Mini SIM: installing the card for the iPad

Most new users of tablets from the American corporation Apple face the problem of connecting the device to a 3G (4G) network, not having any idea how to insert the mini SIM card into the device.

This is quite natural, because when you first took the iPad in his hands, it is very difficult to understand not only in iOS, but also in the technical features of the mobile device. However, to work fully iPad must be connected to a high-speed data network, otherwise the implementation of various tasks can be very difficult.

Despite the fact that any iPad supports wireless Wi-Fi networks, this may not be enough for a comfortable work with it, because not always open Wi-Fi access point can be within the range of the device’s radio module.

That is why certain models of Apple mobile devices are equipped with 3G adapters. They provide an opportunity to work in the Internet everywhere where there is coverage of the chosen mobile operator. A distinctive feature of these Aplle tablets is the insertion of plastic at the top of the back of the tablet (it covers the antenna).

  • If the tablet really supports cellular networks, at the top back of its body you can find a black plastic insert, under which the manufacturer has placed the antenna.
  • If there is no such an insertion, it means that the SIM card cannot be installed.
  • The format of SIM-card depends on the tablet model and year of manufacture. For example, if we have a third-generation iPad, it supports micro-SIM.
  • It is possible to make such a “simku”, of course, from an ordinary SIM-card, but it is better to contact your mobile operator, so as not to damage the chip. There are also models that support nano-SIM.
  • If the “SIM card” is ready, you should look for the iClip, which was initially supplied with our gadget. As a last resort, you can use a common paper clip, but you need to be careful.
  • With such a device, you can open a special tray and start figuring out how to insert the SIM card into your iPad. Here’s where the tray is and where to look for it? Let’s move on to the next step.

To open the SIM card tray, insert a paperclip or a SIM ejection tool into the hole next to the tray. Push the tool inside the iPad without too much effort. Insert your new SIM card into the tray, there’s only one position because of the notch.

The benefits of using the iPad with a SIM card

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So we can always stay connected, regardless of whether we have access to Wi-Fi or not. This SIM card will also help us not be dependent on mobile data sharing from our iPhones to the iPad.

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How to Insert / Install SIM Card into iPad (2021)

The location of the SIM card tray differs depending on the model. The first generation iPad had the tray on the left side of the tablet, while the second generation has it on the back in the upper right corner. But finding the tray remains simple regardless of the model of the device, because it is always outside, that is, opening the tablet itself to open it is not required.

The slot must be opened with a special “key”, which is always included in the original package of the tablet.

  • Find a small round hole next to the tray;
  • Insert the “key” into it and press the tray so that the tray is pressed out of the tablet
  • Remove the “key” and the tray.

Do not use any foreign object to open the basket because of the high risk of damaging the internal components. It is especially dangerous when using needles and other pointed objects. As a last resort, an ordinary paper clip will do.

How to open without a key

If you need to remove the SIM card without the key from the iPhone, then any sharp objects should be used. To get it out you can do the following

  • If a needle is used, it should be placed in the hole on the tray wall. With it you press a little on the body, after which the receiver will pop out automatically. After that, take the needle out of the hole and carefully finish what you started with your hand;
  • If a paper clip is used, it is used in the same way as a needle;
  • it is possible to use a paper clip in an unfolded form in another way. To do this, run the rod under the wall of the tray, hook it and pull it toward you.

SIM-card must be very carefully removed from the receiver. As a rule, this is a kind of frame, in which the card is inserted and attached only by hitting the form in the right way. This also avoids the question of which side should put the SIM card, because it can not be put any other way.

How to insert the SIM step by step

Instructions on how to change the SIM card on the iPhone:

  • Turn off your device. In older models, the on/off button is on the top edge, in newer models. on the right side. Wait until the “Turn off” button appears on the screen, move it to the right position.
  • Make sure the card fits into the slot. This information is written on the box with your smartphone or in the manual. Problems occur with early iPhone models, iPhone 3 and 4 will need adapters for modern mini cards.
  • Find the SIM card slot; the models older than 3G (except for 4 CDMA) have it in the middle of the right edge.
  • Have a paperclip ready to remove the SIM card that comes with it. If you have lost the special tool, an ordinary paper clip will do, but it is necessary to straighten it beforehand.
  • Insert a paper clip into the hole next to the slot, apply a little pressure. With a little effort you can pull the tray out.
  • Carefully remove the SIM card slot, taking care not to damage it.
  • Remove the old card and put the new one in. Don’t be afraid to mix up the position, there are special notches on the card, with the contacts facing down. If in doubt, look at the position of the previous card.

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The tray is inserted in one motion, so you can’t mix up the position. Make sure the SIM holder is fully inserted. All that’s left is to turn on your smartphone. The connection to the network is made automatically or by simple operations. If it’s done correctly, you can use iPhone features right away. Sometimes problems occur.

Open the SIM card tray on your new iPad. If there is a SIM card in the SIM card tray, remove it. Insert the SIM card from the old iPad into the SIM card tray of the new iPad. Push the tray all the way in, and in the same direction as before it was removed (it only fits in one position).

The iPad comes with a special paperclip that is designed to remove the SIM tray. Push down on the small hole in the case with the extractor, and the tray comes out. Insert the micro SIM card into the tray and push it back in.

How to Take the SIM Out of an iPhone

The iPhone and iPad won’t turn on. they’re frozen and won’t respond to charging

Adding a SIM card to your mobile device tray is not as easy as it sounds. Previously the receiver will have to be pulled out, which for the first time becomes difficult or even impossible due to various reasons. If you have to perform the operation yourself, it is better to use the following items to safely remove the tray:

  • needle. Needle required with a diameter corresponding to the hole in the wall of the tray. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remove it;
  • paper clip. Used in two forms. folded or unfolded. Folded view simply press on the wall of the receiver, so that there is a click. When unfolded, a paper clip will help you remove the tray in several ways, depending on the difficulty of the procedure;
  • special wrench. Together with smartphones, special keys are offered with which you can open the trays as needed.

Note! If these items are not available, any other sharp object can be used. The important condition is to use them correctly, because the slightest wrong movements can lead to scratches on the body.

Connecting the Internet on the iPad. How to insert a SIM card into iPad? What should be the SIM card?

Now there are a lot of mobile gadgets on the market from manufacturers of high-tech devices. But we’ll talk only about one of them, which was produced by Apple Corporation, is the iPad Internet tablet.

Without the SIM-card will not be able to use the 3G Internet

There are a few models of iPads available today. They differ in characteristics and display size. Some of them have a 3G module, and all of them, of course, have Wi-Fi for wireless connection to the Internet. To use 3G connectivity, you’ll need a SIM card, which must be inserted into the tablet. And then there’s the question of how to insert the SIM card into the iPad correctly?