Booting via Samsung Kies

An alternative download option could be to use a special program released by Samsung developers. Note that it is suitable for smartphones with Android version up to 4.2.

For more recent versions of operating systems, you need to use Samsung Smart Switch. It’s good for moving contacts, messages, and other data between your phone and PC. After installing and launching the program, you’ll need to follow the tooltips and instructions. Your phone works like a USB cable.

Before you download WhatsApp on Samsung, you need to prepare, namely, log in to your Google profile or register with it. The service is necessary to get into Playmarket and download the free application for communication to the phone.

If you don’t have a Google account yet and this is your first time using Android, follow the simple signup process:

  • Open the settings and go to accounts.
  • Select Add and tap on the Google line.
  • We create an account, specifying the necessary data, we’ll think up a login for gmail and a unique password.

You can now use all of Google’s services on one account, as well as copy important app data to cloud storage.

How to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources on the Samsung Galaxy

The Android platform, unlike iOS, offers the ability to install applications from unknown sources, but it must first be activated.

This is most often used on those smartphones, where there is no Google Play store. But there are other scenarios, such as installing programs that are not available from official sources. Anyway, if you need to figure out how to activate the ability to install APK on your Samsung Galaxy from unknown sources, then you have come to the right place.

Due to the updates of the Android operating system and the user interface from Samsung, the activation process varies from device to device, but in any case it is not very difficult to figure out. The more so that it can be done without obtaining superuser rights.

The Galaxy S8, Note 8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and other smartphones with the latest version of the Samsung Experience (Android Oreo) need to dig into the settings to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. In case of these gadgets, the function is not the same as in Android with Material Design. Either way, there shouldn’t be any difficulties if you follow our instructions.

How to download and install Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy

Google’s app store boasts a wealth of apps and other content for your Android devices. Some Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets may not have the Play Store and you want to install it, or you accidentally deleted it and now want it back. Anyway, we prepared for you instructions that will allow you to install Google Play Market on your mobile device, or update the existing version to the latest.

APK Installation

When you download the APK file you need to move it from your computer to the folder we created earlier. Then, to install the game on your smartphone:

  • You need to go to the installed application ES Explorer from the phone.
  • Find the downloaded file and click on it.
  • In the next window, choose to install.
  • At the end, click “Done”.

When the installation is complete, you will see a new shortcut on the desktop on your phone. So you can easily put the necessary software. But, if there are no cache files, then the instruction will be a little more complicated.

The easiest method

Google in the early days of its operating system tried to facilitate the installation of additional applications. For this purpose, the American giant has created a separate online store, called Google Play. It can be accessed using the Play Market program, which is available on almost every smartphone running Android. It is absent only on the cheapest devices from unnamed Chinese companies that have not undergone special testing and licensing.

You will also need a Google account to access the online store. It is very easy to create an application, as you can see after reading our article. It is recommended to use the same account on different smartphones, in this case it will be easier to find and install your favorite applications.

It is very easy to install an application on Android through Google Play. To do this, perform the following actions:

Go to Play Market. You will find the icon of the client on your desktop, or at least in the menu.

This will take you to the Google Play homepage. You can try to find the application of interest using it, or use the search box at the very top.

When you get to the page of the program or game. click on the green button “Install”. Immediately the download process will start, after which the installation will begin. If you are going to install a game, you may be offered to download it via Wi-Fi, to save traffic. Whether you agree with it is up to you to decide.

That is all. Usually an icon of an installed application immediately appears on the desktop. If this does not happen. look for it in the menu. If the download does not start or there are some other problems, read about why Play Market may not work.

install, applications, your, samsung

Now the average smartphone owner is faced with a large selection of programs that can be put on his device. And the software covers almost all categories that can interest the user.

The choice must be made responsibly, because the installation of a huge number of applications can slow down the device or overflow internal storage.

So how to choose the right program to install on your smartphone, and accidentally do not download something unnecessary? Initially it is necessary to determine for what purposes the mobile device is used at all. For most owners, the modern smartphone is a tool for communication, an analogue of the wallet, as well as an excellent means of navigation. In this regard, it is recommended to choose in favor of programs that belong to the following categories:

The choice of other categories depends directly on personal preferences. So, for example, many people love to make online purchases. You’ll need an online store app for this purpose. For example, Aliexpress.

Of course, modern smartphones with their large screens are a great way to watch video content. So it is not unreasonable to take care of downloading the online movie theater application. The same applies to games and other streaming services.

No matter what category the user prefers, he must always think about the main thing. how safe and of good quality the application is. Evaluate these criteria can be judged by the reviews of people who have downloaded the programs. As a rule, the official application pages on Google Play are used for this.

If you are sure that the program is safe and will not harm your device, you can safely download it, regardless of the category. If you see that the reviews of the program are mostly negative, and users complain about strange charges of money, it is better to look at another similar application.

How you can download and install apps on Android via PC

Installing software on Android using a PC is possible in different ways

Users of the Android operating system can use several ways to install and download applications via a personal computer:

  • using a file manager;
  • Using third-party software (emulator or installer);
  • using the ADB console utility for the PC;
  • With a web browser;
  • put the application remotely through Play Market;
  • with the email client Gmail.

Installing apps on Android. a guide to all the installation methods

The first smartphones running the Android operating system appeared in 2008. At that time nobody predicted a bright future for the new “operating system” due to its crude and glitchy nature, and eventually some giants of the cell phone market (take Nokia for instance) paid for it, turning from great corporations into companies grasping at straws in the hope to survive.

The new system has proved its viability, offering users an interesting functionality and a large selection of free applications available for download. Of course, at first the programs were few and not easy to find, but within a relatively short period of time the situation has improved. A universal service for downloading various applications called Play Market appeared. Despite the rich selection of paid and free programs in this store, the user is also not forbidden to independently search for Android applications on the Internet.

So how to download programs in Android? If you do not trust the developments downloaded from unknown sources, it is better to turn your eyes towards the application store described above. In order to borrow something from its treasures, you will need to create an account in the system. To do this is not difficult, you need to do the following manipulations:

How to Download an App or Game on ANY Samsung Phone

  • open the Android system settings (usually indicated by the gear icon);
  • Find the “Accounts and Synchronization” section (the name may be slightly different for different smartphone models);
  • Activate the item “Create” (“Add”);
  • think up and enter your nickname in Google;
  • If this name has been previously used by another user, you will be offered other variants of the nickname, as close as possible to the original;
  • set a password to log in to your account;
  • complete the registration process by confirming your intention in several dialog boxes.

After activating his account, the user gets access to a huge database of different applications, divided into categories according to the following types:

  • Photo and everything related to it;
  • programs for the whole family;
  • Utilities for working with music and audio content;
  • entertainment programs (including games);
  • social networking tools;
  • communication utilities.

The above was a very simplified list of categories. In fact, there are several dozen subsections containing thousands of different Android apps for every taste.

It is easy to install Android program from Play Market, you just need to follow the following steps:

  • open the app store by tapping its icon on the screen of the mobile device;
  • Enter the name in the search bar and find the desired Android application, or choose from those displayed on the screen;

Below the reader will be able to learn about other ways to install content on the Android gadget.