HTML5 mini-apps

In addition to alternative directories, Apple’s “jailbreak” goes the other way. through platforms within other applications. For example, such platforms are created on the basis of popular messengers, which want to launch their own internal catalogs of mini-apps and their payment systems.

A typical example is the directory of Chinese tech giant Tencent inside the messenger WeChat. This is a separate platform with HTML5 mini-applications smaller than 10 megabytes. So it doesn’t matter if you have Android, iOS or another operating system. WeChat mini-apps can still be downloaded and run in a standard way in a single interface. In fact, it’s a full-fledged platform open to independent developers. in a sense, a competitor to Google Play and the App Store.

Tencent agreed with Apple that it will only accept App Store compliant mini-apps into its catalog. This is one way developers get access to iOS users, bypassing Apple.

Apple itself also sees the potential of mini-applications. In the latest version of iOS 14 it introduced App Clips. snippets of apps that run on your phone without installing the full version of the program.

Installing ipa through iTunes

This is the easiest and most accessible, for almost all users of Apple brand gadgets, way to install any app. To do this, you should perform a few manipulations:

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes;
  • Download the desired game or application. The file format must be ipa;
  • Double-click on the file to open it in iTunes. After that, it will be added to the list of iTunes applications;
  • After that, connect the gadget to your personal computer and go to the following path: iTunes. iPhone. “Applications”;
  • Select the desired application and click “Synchronize”.

As a result there will be a successful installation of the desired application on your gadget.

ipa is a format of archive files from the developer for iPhone, iPad and ipod. These files are stored in the App Store and are installed via iTunes. On the Internet, you can often find software with this format, but it may not be safe.

This is what an ipa file looks like on iOS devices

In fact, ipa. a file for ARM, which is a folder compressed in ZIP format, which stores different information (video, audio, games, photos, etc.). A file with this format can be installed only on the devices listed above, while the computer does not support them. But at the same time you can download ipa installer for iPhone on PC to download ipa-content from internet. Installing desired software on your computer and transferring it to your iPhone via cable connection.

installing beta versions of an unavailable application

Some popular services (and games) are tested in public domain before they appear in app stores. In our case we have such an application. its beta version can be downloaded from the internet bypassing the App Store. Check. perhaps the program you need is also available for testing. In our case, the steps to install a specific program are as follows:

Note:in our editorial experience, this method works half the time. sometimes the installation hangs at the start. We were unable to trace the causes of this failure. It is possible that we hit some overloaded servers.

There are also alternative ways to install ipa files on the net: through unofficial programs for computers that mimic iTunes, or by manually hacking your device (getting a jailbreak). All the methods described above are not secure, so we highly recommend not using them.

Another effective and “official” way to install the applications that are not available in your country from the App Store is to change the region of your Apple ID account. However, in our opinion, it causes the most inconvenience. However, if you want to use this method, the instructions are at

iFile is a full-featured file manager for iPhone and iPad that allows you to browse the entire file system of the iOS operating system. It supports a wide range of file types. in particular, images, files.Plist, documents, videos and more.

With iFile you can view any file and you can also edit, move, copy, rename or even delete it. One of the main reasons to download iFile is the ability to download and save files from the web through this program. These files are stored within the application and are user-controlled.

In this article, we will tell you how to download and install iFile on iPhone or iPad from IPA without jailbreaking.

Cydia Impactor

You also need a computer for this method, but you can use either Windows or macOS.

install, file

Install or upgrade your computer to the latest version of iTunes.

Download (and install) Cydia Impactor on your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your computer, add it to Trusted.

Run Cydia ImpactorDrag the IPA file into the program window Enter (your or a second account) email and password from your Apple ID You may see a window with the warning “Apple developer” or error 201, click OK and wait for the installation of the application.

Hold your iPhone and run the installed application. If the message “unreliable developers” appears, then go to the phone settings and then “Basic”. “Manage your device”, open the profile of the application and add to the trusted.

Now the installed ipa app will work as it should!

Do you have more questions? Write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев about what you have succeeded or vice versa!

Here you go! Read more articles and instructions in Android Articles and Hacks. Stay tuned for Android 1, more to come!

Installing ipa apps using iTunes

The easiest and most acceptable method for most iPhone users to install ipa without jailbreaking is to use iTunes.

  • Download and install the latest version of iTunes.
  • Download the desired app or game as an ipa file.
  • Open the file in iTunes (double click on the file). The program will be added to iTunes iTunes Programs.

Installing Unsigned apps on iOS 9 devices without Jailbreak

Today I’m going to tell you how you can install an unsubscribed (or poorly subscribed) app on an iOS 9 device. Yes, without Jailbreak. Yes, for free. All you need is a computer with OS X and an Apple ID. How it’s possible? Explore below.

Beware! Lots of pictures! As you know, Apple allowed developers who have not paid 99 a year for the opportunity to post applications to the AppStore, to test their own programs on real devices with iOS 9. Previously, only “paid” developers had this privilege. And those who jailbreak.

So, now anyone with an Apple ID and OS X with Xcode installed can become an app developer and get a Provision Profile for their app! This is the basis of the method described in this article. If you, the reader, have all of the above, then feel free to go to and sign up as a developer!

Now let’s get to the fun part. Run Xcode, open the settings and go to the tab “Accounts”, where you click on the plus sign and enter your Apple ID. Now we see that the added account is a free member of the program for iOS developers. Great! Now click “View Details. “.

At the top, we see that we have not created a Signing identity, click on Create.

Now let’s create a Provision Profile. You won’t be able to create it through the website: it’s a bug, though! But we have Xcode, so do not despair, but create a new project. I chose the game, but it does not matter.

Bundle ID I have set ru.habr.testapp, it will be useful later, when I will look for this profile among others, and I have a lot of them in the system. If this is your first experience with Xcode, it will be much easier to find the right profile.

Well, now go into the project settings and see that the “Team” option is not set. Let’s install it in our newly added developer account!

I have a lot of stuff here, but you, the reader, should have only one account. That’s the one to choose!

Now we see that we have a problem with the signature, because there is no Provision Profile, but Xcode heroically offers to take care of fixing the problem and “fix things. Well, let him do it by pressing “Fix issue”.

Voila! Now the profile is, as you can easily make sure by going back to the properties of the account:

Now go to the terminal: because we need the profile itself, and it is hidden in a tricky place. Go to the folder

/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/ and we see that there is either a mess (if the system has a lot of profiles, I have 50) or order (if you, the reader, are new to iOS development).

If in doubt which profile we need, you can use my script to find the “right one”:

As you can see, I used the bundle ID to find the profile.

Well, now we have a developer account and a Provision Profile. What we need now? Oh yes, you need a program to re-sign the ipa file with our profile! You can try to play with the console, and you can use the GUI-based solution iModSign. Download the program and install it in /Applications/. Now we can run it and configure it. I already did it myself, so the screenshots are not quite right for the first run, but I think that you, the reader, are not an idiot, so you’ll figure it out.

install, file

The first two buttons are inactive, because I have already pressed them. Clicking on the first installs command line tools, which Xcode does not install by default, and clicking on the second installs the developer certificate selection window:

Of course, you, the reader, should have order here too, not like me, in my littered system.

On pressing the third button, we can select our found profile.

That’s it, the program is set up and ready to go! What should we install. Well, for example, BarMagnet for torrent rocker control. Download.ipa file and drag and drop into iModSign.

It’s ready to sign! Click on “Start Job”.

Go now to the folder iModSigned. on the desktop. There we see the ipa already signed:

Double-click and it’s added to iTunes, and now we can install it on the device. I tested on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 9 installed.0.2, clearly, there is no Jailbreak for it yet.

After syncing and installation, which goes smoothly, you can see BarMagnet on the device:

But it won’t start, can you believe it? And you can also check. But this is fixable, it’s just that our device doesn’t trust us yet. But we’ll teach it to trust by going into settings and confirming trust to the developer:

I have the trust already enabled here, but the first time it looks a little different. But then again, you, the reader, are not an idiot? You’ll find the right button? Of course you will!

That’s all, you can run the program and enjoy the ability to manage all your torrents directly from the device!

I hope that you, the reader, will not abuse this method and install games downloaded from torrents. And of course you understand that this is only for information and I am not responsible for the possible consequences for the device or anything else. And I do not guarantee the effectiveness of this method with later versions of iOS and Xcode. And even with the current ones!

How To Install IPA’s (3rd Party Apps) iOS 13 NO Jailbreak & No Computer!

On older versions of iOS it was not difficult to jailbreak and access Cydia if you wanted to. The higher the version of iOS, the fewer vulnerabilities it has. Jailbreak can still be done, after which Cydia will appear on the phone, but it is much faster and more convenient to download games and programs through a special application. Cydia Impactor.

The Cydia Impactor offers apps that are not in the App Store or hacked versions of games and programs from Apple’s official store. You need a Windows, Linux or macOS computer to use the utility. The IPA file is required for installation.

In Cydia Impactor, installing applications looks like this.

install, file
  • Download and install Cydia Impactor on your computer.
  • Download the IPA file of the app you want to add to your iPhone/iPad.
  • Connect your mobile device to PC/laptop. When prompted, click “Trust”.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Launch Cydia Impactor.
  • Select the connected device.
  • Transfer the IPA file to the program window.
  • Enter your Apple ID information.
  • In the Developer Warning window, click OK.

If you’ve done everything correctly, Impactor will prepare the file and download it to your mobile device. All that’s left to do is to set the trust for the previously unknown certificates. Open the settings on your iPhone/iPad, go to “Basic”, select “Device Management” and click “Trust”.

How to use the second method

This method was invented by Chinese craftsmen, and most importantly. it does not require jailbreaking, because not everyone wants to upgrade the device, exposing its potential danger. Although here there is a nuance: this method implies that only unhacked applications that have been tied to someone else’s account work.

To get an update on such an application, you will have to wait until some altruistic person decides to put it out for all. Also this method is “friendly” only with Chinese language, so you will have to remember the location of characters in the program.


  • Download the necessary.ipa application for your iPhone;
  • Install the program 25rp, which, by the way, is completely free (this program is a full analogue of iTools for iPhone, which means that you can install not only your.ipa application, but also those that are presented in the AppStore, which is not bad);
  • After installing the program, connect a standard cord to your computer and iPhone;
  • Next, following the prompts on the images, select your iPhone in the program, select the file to be downloaded and drop it into the program window 25pp, as in the case of iTools.

That’s it, the app has been installed on your iPhone and is ready to work.