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Many smartphones have an Android operating system, where it is originally a mass of icons behind which various applications are hidden. Before dealing, how to put an app on Android, let’s figure it out what the Android application means?

Android application is a program with a clear functionality, which is designed for normal operation on a smartphone, taking into account its capabilities. For example, such a program can be a game, the application of public services, the Sberbank app, app and other numerous android applications.

On the other hand, Android application is a “apk” format file (from English Android Package).

File “APK” is an executive or installation. It contains application code and all the resources required to start and running applications. After passing the installation procedure, the APK file can be used by the application.

According to the fact that the Android application is

That and put the application on Android in two ways:

Preparation of Android OS

The smartphone automatically recognizes any application received from Google Play as “Unknown Appendix”. Therefore, in the settings you need to allow installing from unknown sources.

Make it enough just. Go to Settings section. Select “Security” (or “Screen Lock and Safety”). Find the Device Administration item and turn on the installation from unknown sources.


After permission to install applications from unknown sources, you will need to find an APK file in the smartphone. Usually on Android already has a standard file manager. If it is not, go to Google Play and look for applications by keyword “File Manager”. There will be many options. Choose any of them or just download the most popular. CX File Explorer.

Android emulator

The next simple way to launch Android applications on PC is the use of an Android emulator, developed by Google as part of the software developer kit (SDK). The emulator can be used to create virtual devices with any version of Android on board with different screen resolutions and hardware configurations. The first disadvantage of this method can be called a rather complicated installation and configuration process.

First you need to download the SDK developer package from the official Google website and use the included SDK Manager to download the required platforms. As of mid-May 2015, the latest available version in the instrument. Android AVD Manager is used to create and manage virtual devices. Google has already conducted a preset tool optimized for Nexus devices, but you can adjust the parameters manually. After downloading the virtual device, you need to install applications, but the emulator is the basic version of Android without set by Google applications.

Since the emulator originally does not contain a Google Play Client, you need to independently execute file operations. Download APK file you want to install (it can be a Google application package or third-party applications) and transfer the file to the tool folder in the SDK directory. Then use the command line when the ADB is running to enter the following ADB Install Filename.APK. The application must be added to the list of applications created virtual device

The positive side of this method is to use the unmodified version of Android directly from the source. The method of displaying applications in the emulator will be identical to display on physical devices, and almost all applications must be operational. The tool can be used to pre-check applications before the direct test phase on the device. The disadvantage of the emulator is his slowness that knocks off the habit to run applications in it. On the launch of heavy games can not be speech.

What are XAPK and APKM files?

Due to some restrictions entered by Google to publish applications in Play Market, the size of the Android application cannot exceed a certain size. The developers of large applications, such as mobile games, can use additional resource files that are needed to work applications or games and will download after its installation and first launch.

The community of developers and users invented new formats for disseminating mobile applications that allow in one file to store all the necessary resources and files. Xapk and APKM files are archives that can include multiple APK files and additional resources (cache). These formats are gaining popularity on software portals, such as APKPURE.COM and APKMIRROR.COM, especially for downloading mobile games.

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How to install the application.APK on Android (game or program)

Installing applications without using Google Play on Android. Task is quite simple. In addition, she has several types of solutions. Using this instruction, you will learn how to use each of them.

Why do you need to install applications without using Google Play? And does this phone hurt? Among the main reasons for which third-party sources have to be used, you can highlight the cost savings (sometimes more money is spent on the game than on its purchase), saving money (on the Internet you can often find free APK files of those applications for which in Google Play We have to pay money), and, in addition, the lack of applications on Google Play (some developers distribute their applications bypassing the store from Google to monetize development using site visitors. Example. Sopcast streaming video player). Therefore, the ability to install applications without Google Play will always be useful for you.

Installing third-party applications from proven sources, such as 5App.RU, will not harm your phone. On our site all applications are verified for viruses and malicious scripts, and therefore your phone will always stay in full security. It is worth noting that even installing the application using Google Play does not always guarantee your device full safety.

In order to freely download and install applications from third-party sites, you need to allow the phone to install from unverified sources. It is simple. In the new versions of Android, the corresponding settings can be done by going to the settings, and then in the Security section. One of the graph in this section is the graph “Unknown sources”, in which you need to put a tick, and then agree with the introduction of changes.

In addition, you will need any file manager. 5App.RU recommends using Total Commander for these purposes. Click this link. To download it using Google Play.

That’s all! Now you can put applications not from Google Play.

one. The first and easiest way is to install applications actually from the phone.

In order to pour the application to the smartphone, you need to download it right away. Use for this internal browser of your phone (in the screenshot example from Google Chrome for Android). Enter the address of the site in the address bar of the browser (for example, 5App.RU), Find and download the APK file you need. On site 5App.Ru Links to download applications are under reviews where you can download them for free.

Next you need to be taped by reference, after which the application file downloads to your device will begin. Usually, the default download occurs in the SDCard / Download folder in the internal memory of your phone. After downloading, you can leave the browser to start the next stage.

Next, you need to start your file manager (in our case it is Total Commander), after which in the device file system find our apk file. As already mentioned, it is usually located in the Download folder in the internal memory of the phone.

After you have found the downloaded application file, you need to open it. Total Commander When you click on the application icon, there are three options: Install, open as Zip and Google Play. Choose “install”. Next, the device itself will once again ask you about the installation. Press “install” again. We are waiting for the completion of the installation process. and everything! The application is flooded with your device!

2. A second way to save mobile traffic is to save Android application from a personal computer using a USB cable.

Run from the comroyer any Internet browser and go to the site with applications, for example, on 5App.Ru. We are looking for the program you like and download it, as in the previous method. Save the APK file to any folder on the computer.

Next, we connect your device to a computer using a USB cable. After that, pull the “blind” on the Android device and select “Connect as a data storage device” or “Media device”. After that, go to “My Computer” and we are looking for your phone or tablet.

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Copy the previously downloaded APK file in any folder of the device on Android and remember it. After copying the smartphone can be disconnected from PC.

Using all the same Total Commander or any other conductor, we are looking for a folder in which the application saved. Found? You are almost.

As in the past method, open the apk file, tapping on it and double-click “install“. We are waiting for the completion of the installation process and rejoice. The application is flooded on the smartphone!

3. The third way to install applications on Android concerns the installation of games with cache.

The fact is that some developers to reduce the size of the downloaded file separate part of the game elements from the APK file. In this case, it is necessary to install the game separately, and separate cache. Exception. Games that followed by the necessary files after installation.

So what we need for this type of installation? The easiest way is the installation with PC. First, download the APK file application and the cache attached to it. Save both files to any folder of your computer. Next, using the second method described above, install the application file (APK).

After that, go to the cache. On site 5App.EN In the installation instructions always described, in which folder you must put your cache. We are looking for and open it using “My Computer”. In a separate window, open the cache file. It is usually archived to ZIP- or RAR file. Using the appropriate archiver, remove the folder with the cache from the archive. After that copy it to the phone to the folder specified in the review. Most often, this is the SDCard / Android / Data / OBB folder, but there are exceptions. For example, the cache sometimes has to be copied to the SDCard / Android / Data / or SDCard / Gameloft / Games / (Gameloft games) folders. In any case, downloading applications with 5App.RU, you will not be mistaken. The main thing. pay attention to the instructions.

Other ways to install applications for Android

Most of the methods of installing utilities, games or other files on Android smartphones described above are related to independent search for applications on third-party sites. They are not considered the most successful and especially safe, since the risk of acquiring the virus much grows.

Schestal Methods for Downloading Games and Utilities is associated with visiting shops and playgrounds that work like Google Play. This is simply alternative and less promoted sources offering installation files. You can take note of the stores of the most famous manufacturers.

Methods of installing additional applications are known quite a lot today. Even novice users will be with success, spending no more than half an hour. When downloading files from third-party, previously unknown resources should not be forgotten about the safety and probability to establish a malicious software.

Change device settings

On some Android devices, it is impossible to shut down from a computer and install them. Before that, you need to allow the device to install from unidentified sources:

  • Open settings.
  • We find the item “Applications”.
  • We find and put a tick at the point, which will be called something like this: “Unknown sources”. on different versions of Android will look different, but the value remains the same.

Allow other sources to install applications on your device

Installing Applications on Android from Memory Card (or How to Install APK on Android)

In this case, you will need appsInstaller application, which can be found on Android Market. Download or copy the application files to APK memory card, run Apps Installer. The application scans the memory card for APK files and gives a list of application available for installation. Choose the desired application, a few more seconds for installation and everything is ready!

To do this, you will need a file manager for Android. ES File Explorer (ES Explorer), Astro File Manager, Glance, Explorer, X-Plore and T.D. Just like in the previous case, you download or copy the APK application for Android to the memory card, then run the file manager, find a copied file and run. the installation begins.

One important point! If you install the application not via Android Market, you first need to put a tick in the application settings Unknown sources (allow the installation of applications received not from the market)

We hope now you understand how to install an app on Android.

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If you still have questions about installing applications, you can specify them in the Question section.

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You can install the application from the memory card using many other managers programs. For example, using various ASTRO, IO File Manager, ES / ES File Manager, Explorer, ETC.

It was necessary to narrow the 3rd point of this post, which could not be addicted at once.) Thanks for the comment!

The device installed an ES Explorer. When trying to open. writes “An application error”. What can be done, or how to replace this application?

Try reinstalling the application. Replace ES File Explorer by another file Manager: Astro File Manager, X-Plore, Glance, Filego, EFile and T.D.

Thanks a lot! Very useful information.

On the HTC Legend device installed through the AppsInstaller market and does writes write (the application unexpectedly stopped. try again) what to do? thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately, AppsInstaller does not work on Android 2.2

Sorry, I recently bought a tablet, and not it stands Android 2.2 I wanted to know whether it is possible to put paid injections for free?I would like to use the same elementary office to use or it is necessary to do something like jailbreak like iOS?

If you dig on the Internet, you can find many paid applications (free of charge). Then you just need to copy.APK application file on the Android device and install the application one of the above methods.

Or install Black Market

Do Android applications in memory card sets.

Starting with Android 2.2 (Froyo) such an opportunity. In addition, the application itself must support the installation on the map.

AppsInstaller only from Market Download?? And through the computer is not like?

The application itself can be downloaded here. AppsInstaller But it is more convenient to use Android Market (application or web version).

Hey. Bought HTC Cosmo, began to climb the phone did not find the conductor. Tell me how to install? I know that you can from the market, but I have download stops. thanks in advance.

Tell me how to install appsinstaller to the phone (I have Sony Eric Ikspiria) If it is already in the row on PC?

Copy the application to the root of the memory card to the phone, open the standard browser and type in the address bar. Content: // COM.Android.HTMLFILEPROVIDER / SDCARD / Name.Apk, click “Run”. The application will be installed.

In this case, you do not need to connect to the Internet.

No inet not phone how to install arc.

Copy.APK file from a computer to the root of a memory card to the phone, open the standard browser and type in the address bar Content: // COM.Android.HTMLFILEPROVIDER / SDCARD / Name.Apk, click “Run”. The application will be installed. Or use the file manager (paragraph 3).

Good afternoon! Tell me, but you can install applications from the Android website market on a computer (there is a button to install, but writes that there are no devices). Just it would be easier!

Yes, of course you can. To do this, log in to the market.Android.COM under the same Google account that is registered in your phone, then when you click “Set” you can select the device. About the web version of Android Market was written here. This article is time to rewrite and add. thanks for the comment!

To do this, log in to the market.Android.COM under the same Google account that is registered in your phone, then when you click “Set” you can select the device.

And why should I know what is spelled out / not spelled out in my phone? Personally, I did not prescribe anything, only registered on this until.Mr. Market. Select devices. it meant that? Select the phone where you need to install? In what cases it should be connected to PC? Damn, nervous.On Simbe everything was easier.

And also, sorry, put a lot of applications, and when you first start, you need to connect to the Internet! So it should be t.E. Android all applications do not work without internet.