PC connection

viewing, angle

As a rule, the webcam is connected to the computer via a USB 2.0 connector, the latest models. via USB 3.0. There are also models with Wi-Fi support. these are usually professional and are designed for office video conferencing. When a camera is connected, it is automatically detected by the system, and a driver is selected for it. Therefore, pay attention to which OS support is declared for this camera: Windows, MacOS, Linux. Of course, the drivers can be installed from the included disk, or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

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Viewing angle and rotation

The angle of view of the camera lens determines how much space will fall into the frame. just your face, your surroundings, the whole room. Modern webcams have a viewing angle ranging from 45 ° to 170 °. The golden mean is somewhere around 60 °. The camera can be panned horizontally to give more view, and tilted left and right to give different angles. For different cameras, the horizontal rotation angle can be up to 360 °. tilt. up to 180 °. Certain camera models can follow your face and automatically turn in the right direction so that it is always visible due to the mechanical drive.

The matrix

The first aspect is, of course, the matrix. There are two types of webcam matrices: CCD and CMOS. The first type is deprecated and should be avoided, although it is already practically not found. with rare exceptions, for example, for parental control cameras. built into children’s toys. Modern webcams are available with a CMOS matrix from 0.1 to 5 megapixels. Here, of course, the bigger is better rule. A clear picture, sufficient for shooting videos, is provided by webcams from 2 MPix. be guided by this figure.


Another important aspect is the shooting resolution. You should be aware that webcams can take photos and videos with different resolutions: for a photo it will be larger, for a video it will be less. You should focus on the video resolution. As a rule, for work tasks, for example, to communicate with students on Skype, video resolution from 1280 x 720 to 1920 × 1080 (HD) will be sufficient. If you shoot videos for YouTube, you can pay attention to more expensive webcams with FullHD-resolution (1920 × 1080 and higher).

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Additional functions

A number of options make the webcam more convenient to use:

  • Built-in microphone eliminates the need for a separate external microphone or headset.
  • Digital zoom makes it possible to enlarge the picture several times without losing clarity.
  • Manual focus allows you to independently adjust the focus of the camera to get the perfect picture.
  • The curtain is an indispensable thing for those who are convinced that they can be monitored via a webcam. 🙂 It covers the lens when the camera is not in use.
  • Backlight is another handy feature that allows you to shoot in the dark.


Let’s move on to testing the camera’s performance.

On the lot description page, it is indicated that the camera has two speakers, but I could not use them.

The maximum resolution also turned out to be lower than indicated on the seller’s page: 2592×1944 instead of 3840×2160.

There are three versions of this camera: with a maximum resolution of 4K, 2K and FullHD.

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The camera weighs 143 and the tripod weighs 29 grams.

The camera body is made of plastic, the assembly is of high quality. The front panel easily collects fingerprints. There is a shutter to close the camera.

The camera can rotate and tilt in different directions (you can watch this in the video review, starting from 35 seconds).

There is a 1.4-inch connector on the bottom, with which the camera can be mounted on a tripod.

The included tripod is made of cheap plastic, is very flimsy and falls off easily due to its light weight. Plus, there are no anti-slip tips on the legs.

Comparison with a regular and reliable tripod (can also be viewed in the video review, starting from 57 seconds).

Compared to the Logitech C170 webcam, this one looks monstrous.

The camera is conveniently and reliably fixed both on a regular monitor and on a laptop monitor.

Test results:

As for the video quality, it is decent, even though the resolution is lower than stated. Autofocus works correctly and quickly enough even in poor lighting conditions. You can watch his work in the video review, starting at 2:55.

As for the audio, it leaves much to be desired: the sound is dull, like in a barrel. Comparison of the three cameras (built into a laptop Lenovo V130, Logitech C170 and the reviewed one) can be viewed in the video review, starting at 1:52.

Here is a photo comparison from three cameras (first a webcam of a Lenovo V130 laptop, then a Logitech C170 and monitored one):

Among the main advantages of the camera are the following:
excellent video quality and fast autofocus;
the ability to turn / tilt;
the presence of a 1.4-inch thread;
long cable.

The disadvantages include the following:
! huge body size;
! flimsy tripod;
! inoperative speakers;
! resolution is lower than stated;
! poor sound quality.