With each new version the Android operating system becomes better, the battery life increases, the interface becomes smoother and more efficient, and the performance improves. Read about Android 10 features in a separate article.

Do not waste your time download the archive with the software, firmware files and instructions, then we will tell you what and how it works.

Everything is structured for easy use:

  • In the screenshot you can see the Readme folder with the step-by-step instructions to update_Android10.txt;
  • The Soft directory contains the software for flashing the device;
  • The Firmware directory contains the firmware files;

If you want to install earlier versions of Android, download the Android archive you need:

  • Pie 9.0. URL: yourtopfile.info/android9pie
  • 8 Oreo. URL: yourtopfile.info/android8oreo
  • 7 Nougat. URL: yourtopfile.info/android7nougat
  • 6 Marshmallow. URL: yourtopfile.info/android6
  • Android 10 Q 2019. URL: yourtopfile.info/android10
  • Android 11 2020. URL: yourtopfile.info/android11

How to update Honor and Huawei to EMUI 11: A list of 2021 smartphones

A new version of Android is in development, and the start of its distribution on branded tech is expected in the second half of 2021. It is important to update to a new version of the operating system and here is why: updates fixes bugs, makes the mobile gadget more optimized, adds new and interesting features, “unloads” the operating system. Not too long ago, owners of this famous Chinese brand of technology were happy to install version v.10, and EMUI 11 is already coming out. Who is waiting for it?

Smartphones that can get the EMUI 11 version

The new version of the operating system becomes available in 2021. After its appearance, many users have begun to test the version. With the update, device owners can get:

  • Extended mobile gadget life, without recharging.
  • Higher software operability.
  • Black design feature on the display has appeared.
  • Screen locking is now possible with a fingerprint scanner and photo-ionization of the smartphone host.
  • Various add-ons and utilities have appeared.
  • Added the ability to use subtitles when uploading videos to social media.

So what cell phones have innovations available? You can read about it below.

Huawei smartphone list:

  • Mate 30 Pro;
  • Mate 30;
  • Mate 30 RS Porsche Design;
  • Mate 20;
  • Mate 20 Pro;
  • Mate 20 X;
  • Mate 20 Porsche RS;
  • Mate X;
  • P40, P40 Pro, P30, P30 Pro;
  • Nova 6, 6 5G, 5T, 5, 5 Pro, 5Z, 5i, 5i Pro;
  • PHuawei Mate Pad;
  • Huawei MediaPad M6.

Enabling auto-update

To always have up-to-date firmware, and not waste time updating it, you can automate the process, for this you should:

  • Go to settings.
  • Choose “System” section.
  • Open “Software Update” screen.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Turn on the sliders “Autodownload via Wi-Fi” and “Update at night”. the smartphone will independently put new versions from 2 to 4 am.

For your notes. You can update Honor headphones software via “paired devices” menu on your phone or using FlyPods Lite application.

How to flash Honor 7A

Install and upgrade you can do with your own hands using the software for flashing, free, the links are as the original, that is stock, the official (not modified), and custom firmware, that is alternative, all with the instructions.

  • First you need to download the firmware by selecting one of the options below. Together with it in the archive necessary set of programs (TWRP and others).
  • Then extract from the archive file “instruction_rootgadget.txt “. Using the archiver program.
  • The firmware zip file located in the archive needs to be uploaded to a memory card or the phone memory.
  • For more information and steps, please see the instruction text.

Honor 7A firmware

Choose what you like, we would recommend upgrading to the latest version of Android.

  • Android Pie 9.0. you could say the flagship OS, but still a little unfinished. URL: yourtopfile.info/android9pie
  • 8.0 Oreo is a great option, minimum bugs and rich functionality, but version 9 is certainly better. URL: yourtopfile.info/android8oreo
  • 7.0 Nougat. stable in every way version, works even on low-powered iron. URL: yourtopfile.info/android7nougat
  • 6.0 Marshmallow. version 5 and 6 are already real junk, although they used to be the pinnacle of progress. But if you are upgrading from version 3 or 4 you will definitely notice the difference. URL: yourtopfile.info/android6
  • Android 10 URL: yourtopfile.info/android10
  • Android 11 URL: yourtopfile.info/android11

How to install the firmware on Honor Play

Using this instruction you agree with this document. Just in case make a backup of the files you care about!

  • Charge your phone at least 40%. It is important.
  • To flash your device download the TWRP Manager application, you can download it by yourself or take it from the archive with the firmware you choose below.
  • Install TWRP Manager on Android (installation is as simple as any application)
  • Now download the firmware file and place it on your memory card. The file itself is at the bottom of the article, you can start by reading the instructions.
  • Run TWRP recovery mode, turn off the phone, press the power button and volume up button, after a while you will see the recovery screen and Menu as shown in the screenshot below.

All! Now you have new firmware and new features.

Firmware Download

Our opinion is not the truth in the first instance, but we would like to recommend to install Android at least 7, because everything below is already outdated.

Install Android 10 on Honor 7X (AOSP GSI Treble ROM). How to Guide!

  • Android 9.0 or just cake a new stage in the development of mobile operating systems, the top of the genius of overseas programmers! URL: yourtopfile.info/android9pie
  • 8.1 Oreo is the former top of the genius of the same overseas programmers. URL: yourtopfile.info/android8oreo
  • Seven Nougat (Nougat) is a good operating system for medium or budget class iron. URL: yourtopfile.info/android7nougat
  • Six Marshmallow can be installed only in case of nostalgia for the sixth Android, otherwise do not, the same can be said about the fifth version. URL: yourtopfile.info/android6
  • Android 10 Q 2019. URL: yourtopfile.info/android10
  • Android 11 2020. URL: yourtopfile.info/android11

The main point of updates is to eradicate bugs, problems and shoals, of which there are plenty in the Android operating system:

  • For example, hanging or crashing system apps.
  • washed out corners of pictures with a good camera.
  • The smartphone does not turn on at all.
  • The smartphone goes to endless reboot.
  • When you turn on Wi-Fi, the battery drains in a couple of hours the problem with power consumption.
  • There can be a lot of glitches, there are cases when the phone itself starts calling the first number in the phonebook. Hardly anyone is happy with this behavior.

However, there are also those who just want to install everything new to get new features and capabilities, so to speak, to start changing something in their life from small.

install, android, honor

List of smartphones that will receive EMUI 10

The shell release date for the first, “selected” models of Huawei and Honor. September 8 this year. We present you an almost complete list of devices that can get a beta version of the system and thus update their gadgets before anyone else.

First wave

The first devices to get the beta version of Huawei EMUI 10 are: Huawei P30 Lite, Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 20 Porsche Design, Honor Magic 2, Honor V20.

Even now, less than a year after the start of sanctions against Huawei, some handy users have found ways to bypass the blocking and install Play Market, YouTube, etc. on their product.д. This proves there are ways. The only question is whether you’re willing to poke around a bit to own one of today’s most prestigious brands.?

Huawei P line

This list contains a list of Huawei P20 smartphones. Here, in particular, we see that EMUI 10 for Huawei P30 is available. All updates present here are officially confirmed. So here they are, these models: P Smart Z, P Smart 2019, P Smart (2019), P20 Pro and of course.P30 Lite/Nova 4e, P30, Huawei P30 Pro.

Huawei Mate lineup

And here are the cherries on the cake. Premium series, in all its beauty. Meet updated the following high-end versions of Huawei: Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Porsche Design Mate 10, Porsche Design Mate RS, Mate X, Mate 20 Lite, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Mate 20 Porsche RS, Mate 20 X.

Huawei Nova line

Not everything is as chocolaty as in the Mate series. Since only Huawei Nova 5, Huawei Nova 5 Pro, Huawei Nova 5i, Huawei Nova 4, Huawei Nova 4e are officially confirmed, but getting an upgrade for the rest is not accurate information.

Honor smartphones

Here, the official announcement sounds about half the time. So, in this case, we can more confidently say that these Honor will still “wear” the coveted “10”: 8X, Magic 2, View 10/ V10, Honor 10 Lite, Honor 10, Honor 20 Pro, Honor 20, Honor 20i/20 Lite, View 20/ V20.

Unconfirmed models

And here is the list of models that have not been officially announced in the lists for “pumping” to the tenth version of EMUI, but circumstantial signs suggest that they can also get it: Huawei Nova 4, Huawei Nova 5i, Huawei Nova 5 and Huawei Nova 5 Pro Honor 9X, Honor 9X Pro, Honor 10 GT, Honor Note 10, Honor Play, Honor 8A, Honor 8C.

Algorithm of actions

Before starting the Huawei update, it is fundamentally important to follow the following guidelines:

  • The first thing to do before performing all the actions is to make a backup copy of the data. This step will help to avoid losing important data from the smartphone;
  • The device must be updated with a fully charged battery:
  • You can not use the internal memory of the device (the firmware has to be located on the SD card in the dload folder, except for devices that don’t have a slot for an external memory card);
  • You must use a FAT32 formatted card with a maximum memory size of 8 GB to write the update;
  • The name of the firmware file must be “UPDATE.APP”;
  • After downloading the desired firmware version for your smartphone, pay attention to the name of the folders, which can be signed as: “step 1”, “step 2” and flash them one by one;
  • Be sure to make sure that the firmware version you downloaded is suitable for your existing OS version.

Note that during the flashing process the device will reboot by itself. this is quite normal.

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When flashing Huawei phone by air FOTA method it’s recommended to use a high-speed internet connection, for example WI-FI. The process itself is carried out by following these steps:

  • After making sure that the update is available, press “Download” button and files will be downloaded;
  • After downloading the files the “Install” button will appear, press it and wait for your device to reboot. During the reboot the update will be installed and the phone will turn on with the new settings.

Pay attention to the fact that this type of update may be installed incorrectly in cases where the phone has already enabled ROOT-rights and recovery.

Using HiSuite

HiSuite is a famous flashing program for Huawei. It must be downloaded to your computer, installed and updated to the latest version. The course of action is as follows:

  • Under “For Developer” select “Deploy via USB”;
  • Turn HiSuite on the PC;
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC in HiSuite mode using a USB cable;
  • If the program is connected for the first time, wait till the drivers are installed on the PC and Daemon program is installed on the phone. If the installation was successful, a shortcut to the program will appear on your device;
  • In HiSuite choose “EMUI ROM”. “Download ROM”. follow the link and download the desired firmware version;
  • After downloading you should follow all the instructions of the program and then the flashing process will start;
  • After rebooting the phone, it will enter the recovery mode and the notification about flashing by the handset will appear on the screen. You just have to wait until the process is finished.

Force Update

This type of firmware update for your smartphone is necessary when you can not make the usual update mode. In fact, forced upgrade is an emergency one. It can be carried out as follows:

  • You need to create a “dload” folder in the root folder of the SD card;
  • In “dload” you must copy the file “UPDATE.APP;
  • Disconnect the communicator;
  • Press “Volume Up Volume Down” combination, turn the device on and hold it for 5 seconds. Forced update process will take place.

Local update

Local update of Huawei is necessary when restoring the system to its original form, as well as with a large amount of innovations. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Perform the first two items from the previous chapter “Forced update”;
  • Next, go to “Settings”. “Memory”. “Software Upgrade”. “Storage”. “Software Upgrade”. “SD card Upgrade”. “Confirm”. “Upgrade”.