Lampa application review for Smart TV: from downloading to configuration

The LAMPA application for Smart TV is a fairly new online cinema, as well as the Torrent Kino list. Visually, he looks like other free films of films, but he has a number of interesting features that distinguish the application among various competitors. Take a word, the Lampa application really costs your attention, especially after loud blocking the HDVIDEOBOX application. In some respects, the new service even surpassed its legendary fellow. Now you will learn about all the features of the application where it can be downloaded, and we will also talk about the intricacies of the settings.

According to the plan, Lampa continues the HDVIDEOBOX way, offering people free access to a new and popular movie. According to visual design, more resembles VPLAY, but it works somewhat better and more stable. In any case, like any other new services, there are also bugs here.

How find lost YouTube App LG TV old model, របៀបកំណត់យក YouTube បាត់មកវិញក្នុង​App.

What we liked in the Lampa application:

  • Universality. Suitable for both Android TV and Samsung, LG TVs. Usually applications work only on any one platform. And it works on Android, starting with version 5.0.
  • No advertising. precisely, it can be, but only from services.
  • Attractive and convenient intenses. Works correctly with the remote control.
  • Supports a large list of sources for watching films in torrent, including Rutor, Kinozal, Rutracker, Torrentby, Nnmclub.
  • Convenient torrent filtration. There is a sort of quality, support for HDR, subtitles and translation.
  • There is the possibility of personalization: adding films to the section “Like”, “See later”, “Favorites”, and there is also “History”.
  • On the main page there are selection of the best: the most popular, top, most viewed, etc. P.
  • You can connect any player: VLC, VIMU, MX Player, etc.

There are several negative nuances that are better to know about in advance:

  • In order for Lampa to play films, you need to install and configure torrserv. This is easy, but without this procedure it will not be possible to watch a movie.
  • There is no support for voice search. You need to enter requests in text mode. Unless your keyboard separately supports voice input.
  • You cannot display popular content to the main page of Android TV.
  • The application is designed to control only the remote control.
  • As for any other application that works via the Internet, we need a stable network connection. From here you will find out why on the TV a network without access to the Internet.

Lampa is good, although not the only service for free movie viewing. We have already surveyed the best analogues of HD VideoBox and there are several worthy alternatives.

Watching television channels on Smart TV LG

The main difference between Smart TVs of this popular South Korean company from previous models is the presence of a special digital block. This block allows the owner of the device to use all the advantages of Internet television if there is a network connection.

However, to watch ordinary television, the owner of a Smart TV can be safely dispensed with without installing an Internet connection. Currently, the territory of Russia is covered by digital broadcasting, and 20 free information and entertainment channels are available to all users living in this territory.

Owners of LG SMART Televisors will be able to view public channels if they are connected to the corresponding connector that supports the DTV-2 standard (if there is no such entry, you will have to buy a special TV setting additionally), on the back panel of the house of the house or small-about 6 inches-rooms-room The antenna will be performed by a simple setting using a remote control (PDU):

  • Open the “menu”;
  • We go to “Settings”;
  • select “channels”;
  • We go into the “Search for channels”;
  • select the source of the signal in the form of “etheric TV”;
  • We activate the “only digital” link, launch “Avtopoisk” and confirm our actions;
  • We expect the end of the process and leave the “menu” with a simple click on the OK button.

Before setting, it is recommended to select the integse language so that the notification on the TV screen is displayed in the user user. It is easy to do this. We just take a television remote control and go along the following path: “menu”. “settings”. three points. “common”. “languages”. select the tongue in all sections. “OK” (“Ready”). In addition, in the General section, it is recommended to set your region, as well as the date and time.

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In such a simple way, the owner of the LG TV can connect to watching all.Russian channels. You can expand the list of broadcasts by connecting cable, satellite or IP-television. At the same time, cable and satellite TV (“tricolor”, “megaphone” and other operators) are connected according to a similar scheme, but the installation and configuration of IPTV is possible only if there is a sustainable and high-speed Internet connection.

How to find a widget on Smart TV

Through Play Market

Through the Play Market app store, you can download software for most TV models of different manufacturers. Android TV widgets used in Philips and Sony devices are officially available in Google Play.

  • On the remote control, click on the “Home” button and go to the application menu.
  • Find in the list “Google Play” or “Play Market”.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of the applications that you want to add.
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Via Samsung Apps for Samsung

Samsung Corporation has developed its own Samsung Apps widget store. It contains Tizen OS platform applications.

  • Go to the Smart TV menu using the button on the remote control.
  • In the Smart hub integer in the middle of the screen, click “Samsung Apps”.
  • If there are no icons, update the applications by clicking on the “service”, and then. “update of applications”.
  • Find the desired program through the search line or using thematic categories.

Via Game World with LG

  • On the remote control pan, click Smart TV button.
  • Click on “LG Game World”.
  • Use the line of searching for a particular application or study the categories of games.

Using Fork Player for Sony

Fork Player is an adaptive application with which you can watch videos, create playlists and all this without installing additions. All information is taken directly from sites with video content and converted into its player format. Additional widgets cannot be downloaded through applications, but you can watch any movies online.

For Philips

Since 2014, the Philips Smart TVs installed Android TV operating system. Software products download with Play Market. In earlier versions, the following sequence of actions (for the example of IPTV) is needed:

  • In the main menu, open “configuration”.
  • Select “Connection to the network”.
  • Type of connection “wired”, confirm the choice.
  • In the paragraph “Configuration” to enter the section “Network Settings”.
  • Open the “Network mode” and “Static IP address”.
  • In the “IP configuration” tab, select DNS 1 and enter
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How to install a application on TV?

To install applications, you must first obtain permits in the operating system and install the file using a flash drive:

  • On Samsung, go to “Settings”. “Personal”. “Safety”. “Unknown Sources” and turn on the parameter for this. Then activate the developer mode: in the Smart Hub settings, select “Applications”, enter PIN (by default 00000 or 12345), set the “Developer mode” in the “included” value. Fill the IP address of the computer and reboot the TV. Now download the installation file of the application and run it.
  • On LG TVs with Webos, this is more difficult to do: register on the Webos developers portal, download the developer’s application from the official store, install special applications for development on the computer. Then add the necessary applications in the form of projects and using synchronization via Wi-Fi transfer them from a computer to TV.
  • For Android systems, the method of configuring permits was described in the previous section.

Popular alternative solution. FORKPLAYER. This is a service in which you can look for films from dozens of cinema sites without advertising and the need to open the sites themselves: lists with films open in a general tab with division into quality.

You can also load torrents in it and install additional widgets. Samsung, LG and Sony installation instructions for Samsung, LG and Sony.

How to connect the Internet to LG TV

In order to use the application store from the manufacturer’s company, you must first register your own account. This operation is carried out on the official website of LG. For registration, you will need an email address to which a letter will come with a request to confirm actions.

Installation of applications on the LG Smart TV TV

The capabilities of the LV TV increase after connecting to the Internet. But for this you will need to install the application on the LG Smart TV TV. You can download the application for Webos in the LG Apps store. Before the procedure, you need to clarify whether it will work on this TV model. To do this, open information about the Web OS version.

After that, you need to connect to the Internet and log in.

If there is little memory left on the device, then the application can be installed from the flash drive. But doing it is much more difficult. For this procedure, you will need an IPTV program. The only condition is that the folder with applications should be pre.unpacked. If everything is done correctly, then a list of applications for installation will appear in the upper corner of the screen.

How to delete applications

It is recommended to get rid of unnecessary programs, as this will release memory for other applications.

You can delete the LG widget in the standard way

  • Enter the Smart TV menu by pressing the “Home” icon on the remote control.
  • In the lower part of the screen, find the application that you want to delete.
  • Press and hold the “OK” button on the remote control until the “Panel editing” function appears.
  • Click “OK” again. now “Cross” will appear in the upper part of the widget.
  • Click on it and confirm the action.

How To Install Apps On LG Smart TV (2021)

In the case of Magic Remote, the instruction looks as follows

  • Pull the cursor to the application icon that you want to delete.
  • Wait until the arrow icon appears on the screen.
  • Click on it.
  • Select the “Delete” option (icon “X”).
  • Confirm the action.

Possible problems when installing and updating

In most cases, difficulties in installing and updating software are associated with the features of operating systems, incompatibility with TV models and faulty flash drives.

  • If the memory of the TV is not enough to download or update the software, clean the cache, delete or move unnecessary applications to a USB drive.
  • If download or update is unexpectedly interrupted, check/update the Internet connection of your TV.
  • If the application is installed with a flash drive, but the TV does not recognize it, connect the device to another USB port. If the problem is saved, replace it with a regular removable disk.

The modern world, which has flooded new technologies and progress, is trying to provide people with everything necessary to obtain maximum comfort and convenience. That is why all the news, including smart TVs that support Smart TV technology, are developed in such a way as to please the recipient with convenience, a sufficient level of functionality and simplicity.

Installing a new application on a smart TV is quite simple. At the same time, it is worth ensuring that there is enough memory on the device. Otherwise, the installation of the program will be impossible, as the error on the screen is signaling or it will be installed, but interruptions and complexity may occur during operation.