How to transfer programs from an Apple device to a PC and why you need it?

You can transfer applications not only from a PC to a mobile device, but also in the opposite direction. Why do you need to do this? It’s very simple: if the program is stored on your computer, you will download it to your iPhone if necessary, even if you don’t have the Internet. After copying the utility to a PC, you can erase it from the memory of your mobile device so that it does not take up memory.

Transferring programs from iPhone to computer is done like this:

Launch iTunes and select the “File” tab.

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Find the “Devices” section and click on the “Move purchases from iPhone” item in the menu that opens.

Synchronization will start, after which all programs will be saved on the hard disk of the computer.

How to download and install the app on iPhone?

It seems that it could be easier. install the application from the AppStore on the iPhone! However, in the course of this procedure, users have difficulties associated most often with the quality of mobile coverage. With the ill-fated E, even downloading a simple utility weighing 10 MB turns into torment. to say nothing of professional programs like iMovie. If the quality of mobile coverage is poor, the iPhone will only make pitiful attempts to download the application, after which it will report that the download is impossible.

The described problem is very relevant for people who live on the outskirts of their cities. Fortunately, you do not need to change the operator to be able to install applications on the iPhone. it is better to use the power of the fixed (wired) Internet.

How to download apps on iPhone via iTunes?

The second method of downloading applications is a great solution for users whose mobile Internet leaves a lot to be desired. It is necessary to use the iTunes program on the PC and use it to transfer applications to the “apple” gadget. Follow these instructions:

Launch iTunes and go to the “Programs” section.

Select the “AppStore” tab.

In the search bar, write the name of the application that you want to download. Then hit enter.

The PC screen displays the results for your query in two rows: iPhone Apps and iPad Apps. In our case, we need a program for the iPhone, so we are looking in the first row.

Having found the required application, click the “Download” button located under the icon.

Enter your Apple ID password. as mentioned above, this is a required process. Then click “Buy”.

At the speeds that modern wired Internet offers, most programs download in just a few seconds. Go to the “Media Library” tab. if the application is in the list, then the download was successful.

All downloaded applications are stored in the computer memory in a folder that can be found under the path C: Users username MusiciTunesiTunes MediaMobile Applications. IPhone Application Format.ipa.

Next, we need a mobile device.

Connect iPhone to PC, go to the device control menu by clicking on the button with the smartphone image.

Start the process of syncing your mobile device and iTunes.

Once the process is complete, you will find the application on one of the iPhone desktops. If it is not there, it means that the program was not copied due to an insufficient OS version.

How to install the program from the AppStore directly from the iPhone?

There are several ways to download an application on an iPhone, and the first one to consider is the simplest one, but one that requires a stable 3G / 4G connection. downloading directly from an Apple device. The user is required to perform the following actions:

Type in the name of the application that interests you into the search engine. Then click the “Search” button in the lower right corner.

You can also search for popular apps in Apple’s Collections and Top Charts. To do this, you should use the corresponding tabs in the bottom panel.

Enter your Apple ID password. If you don’t have an Apple account yet, you’ll need to create one. Our site also tells how to create an account on the iPhone.

The difference between iOS and Android is that when downloading programs, the owner of the iPhone will be forced to enter the password from the Apple ID each time. In the case of Android, this is not required.

If the password is entered correctly, a circular loading indicator appears in place of the “Install” button.

In addition, you can tell how far the download process has progressed by the icon on one of the desktops.

Wait for the download to complete. Installation of programs on the iPhone happens automatically.

The more modern the operating system installed on your iPhone, the higher your chances of downloading the application. Each of the programs in the AppStore has requirements for the iOS version. For example, it is impossible to download the popular Periscope application on a gadget with the 7th “operating system”, because this software requires at least iOS 8.0.

You will learn that you should “upgrade” from a similar message:

How to download apps to iPhone via third-party file managers?

You can copy applications to the iPhone not only through iTunes, but also using third-party file managers, which have a number of advantages over the official media combine:

Traditionally, two utilities are cited as an example: iFunBox and iTools. We will look at how to transfer applications, using the first example. you can download it here:

Download the required program from the AppStore on your PC and launch iFunBox.

Connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable and make sure that the utility recognizes the device. The top panel should contain the name of the “apple” gadget and its modification.

Click on the “Install application” button and through the explorer find the program you want to transfer on the PC hard disk.

Then click “Open”. This will start the data transfer process, the progress of which can be monitored using the indicator at the bottom of the utility window.

At the end of the process, you will see a report, which will indicate how many applications have been successfully installed.

Please note that the iFunBox developers do not recommend downloading applications that weigh more than 1 GB through their program. There is a great risk that such an application will crash immediately after the initial splash screen.

How to download and install a jailbreak tweak on iPhone?

How to act if necessary download a tweak?

Add the repository from which you intend to download the application. This is done through the “Sources” button.

Please note that the list on the right offers the most popular repositories. in particular BigBoss and ModMyi. To add another to the list, click “Edit”, then “Add”.

Enter the name of the tweak you are interested in in the search box and wait for the search results.

Once you find the tweak you want, click on it. A page representing the application will open. here you should click on the “Install” button.

How to download multiple Apps in iPhone

All that remains is to wait for the download to complete. As you can see, the only difference between the procedures for downloading tweaks and official applications is the need to add repositories when using Cydia.

iFunBox and iTools can also be used to download tweaks to the iPhone. Another interesting application that can perform the functions of an intermediary is iFile. If you have such a utility on your mobile device, you don’t even need to have a computer at hand. You can download the deb package through any browser on the iPhone. iFile will take care of turning such a set of documents into an application.

IPhone users are constantly complaining about the lack of memory, but at the same time they continue to install applications, the importance of which, to put it mildly, is questionable. The solution to the memory problem is actually simple: it is recommended to transfer all programs that are stored on a smartphone “for a rainy day” and are not used regularly to a PC. For a computer’s hard drive, the space occupied by iPhone applications is a drop in the bucket. The mobile device itself will “breathe” much easier.

How to download apps on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2?

Recently, the of smartphones have increased dramatically and now many people are still using the iPhone 4. Today we will talk about how to download any application on iOS 7.1.2.

After all, many people want to use modern programs. Perhaps this is one of the most basic problems of old devices.

But do not get upset right away, because there is one very proven method and I will gladly share it with you and tell you what to do.

How to install apps on iPhone 4

So, well, I’ll start with the reason why today the iPhone 4 is considered so old and difficult to install, any popular program. It was distant 2010 and on June 7th this miracle was born, which now looks more like a small brick. However, it was then the most powerful smartphone on the market.

After its release, technologies began to move forward too quickly and literally three years later, Apple discontinued it.

In the same year, the brand new iOS 7 appeared, which was colossally redesigned. Naturally, the requirements for it were much higher.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the last version of iOS that this smartphone supports. And the main problem today is that the applications we need require at least iOS 8.0.

Let’s see how you can install older versions (the device is not connected to the PC):

  • run iTunes on your computer, if not, install (DOWNLOAD iTunes);
  • go to your Apple profile;
  • go to the App Store, find the desired application and install;
  • then we pick up our iPhone 4 and launch the App Store;
  • go to Updates. Purchases and find the program you need, click Install;
  • a message appears about the fact that you have an old OS and you can install the version for iOS 7.1.2, to which we answer YES.

That is, in principle, the whole procedure, which will actually take not so much time. The most important thing is that you don’t have to do anything complicated.

If you search on the Internet, you can also find a Jailbreak option. Then you can use the software you need through Cydia, but see for yourself.

A lot of people do it, but I’m not a fan of it. I just want to warn you that the protection of your personal data is immediately threatened.

The same situation if installed through third-party sites. You can download it is not clear what and then you will get a lot of problems.

CHANGES. If you’ve downloaded the latest version of iTunes, you won’t find the App Store there. The solution to this problem is described here. There is no program tab in iTunes.

That’s basically all the information that I wanted to share with you about how you can download an older version of the application on the iPhone 4, which runs on iOS 7.1.2.

Try this method and share your experience in the comments. Did it work at all, maybe Apple changed something and now this method is not available.

How to install two whatsapps on one iphone phone

To put two Watches on one phone, you can use several methods.

One of them is the installation of the TutuApp application. You can download it at

The second application is created, you can communicate, send files. use all the functions. One caveat: sometimes ads will be shown.

How to install a second WhatsApp on iPhone

Messengers have taken strong positions in our life. A person cannot do without Wotsap, Viber, Telegram and other applications. You don’t have to open your mail, read newspapers, or watch TV. But it is necessary to check whether the message has arrived. To always be in touch with relatives or clients, users install a second WhatsApp on iPhone and smartphone with Android OS.

What is the second whatsapp for?

Some even install two versions of Watsap on one phone. The reasons for this may vary. One program is started for communication with family, friends and relatives, and the second for work.

It is convenient when the work Whatsapp is used separately and is tied to a corporate number. It can be turned off during non-working hours so that Partners, colleagues and employees do not bother.

There is another messenger for the family that allows you to be in touch with your family at any time.

Someone uses the second version of Whatsapp for secret correspondence or communication with those people that others do not want to know about.

Sometimes hacking or Jailbreak is used to install Watsap, this is not recommended.

  • fast battery discharge;
  • failures and instability in the operation of the device;
  • iPhone security risk.

The application developers did not provide for the ability to use two Whatsapp clients at the same time. One account was intended for one device.

Therefore, installing an additional application is possible by workarounds and is not officially encouraged.

Whatsapp business

This app is used by small business owners. It looks the same as an ordinary messenger.

In addition to the main functions, a business account in WhatsApp has additional (advanced) options:

Simply customize auto messages for reminders, greetings and notifications.

After opening a business account, the organization confirms its profile and receives a green or gray checkmark. Verified accounts have a green checkmark, verified accounts have a gray one.

Confirmation of the company is at the discretion of Whatsapp and depends on the popularity, the number of years in the market and the image of the company.

Third Party Tools

To work in two Wotsap accounts, there are software solutions offered by third-party companies.

Among them, it is worth highlighting TweakBox. a mobile application service similar to Google.

First, install it and then confirm use:

  • You need to go to the “Menu”, select “Basic settings”, then go to “Profiles and device management”.
  • Then you need to confirm your trust in Daemon Sunshine Technology and choose Whatsapp.

You need to know that counterfeit iPhone software is potentially dangerous.

When installing unofficial apps, all information, Apple ID and password can be stolen.

There is no data on which servers are used for correspondence. The appearance of advertising. software disadvantages “”.

If you can’t get another iPhone, use the additional option.

You don’t have to hack or jailbreak your device to do this:

  • Download and install WhatsApp from GoogleAppStore in a standard way. Activate the device using the main phone number.
  • To add a 2nd account, launch the Safari browser.
  • Go to the website ios.othman.TV, from the offered services select WhatsApp2.
  • Click on the green button under the application icon.
  • In the dialog box that opens, you will be prompted to put a developer certificate on the iPhone. Confirm and click “Install”.
  • While WhatsApp 2 is installing, close your browser.

After the installation is complete, in the main settings section, you will need to confirm trust in the “VNE Software and” certificate. The second copy of Whatsapp can be run on your Iphone.

But with Viber I have serious problems

I have not had positive feelings for Viber for a long time, and the attitude towards him completely deteriorated when he refused to work on my two iPhones at the same time. I’m already silent about tons of advertising. yes, it was 2018 🙂

The story of finding an additional client for a second phone number turned out to be no less sad. It’s a pity, but the craftsmen I know just ignore this messenger.

Maybe you can tell me something?

Install two Telegrams on iPhone. no problem at all

Of course, on a two-digit iPhone, the easiest way is to use two Telegram accounts linked to different phone numbers.

Even the messenger support does not hide the fact that you can use two official applications from the App Store for this:

At the moment, you cannot link multiple accounts to any of them. Nevertheless, this may be implemented in the near future. this is clearly hinted at by the support of the corresponding feature in the Telegram app for Android.

Pros of the solution: this is an official opportunity to use two different Telegram accounts on one dual-SIM iPhone. this is useful for work and for personal purposes.

Cons of the solution: there are simply no significant disadvantages to this solution.

The second Messenger can be launched through the jailbroken

Unfortunately, I still have not been able to find a full-fledged additional Messenger for the second account.

Of course, several accounts can be linked to Messenger, but they do not work in parallel. they need to be switched in the settings, and this negates the meaning of the whole undertaking.

The crutch turned out to be an application from TweakBox. In its settings, you can disable automatic switching to a separate Messenger client and correspond via the web interface.

Yes, it’s still not so convenient, but much better than using the web version of the service through a browser.

Pros of the solution: it is more convenient than using the web version of the service for an additional account.

Cons of the solution: the web interface looks poor even in the application, there are no notifications.

How to Install Two WhatsApp on a Dual SIM iPhone

I have an iPhone XS Max in my hands with two full SIM cards straight from Hong Kong. Yes, I freaked out: I took not just the most expensive Apple smartphone, but also paid extra for a feature that I myself considered useless for a long time. It is necessary to squeeze the maximum out of the device!

I agree that calls are secondary today. Everyone communicates through instant messengers, and it would be cool to use two Telegram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber accounts on a two-SIM iPhone. Figured out how this is possible.

Two WhatsApps on one iPhone are also more than possible

WhatsApp is not as easy as it used to be.

A couple of years ago, the messenger supported third-party applications to which you could link an additional account, but now they simply do not exist.

After installing it, you will have to confirm the use through the menu “Settings” “General” “Profiles and controls. device “:

There are several options, but I settled on WhatsApp. this is a copy of the official client, which they are trying to keep up to date. It can be installed without any problems along with the application from the App Store and even offers additional features.

The only pity is that any software “” has advertising, and to disable it, you will have to pay.

Pros of the solution: you have two WhatsApp clients with different phone numbers. do whatever you want with this option.

Cons of the solution: it is not completely clear through which bypass servers your correspondence goes, and this advertisement is also

How it is more convenient to use two accounts in messengers

Without problems with two phone numbers, today you can only use Telegram, with WhatsApp you will have to turn your head a little, but Messenger and Viber are generally bypassed. Just m-i-m-o!

Nevertheless, of course, there is a way out, and it is obvious. another iPhone. If you really need an active sub account for any messengers, take a look at the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

I myself am still insanely glad that I did not sell my iPhone 7 for a penny and left it in a pair with the iPhone XS Max, even if it has two SIM cards.

Installing old versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2

With this guide, you can easily install applications (VK. Viber, Skype, YouTube and others) on iPhone 4, version iOS 7.1.2.

To install older versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2, you will need:

Computer with iTunes installed and Internet access;

iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2 and Internet access.

II. Downloading Apps to iTunes

In iTunes, select the Account tab, then click Sign In (Figure 5).

In the window that appears, enter the Apple ID and password of your iPhone 4 in the appropriate fields, then click Login (Fig. 6).

In the search field, enter the name of the iPhone application you are interested in (note in this manual, as an example, the VK application is selected, but you can choose any other) and press Enter, select the required application in the search results, then click the Download button. After finishing downloading the iTunes application, you can close (Fig. 7).

I. Installing iTunes

Go to the official site to download iTunes.

After going to the iTunes download page, click the Download button, after which the installation file will start downloading (Fig. 1).

In this guide, iTunes is installed on Windows 7; installation on other versions of Windows and Mac OS is done in the same way. Run the installation file, in the window that appears, click Next (Fig. 2).

In the installation parameters window, click Install, after which the installation will begin (Fig. 3).

After the installation is complete, check the box next to Open iTunes after exiting the installer, then click Finish (Figure 4).

III. Installing older versions of applications on iPhone 4

Connect iPhone 4 to the Internet (approx. Wi-Fi or mobile Internet) and go to the App Store (Fig. 8).

In the lower right corner, select Updates (Figure 9).

In the Updates menu, select Purchases (Figure 10).

Select the required application (in this manual, as an example, this is VK App) and click on the download icon from the cloud opposite the application (Fig. 11).

In the window that appears informing you about downloading the latest compatible version, click Download, after which the application will start downloading. After the download is complete, the application can be used (Fig. 12).

Now, using this guide, you can easily install any old versions of applications on iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2!