What is a SIM card

A SIM card is an electronic chip that identifies a subscriber in a cellular network. It is the SIM card that is your identifier in the cellular network. According to the SIM card, the mobile operator understands which phone number belongs to you now, which tariff plan you are connected to and where you are. Yes, the operator knows where you are, because the phone is always connected to the cellular network. The operator has the exact coordinates of each tower of the cellular network, so he can roughly understand where any subscriber is located who is connected to the network. Of course, the accuracy of determining your location is very low, with an error of more than 100 meters, however, this turns out to be enough for most tasks.

It is thanks to the SIM card that you insert into Xiaomi that the phone becomes yours, i.e. it receives calls, messages and Internet traffic that is intended specifically for you and not for your neighbors.

How to get and insert a SIM card into any Xiaomi phones

On all Xiaomi phones, the SIM card is removed and inserted in the same way. The only difference is the place on the case, which includes a tray with one or two SIM cards.

I will show you the whole process from start to finish using the example of the Xiaomi Mi 5 model.

Step 1. prepare a special tool for extracting a sim card

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Included with each device is a tool for removing the tray with sim cards. If you have lost or cannot find the tool, then a pin or paper clip will do. If you are using materials at hand, try to find one that does not have a sharp end, such as a needle. When removing the tray, you need to use force and the sharp end can damage the phone.

Step 2. insert the tool into the special hole

Find the place with the tray on the body of the phone. Usually it is located on the side faces, for different models from different sides. A distinctive feature of the tray is the presence of a small hole next to it. Once you have found it, insert the tool into it.

Step 3. push down on the tool

After you have inserted the tool, press down lightly on it like a button. You do not need to press very hard, otherwise there is a chance to damage the phone. The tray should slide slightly to the side when pressed. Everything, after the tray has moved away from the phone case, you no longer need to press.

Step 4. remove the SIM tray

Pry the tray with your fingers and remove it from the phone. That’s it, now you can change the SIM-card, or install it for the first time. Depending on the model, one or two SIM cards can be placed in the tray.

Some models of Xiaomi phones may have a tray designed for the simultaneous installation of a SIM card and a memory card, or two SIM cards, or one SIM card and a memory card instead of the second SIM card. Carefully study the instructions for the phone so as not to be mistaken. If you are mistaken, then, most likely, you will not break the phone, but it will not work.

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Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the SIM card. Problem solution


Secure Redmi 9 to the edge of your desk for one-handed security. Then, with your other hand, insert the tray eject paper clip into the hole. You need to press until it protrudes 2-3 millimeters.

How to insert SIM card / SD card in Redmi 5A

Next, use your fingernails to pick up the tray and remove.

Pay attention to the location of sim1 and sim2 (there are small inscriptions on the tray itself). After that, install the SIM card, you can also insert the SD card.

Reinsert the tray carefully, it is important that when sliding it into the slot, the tray is parallel to the body of the smartphone. In this case, you will not damage the internal components of the phone. Now you can turn on the phone and use!

The manufacturer indicates that the installation of a flash drive and a SIM card must be done on a switched off smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi 6a does not see the SIM card. Hiaomi Repair

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi Redmi note

Many owners of Xiaomi smartphones, owners of Redmi Note 4 are no exception, ask themselves the question: “How to insert a SIM card?” In this article, you will learn how to do it quickly and easily.

Installing a memory card

It is not always possible to implement a SD card. Many devices do not use this opportunity, they already have a large amount of internal memory.

The flash drive is embedded either in an additional slot or in a mixed connector. In the latter case, the tray has two indentations of an unusual shape, while the user must choose. install one SIM and a memory card in the device, or just two SIMs. The second must be cut to Nano.

The SD card is installed in the same way as the SIM card. A mixed slot is marked with a standard icon; it cannot be confused. Contacts must be directed upwards. To remove the memory module, remove the tray using the above method and pick up the USB flash drive with a paper clip or fingernail.

Using a paper clip to remove

You should take the package in which the device was shipped and take from it a special key (called a “Paperclip”). It can be found quickly as it is secured in a separate paper case.

A paper clip is supplied with every Xiaomi device, since they have a non-removable back panel. Thanks to this key, it will be possible to access the SIM card slot.

If the wrench cannot be used for any reason, then a solid wire of suitable diameter can be used instead. Do not stick sharp needles in order not to damage the removal mechanism.

SIM Cards Supported by Xiaomi

Most of the company’s devices support two SIM-cards at the same time. Therefore, it will be possible to integrate both Nano-SIM and Micro-SIM into the device.

The device also has the ability to insert a Nano-SIM memory card, but then it will be possible to use only a memory card and Micro-SIM.

Modders on the net have come up with a method to use 2 SIM cards and a memory card. The reception is called “Sandwich”. It is not often possible to cut the Nano-SIM properly, it does not always fit.

Follow the instructions

Find in the phone box a small cardboard box to which a “paper clip” is attached:

Don’t know how to insert a SIM card on Xiaomi? Let’s look at the process using the example of Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

  • Smartphone
  • Key clip included

If there was no key or it was lost, then a regular paper clip or needle will do.

There is a special hole in the SIM card slot:

In theory, you can not turn off your smartphone, but it’s better to do it all the same for every fireman. Then everything is simple:

  • Insert the key into the hole in the tray
  • Press lightly on it
  • We take out the tray

Ready. In our case, it is possible to install two SIM cards, or one plus microSD to increase memory. On the tray itself there is a small diagram showing the correct position of the cards, so it’s hard to make a mistake here. After installing the sim card, insert the tray back until it clicks.

This manual is suitable for all smartphones of the Xiaomi Mi and Redmi line.

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi. this question is asked by many users who have become the owners of a new Xiaomi smartphone. Maybe it’s Redmi 4 or Redmi 5, or even Mi A1 or Mi 6. Of course, this can be any other option from the huge list of devices from this manufacturer from the Middle Kingdom. All that remains is to congratulate! Great choice! Now you just need to turn on the device and insert a SIM card into it. For most users, this operation will seem extremely easy. But there are also those for whom the process of implementing SIM-ki will become a real problem.

Therefore, you need to consider this process in stages. After reading the manual, even a beginner can easily integrate a SIM into a Xiaomi personal device.

Installing a second SIM or memory card

Next, you need to figure out how to insert a memory card into the device. It is not difficult to do this, the only difference is that in conjunction with the SIM, you should implement a drive and a tray.

MicroSD has special cutouts that do not allow integrating it incorrectly. It is necessary to look to ensure that they are completely combined. What it looks like is shown in the image below:

After that, just like with a single card, you should install the slot in the device. It is necessary to ensure that the content does not change position and completely falls into the desired guides.

Simultaneous placement of two cards and a CD-drive

If the developer did not provide for such an opportunity, then you can get out of the situation manually.

  • Remove the chip from the SIM card. To do this, you need to gently heat the plastic on the sides until it becomes pliable, then pry it with tweezers and take out the gold microcircuit. You can use a lighter or a hair dryer;
  • Gently grind the chip from the bottom side and along the edges with sandpaper, remove about 1-2 millimeters of plastic;
  • Use super glue to slide the chip onto the CD drive. You need to look for information specifically on your SIM card additionally. The correct location of the chip differs for different communication providers.

Gluing two cards is a difficult process, there is a chance to break a USB flash drive, internal contacts, or even completely lose the ability to remove the tray from the device. It is safer and easier to purchase a model that has an additional memory tray instead of a mixed slot.

Installing a SIM card in a new device is no more difficult than in the previous one. Xiaomi devices are similar to each other and open using the same method. If a paper clip was lost or was not supplied, you can use a standard paper clip by first unfolding one side of it.

How to insert a SIM card into the slot

Let’s take a look at the example of Xiaomi Redmi 6A.

  • smartphone;
  • Charger;
  • micro-USB cable;
  • clip;
  • warranty card:
  • brief user manual;
  • box-packing.

Before inserting the SIM card, it is recommended that you switch off your phone and place it on a stable, soft surface. You can do this on a working device, but for security reasons, it is better not to do this.

SIM cards supported by Xiaomi

Most smartphones from Xiaomi support two types of cards. nano and micro. The hybrid slot also allows you to combine a nano-SIM card with a memory card in case you don’t have enough main memory for storing personal files.

On the network, you can find several ways to use two SIM cards and a memory card in a hybrid slot at once. The sim card is cut in a special way and glued to the card.

What to do with an unsuccessfully cut SIM card

When purchasing SIM cards, users often face the problem of cropping, since sometimes the provider does not have a combined format for SIM cards. Customers have to measure the size of SIM cards they need for the slot, and cropping is not always successful. If the chip is damaged, it will need to be replaced as the SIM card will not function. When explaining the reason in the communication salon, you must request a new card. The operator may require a passport when making an application.

How to insert a SIM card into Xiaomi: step by step instructions

In most modern smartphones from Xiaomi (especially in budget-level models), a hybrid tray is installed, which allows you to install either two SIM cards at the same time, or a SIM card and a memory card.

Redmi Note 10 (Pro): How to insert the SIM card? Installation of the nano SIM cards (Tutorial)

  • In the box, along with the smartphone, there is a special device for opening the SIM card tray. Basically, the SIM card tray is located on the side faces of the gadget, you can find it by a small depression.
  • We take any soft cloth, lay it out on the table or any other horizontal surface, put the smartphone screen down on it. In this position, it will be easier to get to the SIM card slot.
  • We insert the key into a special hole and press lightly until it clicks lightly. If all manipulations were performed correctly, the paper clip itself will bounce off the hole.
  • Finally, we take out the tray from the smartphone with our fingers.
  • We install one or two SIM cards. Most trays can hold one nano and one micro card. The correct position of the SIM is up with a gold-plated chip.
  • Insert the tray back into the phone and snap it shut.

Replacing the SIM card in modern devices can be done without disconnecting the gadget itself, the card will be detected automatically.

How to put a regular SIM card in a phone with Nano-SIM

Having a Nano-SIM slot, the user should ask the provider for a combo card. Cutting off small SIM cards is inconvenient, since there is a possibility of malfunction during operation. The user should remove the micro-SIM from the mini-SIM by pressing the SIM card with his finger. It will fall out of the mount. After that, you need to pull out the nano-SIM from the micro-SIM (you can see the reverse diagram of removing the card in the picture above). Insert the small nano-SIM into the battery compartment, or clip into the hybrid tray.

How to install a regular SIM card in the Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM slot

Consider installing a SIM card in a slot in micro- and nano-SIM.

How to use a memory card and two sim cards at the same time

Some new smartphones have a tray that allows you to use two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time. If your device has a slot for only two SIM cards or a SIM card and a flash drive, then you can use the following trick:

  • Take the operator’s SIM card. Using a lighter, melt the plastic part of the sim card to get the chip. Once the plastic has become more pliable, remove the chip with tweezers.
  • Remove the plastic from the back of the chip using sandpaper (no more than 1-2 millimeters).
  • Stick the received microcircuit on the back of the memory card (from the side of the gold contacts) on the free area. If you get protruding edges, trim them slightly with sandpaper.

If all the manipulations were performed correctly, after installing such a sandwich, the smartphone will immediately recognize both the memory card and two SIM cards.

Please note that all manipulations with the memory card and sim card you carry out at your own peril and risk, the information in the article is provided for information only.

When registering a tariff and concluding a contract, the owner of the phone receives an operator’s SIM card. It will need to be installed in a special slot inside the phone in order to be able to make calls and use the Internet.

How to install two SIM cards in a smartphone

Most gadgets have the ability to install two SIM cards in addition to a memory card. The user can put 2 SIM cards in the battery compartment or in the hybrid tray and use both. It should be borne in mind that the SIM card installed in the slot with the SIM1 indicator will be the main one for calls, correspondence and the operation of 4G Internet. The second SIM, placed in SIM2, will only be able to catch 3G signals.

To install 2 SIM cards in the battery compartment, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the device and remove the back cover from the phone. Take out the battery and find the SIM card slots;
  • If necessary, trim the SIM-cards to fit them to the size of the slot, or remove the SIM cards from the plastic, if there is a combined card;
  • Install SIM cards according to the directions (pay attention to SIM1 and SIM2). The contacts of the chips must match, otherwise the SIM cards will not work correctly;
  • Turn on the phone and check the work of SIM cards.

To install 2 SIM cards using a special tray, the user will need:

  • Turn off the device to avoid further problems. Using a paper clip, you will need to get the tray out of the phone case. To do this, press the end of a paper clip into the hole near the hybrid tray;
  • You will need to measure the SIM cards, or pull them out of the combined card. The tray uses Nano-SIM format. They are installed according to the picture below;
  • As a rule, the main SIM1 is in the first small compartment, and the second SIM2 is in the second. Some users prefer to use a memory card instead of a second SIM card.
  • After installing 2 SIM cards (or SIM cards and flash drive) in the compartment, you need to put the hybrid tray back into the phone. Then the device turns on, and the user checks the correct operation.

There is another method that hybrid tray owners use, however, it can damage the SIM card and flash drive. With its help, you can successfully use 2 SIM cards and a MicroSD card. If you carefully follow the entire algorithm of actions, then the cards will function properly:

  • The device will need to be turned off. The tray should be removed from the compartment as described in the previous algorithm. The first SIM card SIM1 is cut off and installed in its compartment;
  • The main manipulations take place with the memory card and the second SIM card. You will need to remove the chip from the plastic. To do this, take a lighter and tweezers (it is convenient for them to hold the card), and the plastic heats up from the side of the operator’s logo. Microcircuits should not be damaged;
  • Carefully wipe off any remaining glue from the chip. You should make sure that the SIM-card is firmly attached to the USB stick. Using the Moment glue, fix the chip on the flash drive as shown in the picture. MicroSD pins must not overlap with the chip. After returning the tray to its place, you should check the operation of the device.

How to insert a SIM card, memory card into a smartphone. Xiaomi, Redmi note, Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Pixel.

Nowadays smartphones have achieved incredible results, the future will be even more unpredictable. There will always be questions to be answered, even the simplest questions. In this video, I show you how to insert a SIM card and memory card into a modern smartphone. The cards are inserted the same way, in the description I selected the models of the most popular smartphones of our time.

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Xiaomi smartphone models. How to insert a SIM card and memory card into the phone:

Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Xiaomi MI5C. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro. Xiaomi

Standard extraction tool

If you look at the left side of the phone, you can see an oval compartment “recessed” into the body. This is a tray for inserting SIM cards. There is a small hole on it, with the help of which the SIM card is removed.

Usually, the smartphone comes with:

  • instruction, often without Russian;
  • charger with USB cable;
  • paper clip attached to cardboard.

The paperclip has a rounded or oval top. Sometimes it is called “iStaple”, by analogy with the iPhone smartphones that have a similar accessory. Using this item, the tray is removed.

The introduction of a second SIM card or memory card

The installation of the second card is the same as the first. The only difference is their size. Instead of a second SIM card, you can put a USB flash drive. The memory card is also contoured to prevent insertion of the card incorrectly. Like the SIM card, it must fit exactly into the slots of the slot. Her contacts should be on top.

After setting the desired configuration in the tray, insert it carefully into the smartphone. Make sure that none of the elements jumped out of their boundaries. Snap the tray and turn on the device. Either two antennas with the names of providers will be displayed, or in the smartphone settings you need to find the “Memory” section and check for the presence of a flash drive.

Some Xiaomi models have a separate slot for a flash drive. It is inserted into it in the same way as in the combined version.

But the Redmi 4 doesn’t have a separate slot, so you have to choose between a second phone number and extra storage. But this dilemma can be solved in another way. to combine all the elements together.

Types of SIM-cards

Before installing the SIM card, you need to find out what size cards are used in the smartphone in question.

  • Regular or standard size Mini-SIM card. It is used in older models of smartphones. Largest of all devices, measuring 25 x 15 x 0.76 mm.
  • In order to save space, a SIM card of smaller dimensions 15 x 12 x 0.76 mm was introduced. This type is called Micro-SIM.
  • The latter type, measuring 12.30 x 8.80 x 0.67 mm. Called Nano-SIM, found in all new phones.

Xiaomi Redmi 4, like all mobile gadgets of the company, supports the last 2 types of SIM cards. If you have a Mini-SIM card, you must cut it before inserting.

Important! Pruning is done in the services of mobile companies in order to avoid damage to the SIM card and phone.

Installation and removal of the SIM card and external media in the Xiaomi Redmi 4 smartphone

When faced with a smartphone from a Chinese company for the first time, the owner of the gadget may not understand how to insert a SIM card into the Xiaomi Redmi 4. The phone does not have a removable back panel, so the “traditional” method cannot be used to install the card. The options for inserting a SIM card and a flash drive are described below.

Xiaomi Redmi 9: How to insert the SIM card? (works for 9, 9A, 9AT, 9c and 9i) Tutorial

Inserting a SIM card into the phone

The Xiaomi device Redmi 4 has two slots on the tray frame. You can install either two SIM cards in them. one will be the size of Micro, the other. Nano, or insert 1 Micro-SIM and 1 USB flash drive. First, it will tell you how to install a SIM card in the tray Xiaomi Redmi 4.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Examine the frame. Prompting inscriptions will be applied on it. The SIM card has a characteristic oblique cut. The slot on the frame will also follow the shape of the sim card.
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot. It should exactly “sit” in the grooves of the frame. Due to the slice, the card will only be inserted correctly in one way.
  • Then return the tray to the compartment. Gently, without undue pressure, insert it into the smartphone. At the end of the process, a soft click should be heard. this means that the tray is installed correctly.

Switch on the phone. After downloading, the antenna image and the name of the cellular provider should be shown at the top.

Removing the tray

A situation is likely when the SIM card is already in the smartphone. The following instructions will also describe how to get a SIM card from Xiaomi Redmi 4.

  • remove the paper clip from the cardboard;
  • put the phone on a soft surface for convenience;
  • insert a paperclip into the hole on the tray and press lightly on it;
  • the tray should come out of the compartment, then pull out the paper clip.
  • pull gently on the cover of the tray and pull it out completely.

After successful extraction, you should proceed to install the SIM card and memory card. If you need to pull them out, then just remove them from the tray frame.

Combining two SIM cards and a flash drive

To solve this problem, you can resort to a method called “sandwich”. The name reflects the method of connecting a SIM card and a flash drive. they are placed on top of each other, like butter on a loaf.

Attention! This method can lead to damage to both the smartphone and SIM cards and memory cards. All actions should be performed carefully and carefully.

You need to glue the Nano-SIM card to the plastic part of the flash drive without touching the contacts of the memory card, according to the following instructions:

  • Remove the working part of the SIM card with a chip from the plastic shell. To do this, heat the plastic from the back with a lighter or hairdryer, holding the SIM card with tweezers or nail clippers. After the base becomes soft, peel off the microcircuit from it with a thin tool. Before the procedure, place a mark on the chip in the corner where the oblique cut is located.
  • It is necessary to reduce the thickness of the memory card by 1-2 mm by stripping it from the bottom and side.
  • Put superglue on the plastic part of the flash drive, and gently smear it over the entire unused part, without touching the memory card contacts. You can cover the conductive part with a sheet of paper.
  • Attach the SIM card to the place smeared with glue. The mark on the microcircuit should be in the upper right corner. Squeeze the “sandwich” for a few minutes until the glue is completely dry. If glue gets on the contacts, then clean them.
  • Insert the resulting “sandwich” into the phone and turn it on. If the connection is correct, the second SIM card and memory card will be displayed.

The process of extracting and inserting a SIM card into a Xiaomi Redmi 4 phone is straightforward. It is only necessary to carefully and carefully perform all operations so as not to break structural elements.