The main highlight of the SMART TV technology is the ability to install applications on the TV. The principle is the same as on modern smartphones. To see the application directory, you need to go to the Smart Hub section and select Samsung Apps. A list of broken into categories opens. Also there is a search if you know in advance how the necessary application is called. Installation occurs in one click. The total number of applications from Smasung Over a thousand. Applications are stored not in the television memory, but in the “cloud”. Thereby installing even a large number of applications does not clog the TV memory.

Especially popular TV apps for TV from the video category. With the help of them you can watch various rollers, as well as full films, TV channels, etc. Just set the appropriate application. Most applications operate on the following principle. most of the content is free, and the most popular movies and others are provided to users for an additional fee. The cost is mainly low, so convenience from using this technology is obvious.

For the “H” series, the instruction looks like that

Press and hold until the menu menu appears (green) or press the MENU button if it is on the remote control 2. In the Select Smart Hub. Uch. REP. SASMSUNG. Login 3. (once) Select the “Login” button on the screen 4. (once) Enter the word in the ID field: Develop (exactly as written), take a tick and click further 5. Select button on the Develop 6 screen. Press the SMART HUB button, select the top panel, to enter the full SmartHub 7. On the icon of any application (except recommended from above), press and hold 1 second the ENTER button will appear the contextial menu 8. (once) Select ip settings, press the keypad button on the console, enter the first digits of the IP address (for example, 192) of the server (see the server on the computer), then click OK, repeat the input for all four numbers 9. (once) repeat item 7, select Start User APP SYNC 10. Close the message that appears and the context menu with the RETURN button. eleven. In the absence of problems, the established widgets will appear in a few seconds (!) maybe they will be on the second screen, which is what the “My App (1/2)” button says, click on the button to upgrade the icon to see them.

Creating a new user “Develop” Create a button on a regular MENU button in a regular MENU (or MISC button on the touch, the arrows are summarized to the MENU button on the on-screen remote)) Select the menu item “Smart” menu item. REP. Samsung, “choose” Login “We enter” EL.P.»: Develop We enter a” password “including an exclamation mark: SSO1029DEV! We put a checkbox “Remember Password” click “Login” leave from the menu

Tip: on item: We introduce “EL.P.”: Develop. user gained: Develop (not from the capital letter, with the title not accepted).

Next, about the password: I did not actively actively, remember the password too, so after entering the Develop user, if the password field is not active. immediately press the input and logs on the device. Develop.

Next, I will add what was not in the instructions in the header:. We go to Smart Hub. Next, we go to the item additional applications (located at the bottom). then go to the setup item (right in the upper corner). go to the IP settings menu. enter the address ( We are looking for on the Internet or Click input. then go to the string Synchronization (also in the settings, is below) and see the download scale of widgets.

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And most importantly, before all these operations, make sure that the server TheDark SmartTV Server is ready for operation. Otherwise, it will give a mistake when synchronization.

Installation of the widget on Samsung C and B

With this method of installing an application on a TV series b and other series, it should be borne in mind that all programs that have been installed before and possess the “User” mark will be deleted. Therefore, if you do not want to lose them, you should save the list of their installation files to restore them later.

Installing the widgets on the C or B TV series must be started with the creation of a user who will continue to be called “Develop”. For this you need:

Now let’s go directly to the installation of the widget for the Samsung series B and C.

  • Restart TV;
  • Press the “Internet TV” button, and then “A”;
  • Select the user you just created and enter your PIN code to enter;
  • Go to the menu and go to the widget settings;
  • Now select “Developer”, and in it “IP Address Setup”;
  • Here you will need to enter the necessary IP address or if you do not know it, enter and save;
  • Now go back to “Developer”, select “Synchronize User Applications” and confirm your choice by clicking the “OK” button.

What is third-party applications?

All applications on Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. The first applications are designed and approved by Samsung. Third-party applications are applications that can be installed on Samsung TV, but which have not been developed or approved by Samsung TV, but still can be installed on TVs Tizen OS.

Before installing third-party applications on Samsung Smart TV, you must resolve them. To do this, do the following:

  • Open menu settings
  • Select the Personal tab
  • Open submenu “Safety
  • Find the string “Unknown Sources” and set it “Inclusive”.

Now you need to activate the developer mode on your SAMSUNG SMART TV TV.

  • Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu (SMART TV Settings).
  • Open a smart hub
  • Select applications
  • If you have not changed the PIN code, then enter 00000 or 12345.
  • Change developer mode on
  • Fill in your computer’s IP address and select OK.
  • Restart your Samsung Smart TV

How to install third-party applications on samsung tv using the command line

In this case, you can use the command line on the PC. To take advantage of this method, you need to do the following:

  • Download APK file to your computer
  • Go to the TV and open the SMSUNG SMART TV setup menu
  • Select the Network option
  • Click on information
  • The IP address section will appear. You should copy or remember the IP address of your Smart TV.
  • Now go to your computer
  • Open the command line
  • Enterdb Connect and the IP address of your TV.
  • EnterInstall D / and the name of your APK file (with.Apk at the end).
  • After installing the application, enter the DISCONNECT and the IP address of your TV to disable Samsung Smart TV from the computer.

I recommend using the first method, since it is the easiest and most clear. And I do not recommend the third method, since it is the most simple for non-profitable users.

Installing applications on Samsung Tizen Smart TV (after firmware version 1412)

Install topical versions of Java and Samsung Tizen SDK 2. In Tizen SDK, go through the Samsung TV SDK menu. Preference. Samsung TV SDK. Security Profiles, click the Add button, click the Generate button 3. Create an empty project in Tizen SDK File. NEW. TIZEN Web Project 4. Replace the contents of the project on your application files (.HTML, Config.XML, Icon and T. D.) 5. Right-click on the project folder. Build Package 6. Connect the TV to the same network as computer 7. On TV Go to the Smart Hub menu. Applications (Applications). My App (MY APP)

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Manipulation with a TV is better to perform first. Development mode can be checked in “My Apps”. There will be a red inscription “Developer Mode”. If it is not possible to go to development mode, you must log in to Smart Hub under the “Develop” account.

Sequentially press on the console 1 2 3 4 5 9. In the window that appears, set the switch to the “ON” position, enter the local IP address of the computer with TIZEN SDK, click “OK” 10. Reload the TV, first turning off the POWER button, and then pulling the plug from the outlet 11. In Tizen SDK on the Connection Explorer tab, open Remote Device Manager

The TV resolution to install the application of the application is very important, since the security certificates that samsung have been submitted earlier. It is done elementary, after connecting TV to “Connection Explorer” a device with IP TV will appear. Click on it right-click and select the PERMIT TO INSTALL Applications item. information on creating certificates and permission to install applications can be read here. http: // www.samsungdforum.COM / TIZENGUIDE / TIZEN3531 / INDEX.HTML

Add device to the New button, enter an arbitrary name and IP address of the TV, PORT field unchanged (26101) 13. Press Connect, the new device must appear in the Connection Explorer 14 list. Right-click on the package with the application (.WGT). TV Web Application (Emulator / Device)

Installing and configuring TIZEN STUDIO

To begin with, you need to download and install the desired software on your PC or laptop. We download and install Java, then you need to download Tizen Studio with IDE Installer. Important: Choose a version that matches your Windows: 32/64 bit.

After installing Java, go to the Tizen Studio installation, if necessary, you can change the installation path.

After successfully installing the application, Package Manager will appear, but if it did not happen in each other, then we go to the folder with the installed program (Tizen-Studio \ Package-Manager) and find a package-manager file there.EXE and run Package Manager.

Next, choose Install opposite Tizen SDK Tools.

After installation, go to the EXTENSION SDK tab and select Install opposite Extras.

Installing Tizen Studio packages, will take some time, so we go to the official site of Samsung and register (if there is no account yet). Next, you need to learn the IP address of your computer or laptop. To do this, you need to go to the “Network and Shared Access Center”, then select “Connecting on a LAN” (or Wi-Fi), select “Details”. your current address is located in the IPv4 line (as shown in the photo below).

Now go to configure the TV itself on Tizen OS. Open Smart Hub, go to the application section and click the “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” button, “2”, “3”, “1”, “2”, if there is no on the screen. In the development window, select ON and press ENTER, follow the IP of your computer and choose OK.

Next reboot the TV. (Turn off from the remote and turn off from the electric network for 30 seconds)

Now turn on the TV and go to the application section, if you did everything right, then the inscription will appear Developer Mode.

Now go to your previously created Samsung account. Press the plus sign and enter your data.

Also, you need to learn the IP address TV, for this we turn to MENU and select the network / network state / IP setup.

Now, we return to your PC, and launch the already installed Tizen Studio application, you can find it in the 9Tizen-Studio / IDE / TIZENSTUDIO folder.EXE). After starting TIZEN STUDIO: 1) Select the connection TV, 2) select the plus sign, 3) We enter any name (Name), 4) We enter the IP of the TV, 5) now click Add (as shown in the photo below).

Next, we translate the switch to the ON position.

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Now you need to create a certificate of the author and distributor. To do this, you need to go to the Tools section, and choose Certificate Manager.

Now install a tick on TV and choose Next (Next).

Here you can enter any name of the certificate.

Next, you need to enter any Author Name and Password (Important: This data must be saved somewhere, as they may need to need you.

Next we see a window asking to enter your account. We enter the account data that previously created on the site Samsung site.

After a successful entrance, go on Next.

Now you need to enter Password, you can use the same as previously created, everything else is left as it is.

install, application, samsung, installation, series

If everything is done correctly, a window will appear with a certificate creation message. IMPORTANT: You need to save certificates elsewhere, it is not a fact that you can get them only once on a specific TV, the certificate folder is in the disk: \ users \ user name \ samsungcertificate.

Installing YouTube on Smart TV Samsung

As noted earlier, you can go to YouTube through the browser, but it is not very convenient. Therefore, it is better to use an alternative option. to find and download widget for Samsung Smart TV. Televisions from the South Korean manufacturer SAMSUNG function running the Tizen operating system, which is developed on the basis of Linux. To customize YouTube on TV to users will not have to have, since the proprietary application of this service is included in the list of preset programs.

Imagine that you randomly delete the application, so you need to install YouTube on Samsung TV, how to do it? There is nothing difficult in this. Act in accordance with the step-by-step algorithm:

  • Go to network settings to connect to the Internet.
  • Open the company store.
  • In the search column, enter “YouTube”.
  • On the Application page, click “Download”.
  • Wait for the end of the program installation.

For Smart TV Download the application will not be much difficult. No need to download software from unverified sources, since the Pirate Software can adversely affect the television performance.

Alternative way to restore the possibility of viewing videos from YouTube’s service:

  • Download the same widget specifically for your operating system.
  • Unpack the contents of the downloaded archive to a separate folder.
  • Insert the Flash drive in a USB connector, having previously turned off the TV.
  • Turn on TV.
  • Run Smart Hub. YouTube will appear in the list of applications.


Installation of standard widgets can be performed through the App Gallery application, which is located on the SMART TV main page. If you want to put a widget from a third-party developer, you will need a flash drive.

Create a Userwidget folder at the root flash drive.

Transfer to the created folder archives widgets with installation files inside.

Run SMART TV and connect to the TV flash drive.

Installing widgets whose files are loaded into the root of the drive, start automatically. After installing the installation, you will find applications in the SmartTV menu.

Instead of a flash drive to install third-party widgets, you can use ForkPlayer. How to install this application on samsung and lg we already told. Instructions for Philips:

Open the network connection settings on the TV.

Wait for the connection to establish. If there are no connections, restart the TV.

install, application, samsung, installation, series

Open the MEGOGO program. Instead, it will work forkplayer, through which you can install third-party widgets.

Some PHILIPS TV models operate on the basis of Android OS, so that there is no problems with installing applications, including third-party, there are no problems. widgets are added as well as on the phone or tablet.