How to install a SIM card in a tablet correctly

Owners of tablets for entering the network can use two options: Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. The latter is convenient in that you can use the network everywhere. In addition, you can use a tablet for calls. In the material below we will tell you how to insert a SIM card into a tablet, and what to do if the device does not determine it.

Currently, manufacturers of equipment equip devices with slots for different SIM formats. There are three types in total.

  • Mini SIM is usually used in old devices or in an inexpensive technique from the brands Oysters, Irbis, Digma and the like. This is a standard size 2511 mm.
  • Micro SIM. a more modern look. Originally used in Apple technique, in particular, iPhone 4. Later, other manufacturers switched to this format. Size. 1512 mm.
  • Nano SIM. the newest format. Size. 125 mm. Here the whole card is a chip with minimal plastic frames. The first company that began to use this format. Apple in the iPhone today the vast majority of modern models work with this type.

Before inserting the SIM card into the tablet, you need to make sure that its size corresponds to the supported format. You can find it out of the documentation for the device. If the card is old, then it can be trimmed using a special device. Do not do it with ordinary scissors, as there is a chance of damage to the chip.

Advice! If there is a mobile phone salon nearby nearby, then a SIM card with a suitable standard will be given out for free in it.

If the card is bought for the first time, it is universal. from the plastic shell you just need to squeeze your format. When there is a small card, and the connector is designed for a large one, it is best to buy an adapter for all options.

OTG support for your phone

If you are trying to understand why Android does not see USB flash drive, then the first thing you need to make sure that the smartphone generally knows how to work with USB flash.

To do this, he must support USB on-the-go technology. It implies that MicroUSB supplies power to an external drive via OTG cable, so it becomes visible in Android, just like in Windows 7/10/XP.

To make sure that the hardware characteristics allow you to connect a modem, flash drive, keyboard or any other USB device to the phone, install the USB OTG Checkker application on Android.

If the program shows that the phone is ready to work with external devices through a hub, then you can connect the OTG cable and install the connection with the flash drive through it.

How to get a SIM card from Honor 10?

Get a SIM card from the phone, regardless of its model (including Smart, Honor 10 and others), is no more difficult than installing. To cope with the task, you will have to do the same actions that are provided for installing a card. Would need:

If the SIM card is installed incorrectly and stuck, it is recommended to pick it up with something very thin and gently push it to the desired place. After that, its extraction will not cause difficulties.

If the owner of the smartphone does not have a key at hand, you can replace it with a hard, strong, thin object, for example, a needle or a clip. It is not recommended to use toothpicks, since their accidental breakdown will lead to serious problems.

In the event of unforeseen difficulties, it is worth contacting Huawei employees on the official Russian.language website of the company. They will answer customer questions and help to figure out any current situation.

How to open a slot for a SIM card on a tablet?

It is important to note that there are 2 different types of slots:

  • The first is under a special cover, which each user will be able to open (such a solution is present, for example in MediaPad);
  • the second is built into the case and is a small tray with connectors for SIM card.

To open the second, you will need to use a special key included in the basic configuration of purchased equipment. You need to pick it up and insert it into a small hole located on the edge of the slot. Then it remains to press a little on it, and the tray will jump out automatically. The described process is extremely simple, so everyone will be able to figure it out and without additional viewing of the video.

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Unboxing the Huawei Mediapad T3 7

How to install a SIM card correctly

Almost all Honor smartphones for SIM cards hybrid. That is, you can install one SIM plus a microSD memory card or put a second SIM in the tray, but then there will be no room for the flash drive then. It all depends on the owner’s preferences whether he will choose the opportunity to expand the memory of his device, or is it more important for him to have a “2 in 1” phone.

Honor trays can differ from model to model. For example, in Honor 8x, the size of the slot is increased, and the tray is not divided into two, but into three compartments. Here you no longer need to choose what to put and what is not. Enough space for two SIMs, and on the memory card. In the same way, you don’t have to make a choice between the Microsd and SIM card in Honor 10, since the place is not provided for an external memory card at all. at the same time you can put only 2 SIM cards, and that’s it.

In all cases, this refers to the smallest Nano SIM, the tray is not calculated on the cards of another format. 8x supports the “hot” replacement of cards, you can pull out the tray without turning off the phone. And another big plus-there is no difference in which compartment intended for SIM installed a SIM card.

For convenience, the compartments of the hybrid tray have the designations: SIM 1 and SIM 2. Closer to the end that moves into the slot is a place for the main SIMKA (SIM1), and the compartment is larger in size. this is SIM2 (for example, such a tray in Honor 5 x, Honor 8c, Honor 9, Honor 9 Lite). In SIM 2, at your discretion, you can put a SIM card or memory card.

Simka should be installed in the compartment with a chip down, while the mowed corner is located at the top of the left. The card should take place evenly, without distortions, otherwise it will not be possible to move the tray normally, the SIM card along with the tray may get stuck. If the installation is improperly made, then the phone simply does not see the SIM card. Then you need to insert a SIM card into Honor again, correctly. The smartphone may not recognize the card if its chip is damaged. In this case, it is required to replace the SIM card with a new one in the office of a mobile operator.

Ordinary SIM card instead of Micro-Sim or Nano-Sim?

It often happens that the user has a standard SIM card on hand, and a mobile device supports another type, for example, Micro-SIM. In this case, it is much preferable and safer to contact the service center, where quickly and, as a rule, will be changed for another type of SIM card on request.

If there is no way to contact the service center, for example, you need to urgently change the type of SIM card, then the user can independently cut the SIM card with sharp scissors. Thus, you can turn the usual SIM card into a different type. In addition, Micro-SIM easily transforms into nano-SIM using scissors.

It should be borne in mind that such manipulations do not always end in success. If during the experiment the SIM card was damaged (for example, if the contacts are tamed), you will have to contact the Customer Customer Service Center. Therefore, it is worth considering all the risks before the procedure.

Why does the tablet not see a SIM card

So what to do if the tablet does not see SIM? It is necessary to establish the reason and depending on it to do certain actions.

Of course, you can simply make all the points described below, without clarifying the reason, but it will take a lot of time, effort and can only ruin the condition of the device.

Further, the most encountered reasons why the device does not see the tele2, Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Iota and other operators.

Blinded slot SIM card tablet

Mechanical defects, such as a damaged slot with a maternal entrance for SIM or a broken communication module, are mainly found on tablet computers of the budget price category.

This is due to the fact that in them the case consists of cheap plastic and internal elements do not have additional protection. Brands may have such a model: Prestigio, Irbis, Digma.

This also applies to cheap Lenovo models, causing why the Lenovo tablet does not see the SIM card. SIM slot is damaged by physical deformations or frequent use.

insert, card, huawei, tablet

The communication module ceases to work because it burns out. Both problems can only be solved in a qualified service.

Hardware error

If there are no problems with how to correctly insert the SIM card into the tablet, but the device still does not see it, the reason may be in the software.

This is clearly indicated by the faulty SIM after updating the operating system or flashing. In this case, the settings are reset to factory.

insert, card, huawei, tablet
  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the power key and volume increases.
  • In the menu that appears, choose the inscription “Wipe Data \ Factory Reset”. You need to bring it to the item through the sound adjustment keys, and select the power button.
  • Confirm the action.
  • After some time, the discharge will end and the menu with items will open again. Select the last item “Reboot System Now”. The device will reboot being in a state of “from the factory”.
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Important! It is easy to configure the reset, but after this action all user data will be deleted.

It is recommended to pre.preserve them for an external medium.

SIM card problem

Perhaps the root of the problem lies in the SIM card. If an old card is used, then it may not work even after the correct insert of the SIM card into the tablet.

The old SIM could fail, or simply does not support 3G and LTE mobile formats. All that needs to be done is to insert a SIM card into the tablet of another person. If it does not work there, then the problem is exactly in SIM. You can attribute the old card to the operator’s interior and replace it with a new number for free with the same number.

Dust and dirt

Pollution are not inherent in SIM cards, since they are always inside the device. But open slots for SIM quickly accumulate garbage in the form of dust and dirt.

Such slots without a closing element are found in inexpensive tablets, for example, on Prestigio. The same may cause why the Texet tablet does not see SIM, although before everything worked properly.

  • Turn off a mobile device.
  • Pull out SIM and the card for the card if it is pulled out.
  • Take a small ear stick from which a cotton wool does not leave and first clean the card for the map, and then the slot itself (if these are separate elements).
  • Wipe the card itself with an eraser, not very and without erasing the fee.

Of course, it is best to make out the device for more detailed and convenient cleaning, but not everyone knows how to do it.


Incompatibility means different SIM cards formats. If the card format does not correspond to the slot in the mobile device, then SIM either simply does not fit into the nest, or vice versa will be fixed poorly.

  • Mini. a standard format known since the time of button phones has dimensions 25 by 15.76 mm;
  • Micro is a trimmed standard option used on some modern mobile devices, dimensions 15 by 12 by 0.76 mm;
  • Nano. a slightly circumcised micro format, on which only the card board itself is visible, has dimensions 12.3 to 8.8 on 0.67 mm.

If the card is greater than the slot, it can be cut independently, taking thin sharp scissors and a ruler, with which it is necessary to first mark the boundaries.

Or you can contact any smartphone salon, where they will quickly make a map of the desired format. It is more difficult if there is a small SIM for a large slot. In this case, it is better to go to the operator’s interior and replace the card on SIM for the desired format for free, leaving the previous phone number.

Tablet settings

In rare cases, tablets come across, in which you need to manually indicate the telecom operator even with the inserted SIM card. In such a situation, you need to open the settings, click on the section “connection” (“connection”, “mobile network”, “connection”, “network and the Internet”) and select “Search for the Network”. In different models, settings may vary.

In the list that opened, click on your communication operator. If this did not help, find out the command of your operator to send mobile data settings, and “call” it, preserving the settings that came. Next, restart the tablet and everything should earn.

What to do first of all

When the device turned on and visible the desktop (different programs and icons against the background of the image), there are several instructions that need to be followed first.

All of them relate to the settings of the mobile device, and if you make the following steps after turning on, then in the future it will be easier and more convenient to operate the device.

Check the system update

The system is the operating system on which the device works. Roughly speaking, this is the main control mechanism, a certain “frame” between all elements and the “conductor” between man and technology.

This system is regularly updated by those who created it. The main reasons for the update are a security point and the addition of new functions.

  • Unlock the screen.
  • Click on the symbol of the “settings” marked with the gear.
  • At the very top, click on the “system update”.

The language of the system is very important, because when choosing an incorrect language, everything will not be clear. If when the apparatus is turned on, it was not Russian with the tongue, it is better to ask someone experienced in the operation of gadgets so that it will configure and put the Russian language.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Find the section “Language and input”. If it is not, select “Expanded settings” and find this section there.
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Important! The name of each language is written in its language.

date and time

The date and time parameter is important not only for informing a person, but also for many internal processes of the device. So the wrong date and time can interfere with synchronization, loading updates and applications.

If the tablet is already connected to a working mobile network via a SIM card or connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it is better to enable the “use network time” and “use the watch waist”.

How to put sim card and memory card in Huawei MediaPad T1

Installation of SIM cards

SIM card is a small chip that gives access to a mobile network. Access is provided by operators such as Tele2, MTS, Megafon, Beeline. If the tablet has a place for SIM card, then you can call and connect to the Internet through it.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Find a place to insert SIM card on the case. You can see it in the instructions.
  • Open the compartment for SIM (if there is a compartment), inserting a clip (it comes with a device) into a small hole next to the slot. This paper clipped on the button in the recess.
  • Pull the slot and insert a map into it.
  • Insert the slot back and turn on the gadget.


The screen on androids can be configured in very detail and I do not recommend doing this to beginners, as there are things more important. The only thing to do with the screen at the very beginning is to configure the brightness for yourself.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “screen” or “display” section.
  • Press on the point “brightness”.
  • Set it up for yourself, moving the slider left-right.

You can choose an automatic tuning of brightness by setting a checkmark opposite the same inscription.

How to install a regular SIM card in Micro-Sim and Nano-Sim slot

The versatility of SIM cards is that despite the different parameters of the plastic shell, the geometric sizes of the chip itself do not change. Therefore, lovers of experiments with technology, you can adjust the size of the sizes for the requirements of the device slots yourself. To do this, you will need ordinary sharp scissors and stencils with sizes.

How to insert a regular SIM card into a tablet with micro-SIM

If there is a new samer in stock, then according to the penetration, microvariat is squeezed out. When there is no finished solution, pruning is carried out using scissors:

  • The desired stencil is selected.
  • The scales area are marked.
  • Excess plastic is neatly removed.
  • The edges are cleaned.
  • The performance of the updated SIM card in the device is tested.

How to put an ordinary SIM card in a tablet with Nano-SIM

If a new SIM card is used, then you need to select the desired type of penetration and just squeeze it for the right nano-size.

If there is an SIM without penetration, you will have to trim on your own. This procedure is more responsible, since you will have to work very close to the working contacts of the chip. For this:

  • It is better to find a stencil on the Internet or make it yourself (a rectangle of 12 by 5 mm with a beveled edge).
  • The circuit circuit is marked, taking into account orientation.
  • Excess plastic is neatly cut off.
  • Since the nano-symbols are 15% thinner, a layer of plastic on the back is sanded with sandpaper.
  • All edges are cleaned, you can wipe the chip from pollution.
  • The element is inserted into the tablet. If there are problems with the installation, the dimensions are adjusted.

Problems and their solution

Remember, if the tablet is under warranty service, you should not solve problems yourself, it is better to use the service center. If the warranty is over or helped in the service, solve the problem yourself at your fear and risk.

The list is compiled according to reviews, read the “tablet Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD 16GB 3G reviews”.

Carefully inspect the tablet before buying for a factory marriage, broken pixels of display, cracks or scratches, if you have a replacement

insert, card, huawei, tablet

Put on charging and rift for several hours. If it does not help, connect to a charging device with a closed “volume” button. If the tablet does not turn on, carry to the service center.

Set the “Food” button and wait for the tablet to turn off. If the problem is repeated when re.turning on, most likely the problem is in the firmware. To solve it, you must go to the official website of the developer http: // In the “Support” section, select “Downloads”. Find your model and download new firmware. You will find all the instructions for installing the firmware in the archive. If it has not helped, only the service will help.

Obtaining a Root-right

Remember, upon receipt of a Root-laws, the Huawei 10 tablet may not be accepted for warranty service.