Camera for giving: descrIPtion, advantages, functions, Internet connection, how to choose and install

How To Install A Video Camera In The Country

The cottage is not only a place for relaxation and pleasant pastime, but also a very attractive object for robbers.

This type of real estate is especially popular among dishonest people due to the fact that it is often left unattended.

In order for the owners not to worry about the safety of their country house and property in it, there are a huge variety of different security systems, and one of them is such a smart device as a GSM camera for home and summer cottages.

The presence of one of such systems allows the owners of summer cottages to receive information about what is happening in their suburban property and to take timely measures that correspond to specific circumstances.

What is a GSM camera for home and summer cottages, and what are its advantages

A GSM surveillance device is a small camera, which is usually installed on the street, can work in any weather, is equIPped with infrared illumination, transmits data using a mobile operator, but can also have a full-featured 3G / LTE modem for accessing the Internet.

The advantages of using such a camera are obvious to owners of country houses:

  • Ensuring the safety and security of the home;
  • The ability to supervise what happens on the site during the absence of the owner;
  • Exercising control over children, servants or elderly parents in need of custody;
  • The ability to change the mode and settings of the camera;
  • The ability to view photos and files that were captured by the camera, save them on a memory card or any connected device;
  • The ability to install several devices over the entire area of ​​a country house or summer cottage. They will work as a single system and synchronously transmit the resulting image to the screen connected to them.

In addition to the standard set of functions, GSM cameras can be equIPped with additional software.

One of the popular add-ons is the ability to notify about unauthorized GoPro of not one, but several subscribers. Thus, if the phone of the owner of the device is turned off or outside the range of his home network, MMS will be received either by his relatives, neighbors, or a police officer, etc.

As a rule, a camera installed outdoors is additionally equIPped with an antenna, which allows receiving a better signal. In this case, the device does NOT need a cable. The only thing that needs to be provided for it is uninterrupted power supply. For this, the camera is equIPped with a battery, which must be charged from time to time from the mains.

Connecting the camera over the Internet

If there is an uninterrupted Internet in a country house, you can easily connect a camera to it for monitoring. This can be the installation of one or several devices, both outdoor and indoor.

Such a smart device supports almost any communication protocols and has the ability to broadcast online, using the network connection using the selected operator.

Connected cameras for summer cottages via the Internet allow the user to view the image from them on their device, from anywhere in the world. over, the broadcast will be carried out in live.

Depending on the model chosen, such an IP camera can zoom in and out, rotate in different directions, transmit a picture with or without sound. Users can configure settings from any distance from the smart device.

There are several types of IP-intercoms, differing in the method of data transmission and the capabilities provided. Learn more about a smart device from this article.

Such a camera can be installed without laying a cable to connect to the Network. It will not get tangled under your feet and spoil the appearance of the site. For this it is necessary that the device is equIPped with a Wi-Fi module. With its help, the image will be sent to a router or computer without any wires. The device is controlled in the same way as a GSM camera.

GSM camera for home and summer cottage: Basic functions

Despite the fact that the camera for the summer residence slightly resembles a funny toy and is inexpensive, nevertheless it is capable of performing quite serious functions.

The first and, perhaps, the main one is sending an alarm signal in the form of an MMS message to the owner’s phone. The image shows the cause of the concern, the start time of the action and contains information directly in the camera itself.

The camera can react to movement and turn on IR illumination in poor lighting conditions.

The device is able to write all information to the hard disk. If there is no signal from the cellular operator, the device will NOT stop working, but will continue to record.

There is also an excellent opportunity to connect the camera to the GSM alarm system, which is a separate unit. This will make the device independent of the mains and truly autonomous.

GSM camera for home and garden: how to choose and install a camera

The device, designed to guard a country house for a long time and without the presence of the owners on the spot, must work continuously. To do this, you need to know how to install the camera in the country correctly.

It is important to determine the location of the device. It must be chosen so that robbers cannot easily disable the system. For this, the upper floor of the attic, lighting poles, roofs of houses are suitable. If possible, it is better to completely disguise the camera.

As for the technical side, it is better to entrust the installation of a camera of any kind to a professional. In addition to the fact that the work will be carried out at a height, there is a risk of damage Not only the equIPment, but also damage your health.

Synchronization and setup with a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone requires some knowledge. Therefore, in order for the device to work at the proper level, it is better to call the master, who narrowly specializes in various surveillance systems.

The choice of a camera should be approached with all responsibility, since only an intercom with high definition recording can fix a person’s face. For advice on choosing the right equIPment, read this article.

Before installing on the street, you need to think in advance that in winter, frosts are severe and sometimes exceed the mark. C. Therefore, the camera body must be frost-resistant, as well as protect equIPment from dust, wind, rain and other unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

As for the choice of a particular model, it is difficult to advise anything here. only after that their assortment on the modern market is simply huge. But, like any other technique, it is best to buy a camera from a reliable GoPro manufacturer, who has already managed to establish itself. And be sure to pay attention to parameters such as:

  • Matrix resolution (it is desirable that it be from 670 TVL and above)
  • Availability of automatic day-night function;
  • Number of IR LEDs (24 pieces are enough to illuminate a distance of 20 meters);
  • Lens size;
  • Operating temperature and type of power supply;
  • The ability to transmit a color image;
  • Compatibility with alarms, if any;
  • The presence of a microphone, memory card, Wi-Fi adapter and other additional options.

Before making a purchase, it is important to study all the characteristics of the selected model and DO NOT overpay for functions that you DO NOT have to use.

Installing a GSM camera in the country is NOT a luxury now. This need is dictated by living conditions. The presence of the camera will also enable its owners NOT to be included in the crime news bulletins of their region.

How to choose?

The modern hardware market is represented by a variety of models. The assortment has options that allow you to transfer information using Internet resources or cellular communications. There are models that work autonomously. To choose the option that suits you, you need to evaluate the functionality of the equIPment. Think about which zones you would like to take control of your site.

Internet surveillance is suitable when you need to monitor either your home or a specific part of the site. In the case of providing integrated protection, a more serious equIPment is required. It includes surveillance cameras for several zones (external and internal). The outdoor camera is provided with protective covers and motion sensors. The cover will hide the peephole from rain, snow, second external influences.

The current information is recorded on the camera with a sensor in three main modes:

  • Uninterrupted recording;
  • According to the established schedule;
  • Only after the sensor detects movement in the zone that is under control.

There is one significant drawback in this type of cameras. they react to the movement of animals. Some devices have a protective function in which there is no reaction to animals, but such models are much more expensive.

One of the fundamentally fundamental characteristics of the camera is the image quality, its clarity during transmission. Much of the monitoring process will depend on the signal of the ISP. Be sure to test the camera in test mode before buying it.

Choosing a surveillance camera for a summer residence

  • Features of placement and installation
  • How to choose?
  • Autonomous surveillance
  • 3G cameras
  • Cloud Cameras
  • How to install?

Surveillance cameras have ceased to be a luxury available only to owners of luxurious mansions. Often seldom visited houses in their summer cottages are found by the owners with traces of burglary and the loss of the most valuable property. You can protect your home from unauthorized intrusion by strangers using either a security guard or a tracking system. For monitoring, cameras with a motion sensor, battery-powered, wireless, with remote access are used.

Features of placement and installation

Experts consider cameras to be the optimal solution to the issue of protecting a summer residence. It is difficult to ensure full control over the protection of property both outside and inside the house. Among the advantages of such a system are noted:

  • The ability to track the site in real time (you will always know what is happening at the moment in the house, at the door, in the fence and behind it)
  • Formation of archive records, allowing you to return any day after the expired period and restore certain events (just view the file)
  • Creation of the necessary evidence for the investigation authorities, if necessary;
  • Adequate cost, the ability to choose a system for any wallet;
  • Fast and easy installation.

Thus, one can easily get information about any period of time in the present or the past. These materials will help Not only bring to justice the violator of the law, but also find him. Archive of records facilitates the simplification of investigative and criminal or administrative measures.

If the owners do not live in the country permanently, it would be more correct to install a ready-made surveillance kit. In the second cases, a surveillance camera with an online Internet connection is sufficient. She will allow you to remotely monitor the house. Thanks to this, you can immediately call the law enforcement agencies if any illegal actions in relation to your property are noticed.

Cloud Cameras

For example, cameras are connected without complicated prescribing settings. It is enough to download the mobile application and show the QR code to the camera through it. After which the camera will start broadcasting and recording, react to the motion sensor.

In the future, you can also control all devices (for example, distribute access rights and set up detection zones in cameras that monitor the rooms and the adjoining territory) via the Internet in an application that works on any phone or tablet.

Cloud cameras reliably protect all data from theft. recordings can be stored Not only locally, on a memory card, but also in remote servers (in the cloud by subscrIPtion), protected at the level of banking applications.

Archive records are available at any time through the app. It has a classic timeline that makes it easy to move. There is also a search in the archive for a specific section of the frame and time. This is convenient because it is easy to find the desired fragment in the system. When strangers entered the site, the cat disappeared somewhere, the car keys were lost somewhere.

And what about those who have a stable Internet connection for their summer cottages? In this case, the Cloud Service offers to connect the camera to a special LTE antenna that amplifies the mobile signal. An antenna using a SIM card of any mobile operator amplifies the signal of the mobile Internet to such an extent that it becomes possible to connect several cloud surveillance cameras at once.

3G cameras

Surveillance using a GSM system takes place using a mobile phone and a call. Among the advantages of this type of cameras, one can single out an affordable price and mobility, and among the disadvantages. the inability to save an archive. Therefore, for constant monitoring, they purchase recorders with a recording function. However, GSM cameras equIPped with a SIM card, which can belong to any telecom operator, can be supplemented with a memory card, on which the archive will be saved.

Autonomous surveillance

This type of surveillance system does NOT require an internet connection, so it is suitable for areas with an unstable signal. The complete set of such a system consists of the camera itself and a power supply unit. The recorder is equIPped with a hard disk on which the recording of what is happening is carried out. Experienced fraudsters can easily identify the presence of a registrar. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend hiding it in a special metal cabinet. It will prevent hacking and destruction of records.

How to install?

This question is relevant for almost all owners of summer cottages. The correct organization of monitoring directly depends on its proper placement and quality installation. It is necessary that the system works in real time, records and stores information with minimal financial costs.

If you decide to independently establish surveillance at your summer cottage, you need to perform a number of actions.

  • You should purchase the entire set of equIPment: cameras, router, recorder. The cost of the latter directly depends on how many cameras can be connected to it (the more connectors, the more expensive the equIPment).
  • Then you should think over the placement of the eyes and place the cameras in place. After that, they are connected to the power supply.
  • In case of installing analog cameras, connection to the recorder is required. The latter, in turn, connects to a PC or laptop to monitor what is happening. The monitor will allow you to configure the best recording parameters, connect to the network.
  • Internet surveillance requires connecting the DVR to a router or provider’s network cable. The kit of any camera includes a detailed instruction, following which you can easily adjust the image and other parameters.
  • Important Make sure that all components fit together, otherwise the system will NOT function. Therefore, it is necessary either to consult with specialists, or to purchase a ready-made surveillance system.

Covert surveillance is very effective, but it is necessary to find places in which the cameras will be located as invisibly as possible. They do NOT have to be readily available. Experts recommend purchasing compact cameras equIPped with drives.

You can learn more about how to install and connect a surveillance camera with your own hands.

The specifics of installing surveillance in the country

An attacker in a dacha village has more freedom of action and has additional time, often unlimited. Considering this, the installation sites of the equIPment perIPhery should be as hidden as possible or located out of reach, including with the help of improvised means: sticks, stones, etc.

It is necessary to hide the recorder in hard-to-reach places inside the house, as well as to carry out hidden cable laying. Since using it, the attacker can easily find the key elements of the surveillance system and disable it. At the same time, the owner will not only be deprived of expensive equIPment, but also evidence of illegal actions.

Camera installation locations Must be difficult to access, but effective for the surveillance function
PHOTO: lIPetsk.Tigris-CCTV.Ru

The use of equIPment of the wi-fi standard is the best option from the point of view of secrecy of placement, in addition, it greatly facilitates installation. However, it is worth remembering that only information is transmitted via a wireless channel, and the recorder is powered by a wire. So the cable routing in this case still DO NOT run away.

Aerial. cable routing to the camera
PHOTO: samelectrik.Ru

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How the surveillance system is implemented in practice in the country / in a country house:

Additional elements

Additional equIPment usually means different signal amplifiers. With regard to cable routes, it is recommended to use the following devices:

Data transmission devices

Wi-fi router. It is required to purchase it if you are using the Compliant Wireless Cameras. It should be noted that the power of the routers is indicated by the manufacturer with a proviso within line of sight. That is, the walls of the house can significantly reduce the data transmission range. Therefore, it is better to purchase a more powerful router or antenna amplifiers.

Regular Wi-fi router with an additional antenna

GSM module. In many ready-made kits, the gsm module is built directly into the recorder or the surveillance camera itself. It is used for operational data transmission and remote monitoring of the object. When using it, it will be necessary to additionally purchase from a mobile operator a sim card with a service package that provides Internet access.

A universal wi-fi and 3G router with antennas and amplifiers is the optimal solution for a suburban surveillance system
PHOTO: micro-drive.Ru

Creating a planning scheme

In order for the surveillance system to be effective and perform all the functions assigned to it, a planning scheme is created. It is necessary to indicate the location of the main equIPment and camera viewing angles.

An example of a planning scheme, applicable to a summer cottage
PHOTO: nadzor.Ua

Using a copy of the master plan of the site, on which the scale is indicated, as a planning diagram, you can determine the required amount of cable. But at the same time, one should take into account Not only horizontal, but also vertical laying, tolerances for angles and bends to bypass various building structures and decorative and finishing elements. It is most advisable to walk with a tape measure along the cable laying line and find out the Required footage.

It is recommended to install cameras on the wall of the house as high as possible

Outdoor surveillance camera camouflaged in a birdhouse
PHOTO: auto.


Designed to collect data storage and processing. For a summer cottage and a small private house, the minimum technical parameters of the registrar should be as follows:

  • Ability to connect 4-6 surveillance cameras;
  • Use of modern methods (codecs) for processing H.264 data;
  • Adjustable recording speed, but not less than 25 frames / sec for each camera;
  • 1-1.5 TB hard drive;
  • The ability to connect to a cloud resource for online data transfer.

Using repeaters

The transmission of information requires a fairly wide communication channel. Often, summer cottages are located in places with a weak mobile signal. For a regular conversation on a cell phone, It doesn’t matter. But when using the surveillance system remotely, failures and a significant decrease in performance can be observed. The way out of this situation is to purchase and install a GSM signal amplifier. repeater.

Repeater for surveillance system

Installation and connection of a GSM signal amplifier is of particular difficulty, however, it requires strict adherence to the following rules:

  • The device should be located NOT closer than 1 m from the heating system elements;
  • It is advisable to install an external antenna outdoors together with a stable (albeit minimal) mobile connection;
  • It is recommended to lay the coaxial cable connecting the repeater and the antenna in accordance with the previously stated requirements.

Installing the external antenna of the cellular amplifier
PHOTO: mobilebooster.Ru

Surveillance cameras

Taking into account the fact that surveillance cameras for summer cottages will be installed mainly outside, their internal structure and operational parameters will look like this:

Matrix. CMOS. Despite the fact that it is more expensive than a CCD matrix, it is highly recommended to use it. CMOS sensors are more resistant to temperature changes and are much cheaper;

Resolution. from 2 to 5 MRS. This range of values ​​is universal and allows you to configure cameras both for panoramic shooting of the area adjacent to the house, and for remote monitoring of the entrance group.

The level of image resolution and its impact on the ability to recognize faces
PHOTO: IPvision.By

Light sensitivity. from 0.01 Lux. Together with an additional source of infrared illumination, this is quite enough to obtain a high-quality image at a distance of 10-15 m;

Lens. variable focal length 4-9 mm.

Effect of focal length on the image
PHOTO: kb-sb.Ru

Installation of a surveillance system for a summer residence

The surveillance system installed in the country must be designed in such a way as to perform the following functions:

  • Carry out recording, processing and storage (transfer to cloud storage) of information;
  • Identified an unauthorized violation of the perimeter or movement (finding) in the controlled area;
  • To inform the owners of the detection of violators using the available means of communication (phone call, MMS, SMS, e-mail);
  • Provide the possibility of remote access to control the current situation at a protected facility or view the data archive.