Not installed browser for opening a link to Android what to do?

One of the most remarkable features of the Android user intees is the integration of the system with all installed applications. An example is the opening of links in applications or a moment switching from web content to the desired application.

However, in some cases, when you try to open any link, a message appears that the default browser is not set to open this link. This is usually due to the fact that this type of links in the phone settings is not associated with any specific browser. In case of launching such a link, the system issues a request for starting any browsers available in it to process this reference, offering to select the best option, and install it as used by default.

Let’s look at how it can be done using Standard Android, on Samsung and Xiaomi phones, as well as using built-in tools of your browser.

It will come in handy: how to activate incognito mode in mobile Yandex.Browser.

Google Chrome

This is the most popular mobile browser on Android with a built-in translator, if you believe the download statistics on Google Play (more than 5,000,000,000 downloads). It is a standard browser for the Android OS and is installed automatically with the firmware and other Google Services. This explains his incredible popularity.

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However, many users are not satisfied with many, since he strongly loads the system and the battery of smartphones, it requires a lot of RAM, monitors the user’s actions and has an unlocked news tape. That is why immediately after buying a phone, many seek to establish an alternative web browser for Söing on the Internet.

The advantages of this product should include the instantaneous page download, extension support, the simplest inteeis, a convenient menu, the ability to integrate with Google account and Google Assistant voice helper. If you could remove the surveillance and get a little more customization options, then there was no mobile chrome.

  • High page loading speed;
  • Integration in OS;
  • Support voice assistant;
  • Convenient menu;
  • Extension support;
  • Understandable settings;
  • Thoughtful inteeis;
  • Simplified mode and incognito;
  • Built-in reader;
  • Stable work.
  • Surveillance for user actions;
  • Accelerated battery consumption;
  • Consumption of a large amount of RAM;
  • Not for budget smartphones.

Yandex.Browser. with Alice

To add a quick and convenient site (site page) to bookmarks, you can apply the hotkeys function on the keyboard, using a combination of two Ctrld keys.

Current version:
Updated: 26.02.2022
Android version: 6.0 and above
Link to Google Play: Yandex.Browser
Developer: Yandex apps
Inteeis language: Russian
Spreads: For free
Category: Browsers
Age restrictions: 3

Yandex.Browser (Yandex Browser). browser for comfortable and fast work on the Internet with Android devices. Yandex Browser is noticeably allocated among other browsers due to high page loading speed. It became possible thanks to the turbo mode 2.0. Therefore, if you often watch online video on the Internet, you will definitely need to install your application from Yandex to your phone.

Another useful feature of Yandex Browser is a smart line of addresses. The browser itself determines which site you are trying to find. You do not need to introduce a complete address of the site. just enter the initial letters and the browser will give you a list of offered sites. It considerably saves time. Those sites and pages that you attend most often you do not have to search at all, because they are always on your screen and are available to one touch.

Yandex browser has a system of pop-up tips, showing facts and numbers that can be useful to you. It is very important that all your data is automatically saved on the Yandex server. If something happens with your android, then you can not worry about the safety of data. you are easily restored.

Built-in advertising blocker will save you from annoying advertising, and Alice’s voice assistant will help solve everyday tasks, such as: tell me, what the weather outside the window will determine what is in a photo or entertaining you with a funny story. Yandex.Browser for Android Download APK can be free in Russian and without registration from our site.

How to update on samsung devices

Smartphones of this brand have their own set of applications, one of which is the browser Samsung Internet Browser. Yandex can be downloaded through this browser, or through a special application store that the manufacturer has installed on a smartphone. It is called Galaxy Apps.

  • In the store settings, select My Applications menu.
  • Find Yandex. Browser, click on the “Update” link. In the absence of update, there will be no links.

On Samsung devices, updates can be carried out through the playmarket, similarly as in the phones from other manufacturers.

How to install the default browser on Android

There are several methods that allow you to change the standard browser on the smartphone. Each of them can lead to one result, so first read them, and then select any option.

through browser settings

Most modern web seers have a tab in their settings, allowing you to select a specific default browser. It is worth noting that this section is missing in the Google Chrome application, so it is recommended to go here to the next method. In other cases, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the desired web page viewing tool. In our case, it will be Opera.
  • Next, click on “three points” or an interactive program icon.
  • Then select “Parameters” from the opened list. Also instead of the text there may be a gear icon.
  • Now we are looking for an item “Make the default browser”. Please note that it can have a different name.
  • After the device screen, a window will appear in which you want to check the lines near the line “Always” or “Remember Selection”. Next from the list of web browsers, choose the desired application.

through phone settings

The following method that allows you to change the default browser on Android will use standard system functions. Let’s not tomorrow and move on to the detailed leadership:

  • Open the settings of the smartphone. This is done by pressing the program icon or the transition through the curtain of notifications.
  • Then go to the “All Applications” tab.
  • Here we click on the “three points”, located in the right right of the screen.
  • From the opening list, select “Default applications”.
  • Click on the “Browser“.
  • Select the necessary web browser.

Now when opening sites, the system will not offer to select a web seer.

through the following link

It should be understood that this method only works when the permanent web seer is not yet selected. First of all, open the application where the desired link is located, after:

  • Click on the URL site. If the transition is carried out from notes or notes, you allocate the address and choose “Open in the browser”.
  • After the display should appear the window. It is necessary to put a tick in the “Always” or “Remember Selection”.
  • Then click on the icon of the selected web seer.

Now all links will automatically open in the specified web browser. Of course, if you wish, it can always be changed, but for this you will need to use the first or second way.

How to change the default browser in Android settings

If you need to change the default browser on your Android phone, the easiest way is to use the system settings. In the Android settings, any of the installed web charts can be selected as the default browser.

In order to use this way you need to open Android settings. This can be done with the top curtain, icons on the desktop or icon in the list of all applications. After opening the “Settings” application, go to the “Applications and Notifications” section.

Next, you need to scroll through the settings to the easiest end and open “Extended Settings”. In some cases, this section of the settings may be called “Advanced Settings”.

Further, again, scroll through the list of available settings and find the “Default Applications” section. This section of the settings is used to change the applications that are open by default, with certain user actions.

In the “Application Default” section you need to go to the browser subsection.

Here will be available a list of all web browsers that are installed on your Android phone. In order to change the default browser, just select one of the proposed options.

By remembering this method of installing the default browser, you can change other defaults. For example, in the same way, you can configure the default application for calls, SMS messages, contactless payment, voice input and t.D.

What is the default browser

If several Internet browsers are installed on the phone or computer, the user can select one of them as the main one and install it by the default browser. It is in it that all active links from other applications or messages will be opened.

If you do not specify the main web browser, smartphone or PC when you try to open the link will constantly ask what software must be used to download the site. The selection of the main program allows you to skip the selection procedure and speed up access to the information of interest.

install, browser, phone

Typically, the main web browser is selected by the program that a person most often uses for seining on the Internet. If he cannot decide, pay attention to the one that works faster and loads pages, and also has a simpler and convenient inteeis.

Popular Android browsers in Russian. Top Browsers on Android Telephone, Tablet, TV Download APK Files Files Films that can be without registration. Our resource contains popular browsers, such as: Opera, Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser and many others.

Application from a computer browser with data synchronization, high loading speed and drop-down prompts.

Browser for quick download web pages saturated animation, scripts and other graphics, saving your online traffic.

Browser for Android OS, characterized by stability and high speed connection, with built-in download manager.

Popular browser for mobile phone processing mobile phones, thanks to the compression of the downloaded pages.

High-speed browser for Android with support for the turbo mode, intelligent address string and pop-up tip system.

Mobile official browser supporting work with tabs and expanding opportunities through additional plugins.

Browser for an anonymous visit to sites that hides personal information from trackers and advertising online.

Browser from Xiaomi with special features for downloading video files and images from popular social networks.

An application that is a good alternative to a standard browser with a high degree of protection and confidentiality.

Mobile browser with Flash support and high speed download web pages through cloud servers.

Installing the default web browser using your own settings

Many browser mobile versions allow you to change the associations to open URLs through your own settings.

For example, for Yandex.Browser for this should be followed by such an algorithm:

For the Mozilla browser, the corresponding settings look like this:

install, browser, phone

On the Opera browser, the transaction of the default browser looks like this:

As you can see, in Android phones, changing the default browser (or applications) is made in several clicks, so that users can use this procedure with minimal experience using such smartphones.