Practical manual, how to connect the phone to the LG, DEXP and TV TV through Wi-Fi

Modern phones, like TVs, “grow” all with new functions. The only drawback users consider the size of the screen, but now you can correct it: just connect the phone to the TV. Below in the article we will consider all the available methods of connecting the phone to TV so that everyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves.

With this connection, the phone will play the role of the projector. this means that you can use all the functionality of your smartphone on the big screen. Depending on the phone model and the firmware version, the possibilities will be slightly different. But there are several universal functions that you can use when connecting the phone to TV:

  • View photos and videos.
  • Listen to music.
  • Create video presentations.
  • Play games installed on the phone.
  • Launch applications.
  • View sites and “sit” on social networks.
  • Use the phone as a remote control.
  • Launch a video on YouTube on a smartphone and they will be broadcast on the TV screen.

How to enable Wi-Fi Direct on a TV and connect a smartphone or tablet to it?

Modern TVs can have various software menu. Therefore, before the inclusion of the information transmission method via Wi-Fi Direct, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the user of a specific TV model, where the manufacturer describes the necessary sequence of actions. Usually, thanks to intuitive control, you can understand the inclusion of Wi-Fi Direct yourself.

I offer you a general instruction to display the smartphone screen on the TV:

  • Open “settings” or “parameters” (depending on the model)
  • Select network connection parameters
  • Click on the item “Wi-Fi Direct
  • Select the name of the TV on the mobile device
  • Install a wireless connection
  • Confirm the connection

Advantages and disadvantages

Wi-Fi Direct definitely has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • A simple connection process is enough when it is not required to buy additional equipment in the form of a router or install too complex network settings;
  • The option is available for many types of equipment (in the case when it is impossible to connect directly, they purchase a special adapter);
  • The technology is compatible with many operating systems, including Window, Linux, Android and iOS;
  • High file transfer speed.
  • the connection is not reliably protected. Any smartphone can become in the role of a proxy server, which means that any unauthorized person gets access to information;
  • quick discharge of the battery due to the high data transfer rate;
  • After turning on Wi-Fi, a pair of channels occurs that make the operation of other networks slower.

How to use the Wi-Fi Direct function on Android smartphones

Having figured out what it is Wi-Fi Direct on the cell phone, you should find out how to use it. To use it, you do not need to use additional software. In Android, the necessary settings are present by default. To activate the functionality, you need to perform several simple actions on the algorithm:

  • The mobile device includes Wi-Fi-included in the Seti and Internet subsection and activate the corresponding icon.
  • In the Wi-Fi section, they flip out a list of the list and find the “settings” block, from which they turn into “extended settings”.
  • They click on the Wi-Fi Direct key and expect the system to provide a list of all available devices.
  • After attaching to the current device, the connection will be installed. The user will have the opportunity to broadcast the picture from the display, play music tracks through the TV columns or transmit other information.
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  • Cast to TV. the application makes more convenient transmission of information on the specified protocol. He has a simple integration, which even inexperienced users can figure out. The main possibilities for: broadcasting videos on a home theater display, automatic search for all available gadgets and file identification. The advantages of the program include the control of TV through the sensory intese. The owner can adjust the sound, pause or rewind the video from the mobile.
  • Cast Web Browser-what kind of application for Wi-Fi Direct is known to few. It is intended for broadcasting TVs, films or photos from the Internet on the TV display. Users can transfer files that have been saved in the device memory. The features of the software include an intuitive interaction that can be figured out in a few minutes. During the broadcast, the mobile screen score. this nuance was provided for by the developers of the program and created to maintain the battery charge.

Передача данных через Wi-Fi Direct

Important! Through the Cast Web Browser application, the user can enter the Internet and look for the right information for himself: films, clips, etc. After the program allows you to broadcast video files to a home theater.

include, wi-fi, direct

Cast to TV application

How to connect and configure Samsung on TVs

The smartphone can be connected not only to TV from LG. Such an opportunity is also present in modern Samsung TV models. With them you can synchronize the phones with Android OS and new iPhone models. Before you broadcast something on TV samsung, you need to figure out how to connect to it.


Owners of the iPhone can be connected to Samsung TVs via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The last method is used most often, since it allows you to send files and broadcast the image on TV, even being at a great distance from it. To synchronize devices, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the official application store and download for TV program Allshare.
  • Open on the AppStore phone and download the mobile version of Allshare from it.
  • Connect devices to one router and synchronize them with each other.

Important! You can start a broadcast only after starting the AllShare application on TV and phone.


Samsung models can also be connected through the phone with the Android operating system. This is done like this:

  • Connect devices to one router.
  • Go to the smartphone settings and activate the “wireless display” function.
  • Open on the TV Screen Share.

After performing the above actions, the smartphone will find a new device to which you can connect.

Using YouTube

This is a popular program that allows not only to watch interesting videos, films and cartoons, but also offers various services for connecting devices.

To perform the connect of the receiver and transmitter, act as follows:

  • View the TV menu in which the YouTube channel should be configured;
  • This program should also be installed on the phone. If not, then the application is downloaded from the store and installed;
  • A video that should be displayed on the TV monitor is launched on the gadget;
  • press on the screen icon with Wi-Fi on a smartphone (located in the upper right corner);
  • After that, the system begins the search for receivers;
  • They choose the right option from the entire list and click on it.

How to connect a phone to a TV via Chromecast

In order to connect the phone with the TV, you need to prepare all the components of such a connection. In addition to a smartphone with Android OS and a television receiver, you will need a special prefix from Google. Its name is Chromecast, and its connection to the TV is carried out through the HDMI connector.

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At the very beginning, you need to connect the Chromecast adapter to the TV. This can be done in two ways.

include, wi-fi, direct
  • First of all, the adapter is inserted into the free port of HDMI. Then one end of the supply cable is inserted into it, and the other into the power supply. After that, we include it in the outlet.
  • The second method is used when there is no free outlet. In this case, the cable is connected to the unprofitable USB connector on the TV itself. All connections should be dense and reliable.

After all the connections, you can proceed to the settings. This operation is performed in several stages:

  • Install a smartphone connection with a wireless home network.
  • Google Home app is downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • After installing and starting the application, it is selected to “start”. A list of devices will appear in which you need to choose a prefix
  • Choosing a Google account. The existing one is selected or the data for authorization in the new account is entered.
  • Enter the “Resolution” tab and enable the “Geolocation” function to determine the module.
  • The search for transmitters located nearby begins. The detected device is accompanied by an information message.
  • Next, the adapter must be connected to the Wi-Fi home wireless network. The search is carried out and after the required network is detected, the password is entered for connecting. If for some reason its own network has not been determined, the item “other Wi-Fi network” opens and all the data is entered manually.
  • After connecting the phone with the TV, the alphanumeric code will appear on the screen.
  • Exactly the same code is displayed on the smartphone display. In the absence of a code on the TV screen, you should open the tabs “Repeat” and “Search for devices”. If the prefix is ​​not determined during the search, you need to come very close to the TV to improve the signal.
  • After installing the communication between the devices, the module is recorded in the smartphone application indicating all the necessary data.

Viewing videos, films and other content is launched by pressing the Broadcasting tab in the application. All other actions are performed according to the instructions and hints.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

To launch the broadcast of media content via Wi-Fi Direct, you will need to install SmartView app on the smartphone. This utility can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

After loading the application, the user will need:

  • Turn on wi-fi on a smartphone. You can use the “Control Center” or any other method.
  • Open the system settings menu on the TV set and go to the “Network” section (the exact name of the submenu depends on the manufacturer of the device). Next, you will need to select the item “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • Launch data transmission over a wireless TB integration by simply switching the corresponding screen toggle switch to an active position. The TV will automatically run the search for compatible devices: when the search is over, the user will need to select his smartphone from the proposed list and confirm the conjugation. When giving consent for connection, you should put a checkplace opposite the item “Connect without request”.

Further, the user will be able to go to the file manager of the mobile device and choose a video that must be played on the TV.

Starting the broadcast begins using the contextual menu item “Pass through SmartView”. You can be guided by the presented algorithm when conjugating any Android Smartphone with any “smart” TV.

include, wi-fi, direct

Samsung TV-WIFI Direct

It is worth noting that after the first synchronization of devices for striming media content, it will be enough to select the desired file on the phone and click on the icon of the data wireless.

include, wi-fi, direct

If the Smart TV or the phone does not support Wi-Fi Direct technology, you will have to use a home router as a network bridge to display content on a large screen.

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In this case, the user will also need to install the SmartShare application on both devices.

Connection via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct-the technology for connecting two devices via a wireless network without using additional access points and Khotspot. The speed of data transmission inside the network will be limited only by the version of the Wi-Fi Protocol used, which allows you to transmit large volumes of data between devices, including images, video and music, as well as high-quality streaming videos and audio audio.

  • Go to the settings “Network” of the TV and find the Wi-Fi Direct item.
  • On the tablet in the Wireless Network tab, select the Wi-Fi Direct option and connect to the desired network. The tablet is synchronized with the TV.
  • Now from the tablet you can send media files to the TV. Perhaps the TV will ask for confirmation from the remote control.

smartphone as a media server

This method of synchronization is performed when both devices have in their functionality Miracast or DLNA technology. Additional condition: both devices should have access to one Internet.

Use a smartphone as a media server to transfer data to a Wi-Fi TV is possible according to the following instructions (relevant for smartphones on Android OS):

  • Go to Play Market on your mobile and install the DLNA server.
  • Run the application, open the menu and add the new Dlna Server. He needs to assign a name in the corresponding line. Name is the name of the home Internet.
  • Go to the Root section. Here you need to note those folders that will be available for viewing. All changes made to save.
  • Return to the main menu, press the Start button and start a new created media server.
  • In the television menu, open “Settings”. Open the “Video” section.
  • In the list that has opened, find the name of the newly created server, choose it.
  • After that, all folders selected earlier for viewing will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the required file and start viewing.

Owners of iPhone (IOS OS) can use a similar method for synchronization with TV devices. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • iPhone and TV connect to a single Internet.
  • The TV device will need to install a special application. So, for LG TVs, the Smart Share application has been developed, and for Samsung. Allshare. Other TV models also support such services.
  • Go to the iPhone on the AppStore and download one of the free applications: Twonky Beam, Imediashare, TV Assist, Belkin MediaPlay. All of them function similarly to each other. They are based on a number of services that reproduce the image from a smartphone to TV. In addition to services, a browser is installed. After activating the application, you need to manually select the device through which the file will be played.

Lack of the listed applications. their oversaturation by advertising. Because of this, if the iPhone regular connection is planned to the presented way, it is better to download a paid service.

Using one of the presented ways to connect the phone to the TV via Wi-Fi, you can expand the capabilities of the screen of the mobile device. It is convenient for watching a video or photo on a big screen, demonstration of presentations. The main thing is that the TV and smartphone support the functions of wireless communication and have the opportunity to synchronize with other devices.