Reversing the implementation of the tray with the SIM card

Inserting the SIM card tray in Xiaomi is as easy as taking it out. First, the SIM card is inserted into the tray in the recess provided for it, and then the card slot/cards are inserted back into the slot from which it was removed. Slide the tray all the way in until you hear a distinctive click.

When inserting the tray in its place, the phone should be placed with the screen facing down, with the SIM card on top. It is not necessary to turn the device upside down after removing the tray so as not to be confused with which side to insert it. The phone must remain switched off when inserting the tray. It is activated only after a click.

Standard recommendations for Android smartphone owners

Xiaomi runs on the Android operating system, and some standard recommendations will be helpful, too:

  • Check the flight mode. when it is enabled, the mobile signal reception is deactivated, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stop working too. The option is often activated accidentally, so check the settings.
  • Figure out the general settings. card slot may be disabled. Go to the manager and just activate the SIM card. The second card will automatically come into action. the manager will activate both slots. If the card is on, but the phone doesn’t see it, try to send an SMS. The system will ask you to turn the card on by pressing to confirm in the dialog box. The “OK” button and everything will work.
  • Serious damage disables the card. Scratches, fractures, other deformations. a common cause of non-functioning SIM cards. Only replacement will help. To avoid damages in future, don’t take out the card, don’t carry it in a purse,. near keys. The cutting with scissors for size change is not the best idea. Prying a stuck SIM card with a needle or tweezers out of a slot often results in its failure. Phone number stays the same after changing the card. The release of a new one is free or almost free of charge (the price is like buying a new package) depending on the operator.
  • IMEI glitch occurred. an individual code, without which you can not call, write SMS. To check it enter a combination of characters # to display the code. In normal cases phone will show it, in other cases repair is needed. The cause of the damage and how to fix it you will be told at the service.
  • The firmware is glitchy. right away or after an update. Phone still works, but not all functions are available. The device needs to be returned to a restore point, fix bugs in the software part and update. If you don’t know how to do it, contact the service. In practice, Android phones often glitch after an update.
  • Update failed. the problem is not rare, it is easily solved by reflashing through a laptop, computer or by installing the TWRP Recovery patch manufacturer. Reset to factory settings for starters.

Test the contacts of the slot. they can be damaged by water (including rain, not necessarily bathing the phone). Some providers organize special offers, reducing the price of top models and tying them to a particular network. In this case, the phone will see the SIM card of only one operator.

Contacts of the card and the slot are sometimes rusty. cleaning with an eraser will help. Bad contact is caused by a bad grip. try taking the card out and putting it back in. If nothing happens, make an adjustment. There are other reasons, so when nothing helps, contact a service center.

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Inserting the SIM card

When all the nuances are taken into account, and the Xiaomi smartphone is ready to install the SIM card, you can get to work.

Removing the tray

First you need to open the SIM card slot. To do this:

  • Find the tray on one of the sides of the gadget. It looks like a thin rectangular strip with rounded corners. There will be a small dot next to it. a hole for the key;
  • Insert the key or a paper clip into the lock and apply light pressure. Press until a click, with which the tray will open. Do not put pressure on the slot itself, otherwise you could damage the mechanism;
  • Pull out the SIM compartment with your fingers.

Now you need to put the key and tray aside, in a prominent place so as not to lose or damage them.

Before removing the tray, it is advisable to turn off your smartphone. It is not necessary, but worth it just in case.

Installing the cards in the tray

Next, you need to properly insert the SIM cards in Xiaomi. They have a cut on one of the corners. Places on the tray will be the same shape, so you can not install the card incorrectly. In case the tray is through, you’ll need to be careful not to let the cards fall through. Before doing so, determine in which slot will be installed, if you plan to use two SIM cards at the same time. On some models, 4G may not work in the second slot. It’s also worth considering habit and putting the cards in the order they were in the previous phone.

Return the tray to the slot

Now you just need to insert the tray with SIM cards back into the slot. Hold it horizontally and carefully so cards don’t fall out or get lost. The screen of your smartphone should be facing upwards.

How to open the SIM card compartment of your Xiaomi Redmi 8?

To open the compartment that will hold the SIM card, all you need is a paper clip or the extraction tool provided with the purchase of the Xiaomi Redmi 8. On one side of your Android you can see a small box, next to which you should have a Small hole. You will need to insert a paper clip into this hole and push hard enough. The SIM and SD card compartment will open. Gently pull the box out of the slot.

How to insert the SIM card in Xiaomi or Redmi?

So, you finally bought your new smartphone from Xiaomi or Redmi, now it’s time to insert your SIM card into it. Let’s tell you how to do it right. Relevant for most of the company’s smartphones, including the Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8T, Redmi 7A, Redmi 9, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi 8a, Mi 10, etc.д.

We take the smartphone in our hands and find the tray on one of the side edges. Here’s what it looks like in our example (Redmi Note 8T):

Next take the paper clip that is included.

And lightly press. If it didn’t work, put a little more effort.

If you’ve done everything correctly, the tray will appear, and next you have to take it out with your hands. Make a note of how it is positioned in its seat.

As you can see, in our example, there are two separate slots for the SIM-card. If you have two SIM cards, insert both (NanoSIM format). If one, insert one. The first slot is the one closest to the memory card slot, although it doesn’t make any difference, you can use the second slot as well.

Now gently take the tray with the SIM card and insert it into the slot exactly as it was before.

If everything is done correctly, you will be prompted to enter the pin-code from the SIM-card, if it is enabled on it, or you can immediately call your friends and relatives, just wait until the connection signal appears in the status-bar.

If the SIM card has a different size, it is easiest to go to the salon of your operator and change the SIM card new kit usually supports all three popular sizes of SIM, you do not have to cut anything.

Most Xiaomi smartphones have support for two SIM cards. You can install both micro-SIM and nano-SIM in Xiaomi.

The smartphone also has the ability to insert a memory card instead of nano-SIM, then in this case you can only use micro-SIM and memory card.

Clever people on the Internet have invented a way to use two SIM-cards and a memory card, called “sandwich”. It is not always possible to cut the nano-SIM properly, and it does not always fit.

How to insert simultaneously USB flash drive and the second SIM card on Redmi

Many models of Xiaomi smartphones have a hybrid tray, which allows you to insert two SIM, or install a memory card instead of the second SIM. Most users have enough of this functionality, because the amount of storage capacity of phones is large enough. But sometimes it is necessary to install both the second SIM card and the flash drive at the same time. It is possible, but the responsibility for possible malfunctions will lie with the user.

The procedure can damage the phone or cards.

  • Mark on the SIM chip the corner where the bevel is located.
  • Lightly heat the back of the SIM card with a hair dryer or a lighter.
  • When the plastic softens, carefully remove the chip with a thin tool.
  • Sand the part with sandpaper on the back side to make it 1-2 mm thinner.
  • Apply some superglue to the plastic part of the drive on the contact side. Take care not to get them dirty.
  • Glue the chip to the desired location, also making sure that the glue did not get on the working part.
  • Leave the construction until it is completely dry.

Now it remains only to insert the SIM card, combined with the storage device, in the appropriate slot, turn on the smartphone and check its performance.

Manufacturers have taken care of customers and make extraction clips in addition to the phone. They should be with every smartphone that has a solid case.

Each Xiaomi smartphone box comes with a special paperclip that is the key to the slot. It is made of thin metal wire and resembles an oval or a circle with a long tail.

A paper clip to remove the tray

When buying a smartphone in a specialized store, the seller is obliged to show how to get the slot for the SIM card in Xiaomi.

The tray is usually located on the left side of the phone, but in some models it can be on the right. The tray looks like a small oval with a hole next to it.

Introducing the second SIM card or memory card

Install the second card in the same way as the first card. The only difference is their size. Instead of a second sim card you can put a flash drive. The memory card also has a characteristic shape that prevents it from being inserted the wrong way round. Like the SIM card, it must fit exactly into the grooves of the slot. Its contacts should be on top.

After installing the correct configuration in the tray, insert it gently into the smartphone. Make sure that none of the elements is out of its borders. Snap the tray, and turn on the device. Either two antennas will be displayed with the names of providers, or in the settings of your smartphone should be found the section “Memory”, and check the availability of the flash drive.

Some models of Xiaomi has a separate slot for the flash drive. It is inserted in the same way as in the combined variant.

But Redmi 4 has no separate slot, so we have to choose between the second phone number and the additional memory. But this dilemma can be solved in another way. to combine all the elements together.

Redmi note 8 how to insert sim card and sd memory card