How to increase memory on iPhone

To increase the memory on the iPhone, you will have to resort to external carriers, since the brand does not provide memory cards for devices on iOS. All kinds of cloud storages and portable hard drives allow you to expand the volume of the smartphone and synchronize all available files. Consider all available methods and their features.

If on a smartphone with iOS the free volume ends, the user can use additional memory by resorting to various online services and physical carriers.

You can expand the internal volume only with the help of external memory. If the user decides to contact the service center by manually increasing the drive by removing the microcircuit in order to replace it with another, this will violate the company’s user policy and lead to serious problems in the future. Now Apple is more strictly related to any technical changes in the devices.

In all iPhones there is no slot for a memory card, it is impossible to install it, and any intervention in the hardware is considered illegal and can lead to a phone blocking by the manufacturer.

How to Upgrade iCloud Storage Plan! [2020]

increase, storage, icloud, iphone

[Decided] How to purchase additional storage space on the iPhone

For users, iOS iCloud can safely store your photos, files, contacts, mail, notes, passwords and much more on your device. All your data and information can be relevant on all your Apple devices via iCloud. After setting up the iCloud account, you can use 5 GB of free ICLOD storage.

However, for most people 5 GB are not enough, especially if they have more than one iOS device for backup copy. In this case, you may need additional ICLOD storage space. This post will show you how to buy more space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  • Differences between the storage of the device and the icloud storage
  • How to update the ICLOD storage plan
  • How much does it cost for different storage plans
  • Frequently asked questions about increasing memory on iPhone

Differences between the storage of the device and the icloud storage

As we have already said, ICLOUD storage can be used to back up your device and update your photos, videos, messages, etc. D. Between your devices. First you can automatically get 5 GB of free storage. If you finish it, you can free up space by adding more space for storage or removing part of the current contents.

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As for the storage of the device, this is a physical storage on your device that has an installed capacity. For example, when you buy iPhone, you can choose the amount of memory in accordance with your needs from 16 GB to 512 GB. The storage of your device can locally store data on your device. Like ICLOUD storage, storage space on your device can also be used. But, unlike the ICLOD storage, you cannot increase its storage. If you want to increase the amount of memory on your iPhone, you can only free space.

  • Free up space on the device and increase the speed of the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.
  • Delete unnecessary unnecessary files, such as temporary files, magazines of failures, cache and much more.
  • Delete unused applications and completely and thoroughly delete large files.
  • Make a backup copy of the iPhone photos before compression or removal.
  • Quickly and completely erase all the data on your iOS device.

How to update the ICLOD storage plan

If you need more iCloud storage, you can update your current tariff plan if you do not want to remove anything from your iCloud. Apple offers you 3 options for the ICLOUD tariff plan: 50 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB. And among them plans for 200 GB and 2 TB can be shared with your family. You can decide which one suits you most, based on your needs.

As soon as you pay for the tariff plan, your storage will be immediately increased. The bill for the tariff plan will be charged monthly. And every month you will receive an email with a reminder of the upcoming payment. You can refuse the tariff plan at any time or refuse it.

You can simply update the ICLOD storage on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and even PC with Windows. Perform the following quick steps to purchase an additional ICLOD storage space.

How to look at an free space in iCloud

You can see the state of memory (occupied and free) on any device.

For iOS

The following instruction is relevant for iOS:

Complete information about the storage will appear here.

Here you can see how much memory is used by the device, and how much free. All occupied memory is divided into categories.

For example, using a visual diagram, you can see and approximately imagine what percentage is attached in photography, music, documents and other files. In addition, you can see a list of applications that use the ICLOUD storage, and you can also get additional information about the memory in the “Storage Management” paragraph.

You can get all the necessary memory information by various applications here by clicking on the “Manage” button.

iCloud for Windows

On PC and laptops with the Windows operating system, the storage condition can be checked using the ICLOUD special application for Windows. There is a faster, universal way. to open the iCloud website on any of the supporting browsers: Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 45 (or later), Yandex Browser or Google Chrome minimum 54 versions.

What you need to know about cloud storages

Data cloud storage facilities make it possible to get access to a huge amount of data from a mobile device. All cloud services listed above make it possible not only to view the files on the iPhone, but also to save them for offline access. Thus, the user has the opportunity to save on a smartphone only the data that he needs at a particular moment, and use the rest via the Internet.

You can simultaneously install several applications on the iPhone that give access to cloud storage. Thus, it will be possible to significantly expand the memory of the device absolutely free, and if necessary, buy additional gigabytes.

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How to make room in icloud?

After walking along the settings path → Apple ID (your name and surname) → ICLOD → Storage management will surely see on the top of the list the most “heavy” sections “Reserve Copies”, “Photo” or ICLOUD DRIVE. It is they who clog a place in iCloud. Delete unnecessary files to free up the place in the cloud storage of Apple.

In addition, you should turn off the future creation of automatic backups in iCloud (fully or selectively).

To completely disable the creation of the tank copies in iCloud, go to the settings → Apple ID → ICLOUD → Reserve Copy and turn off the backup parameter in iCloud.

The optimal option for most users is a manual file indication when creating backup copies (selective ban on copying media text).

Go to the settings → Apple ID → ICLOUD → Storage Office → Reserve Copies;

increase, storage, icloud, iphone

Translate the “flag” opposite the “Mediathe” item (and other applications if desired) to a passive position;

In the same menu, press the “delete” button to clean the cloud;

Return to Settings → Apple ID → ICLOUD → Reserve Copy in ICLOD and create a new copy without voracious photos and media files.

increase, storage, icloud, iphone

Decrease or cancellation of the iCloud tariff plan

If the iCloud has more space than required, you can lower the storage tariff plan (switch to a tariff plan with a smaller volume) on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac computer or Windows computer, as well as cancel it.

What happens when icloud decreased

  • If the volume of data in ICLUD exceeds the volume of the storage according to the new tariff plan, ICLOD will not synchronize and update the data. The update will resume when you increase the volume of the storage or release space by deleting the data.
  • When switching to a free tariff plan ICLOUD, the volume of the storage will be reduced to 5 GB and you will lose access to the ICLUD functions, including “Hide E-Mail”, Private Relay and “Protected Homekit Video”.
  • After a decrease or cancellation of the tariff plan, the change in the volume of the storage will enter into force at the end of the current calculated subscription period.
  • Find out how to create a copy of iCloud data so as not to lose them.
increase, storage, icloud, iphone

Some functions are not available in all countries and regions.

A partial return of funds in the manner prescribed by law is possible. If you recently changed the ICLOUD storage tariff plan, seek a return to Apple within 14 days. Find out how to request a return.

Lowering or cancellation of the tariff plan on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device

  • Go to the “Settings” menu [Your name] icloud “Storage Management” or “ICLOD storage”.
  • Click “Change the storage plan”.
  • Click “Select a free plan” and enter the ID ID identifier password.
  • Select another tariff plan.
  • Click “Ready”. Can’t click “Generally”?

Decrease or cancellation of the tariff plan on the Mac computer

  • Select the Apple  “System Settings” menu and press Apple ID. In MacOS Mojave and earlier versions, you do not need to press Apple ID.
  • Click iCloud.
  • Click “Management”.
  • Click “Change the storage plan”.
  • Click “Select a free plan”.
  • Enter the Apple ID identifier password and click “Manage”.
  • Select another tariff plan.
  • Click “Ready”. Can’t click “Generally”?

Decrease or cancellation of the tariff plan on a computer with Windows OS

  • Open the iCloud application for Windows.
  • Select “Storage”.
  • Click “Change the storage plan”.
  • Click “Select a free plan”.
  • Enter the Apple ID identifier password and click “Manage”.
  • Select another tariff plan.
  • Click “Ready”. Can’t click “Generally”?
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If you have an Apple One subscription

Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, ICLOD and other services are available in a single tariff plan with Apple One subscription. If you are already using the iCloud tariff plan, you do not need to cancel it when applying for Apple One subscription. Find out what will happen to your ICLOUD tariff plan when subscribing.

If you pay for the Apple One subscription and the iCloud tariff plan, you can lower or cancel the ICLOD tariff plan and just use the ICLOD tariff plan included in the Apple One subscription.

Increase your iPhone iCloud Storage from 5GB to 50GB (All iPhones)

When ICLOD, included in the Apple One subscription, will decrease or cancel the tariff plan, the latter will also be canceled. Find out how to view or cancel subscriptions.

If you fail to click “Ready”

If you can’t press the “Ready” button, make sure that the entrance is made according to the Apple ID identifier, which is used for the ICLOUD storage tariff plan. You can also try to perform these actions on another device. If you need help, contact Support Apple.

Additional Information

  • ICLOD payment is carried out in the same way that is used for your Apple ID identifier. You can add, delete or change the payment method.
  • Find out what data is included in the icloud backups to disable some iCloud functions or completely disable iCloud.
  • If you want to change the iCloud tariff plan, but you do not have the right device, contact Support Apple.

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binding of a bank card or mobile account.

You will reveal the fields to fill out the necessary details. The first field invites us to choose a payment method:

  • Credit or debit card. with this method, your purchases will be paid automatically from your bank account.
  • Mobile payment-select this method, and payment will occur according to the confirmation code with your SIM card.


If you have chosen a bank card for purchases, then make sure that only you and no one else have access to your device. Since, this method writes off your money in automatic mode, without asking for a confirmation SMS code.

How to delete all photos and videos from the iCloud media text and all from devices?

On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch: Open “Settings”. Apple ID [user name]. icloud. “ICLOUDSTICIST”. “Storage management”. “A photo”. “Disconnect and delete”.

On MAS: “System settings”. icloud. “Manage”. “Mediathe”. “Disconnect and delete”.