Step-by-step instructions on how to correctly insert a SIM card into a Samsung a50 phone

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Smartphones in which you had to pull out the battery to insert a SIM card are long forgotten.

In Samsung a50 2019, the place for a SIM card is located on the side, but the problem may appear in the incompatibility of sizes, and today there are 4 of them.

The first is the largest, the second is mini, the third is micro and the last, the smallest nano. you, for the samsung a50, need the last option. nano.

If the dimensions do not match, the provider will quickly replace you, but this is not necessary, I will teach you how to cut yourself, but first how to insert.

Why the SIM card in the Samsung a50 phone has become smaller

Smartphone manufacturers are striving to miniaturize components. Mini sim cards take up a lot of space in the case, so the manufacturers chose the following standards. first Micro, and then even smaller Nano.

Only here a certain paradox can be observed. Components in phones are constantly shrinking, and smartphones themselves are growing. how is it possible?

Simply put, the larger the screen and the more powerful the processor in the smartphone, the greater its power consumption.

Smaller SIM slot means more space can be supplied to power the mobile phone.

Some manufacturers take a slightly different approach to saving space. On sale you can find many devices that have not one, but two slots.

A phone with two is a great solution for people who want to have two numbers in one device, that is, for private and business communication.

What to do if SIM card is not inserted into Samsung a50 2019

A SIM card will not be inserted into Samsung and 50 only in one episode. not the same size, but it is easy to cut it yourself, the main thing is not to damage the chip.

To do this, it is good to have another of the required size for clarity, but if not, then look at the picture below.

You can cut roughly as needed with any sharp object like a knife or even good scissors.

Cut only approximately, and accuracy can be achieved by dusting the edges with a file or a block (sharpening stone).

I have in this way more than once perfectly adjusted the edges, from time to time checking so as not to overdo it.

Step-by-step instructions on how to insert a SIM card into a Samsung Galaxy a50 2019 phone

Not surprisingly, not everyone knows where to insert the SIM card on the Samsung a50. the slot there can be said to be invisible, but the hole on the case is easy to find. Be guided by it.

Step one. turn off your Samsung a50 (sometimes I don’t want to turn it off. I didn’t turn it off 10 times when inserting a SIM card and nothing happened, but it’s recommended to turn it off).

Then find the input (slot) on the left edge of the smartphone. To open the slot correctly, you will need a special tool, which is usually included with your phone.

If it is lost (forgotten where), then a paper clip or something like that may come up. Then you need to firmly press the tool so that the flap “jumps out”.

Removing the slot, you can insert, in addition to the SIM card, another memory card.

Now insert the slot back into the phone case. This should be done on the right side, although the reverse is unlikely to be able to cram in.

It’s all. Turn on your Samsung a50 and use calls and mobile internet. If you need to cut the SIM card, then the description is below.

How to check if you inserted the SIM card correctly into the Samsung a50 phone

Although now you know where to insert the SIM card, you still need to be able to check if everything is working correctly.

To do this, turn on Smart again and then enter the parameters. Select the “SIM Manager” option. When you open the section, you will be shown all the cards detected by your phone.

If there is no SIM card there, try rearranging it. The slot is a delicate part of the phone, so you need to correctly insert the SIM card and memory card.

Pay attention to the marked layout, this will protect you from damage to the internal reader in case of incorrect insertion.

Insert the card tray completely in the same position as you removed it (only fits one way).

Do not insert or remove the SIM card when the phone is on, otherwise the SIM card may be damaged.

If the message “No SIM card” or “SIM card cannot be found” appears, restart the phone and check if it is damaged.

If possible, replace with another undamaged one to make sure the problem isn’t the first. Thanks for reading. Success.

How to set up for Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call or so that all calls go from the desired SIM card

Don’t know how to set up on Samsung so that the phone offers a choice from which SIM card to call? On this page you will find instructions on how to make the phone offer a choice from SIM-1 or SIM-2 for outgoing calls, as well as configure so that all calls go only from the desired SIM card.

1) The first way is how to set up Samsung to offer a choice from which SIM card to call:
– Open “Settings” on your phone or tablet.
– In the settings we find the item “SIM card manager.
– Next, in the menu that opens, we find “Voice call” and in the window that opens, select “Always ask”.
Now when you want to make a call, the phone will offer from which SIM card to make a call from SIM-1 or SIM-2. Also, if desired, in the Samsung settings, you can select the desired SIM card from the two with which all calls will automatically go.

2) The second way is how to configure the choice of SIM card for calls on a Samsung phone. Suitable for Samsung Android 10, 9 smartphones:

The article was posted on February 14, 2017. Edited 06.04.

Where to find SIM card management

This can be done using the SIM card manager. To do this, tap (open) on the main page of the phone “Applications” (Fig. 1) and go to Android Settings:

In the Android Settings, we are looking for the SIM Card Manager:

How to disable the second sim card

If you do not need a second SIM card (I have it SIM 1) and in fact it is not in the phone, then you can safely turn it off. To do this, tap on the name of SIM 1, a window will open:

To disable the SIM card, tap on the green slider (in the red frame in Fig. 5). After that, the engine will turn from active, green, to gray, inactive:

SIM card SIM 1 is disabled, so now there is no crossed out circle, which was in Fig. 1 with SIM on.

One SIM card with number 2 is active:

If an Android phone with two sim cards

An Android phone with two SIM cards is usually purchased in order to insert two SIM cards there, possibly from different mobile operators, and as a result, instead of two phones, carry one with you. However, in fact, sometimes they still use one SIM card anyway.

For example, I gave up the idea of ​​using a second SIM card in a two-SIM phone. “The old fashioned way” I continue to use two telephones. Refused, in particular, due to problems that may arise when switching from a regular to a mini-SIM, which must be done for a dual-SIM phone. It turns out that it is advisable to first go to the bank to notify about the change in the size of the SIM-card (and, accordingly, about the change of its serial number), although the phone number remains the same. But without the code that comes in the SMS message to the phone, it will not be possible to confirm many actions on the Internet.

In addition, it is not always possible to remember what, that is, to the account of which important but rarely used service the phone is attached and, accordingly, where else a problem may arise when changing the SIM card format. True, the existence of such sensitivity on the size of the SIM card still depends on a particular bank and on specific services. Perhaps, as technology develops, this problem will go away.

How to set up two SIM cards on an Android phone

Below in the screenshot (Fig. 4) you can see that SIM 2 has been renamed and called Nadezhda. It is for her that the reception of calls and the Internet is configured, namely:

  • Voice call,
  • Video call,
  • Data network.

Such settings can be made in the SIM-card manager, in the “Preferred SIM-card” section:

If, for example, for the 2nd Simka you specify that it will “catch” the Internet, then everything else will be configured automatically (Fig. 4-1). And there will be no inscription “No network” on the main page of the phone.

If you click on the inscription “Data network” (Fig. 4), a window for selecting the preferred SIM-card will appear (Fig. 4-1).

In the same way as shown in fig. 4 and 4-1, you can select the preferred SIM for voice calls and video calls. At the same time, both SIM cards remain connected in hardware, as evidenced by two points in the SIM card manager (Fig. 4):

  • SIM 1 and Hope are shown as active. If one of them is inactive, then its name will be written in a pale gray color.
  • The “Active Mode” option is configured to “Receive calls on both SIM cards even during a call”.

Why set up SIM cards

This must be done in order to receive calls only to one or simultaneously to two SIM cards, as well as to be able to access the Internet from the selected SIM card, as well as distribute Wi-Fi.

An Android phone is essentially a small computer, so many computer approaches are applicable to it. Namely, the setting of SIM cards occurs in hardware and software (hardware software).

For example, if you enable only one SIM card on your phone programmatically, that is, make it active, and leave the second SIM card inactive, but at the same time do not disable it in hardware, then you will eventually see a crossed-out circle icon on your phone. This icon means that the phone has two SIM cards, but at the same time one of them is empty, or rather, it is missing from the phone.

Screenshots are taken on a Samsung Android phone and the settings are described using this model as an example.

Galaxy A50/A50s : How to Insert Sim Card & SD Card (Dual Sim Model)

How to enable a second SIM card on Android

  • I need to insert a second SIM card into the phone,
  • then in Settings open the SIM-card manager (Fig. 3),
  • tap on the name of the second sim card (fig. 4),
  • and then the slider from the “Off” position (Fig. 6) to the “On” state (Fig. 5).

The “Active mode” option (Fig. 4) must also be enabled, which provides the function “Accept calls on both SIM cards even during a call”.

If the Internet needs to be configured for a second SIM card, then in the SIM card manager, in the “Preferred SIM card” tab (Fig. 4), in the “Data network” option, select the desired SIM card from the two.