How to connect an SD or microSD card to iPhone and iPad

Many iPhone and iPad users have dreamed of being able to connect memory cards to their devices since the release of the iPhone 3G. A little later, such a solution appeared, but it required the installation of a jailbreak, and then the “native” adapter still waited for Apple. Nevertheless, the world’s first Lightning card reader with the ability to read and write was not developed at all in Cupertino, but in a small company, Adata.

Last fall, the latter introduced the Lightning Card Reader. a special adapter for iPhone and iPad with SD and microSD memory cards. We have waited for our copy and are ready to share our impressions, and most importantly, to answer the question: is such a card reader needed at all??

At the top of the card reader is a slot for microSD cards, and at the bottom for SD cards, drives up to 256 GB are supported. It is curious that microSDs are inserted correctly, but ordinary SDs have to first be turned upside down. Either the design idea is this, or the connectors are confused. The solution is strange anyway.

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The only thing that Lightning Card Reader lacks, according to our observations, is speed. Ripping videos takes longer than you’d like, and if you’re dumping in 4K with a GoPro, you might still have time to dine. Otherwise, this is one of the best (and almost the only) solutions that can be found. The accessory is certified under the MFi program, which cannot be said about cheap Chinese fakes.

In general, see for yourself whether you need such an accessory for your daily needs. You can learn more about Lightning Card Reader on the manufacturer’s website, and purchase it online (for example, on eBay).

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Xiaomi seems to be considered a direct competitor to Apple, but this does not prevent it from making money on the popularity of its smartphones. The Chinese company recently released its first powerbank with a Lightning connector specifically for the iPhone.

This is actually a very useful thing. At least for me
I sometimes shoot a lot of videos, and with all this, I always bought 16GB devices, used cloud services (not always convenient)
Now imagine:
You are on vacation, for example at sea. And you wanted to shoot vidos for memory (Aymuvi is an irreplaceable thing) and then mount the whole thing and show your friends and family how wonderful you spent your vacation. New devices shoot in 4K and naturally there will be a desire to shoot high quality, lying on the shore sipping cold beer, you will be tormented by the trouble of how to merge a quick video without wifi (there are a lot of people at resorts and it’s not a fact that 3G will work well, not to mention LTE)
And then you remember the flash drive)

Well, something like this. This is all in the situation with me, let me remind you: 16 GB. And I ran into this situation There is utility in this thing
And at the expense of the price, that Apple products are cheap?) Films and Chinese one-day chargers?

Suitable cards

First of all, let’s take a look at which microSD cards are suitable for the iPhone. No SD card directly fits the device. Apple technology manufacturers do not provide microSD slots in the phone. A memory card simply cannot be inserted into an iPhone. However, a port for external drives can be seen on fake Chinese iOS devices. But it is important to know that there is no such thing on the original products. Still, despite this, advanced users have found a way to solve this problem.

Accessory and program for reading MicroSD and SD

Can i insert a memory card into an iPhone? Despite the fact that it will not work to insert a card into it, there are devices with which this task can be performed. A small adapter for working with any SD and MicroSD memory cards through the iPhone and iPad has already been invented and with its help you can view files from such drives and even transfer them to your phone.

This adapter card reader Adata is equipped with a USB cable for iPhone and connectors for MicroSD and SD, in addition, the accessory supports media up to 256 gigabytes. Before connecting the device to the phone, you need to install a special free Power Drive application. it is necessary for the successful connection of devices and for reading data. Then you can safely start browsing or moving files from the memory card.

The program itself is universal, it can replace the file manager, because everything is sorted there by folders and you do not have to search for the desired photo or video in simple conductors for a long time. However, users note that due to the large file load, the application has a low transfer rate, it may “dull” and slowly move data, but in general, the system meets all expectations.

How else can you see the files on the memory card?

To view the contents of the MicroSD, you do not have to look for where the memory card is inserted into the iPhone, or buy a special adapter when you have a laptop at hand. Most modern laptops have a special slot for SD cards, and you can easily view or copy photos, videos, music and other files.

However, in ordinary computers, such connectors are not provided, you need a card reader, and only through it will you be able to connect the drive to the PC. Through the adapter, the memory card will be recognized by the computer as an ordinary USB flash drive, and thus it will be possible to watch the contents.

As you know, most android devices have a MicroSD slot. Perhaps you or your friends have a phone with this OS and through it you can view or send your files to an “apple” device. So, we looked at whether it is possible to insert a memory card into an iPhone.

Is it possible to insert a memory card into an iPhone and how to do it?

Some iPhone owners are forced to download large amounts of information related to business, work or entertainment. To cope with it, you need to increase the memory of the device. In this article, you will learn:

  • is it possible to insert a memory card into an iPhone;
  • about the accessory and the program for reading MicroSD and SD;
  • how else can you see the files on the memory card;
  • about additional storage options.

The memory card is itself. A convenient source of storage for various media, photos, videos, music, applications and other files that do not fit in the built-in storage of your phone. Despite the fact that iPhones are equipped with a considerable amount of storage, still the additional memory will not hurt anyone. If the “Android” has a built-in special slot for this card, then with “apple” devices everything is much more complicated. So, let’s see if it is possible to insert a memory card into an iPhone.

Additional storage options

If your device doesn’t have enough storage space, although most iPhones usually have plenty of storage, you can uninstall a lot of unnecessary apps, games, videos, and other media from your phone. Also, some useless apps have a tendency to automatically update.

Alternatively, it will be very convenient to move most of your photos, videos or audio recordings to the cloud storage so that they do not take up a huge amount of phone memory. Thus, there will be more space, the need for an additional memory card will disappear, and your personal data will be stored on secure servers, and at any time you can view it.

Checking the work

Finally, you need to check the correctness of all actions. If everything is done correctly, then the simultaneous work will look like this: If the memory card is not visible, you need to tin the contacts of the memory card with a soldering iron, or stick a strip of electrical tape on the back so that the contacts become slightly higher.


All the manipulations described below you carry out at your own peril and risk. We do not accept any responsibility for possible damage that you may cause to your device.

The chances of ruining your SIM are greatest. To a lesser extent. microSD memory card.

Connecting SIM and microSD

After preparing the SIM card, you need to check if there is any interference with the installation on the side of the flash drive itself. In some cases, it is required to cut the tubercle on the back side with a fine (jewelry) file.

Usually, the instructions recommend that you attach the SIM to the memory card using double-sided tape. In fact, it is better to carry out such manipulations:

Do it yourself. How to put two SIM cards and microSD in one slot

How to use a universal slot to the fullest? Make a combo SIM card with built-in memory card! A hybrid slot that allows you to install either 2 SIM, or a SIM and a USB flash drive is the scourge of our time. Split slots are steadily appearing in smartphones in the lower price segment. Most of the popular, noteworthy models are forced to get out with flash drives connected via OTG.

Or buy a device with a lot of memory. The policy of manufacturers is clear. to make the most of offering a smartphone with an increased amount of internal memory is much more expensive than the memory itself.

Determining the correct position of the elements

First, you need to determine the correct position of the SIM card in the tray. Cards of different operators may have different contact configurations.

It makes sense to circle the path that will go into the slot. it will be easier to cut it this way. It is also necessary to estimate the maximum allowable thickness of a SIM card.

For which smartphones can you make a hybrid SIMmicroSD?

For almost any smartphones with a slot design similar to that shown in the picture above. Yes, the contacts of the flash drive and SIM-card are directed in the same direction. However, for their work, different sets of contacts with different heights are used.

Some companies deliberately reduce the thickness of the slot, or change the direction of elements in the tray. In such cases, you first need to contact the specialized communities dedicated to the discussion of the respective smartphone.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that the tray and its slot are not designed for the increased thickness of the elements. Therefore, there are problems in certain models with hybrid “microSDSIM”. Exact information can only be provided by the thematic forum.

SIM manufacturing

After we have decided on the size, it is necessary to separate the actual SIM-card (chip) from the plastic base. There are two methods for this:

Heating the SIM card from the plastic side at a temperature of about 200 degrees for 30-60 seconds up to 1 minute. In this case, the plastic is separated from the chip using a knife or blade.
2. Chemical dissolution of the plastic substrate with dichloroethane (POISON! Use only in a ventilated room!), Acetone or a similar solvent. for example, 646.

The separated chip will require additional processing. First you need to get rid of the remnants of the glue on the back with a knife or solvent. carefully so as not to damage the contacts.

Then you need to carefully cut the contact pad of the SIM card to fit on the microSD in accordance with the first paragraph. Each side will leave 1-2 mm.

SIM card and memory card. How to install in one slot? | Step by step instructions 2019

SIM card and memory card. How to install in one slot?

Mobile phones with a lot of built-in memory are quite expensive.

In order to save money, you can buy a smartphone with a small amount of internal memory and install a separate flash drive into it.

A SIM card and a memory card in one slot is a novelty of today. They are located in different places from the manufacturer.

The first option is, of course, much faster. But the second one is much more interesting and, of course, more economical.

Special adapters

Such manipulations are most likely suitable for real enthusiasts. For those who do not seek to experiment and do something with their own hands, there are special adapters.

With their help, you can achieve the same result, but much faster and more accurately, without possible losses.

Special adapter for installing two SIM cards and a memory drive in one slot

They exist for different modifications of cards. nano SIM, micro SIM, mini SIM.

How to insert a SIM card and memory card? Prepare all the necessary components.

We prepare all the necessary elements for installation

Then, insert one SIM card into a special cell, and the USB flash drive into the device. an adapter. For the second SIM, space is provided on the adapter itself.

Putting the resulting product into one piece

You can gently insert the result into the phone and check if everything is functioning correctly.

We insert the device into your mobile

The last step is to attach the adapter to the back of the phone. It looks something like this.

Built-in and fixed adapter for two combined SIM cards and a memory card

If everything is done correctly, the display will show all the elements.

Location on the phone screen of two SIM cards of mobile operators and a memory card

Such a device certainly has an advantage over a self-made one.

  • no need to cut cards of mobile operators;
  • easy to operate. difficult to get confused;
  • you can choose for different sizes of sim cards;
  • does not cause discomfort when switching between SIM-cards.

To turn on the device on the phone, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Home” tab.
  • Item “Settings”.
  • Section “Phone”.
  • Application area for SIM.
  • You need to specify the desire of the SIM card.

In order for the settings to take effect, you need to wait a couple of minutes and restart the phone.

2 SIM cards and microSD in Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

Samsung is again making mobiles with space for a memory drive. However, the phone does not have a hybrid device, but only cells for two SIM cards.

This means that the user will have to choose. use two SIM cards, but without a memory card, or install one SIM and one USB flash drive.

It will be possible to solve this problem if you work hard and adapt the phone yourself.

Does the iPhone have an SD Card Slot? Will an SD Card work on iPhone ?

The edges of the sim card and card must be correct aligned

Now feel free to install the received product in your mobile phone.

And check if everything is functioning correctly? To do this, look at the display of your mobile. The top line should display both SIM cards and the microSD card.

How the mobile display should look right after the successful completion of the operation

Users should understand that this combination method may not be suitable for every gadget.

Today, many users resort to such manipulations. This is especially true for those models of mobile phones in which you have to choose between additional space on the phone or another SIM card.

According to many users, if this situation does not change and the craftsmen continue to upgrade their mobile devices, then the manufacturers will have no other choice but to make changes to the models of gadgets even when they are assembled at the factory.

Also, there were special adapters that allow you not to cut the card, keeping its natural dimensions, while installing all the necessary components of the mobile without much effort.

Glueing NanoSimMicroSD

You will be able to make a sandwich. two SIM cards and a memory card only if the phone model provides two places for a nano SIM and one for a card for storing information.

Hybrid for combining several SIM cards and a flash drive in one device

To make such changes for your mobile, you need to have with you:

  • Two nano sim cards.
  • MicroSD memory stick.
  • Heater that can heat up to about 120 degrees.
  • Najachka.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

First, you need to separate the SIM card chip itself from its base. This can be done by heating the plastic.

In this version, the card for mobile communication takes up quite a bit of space, and now you can try to combine it.

You must understand that you run the risk of spoiling the thing with such actions.

You can hold it over the lighter with tweezers. The base is not resistant to heat and will change shape and delaminate rather quickly.

We warm the SIM card and carefully peel it off the base material

If the actions are successful and the element used is not damaged, you will have only a hard film with contacts.

Now we proceed to the most dangerous of all actions that we will perform. Sand the separated contacts from the wrong side with sandpaper.

The main thing is not to mutilate the chip itself and the contacts on it. When heated, it quickly loses its shape, as soon as the effect of heat has ceased. it instantly cools down.

It is necessary that the resulting product takes the correct shape after cooling.

This is how the sim card should look, separated and ready for polishing.

Now we proceed to the actions that will help to combine the SIM card and the memory card into one element. we glue the result on the card to accumulate information.

It is necessary to connect these two components as tightly as possible and even paint over from above, for example, with colorless varnish.

Insert what you got into your phone and check if everything works correctly? If so, your mission has been fully accomplished. A second chip will be installed in another SIM card cell.

After placing the device in the phone, try to pull it out as rarely as possible.

Most often, it is possible to break the resulting structure during extraction. Worse, the adapter could be damaged.

We combine SIMMicroSD in a common cell

This combination can be done for almost any model. The main condition is that contacts in both directions have a direction in the same direction.

Some communication manufacturers deliberately make the direction of these two elements different.

In this case, you need to study more information and figure out how to correctly match the elements and not damage anything.

Special devices for combining two components in one place in the phone

There is, of course, the risk of damaging both the mobile operator’s card and the memory card.

If, nevertheless, you decided to take a chance and combine. follow the instructions:

We determine the required dimensions for the future product

Before resizing, trace around the desired area with a simple pencil, it will be easier to crop.

You can achieve the desired result by dissolving the plastic with acetone or something like it.

An alternative option is to heat the card from the back side to two hundred degrees for about one minute and peel it off with a sharp object.

How to separate a chip from its plastic base

Displaying two matched items on a mobile screen

Sometimes a mobile flash drive cannot be detected. To fix this, you need to solder its contacts a little with a soldering iron.

If there is no such tool in the house, try to glue it with electrical tape from the seamy side. This is done so that the contacts rise a little higher.

In order for the SIM card device to work correctly, you must not neglect the following tips:

  • keep an eye on the thickness of both elements. They should have been as thin as possible;
  • through holes should be excluded;
  • on the edge must be glued without fail. If this is not done, the SIM will pop out and it may be difficult if you want to remove the product.

It is extremely rare to pull out the resulting device after installation, and it is better not to do this at all.

The disadvantage of the device obtained is that if you try to remove it after installation, there is a big chance of damaging the SIM card. often than not, she gets stuck.

It is also possible to damage the slot.

Read more information before you start making.

Appearance of a USB flash drive

The flash drive comes in a simple package, but this does not affect the quality of the product.

The package also includes a string for attaching a USB flash drive to keys as a keychain, as well as instructions in English and Chinese.

The flash drive is decorated in a metal case, which has a high-quality finish and grinding.

In the hands, the device feels much more expensive than its real value.

In fact, this accessory is a card reader, on one side of which a microSD card is inserted and there is a USB 2.0 port, and on the other side there is a Lightning port.

That is, you can take any memory card, insert it and use it as a full-fledged USB flash drive for both the iPhone 10 and the computer. For example, this 64GB SanDisk works just fine.

over, the card reader can be used to exchange photos, melodies and other files between various equipment, cameras and smartphones. At the same time, the copying speed can be measured on a computer.

On average, a file download occurs at a speed of 20-30 MB per second and it more than meets the USB 2.0 standard. Why not 3.0? Because there is no point in using the iPhone. the Lightning port does not support.

The form factor is also a pleasure. You can rotate the inner part inside the metal casing, revealing the plug you want at the moment.

What are the cons?

The disadvantages can be conditionally attributed only to the fact that the accessory sticks out, being inserted into the iPhone 6 7 8 Plus X, and in any other.

For example, Leff products have a curved shape, which of course makes them easier to use. Here you can also turn the metal casing like this in order to slightly reduce the dimensions of the card reader.

However, this is not a minus, since this card reader is not intended for permanent wearing in the iPhone X, but is needed to quickly copy information, create backups of photos, data, backup contacts, etc.

The downside, however, you can feel only when you want to listen to the music recorded on the memory card, since you will not be able to copy it to the iPhone. That is, to listen, the player built into the application must be launched and a flash drive inserted. There’s no getting away from it. that’s Apple’s policy. The flash drive for the iPhone X XR XS and XS Max is suitable, but will work on others, including the 7 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus.

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  • Which tripod for iPhone to choose?
  • Fast charging at 2.4A. test
  • Nillkin Magic Cube. wireless charger for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • Spigen iPhone 10 Cases

Your mark:

Many users are accustomed to buying an iPhone or iPad with minimal storage space. After several months of operation, they are faced with a lack of space on the device.

The memory is clogged with photos, videos and applications. You have to regularly clean your smartphone or even think about upgrading.

There is an easier and faster way to expand the storage of your iPhone or iPad. And yes, these are flash drives. Thanks to iOS 13, they got a second life and a lot of new features paired with Apple devices.

USB flash drive for iPhone


You can easily and quickly copy all photos from iPhone directly to your memory card.

You can create a backup of all contacts immediately to a memory card, and not suffer as written in this manual

The built-in camera application allows you to immediately take photos and record videos directly to the USB flash drive, including 4K quality.

At the same time, the video is recorded in MP4 format, which can be easily opened on other devices.

You can create any folders and conveniently move files to them, simply by marking them in the application.

Built-in player allows you to listen to music recorded on a memory card for hours.

You can copy movies directly to iPhone from a memory card. To do this, just upload any videos in MP4 format to a memory card, and from there copy them to the photo gallery.

What are flash drives for iPhone and iPad capable of?

We have already covered in detail about drives for iPhone and iPad.

On such flash drives, you can store photos and videos from the iPhone. This is the most efficient way to quickly and easily clean up space on your smartphone. Drive apps offer one-click backup and then quickly clear the gallery.

In the future, it will be possible to return photos and videos to a smartphone, view from a connected drive or reset to a computer.

On flash drives, you can store a backup copy of the phone book from the iPhone or confidential photos, which are better not to leave in the standard gallery. To do this, it is enough to set a password to launch the client application.

It is convenient to keep large movies, TV shows or audiobooks on the drives, which can be watched and listened to while traveling or flying. We load the flash drive with content and watch it all the way on our iPhone, shared iPad or hotel TV.

There will be no problems with the selection of formats, flash drives work with most omnivorous players from the App Store.

Such drives will not cope with only two tasks: you cannot install applications on them and download music downloaded from streaming services.

Here are the flash drives that we recommend taking a closer look at:

Best flash drive for iPhone: Leef iBridge3

One of the most popular models with a Lightning connector. The flash drive can be connected to any current iPhone model and expand the memory of the gadget.

On the other side of the accessory there is a USB-A connector, so data can be easily transferred from a smartphone to a computer and vice versa.

To work with the iPhone, you can use both the Files application and the proprietary application.

▸ Leef iBridge3 32 GB. 6990 rubles.
▸ Leef iBridge3 64 GB. 8990 rubles.
▸ Leef iBridge3 128 GB. 13,990 rubles.

How and where to insert a memory card into your iPhone

We have all heard that there are memory cards for the iPhone. Let’s figure out how and where to insert a memory card into an iPhone if there is no slot for it? So. Firstly, a Micro-SD memory card cannot be inserted into an iPhone or any other apple gadget in any way. Unfortunately, this is true, because the difference in cost between the iPhones of 18 GB and 128 GB significantly exceeds the amount that could be given even for a 128 GB memory card. Well, memory is always very necessary for all of us. Where are we to cram new games, applications, photos, music and other extremely important things? We urgently need to do something about this.

What are the options? Of course, the easiest way to add free space to yourself is to remove unnecessary programs, clear the cache, and so on. We examined this option in more detail. I highly recommend this article to you about Honor if you have a need to get precious megabytes of memory on your i-device.

The second way is lightning sticks. Of course, they have limited functionality, but you can use it. Such flash drives are sold not only for 16 GB, but also of much larger capacity. up to 256 gigs! Now you and I know that an ordinary memory card cannot be inserted into an iPhone. The answer is obvious. How and where to insert a memory card into an iPhone. ANYWHERE.

But do not blame Apple for this and say that all companies produce smartphones with slots for memory cards, but Apple does not. The latest flagship devices of the same Samsung (for example, the Galaxy S6 Edge) also lack such slots. Alas, this is so. It’s sad to admit it. Maybe soon Yablochniki will come up with a place for the SD. Wait and see.

Conclusion: if you have room for a map, then most likely it is a Chinese replica. It has nothing to do with real branded products.

How to connect a memory card to an iPhone? Which flash drive for iPhone X XS XR should you choose? Such questions sooner or later appear in the minds of iPhone owners. Today there are a number of different flash drives from well-known and new brands, and today we will test one of these flash drives with a microSD memory card.

Earlier we already talked about a similar thing: Ugreen flash drive for iPhone 6 7 Plus 8 Plus

But today’s accessory is of a slightly different nature. This flash drive does not have its own memory and you can insert memory cards of various capacities into it, thereby opening up much more possibilities.