How to update the Web browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV-step-by-step instructions

How to update the browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV is a question that interests many users. If there are no problems with updating this application on a smartphone or another gadget, then how to do it on TV? In the article, we will consider in detail the submitted procedure for different browsers.

The browser on the case performs the same function as on PC. That is, it allows you to enter the world network, use popular resources, watch films online, etc.D. Like any software, it requires regular updates. In the absence of new patches in the work of software, errors may occur. Therefore, it is so important to download the updates in time.

Samsung TVs already have a built-in web browser called App TV. Most left positive reviews about this program and call the best browser for TV in comparison with other standard. It makes no sense to evaluate the observed observer, because everyone selects the application for himself. For example, some prefer to install Yandex or Google Chrome.

The following points were called advantages:

Features of LG TV

To understand the principle of operation of this type of TV, and evaluate the principle of work, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the features of LG TV:

  • “Smart” LG TVs with the possibility of Internet set;
  • The developers have introduced a full.fledged Internet browser;
  • Software is pre.preheated by developers;
  • The default search system can be installed manually;
  • instant access to popular social networks Skype and Picasa;
  • open access to the popular YouTube video hosting thanks to proprietary utility;
  • Active services VOD (Video on Demand). videos on request;
  • games that will help to pass free time;
  • News, weather, television programs;
  • than 300 different applications. children’s games, weather forecasts, horoscopes, traffic jams;
  • SS IPTV and much more.
install, browser

How to download and install a browser on LG Smart TV?

To download and install a web browser, you have to:

  • Turn on the TV and open the Smart hab with a list of applications available for download;
  • find the right program in the proposed list;
  • click on a detected web facial, starting the installation;
  • wait for the complete completion of the process.

After the installation is completed, it will remain to enter the main menu, find and start the installed application.

Important: During installation on the equipment, the equipment is prohibited and the Internet is turned off. The program that ignored the Councils will be established incorrectly and will be inaccessible to use. To speed up the search for the desired browser, you should use the search line where the name is made, for example, Yandex Browser or Google Chrome.

How to update the web browser on the Samsung Smart TV TV

Browser update on the Samsung Smart TV TV is no more difficult than posting a photo on Instagram. Depending on which browser requires the update. or installed. the algorithm of actions is different. For

  • We check the availability of the update for the firmware, or reinstall from the flash drive, choosing compatible with the TV model;
  • We open the main “menu”;
  • We cross. “support”;
  • Open. “Update”;
  • With a positive result, we confirm the action by pressing “OK”.

Before downloading, check what changes will occur. In the case of updating software, the “from the application” method is used:

After the update, we start and check the correctness of the work.

Yandex browser

You can update Yandex Browser in a similar way, since the application is popular, the developers have added a version for TVs to the store. To update, follow the following actions:

  • We go to the window that opens and view the list of applications available for installation and updating;
  • We find Yandex Browser, click on it and open it;
  • Check the availability of updates and confirm the action.

After completion, we check the work of the browser for error elimination and whether requests are correctly displayed.

install, browser

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. Google’s package can be built into the TV, but it depends on the model and support for this software. The update is simple, for this:

Как устанавливать сторонние приложения на LG WebOS

  • We go to the menu “Smart Hub” or APP TV;
  • We view the list of installed programs;
  • Choose Google and open it;
  • The integration integration, to check the availability of updates, just look at the upper toolbar;
  • If there is a new version, an arrow icon will appear;
  • click on it and expect the completion of the process.
install, browser

After completion, you may need a reboot of the TV.

How to update a web browser through the LG Smart TV menu

The user has two browser updating options: automatically and manually (using a medium). over, both options are carried out exclusively through the main menu LG Smart TV.

The exception is a browser installed on the TV. For example, Opera, Google Chrome or another. In this case, the update occurs through the settings menu of the observer himself.

It is also worth noting that the web-browser update file is included in one general update package for LG Smart TV. Therefore, when updating the online reverter, you will also automatically update the rest of your TV tools. Consider both updating methods.

If you think about which browser to use, built-in or downloaded, I can share my own experience. In any case, the browser will not be insured from errors and failures. If we talk about the distinctive features, then the built-in web browser is better integrated with all LG Smart TV tools, but is more often subject to a problem of lack of memory. The downloaded browser is easier to upd. to. There is no need to update the entire firmware of the TV, but for its correct work you will have to additionally install related extensions, for example, Adobe Flash Player.

Automatic option for updating the web browser via the Internet

The method is relevant only if your LG TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or using the Ethernet cable:

    On the remote control press the settings button. The main settings menu will open on the TV screen.

Установка неофициальных виджетов на телевизор LG операционной системы WEB OS

The Settings button can be located in different places (depending on the TV/remote control model)

Confirmation of actions is carried out by the OK button on the TV remote control

After clicking the “Checking” button, not only the automatic search for a new firmware version will start, but also downloading it

During the update, the TV is able to turn off/turn on several times

Manually update option to update the web browser using a removable medium

The relevance of the proposed renewal method is appropriate, provided that the TV does not have an Internet connection. In this case, you can use a USB-flash drive or a removable HDD for the type of “loading disk”, having previously downloaded the installation package with LG Smart TV firmware for the carrier. You will need to carry out a number of simple actions:

    Turn on the TV, open its main settings menu and find out the exact name of its model and versions of the current firmware in the “Information about product/service” tab.

The name of the TV model and the version of the current firmware can also be located in the “General”/“Television” tab (depending on the TV model)

You can also find a model of your TV using the “Search by Category”

You can also find a model number on a technical sticker located on the rear panel of the TV

By clicking “Read more” you can familiarize yourself with all the changes for the firmware version

The folder must be created only after formatting a USB flash drive or removable HDD

You can unpack the file with a Winzip utility (or other similar)

Automatic update from the carrier will begin immediately after you confirm the launch of the process

Installation using USB

If the download of the browser is not directly possible, then you can use the other device to download, for example, a computer. This will need:

  • Go to the LG website;
  • click on the category of “software”;
  • in the list that opens, select the necessary program or update;
  • press “download”;
  • save the installation file on the USB flash drive;
  • insert a USB drive into TV;
  • A window with information about the detection of the installation file will open;
  • Click the automatic start, after which installation or update will begin.

At the end of the process, the observer icon will appear on the menu, you can proceed to use.

How to download

Few users know that you can download additional browsers for Smart TV on TVs, except for the standard. Such an opportunity will be available on most models of modern TVs, but there are certain exceptions.

To verify the capabilities of the TV, you need to read the instructions or, when buying, ask the seller about it.

To download the browser you like, you will need to go to the Smart hub on the Samsung TV or LG Smart World on LG. You can do this from the main menu.

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of programs available for download, or immediately drive the name of the browser for the Smart TV in the search engine.

An alternative way to install

Some technical sites offer alternative methods for installing a browser on TV, even if it is not in the list with official applications. To do this, you need to download special files on a thematic forum or via a torrent tracker, write them on a flash drive. Then you need to connect the carrier to the LG TV, open the folder and click on the installation file.

Such methods can not only harm the operating system of the TV, reducing the speed of work, but also break it. Install applications only from the official store, and if the Yandex browser was not on the list, use the main page of