Design of the AirDods Pro headphones

Xiaomi AirDots Pro manual contains information about the gadget device. The headphones have silicone pads, microphones, indicators and various sensors. Before using the device for the first time, you should choose comfortable ear cushions that will not fall out of your ears. Even the comfort of wearing depends on the correct placement of the left and right earbuds. The designations Right (R) and Left (L) are on the tubes of the headphones. It can be difficult to find them the first time.

Light indication is located on top. In daylight it is little visible. There is a noise-canceling microphone on the side. It uses a touch sensor to activate it. Talk microphone placement is moved to the bottom of the earbuds. This makes the conversation sound directional. At the same time, microphones are present in both devices.

Also on the headset is a touch sensor that can recognize two types of touch. a double short and double withholding.

Tap functions are as follows:

  • Double-tap on any earpiece for an incoming call means you answer or end the call.
  • Tapping twice on the right earpiece starts or pauses music playback.
  • A 2-tap on the left earpiece launches the Siri voice assistant or Google Assistant, depending on the operating system of the external device.
  • If you hold the sensor for three seconds at the same time will activate noise reduction. As a confirmation of the successful activation of the mode with a beep. Repeated tap mutes the function.

How to turn on and off the headphones

Before you connect your gadget to external devices, you should understand how they are turned on and off. Redmi AirDots instructions for activating the headphones:. You need to charge the case and headset before turning it on for the first time Take the headphones out of the case, hold your finger on the touchpad for a few seconds. When the white indication appears, they will start up and be ready to use Hold your finger on the touchpad for a couple of seconds to disconnect the headset The second way to disconnect is to put the headphones in the case, after which they are automatically deactivated.

General Description

The package of Air Dots includes the headphones themselves, a case that includes a built-in battery, a USB charging cable, and additional ear cushions.

Controls are represented by touchpad only. It has LED indicators that turn on when charging or plugged into the device.

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Brushed plastic is used for manufacturing the case. The top is made of translucent material, so you can always see the battery indicator. The build quality is not bad, when closed, the cover is fixed firmly with a magnet. Similar magnets are used to secure the headphones in the case. The case itself has a compact size and fits well in your

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Xiaomi. Air Dots. Are they that bad? [Xiaomify]

Air Dots can be used as a headset (they can work together or separately) due to the fact that each earphone has a built-in microphone. The earphones fit your ears well, they are not too big and do not attract too much attention.

The light indication of AirDots has a different designation:

  • Red LED lights up when product is placed in case, it means it’s charging.
  • If the red light turns on after removing the headphones from the case and holding down the button for 10 seconds, the device is off.
  • Rapid flickering white light notifies the user that the headphones are searching for synchronization devices.
  • Slow white indication confirms readiness for pairing.

Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots. Instructions

To turn on the pairing mode, you need to hold both headphones, or rather their touch pads, located on the outside, for a few seconds, until the white indicators light up. After that, only the right earpiece will start flashing. this means that the headphones are available for pairing with your device. Go to the settings of the Bluetooth device to which you want to connect the headphones. The Mi AirDots BASIC_R appears in the available devices. these are your headphones.

So the device connects to the right headphone and the latter already connects to the left one. The right earpiece is the main one, but at the same time they can be connected separately and used as a Bluetooth headset, even on different devices. in this case, the available devices will display Mi AirDots BASIC_R or Mi AirDots BASIC_L respectively, depending on the connected earpiece. The connection method is similar, but hold down the touchpad of the one headphone you want.

Playback and call controls.

Single-touch to pause or answer an incoming call.Double-tap to call the voice assistant.Holding for one or more seconds cancels a call.Double tap during a call. mute the microphone.During on and off, a female voice says some Chinese words.Headphones work with any voice assistant: Siri, Google Assistant, Alice.To turn off and reset the headphones, you have to hold down the touch pads for a few seconds until the red lights come on.

If you take the earpiece out of your ear during use, playback doesn’t stop like with Airpods. They only disconnect when in the case, and connect back to the device when not in the case. If you put only the left earpiece into the case, it will turn off, while the right one will continue to work. And if you remove the right one, they both turn off.See live pictures of Xiaomi AirDots disassembly on our website. And here is a comparison with Mezu Pop, Free Buds and Airpods.

Instructions in Russian for the headphones Xiaomi Mi Air 2 / AirDots Pro 2. How to connect and charge the headset

The other day on the market came the new headphones from the company Xiaomi, which joined the ranks of copies of Airpods and easily squeeze the competition. Xiaomi Mi Air 2 model in the management is simple, but still requires a minimum knowledge of connecting to the phone, charging and mastering the control keys. All this and we will consider in this little instruction.

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Connection instructions

After checking the package, you can proceed to setting up Xiaomi AirDots.

In order to connect the device to your smartphone, you should:

  • Remove Xiaomi AirDots from the charging case.
  • On each headphone, the back surface is a touch button: if you press on it and hold for a few seconds, then the device begins to respond with the appropriate indication. You need to simultaneously press the buttons on the left and right earpiece. The key word is “simultaneously”: it is important to synchronize the movement of your hands as much as possible so that the “ears” can then automatically synchronize with each other and with your smartphone.
  • Hold down the keys: a white blinking light will appear on the right ear, then a red, then a red-white light. After a couple of seconds, after the red and white flicker appears, you must put the headphones back in the case.
  • It is important to verify that the charge indicators on the AirDots are working and then close the case.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your phone by swiping the menu and then clicking on the Bluetooth icon.
  • Open the case and remove the left earphone first, then the right. You need to perform the procedure in this order, otherwise when you connect the gadget to the phone will play only one earphone. the right one, and when you press the left “ear” will play only it. So, the synchronization will be done incorrectly.
  • After taking the device out of the case a white indicator will appear to show that the pairing process is completed.
  • Enter the phone settings by tapping on the gear icon (the location of the “Settings” menu depends on the smartphone model). Go to “Bluetooth”: wait for the “Other device” section to update.
  • In the “Other devices” menu you’ll see the name of the device you want to connect. Each earphone has its own designation: Redmi AirDots_L. for the left, Redmi AirDots_R. for the right.
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  • It is necessary to connect only the right earpiece. Redmi AirDots_R, in order to pair it with the phone. Synchronization with the left ear will occur automatically.
  • After the connection is established, Redmi AirDots_R will move from “Other devices” to “My devices. Next to its name will read “Connected”.
  • If Redmi AirDots_R does not appear in the general list, you need to turn Bluetooth off and on again. If this does not help, you need to reboot the smartphone and redo the connection procedure.
  • Go to “Bluetooth” on your iPhone/Android, wait for the headphone search process to complete. Connect the Redmi AirDots_R.
  • The “ear” will start blinking frequently: the pairing is being searched for. After about 15 seconds. The activation will take place.
  • Insert the headphones in your ears, turn on music or video on your smartphone. When the sound starts playing, you need to click on the power button on the left earphone and it will automatically connect to the right one.
  • If after connecting, the sound only plays in one earphone, you need to remove the pairing: go to “Settings”. Click on the “Bluetooth” section, click on the “i” icon in a blue circle next to the Redmi AirDots_R, and select the “Disconnect” option. Do the same with the Redmi AirDots_L (if the left earphone was connected to the smartphone for some reason). Reconnect the right earphone to the smartphone.
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Playback mode, the gadget lasts about 4 hours. If you use one earphone, it will give you about an hour more battery life, after which you will need to recharge it by putting it in the earphone case. If the case is completely discharged, it should be connected to a power source via USB cable.

If you failed to turn on the headphones, or only one works, you can try resetting Bluetooth settings as follows:

  • Cancel pairing with all devices: laptop, computer, smartphone, etc.д.
  • Disconnect both Xiaomi AirDots by pressing and holding the touch pads until the red indicators appear.
  • Repeatedly press the keys for 30-50 seconds., Wait for the white light to come on. Do not let go of the touchpad. After 10-20 seconds. The LED indicator will alternately blink white and red.
  • Hold down the keys until they are no longer lit. Wait a while. after indicators flicker, settings will be reset.
  • Return the headphones in the case, wait a few seconds and remove the device, wait until synchronization is complete, then you can reconnect the right earpiece to your smartphone.

To clear the Bluetooth cache, you need to perform the following manipulation:

First you need to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, then remove the headset from the case. Xiaomi headphones called Mi AirDots Basic_R will appear in the Bluetooth connection settings. Note that only the right earphone is detected at first, and the second earphone will be detected a little later.

Click on the name, and then the phone screen will ask you to allow the exchange of contacts. Synchronization is complete at this point.

At first, music can only sound in the right Xiaomi headphone, so to activate the left one requires touching the touch area on it, after which a stereo pair will immediately be created.