How to install the application on the samsung smart TV, if it is not in apps

Samsung Smart TVs. Some of the best on the market. Excellent matrix and sound, quality and durability of the device. all these advantages make many buyers with resistant television adherents from Samsung. Such TVs have a wide range of installed and affordable applications capable of please even the most sophisticated user. But, as you know, there is no good much. Many users would like to install third-party applications on their TV-receiver SAMSUNG. How to install such an application to your Samsung Smart TV if it is missing in Apps. Tell about it in our material.

As you know, Samsung TVs do not work directly with Play Market, and use their own digital application store, which is called “Apps”. You can go to it, download from there you liked the application to your TV Samsung, and further use the functionality of the specified application.

If the necessary application in “Apps” does not turn out, then such an application will be needed to be installed by. To do this, you must need a computer. It is also necessary that your TV and PC are connected to one wireless network.

Before starting the installation process of the third-party application on TV Samsung, disconnect temporarily on PC antivirus and firewall capable of preventing the process.

Next, we will tell you how to install the application on the Samsung TV from 2016 and later releases, if it is not in apps. The installation itself takes several stages:

Below we will analyze each of the specified stages.


All channels are available for viewing if you connect via Wi-Fi Router or Cable TV. Most users prefer a wireless Internet connection, In this case, no need to stretch the cable. The main action will be the installation of the desired program through the inteeis Smart Hub.

What applications are best used, the top best

Widgets. Special programs that expand the functionality of the TV. You can download them from the network as a fee and free. The list of the most popular widgets are:

install, program, smart, connection

    TV-remote. Suitable for smartphone or tablet running Android, which turn into a device. Channels switched easy. “TV remote” supports the most famous brands of televisions, which causes the popularity of this program.

Here are the most popular top applications for Smart TV for smart samsung TVs. But actually there are much more.

Configuring Internet Connection on Smart TV

To configure SMART TV, the TV must be connected to the Internet. Most often for this purpose used home Wi-Fi. To understand the nuances of the connection take a specific model and let it be samsung MU6400.

  • After pressing the SMART TV button, the user will notify the need to connect to the Internet. Click on the “Next” button.
  • Stop your choice of the method of connecting to the World Wide Web on the most convenient. Speech can go both about a wired version (by cable) and about wireless (Wi-Fi). With the first embodiment, the connection is carried out using an ordinary cable, at the end of which there is a RJ connector. But we will focus on the wireless version.
  • To find your Wi-Fi, the “Update” button is pressed.
  • A list of available networks will be displayed, among which you need to select the user belonging to the user. Enter your password and click on the button “Finish”.

How to add applications on LG Smart TV

Because in Smart TVs LG has no Android, you can find it difficult to download and install applications on Smart TVs LG. But do not worry, familiarizing yourself with this manual, you will no longer than specific user LG TV. There are two ways to install applications on Smart TV LG. These methods should work almost with all smart TVs LG. So, let’s start with the first way.

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LG Content Store can be defined as a PlayStore for all LG TVs running Webos. The store has many applications that you can install and choose from them. To simplify the task, here are the steps you can follow to add applications on LG TV from the LG content store.

  • Make sure your Smart TV LG is connected to the Internet.
  • On the remote control of the TV, click Home.
  • It will open LG Content Store.
  • At the top of the screen you will see the category “Applications”.
  • Select it to open the list of applications available in LG Content Store.
  • Select the application you want to add and press the Installation button.
  • You can then launch the application on your LG Smart TV after it is installed.

What happens if the memory of your LG TV will be filled? You can always connect an external drive, such as USB to store your applications on it. Please note that you will not be able to install applications. Sometimes there can be applications that you want to install on your LG TV, but not available in your country. So what are you doing? Well, the only way to get these applications is to change the country of LG services on your LG Smart TV. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the settings on your LG Smart TV.
  • In the settings, go to all settings, and then to the general.
  • Select “Location” and then “LG Service Country”.
  • Now select the desired country.
  • After you have chosen the country, you will be asked to adopt an agreement. Read the agreement and click Yes.
  • Now your TV will reboot to make changes.
  • After restarting the TV just go to the LG Content Store, and you will see new applications that you can view and add to your LG Smart TV.

Streaming applications through Amazon Firestick

Now, if you just want to use a flash drive for a streaming device, such as Amazon Firestick, you can always use it to install or, rather, streaming applications directly with Firestick.

  • Connect the Firestick to the SAMSUNG HDMI port.
  • Make sure your TV is turned on as well as Firestick.
  • Most importantly, make sure your TV is connected to the Internet.
  • On the TV, switch to the input channel to which Firestick has been connected.
  • Now log in to your Amazon account to access FireStick features.
  • View various applications available in the store, and immediately use them.
  • You will not be able to download the app, and you can immediately broadcast its content.

These are 5 methods that you can use to add applications to Samsung Smart TV from the store, as well as third-party applications. Always make sure that you download applications that support televisions and make sure that you download them from authoritative sources that do not contain viruses or malicious programs that can infect and influence your Samsung SMART TV.

install, program, smart, connection

How to install applications on samsung smart TV

Before explaining how to do it, you may be interested, why talk about the installation process from this manufacturer. This is due to its operating system: Tizen. Unlike many other models, Samsung Smart TVs have their own operating system, which, although it may look like Android TV has differences. For this reason, although it really changes most in the case of “non-original” applications, we want to apply this process for these SMART TV.

  • Make sure your TV is connected to the Internet. This can be done through the device settings, in the section of the networks where you can connect to the house. Wi-Fi. Depending on the model, you can also connect your Internet to the Internet via Ethernet Cable. The latter will be possible if your screen has an appropriate connection on the rear panel.
  • Click “Home” with a house symbol on the remote control of the TV.
  • In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, scroll to “apps” and click to access it. It is known under the name Smart Hub and is nothing but a SAMSUNG smart TV store.
  • Once at the application store, you can search for the desired application in the directory, from different categories or using the search engine.
  • When you find the application you want to download, click on it to enter, and then select “Set” so that it will be part of the application directory of your TV.
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To access the application store and install them on your TV, it will ask you to log in with the Samsung account. If you do not have it, you have to create it using a valid e-mail and it only takes a few minutes, which will allow you to maximize the possibilities of your TV.

Installing applications on SMART TV

To install applications to different models SMART TV, you will need a few minutes of patience. Self-configuration of programs on the TV will save money on the call of the wizard and will help create a convenient selection of widgets “for yourself”.

Each TV manufacturer has its own operating system on which the device works. For her, unique widgets have been developed that help to manage inteeis. The remaining applications can be downloaded in a special store.


Communication in social networks has become the everyday routine of most people. MediaScope portal conducted research in the field of Internet projects of Russia. For October 2021, 3 sites for communication were hit on attendance. The list includes Whatsapp, Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

SMART TV opens access to all browser social networks and those that have a separate application.

What programs for communication can be downloaded for a TV:

  • Skype. Popular application for calls. You can talk free of charge with friends and relatives from other countries, correspond in private and shared chats. To use on TV, you will need an account, webcam and microphone;
  • , Vk. The most common social networks that are also installed for Smart TV. They have adaptive advanced intees for large TV. An existing account is required to enter. After login, you get all the functions of social. Networks: Chatting, audiosiles, listening to music, watching videos, buying gifts and games.


Services that are originally included in the TV package. These are TV players and download utilities. The entire list of recommended programs can be found in the Smart TV menu.


Programs of different topics that the user himself can download in the app store.

Examples of popular custom widgets:

  • Megogo. 40 million enjoys online cinema. Man from CIS countries. In the catalog. 250 television channels and 77,000 video. The user pays for viewing content. At the same time, all films and programs in excellent quality, including HD format. You can put a video pause, and continue to look from the same place on another device;
  • YouTube. Video hosting, which practically does not have competition in his niche. According to the General Director of Susan Vochitski platform, in May 2021 they used 1.9 billion. of people. And the figure is increasing. People love YouTube for a big collection of free content, recommendation system and stream. In many models of TVs with the Smart TV, the application is already installed by default;
  • TV-remote. Downloading this application will simplify the use of the TV. It is installed on a smartphone. TV Additional software is not required. You only need to make sure that the device has an infrared port;
  • Twitch TV. The largest streaming platform on which you can see the broadcast of game developers and their fans. Fans of popular streamers communicate with the author of the content in the chat, make donations and subscribe to the channel for a fee. Excellent opportunity to see your favorite players on the big TV screen.

How to transfer files from a computer to a TV

To do this, you need to download a couple of applications on PC and your Android TV. Open the Play Market on the TV and find the Send Files to TV app. It is free, but includes purchases.

Through the application, it is convenient to transmit files from PC on Android TV

  • Install it and go to Android TV settings to give the necessary permissions to transfer files;
  • Select “Applications”, then scroll down to the “Application Permissions” item;
  • In the Permissions list, go down to the bottom of the list by selecting “Files and Media Files”;
  • We are looking for our Send Files to TV app and click OK on the remote;
  • Select “Allow” so that the program has access to TV files.
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Without this permission, the application will not be able to work with.APK

Not all. It is important to allow installation and operation to unknown applications.

  • We return back to “Appendices” and choose “Security and Restrictions”, then “Unknown Sources”;
  • Activate the slider near our program Send Files to TV.

Have to dig a little in the settings, but it is worth it

install, program, smart, connection

Now you need to install the same program on your PC. Honestly, it was a big problem to find her: it was removed from Microsoft Store, and in other sources you need to try hard to find it. But the program can be downloaded for this link. You can safely install. no viruses, I checked.

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You will need a file manager to install the file on the TV. I advise Solid Explorer, it is free and there is a Play Market for Android TV, simple and understandable to use. It is important to give it access to the file system and installing unknown applications.

Solid Explorer is simple and understandable to use

  • In the settings, select “Applications” again;
  • We go to the “application permissions” item, then “Files and Media Files”;
  • Turn on “Allow” to Solid Explorer;
  • We return back and go to “Security and Restrictions”, choose unknown sources and activate the slider near Solid Explorer.

The program is installed and all the necessary permissions are given. Next, you need to go to the website APK Mirror from the computer. it is the applications downloaded from there, work on Android TV. All my attempts to install the same Google Chrome from the Google site ended with failure.

All my unsuccessful attempts to install Google Chrome on Android TV

And TV and PC must be connected to one Wi-Fi network!

  • After installing Send Files to TV Icon will hang in Tare. Also run the program on the TV;
  • Right-click “Send Files”: select File.APK on a computer;
  • Then select your TV in the window to send the file. Be sure to run the program on your TV: otherwise the computer will not find the device;
  • Click Double-click on the device: File Transfer will start.
  • After the end of the transfer, we go to Solid Explorer and select the Downloads folder. Open the file.Apk and start installation.

Next, no unforeseen situations should happen. Google Chrome works on Android TV, but in order to conveniently use it, a wireless keyboard and mouse will be required. So you can install the application on Android TV.

What to do if not account

If the Smart TV function is turned on on the LG TV, then you need to register. The authorization process itself is not complicated, but must comply with some conditions. After connecting the device to the Internet, you need to choose the country where the user is located and convenient to work the language. It is important that all the data are faithful, especially the location of the device. This will ensure the stable functionality of the TV.

Before registering, the user will be given an agreement that must be adopted. Otherwise, registration will not be held.

It should be remembered that applications can be deleted from the device and install new. What allows you to use a TV for entertainment and pleasant leisure.