How to install two WhatsApp accounts on one phone? TOP-5 methods!

Two WhatsApp accounts on one phone are reality or myth? In this review, we will find the answer to the question. you will find out whether it is possible to use several accounts on one smartphone at the same time. We will teach you the necessary tricks that allow you to independently expand the capabilities of an ordinary user. you will open new horizons.

An important question that is worth finding an answer right away. is it possible to use two Watsaps on one phone at the same time? The official method provided by the developers does not exist. Unfortunately, such an option has not yet been implemented.

Agree, two WhatsApp accounts may need many users. The question is especially relevant for those who use two SIM cards in one smartphone.

  • Unfortunately, the program uses to authorize the number of a cell phone;
  • The mobile number is tied to a specific device, it will not work to install a second cellular;
  • The messenger does not have the possibility of withdrawing from an account and re.authorization under a different WhatsApp account;
  • If you open the application using a cell phone, using the second mobile number on the same smartphone will no longer be possible.

Is it possible to install two WhatsApp on one phone now you know. it’s time to talk about the tricks that allow you to do this in two accounts.

Many are also interested in whether one WhatsApp account can be used for two phones. We also tried to solve this problem in another article.


The desired possibility of using several WhatsApp accounts on one phone provides software. you can find a lot of class available solutions that even a beginner can handle.

First we will talk about how to implement 2 WhatsApp on one Android phone. we will analyze all available options.

Parallel Space

This program allows you to duplicate any program. you will create a working copy in two clicks absolutely legally. Let’s talk about how to install the second WhatsApp on the Android phone using this:

  • Open Google Google Play and enter the name of the program in the search line;
  • Find the desired result in the issuance and click on the loading icon;
  • The copying process will start automatically;
  • After the process is completed, hold the icon on the screen;
  • Drag the label to the top panel so that it moves to the desktop;
  • Return to the main screen and open the clone of the messenger;
  • Enter the account according to the instructions.

WhatsApp Tricks that EVERYONE should be using!

Ready! You can enjoy two WhatsApp applications simultaneously through different icons.


The second answer to the question of how to install two Watsaps on one phone is Ogwhatsapp. This is another solution for creating work clones on any device.

  • Open the Google store and enter the name in the search line;
  • Find the desired program and click on the “Download” button;
  • Wait for a full installation.

Now we work with the previously installed WhatsApp:

  • Open the messenger and click on the settings button;
  • Go to the “chat” block and open the “Reserve Copy” section;
  • Copy all the data in the connected cloud.

At the time of writing the article (Summer 2019), this application was absent in Play Market. It is possible that he will be returned soon, and you will be able to use its functionality.

  • Enter the parameters of the smartphone and find the file manager;
  • Find the messenger folder and rename it into “WhatsAppold”;
  • Return to the settings, find the block with applications;
  • In the list, find the VOTSAP and click on the “Clean Cache” icon;
  • Now click on the “Delete Program” button;
  • Rename the folder in the file manager again. this time select the name “OgwhatsApp”.
  • Open the OgwhatsApp program and register the old telephone number;
  • Go to Google Plai and download Vottsap again;
  • Complete registration in the account using the second number.

Everything went successfully, you managed to independently install the second WhatsApp!

Business version

You can install 2 Watsap on one phone using a business version intended for business correspondence. In fact, this is the same application with an extended set of functions. it works regardless of the main account.

You just need to download the version from Google Plai Market and start it on the main screen. To undergo authorization, use the subscription instructions on the screen.

Separately, we will discuss how to make two WhatsApp on one Samsung phone.

Dual Messenger from Samsung

The capabilities of Samsung allows you to run two accounts on one device without resorting to software.

Supported only by new smartphone models.

  • Open the phone parameters;
  • Go to the section “Additional”;
  • Find a line with the inscription “Dual Messenger”;
  • A list of all programs that can be used in two modes at the same time will appear on the screen;
  • Click on the messenger icon;
  • Following the instructions, load a legal clone to the device;
  • Pass the authorization procedure with the second SIM card data.

This method did not help? We proceed to the next option.

App Cloner

Want to get the label on the desktop? Urgently install the App Cloner from the Play Market:

  • Duplication will occur automatically;
  • Enter the data of the second account and click on the “Entrance” icon;
  • Return to the EP Kloner and click on the “Add Label to the Desktop” icon.

Important! In no case do not remove software from the phone. without it, the cloning function will not be carried out.

Can two WhatsApp on one iPhone work? We discuss the possible ways!

The WhatsApp Business app

So whatsApp Inc. I released, in addition to the WhatsApp Messenger application, the new WhatsApp Business application.

Most importantly, the new application can be installed without any tricks on the phone simultaneously with WhatsApp Messenger!

Use WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business simultaneously: you can use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on one phone, but each application should be tied to a unique phone number.

Set Up WhatsApp Secret Messenger in Android (Dual and Hide)

The WhatsApp Business application is compatible with WhatsApp Messenger, that is, through it you can communicate with users who have WhatsApp Messenger installed.

The company positions this application as more business, by creating the profile of its organization and some other functions:

WhatsApp Business allows your company to be presented in WhatsApp, more efficiently communicate with customers, and also helps your business grow.

This is how the setting of the organization’s profile looks where you can set the logo, address and hours of operation of your company, email and site, and this information will be visible to other people:

Read more about the application of WhatsApp Business:

The WhatsApp Business app, created in addition to the usual WhatsApp, as the name implies, is intended for business heels. What kind of business tools are in the application and how to use them?

Simultaneous use of WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business

Thus, both of these applications can be put on the phone completely and use them at the same time by tying WhatsApp Messenger to a personal SIM card, and WhatsApp Business-to working.

The second account does not have to be a worker, so you can use both applications as personal.

In fact, the smartphone does not have to be two. You can install both applications WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business and a single-seat smartphone, but the second application must be recorded on another phone number and somehow organize the receipt of the registration code from the second SIM card, for example, temporarily installing it in another phone. After registration, the second SIM card is no longer needed, only Internet access is required.

The same applies to the iPhone, which have one SIM card.

How to connect a second device using additional services and confirming Root-right

There are several applications that allow us to “copy” WhatsApp from one device to another, but they need a ROOT-right to use them. This is a special mode of using a device in which the user is given permission to change in the system configuration. For example, using a Root-right, you can remove systemic restrictions and change the functionality of applications. Only android owners have such an option. iOS does not give permission for system changes.

You can get a Root-right at any Android device, but the procedure itself differs, depending on the model, firmware and version of the system. Information can be found on one of the technical forums. for example, 4PDA. Register on the forum and find the topic dedicated to your smartphone-the process of obtaining a Root-right will be described in detail there in detail.

After completing all the instructions, you can install the WhatsApp copy on the second phone. for example, Titaniumbackupu.

install, second, whatsapp, samsung, learn

Cloning WhatsApp on the second phone using Titaniumbackupu

    Appendix on both of your smartphones. Both must be connected to Root-right.

  • Launch the application on the main phone and make a backup of WhatsApp through settings.
  • Move a copy to the second phone to the Titaniumbackup folder.
  • Open the application on the second phone and select “Package Actions”.
  • Click “Restore the absent software with the source data”, find in the WhatsApp list that appears.
  • Click “PO and Data”.
  • After that, the WhatsApp application with your account and preserved chats will appear on your second smartphone.

At the same time, you will receive notifications for both devices, but the messages will be saved on the smartphone where you read them first.

Remember that Root-right is an unsafe method of using a smartphone. For example, after receiving them, the phone “flies” with a guarantee and becomes vulnerable to malware. Also some applications. for example, banking. will not work. Instructions for obtaining a ROOT-right must be observed very carefully, as some errors can damage the system firmware. Use Root-right only if you are confident in your abilities and realize all the risks.

Owners of Android Smartphones have more options for connecting one WhatsApp account to two smartphones, but a risk-made method using a Root-right. An error in obtaining advanced rights can lead to the firmware of the smartphone to damage and it will turn into a useless gadget. The safest way is to use WhatsApp Web. Yes, opening a messenger in a browser is not as convenient as in the application, but this option will not lead to unpredictable consequences.

How to connect the second number WhatsApp to iOS

Until recently, the iPhone supported only one SIM card, but everything changed with the XS model-it had 2 slots for SIM cards. modern iPhone models support one physical and one electronic SIM card. That is, theoretically, you can also register two WhatsApp accounts for them. True, there are fewer ways than Android devices:

  • Using WhatsApp Business. The mechanics here are the same as on Android.
  • Using Tutuhelper is an alternative application store in which, inter alia, there is WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Business app

This is an official way that allows the use of 2 different WhatsApp accounts. The installation process is almost the same with the same Android process that we described above:

  • Download the application in the AppStore.
  • Open it. when starting, the application will invite you to register an account for the main phone number. Refuse and specify the second number.
  • Follow the tips of the application to complete the registration. And instead of the name of the company, indicate your name.

Tutuhelper app

An alternative online store allows you to download various applications that help expand iOS capabilities and change its configuration. In this case, we are interested in another version of WhatsApp. To download it, follow the instructions:

  • Download and install the Tutuhelper application from the official website.
  • At the first launch, download the developer certificate.
  • Go to the smartphone to “Settings” and find the item “Basic”.
  • Go to the point “VPN and device control”.
  • Find the line “Winner Media Co., Ltd “Click” Trust “.
  • Open the loaded Tutuhelper app.
  • Find WhatsApp in the list of programs and click the download icon. after that, the second messenger will be loaded onto the desktop.
  • Give a permit for installation from the company “Jianahaiwei Co., Ltd “.
  • In the second WhatsApp, pass the usual registration, but with another phone number.

How to tie WhatsApp with other messengers

To simplify the process of sending contact details, use the free service of multi.liners from holink. It is easy to create a multilink with it, which will contain several contacts. When it is opened on the screen, thematic clickable buttons will be highlighted, which redirect users directly into the chat. This is what the contacts made in the multi.lifter look like.

This is a multitasking designer that allows you to independently create an online store, its own site, blog. Using special tools, you can add convenient forms of payment and feedback, check the analyst, bring the site to the top of popular search engines. For social networks, you can create thematic buttons that will be forwarded to the corresponding profile.

How to make one WhatsApp on two phones: instructions

A special version of the messenger for a computer that is available from a mobile will help to duplicate the simultaneous entrance from different smartphones. This solution can be called quite legal, released by the same developers and allowed for use.

Its essence is that on one phone you open the application, and on the second you start the messenger through the browser. Active Internet connection allows you to synchronize their work. In order to make one WhatsApp on two phones, adhere to the next algorithm:

  • Install messenger on the first smartphone WhatsApp, And enter the account.
  • If you have a phone under the control of the Android operating system, then open the tab “Chats”. Click on three points at the top right, and in the falling list, slip to the item “WhatsApp Web”.
  • IPhone owners should open a section “Settings” and select the tab “WhatsApp Web “.
  • On the second phone, open the installed browser.
  • Go through the address line on the site
  • Click on three points of the browser. the upper right corner, select the option in the menu “Desktop version”.
  • In the top panel of the site, tap the “WhatsApp Web” tab.
  • You will see a QR code, scan it with the first phone.

After these manipulations on the second phone are performed, the user integration will be displayed. This version is completely ready for work, and you simultaneously got one WhatsApp on two phones.

For full work, you cannot break the connection between two phones. Since there is a continuous data exchange between devices. If you stop the work of one, the work session will be automatically completed.

How to download WhatsApp on Samsung: the lightest instruction!

Want to download WhatsApp on Samsung, but don’t know where to start? In detail we will cover this question. you can use our instructions to achieve the desired result. The review will be useful to beginner users and those who have recently bought a new smartphone and have not yet learned how to manage it 100%.

From Google Play

Let’s try to download WhatsApp on Samsung phone? We do the following:

  • Open the Google Play store preinstalled on the device;
  • Pull the name of the messenger into the search line on the top panel;
  • Find a suitable output result and click on the loading icon;

From the site on the computer

Ready! You were able to download WhatsApp for Samsung. Start using. There is an alternative option, you can use the official website using a computer:

The first question is how to download WhatsApp on Samsung. solved! You can start registration if you have not created an account before. If there is a profile, just log in using a mobile phone.


The process of creating the user profile is as simple as possible-the main thing is to make sure that there is an Internet connection and check the performance of the SIM card. Launch the application, tell you how to connect WhatsApp to Samsung‘s phone!

  • Wait for the incoming message with the confirmation code and fit it into the corresponding window;
  • Agree with the terms of the user agreement by pressing the corresponding button;
  • Enter the name and surname in the corresponding fields (you can use real data, you can set the pseudonym);
  • If desired, load the avatar, clicking on the camera icon.

We remind you that the process of creating an account is completely free. you do not have to transfer money and indicate other data, except for a mobile phone.

I figured out how to configure WhatsApp on the Samsung phone! Accounting is created, you can write to friends. Do not forget to give the system permission to access contacts, chamber, microphone. This is normal. otherwise you cannot add a list of users, you will not be able to call and send pictures. Access requests appear automatically.

Knowing how to install WhatsApp on Samsung, you can start communication in the messenger in a few minutes. We are sure that dozens of friends and acquaintances are registered in it. there will be someone to talk to on personal or business topics. Forward!

Businnes version

And how to install WhatsApp on 2 numbers per phone if there is no cloning option (on Android or iPhone, it does not matter)? There is another option. although some may seem insufficiently comfortable.

Everyone solves the issue of comfortable use for himself. we only tell an affordable way that allows you to install WhatsApp on two numbers on one Samsung/Iphone/Honor phone or any other.

We will use the business version of the application! This is a separate program that can be found completely free in Google Play Market or Epstore.

Do not worry, you will not have to learn to use a new difficult messenger. The functionality of business versions almost completely repeats the usual program, but with the addition of new options: shortcuts, quick and automatic answers, the ability to fill out the profile of the company.

Downloading a business mixer? Just open it and pass the authorization with the help of a new mobile! Be careful if you try to use one SIM card, the system will simply automatically switch you from a regular account to a business profile.

Web version

If you are interested in how to configure WhatsApp on both numbers on the phone with 2 SIM cards using a web version, you are forced to disappoint you. On a mobile device, opening a web version will simply not work, the browser will automatically redirect you to the loading page of the mobile application.

You can use a web-mixer on a computer or devices without a SIM card, for example, on a tablet. Convenient addition, but on the smartphone it is not available!

They talked about how to connect WhatsApp to the second number on one phone. there are several work options! If necessary, you can really use two different accounts on one device. sometimes it is easy to arrange, sometimes you have to cheat a little.

install, second, whatsapp, samsung, learn

How to put two WhatsApp on one smartphone with Android

For iOS and Android, we will take different ways. If you have a phone with a “green man”, it will be easier for you to put a second version of “Watsap”: download the option of the Business messenger or make a duplicate available on the WhatsApp phone using a special application.

Installation of another version of the messenger. an option with a note by Business

WhatsApp Business. an official application from the same developer. This is just a more extended analogue. for entrepreneurs and companies. All the functions of a simple version are included in the business version, so you can safely download it. How to do this, we will tell:

    Go to the Play Market program store. Put in the field for searching a request with the name Business. Slide on “install“, agree to the installation (accept the conditions of use).

Just click on “install” and wait for the end of the download and installation procedure

Launch the program through the home screen

Cloning via Parallel Space

If you don’t like the business version of the utility, make a copy of your simple “Watsap” using a program for duplication (cloning) of applications. First, consider an example of work with Parallel Space:

install, second, whatsapp, samsung, learn

    Launch Play Market, find a utility called Parallel Space from the developer LBE Tech. Put it on a smartphone as a regular program (just click on “install” and wait until the procedure is completed).

When installing Parallel Space via Play Market, click on “Open”

On the Parallel Space platform, note only the WhatsApp messenger

Accept the conditions for the installation of the second “Watsap”

The clone “Watsap” will only work through Parallel Space

Cloning via App Cloner

Unlike Parallel Space, this instrument for duplicating programs allows you to add clones to the “desktop” Android clones. But they will still work only through this tool (you can’t remove it from the phone while you want to use the second “Watsap”). Let’s talk about working at App Cloner:

    So that the second “WhatsApp” is subsequently recognized by your Android system, go to the settings. Open a block with safety parameters. In the menu, allow the installation of programs from unknown sources.

Tap the WhatsApp icon in the blue menu

Wait until the clone of “Watsap” is established

Add a shortcut to the “desktop” to have quick access to the second “Watsap”

As a result, there will be two Watsap icons on the “desktop”

How to install two WhatsApp on one iPhone

There are no applications duplication programs for iOS. In the case of “iPhone” you can use modified versions of “Vastapa”. You can download them from stores.

We load the TutuApp store

One of the options for and reliable stores is TUTUAPP. How to start working in it:

    Open the standard iPhone observer (compass icon). We drive a request in the search bar go to the site.

Download TutuApp and run the installation of a store

Follow the installation process on the future application icon

In the main parameters, open the “device control” menu

Click on the “trust” in the dialog box

Open the newly installed store

Click on the green button “Free download”

We are waiting for the installation of the second “Watsap” to be successfully completed

Download another store. TweakboxApp

If you have not been able to “make friends” with TutuApp, proceed to the next method. TweakboxApp to store:

    In a standard observer (or any other there is no difference), open the TweakboxApp

Find and open the TweakboxApp website from the IPhone browser

Confirm the download of the installation file

Run the installation, and when it ends, click on “Ready”

For Androids, use either the application business version or a duplicate messenger. Cloning is possible due to App Cloner, Parallel Space and other programs that are available in Play Market. For iOS, you have to find the modified application “WhatsApp” in one of the stores.