using IPA files. Finding them is not a problem: installation packages are posted on mobile forums and sites about Apple devices. You can use different methods to install them, with and without jailbreak.

iTools and iFunBox

If you find applications in Cydia Impactor and want to add them to your phone without jailbreak and using iTunes, use other programs to transfer files: iTools, iFunBox.

To install an app via iFunBox:

  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Start iFunBox.
  • Click on “Data Management” and select the “Install App” option.
  • Specify the path to the previously downloaded IPA file and wait for the installation to complete.

IFunBox developers warn about restrictions: it is not recommended to add games and programs, the size of which exceeds 1 GB. To do this, it is better to use the installation of applications through Cydia.

In iTools, the order of installation of games and programs will be the same. You also need to install and run the program on your computer, connect your iPhone. Open the Applications tab, switch to iPhone and click Install. Specify the path to the file and wait for the installation to complete.