How to disable the endangered messages in Votsap: Instructions

How to disable the disappearing messages in the Wotsap if you no longer want to use the option? Easily. we tell in detail what buttons to press in order to get rid of excess function.

Before you think about how to remove the disappearing messages in WhatsApp, they need to be turned on and a little use. This is logical. if you did not like the function or is no longer required, you can disable it.

Let’s say a few words about what is a special regime of communication in the messenger. Works in group and individual chats. allows correspondence to completely disappear after a week.

If you want to turn off the disappearing messages in WhatsApp, it is important to know the following:

  • The option applies to incoming and outgoing. but correspondence, which was carried out before the function, will not be affected;
  • In an individual chat, the option can include any of the interlocutors, in the group. only the administrator;
  • If you do not go to the messenger for a week, the incoming will be carried out automatically. but you can read the contents through notifications on the main screen without entering the application;
  • When answering the incoming, quoting will be used. The remote text will remain on the screen in a week in a quoted form.

Turning instructions

It’s time to find out how to turn off the endangered messages in WhatsApp! Very easy, follow our instructions:

The changes made are saved automatically. You were able to figure out how to turn off the disappearing messages in WhatsApp and return to the usual communication mode. Correspondence will not disappear! If desired, you can again activate the function.

Disading messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp messages with a deadline are automatically removed from the chat if they are more than 24 hours, 7 or 90 days. After you activate this option, you no longer need to worry about manual removal of important messages. All subsequent messages will be automatically deleted after a given time. Unfortunately, it is impossible to configure another period of time or make an exception for a specific message.

It is useful to know that in a conversation, one of its participants can turn on or disable the settings, and in a group conversation only the administrator controls this opportunity. In addition, messages with the date of expiration of the validity period are not the same as the irretrievable removal of the message WhatsApp.

How to automatically delete messages via WhatsApp?

Go to personal or group chat.

Touch the user or group at the top of the window.

Turn on the timer. Choose the right period. By default, it is set for 7 days, but whatsApp gives other additional options: you can choose between 24 hours, 7 or 90 days.

After activating this option, an appropriate notice will appear in the conversation. It guarantees that all participants in the conversation will be notified of changing the regime of storage of messages in it. In addition, next to the profile icon or group photos, the watch icon also appears. So the messenger clearly gives all interlocutors to understand that messages in this conversation are automatically deleted after a certain time.

You do not agree with the interlocutor who included this regime? You can well disable the function of messages with the date of expiration date. Please note that in a group conversation this can only be done by the administrator.

What are the disappearing messages in WhatsApp?

Disading messages in WhatsApp. a function that automatically delete messages after 7 days. This works both in ordinary chats and in group (with several participants). After a week, the messages will be deleted, and none of the chat participants will be able to read them. However, this applies only to those messages that were sent after the function of including the function. Correspondence until the activation of disappearing messages will remain untouched.

Disading messages can be useful in the following situations:

  • If the user does not want to accumulate messages in the chat, but prefers to delete them from time to time. The function will automatically clean the chats in which the user will connect it. Important! The endangered messages must be activated for each chat separately.
  • After 7 days, none of the interlocutors will be able to read the sent messages again. Therefore, if the user does not want the information in messages to be available in the long run, you can activate this function.
  • If the phone falls into the hands of attackers, the disappearing messages will not allow them to receive confidential information about the user and his interlocutors.

All text messages will be deleted after 7 days, but media files (photos and videos), although they will disappear from the chat, will remain in the gallery. To prevent this, it is necessary to turn off the automatic download in the messenger settings.

Although the function looks safe, there are several ways to get around it and save the endangered messages after 7 days:

  • The interlocutor can take a screenshot of messages that will remain on his device. The user will not receive a notification about this.
  • The interlocutor can send messages to the chat where the function is disconnected. There they are preserved even after they expire for 7 days.
  • If the interlocutor quotes the message by answering it, the quote can stay in the chat even a week later.

How to enable and off the disappearing messages in WhatsApp?

Since the function is connected separately for each chat, it is necessary to activate it:

  • Go into the right chat.
  • Click on the interlocutor or the name of the group to open a detailed chat menu.
  • Click on the point “endangered messages”.
  • Choose “Next”.
  • Click “.

After that, the disappearing messages will be activated. To turn them off, you need to follow the same instructions, but at the end, press the “off”.

How to send an endangered message to WhatsApp?

There are no difficulties with the departure of self.destructive letters. After including the “endangered messages” function, the entire correspondence with the selected subscriber or group is carried out as usual. The only thing is departure from the subscriber who included this function will be removed in a week.

You can configure disappearing messages not only with dialogue, but in group chat. The decision to include the regime of endangered messages can be made by any interlocutor, or the group administrator sets the inclusion of the function only on itself.

To turn on/off the mode of self.destructive departments in the group you need:

  • Open the chat of the group;
  • Tap the name of the chat;
  • Click on “endangered messages”;
  • If possible, then “further” will appear. Press on it;
  • Turn on/off the function.

All messages received before and after turning on/off the function will remain. Those that were obtained in the interval between the inclusion of the service and before turning it off will disappear after 7 days.

How to restore disappearance in WhatsApp?

The restoration of disappearing messages is impossible, for that they are self.destructive. Even stored in a backup, after installing it, disappear.

The interlocutor can see the disappearing messages in the WatsApp, if they are addressed to him or the group in which he takes part, within a time of storage in the body of the chat. After a week, these messages can be read or viewed only if they were copied in the answer, photographed or sent to another chat. Media files are available in automatic loads.

Disading messages in WhatsApp

Disading messages are one of the most interesting functions in the WhatsApp messenger, which appeared in November 2020. It involves removing messages seven days after sending. The new functionality is full of subtleties that confuse users, but we will fix the situation. This article will tell in detail how to use endangered messages.

  • Save in backups, but deleted when recovery if more than seven days have passed;
  • Do not disappear in group chats with disabled functionality of endangered messages. the decision on the inclusion of the function is made by group administrators;
  • The quoted messages disappear, but the text in the quotes remains. to influence this will not work;
  • The disappearing messages can be read in pop.up messages, even if the recipient does not look at them;
  • The recipient can maintain a screenshot with endangered messages or completely photograph the contents of the display with another smartphone or camera;
  • Disading messages with attached multimedia files are removed from the chats after seven days, but the files remain. the recipient can find them in his smartphone;
  • Messages sent before turning on the disappearing messages are not deleted. they always remain in place;
  • It is impossible to reduce or increase the shelf life/disappearance. the shelf life is fixed, it is seven days;
  • Both sides of the dialogue can turn on and disable the endangered messages in the individual chat;
  • Ending messages work on all platforms. on devices with Android, iOS and KAIOS, as well as in WhatsApp for a computer and WhatsApp Web.

Attentive study of these features will fully understand the functionality of endangered messages.

How to enable a function and how to send disappearing messages

To make messages disappear seven days after sending, use instructions:

  • Launch WhatsApp and find a chat where you need to activate this function;
  • Touch the chat header or the interlocutor in the upper part of the chat;
  • Select the point “endangered messages” and read the warnings;
  • Rearrange the checkmark to the “vn” position and go back into the chat.

Disading messages are included. They are disconnected by rearranging the above checkmark to the “OKL” position. each side of the chat can do this.

A similar switching scheme for/off is used in group chats. The only difference is that only administrators make the decision (including the creator of the group). Other users are deprived of the ability to turn on/disconnect this function.

The disappearing messages are sent in the same way as the usual ones. select the chat, enter the text and send it. If necessary, attach multimedia files or documents to the message. Also, voice messages are subjected to removal after seven days.

How to enable the endangered messages on the phone

This instruction is relevant for connecting disappearing messages in WhatsApp and Android, and on iPhones with the iOS operating system, since menu items are, in principle, almost identical. Therefore, you can connect a WhatsApp technology on this algorithm on any device. In general, the procedure will be as follows:

This is where the process of connecting the disappearing SMS on your phone is completed.

Attention! If the interlocutor, for example, will send your message to another person, then after removing SMS in your dialogue, it will remain with the one who has been sent. It is also worth taking into account the fact that investments, for example, videos or photos will be saved on your device in internal memory, if this option is connected by default in the messenger.

How to understand with whom I have the endangered messages connected

Next to the icon of your interlocutor in the “Dialogs” mode will display the clock icon. It just indicates that the mode of endangered messages is connected to this user.

By the way, your interlocutor will see a notification that you connect and turn off the option, so you will not be able to secretly write down the conversation or bring it to “clean water”, for example, writing one SMS first, after which it will leave. Even if you turn on the vanishing messages in WhatsApp, and then turn off immediately. the interlocutor will still see notifications about all operations.

How to enable the disappearing messages in WhatsApp, what is this function?

How to enable the disappearing messages in WhatsApp, configure them in an optimal way and disable them if necessary? On this page you will find a detailed overview of one of the most interesting new options for the messenger!

The mode of disappearing messages in WhatsApp appeared not so long ago. but this option is already popular! We can say that this is the possibility of automatic removal of correspondence. the user will not have to wash the outgoing ones, they will be erased after a certain period.

But let’s figure out in more detail what is the function of the endangered messages of WhatsApp and how it can be used, what is special in it!

This mode allows all new messages in group or individual chat to automatically delete after seven days. Consider that the activated function applies only to new and outgoing, and will not affect the correspondence, which was conducted in the dialog/group earlier.

A little later we will talk about how to enable the disappearing messages in WhatsApp on Android and iPhone. In the meantime, we go through the main parameters that you need to know before activating the option!

  • If the interlocutor does not open correspondence within a week, incoming/outgoing will disappear. However, remember, he can see the contents of the notification viewing mode without going to the messenger.
  • If the self.disposed correspondence is sent to another chat, it will not be removed from there (even after seven days).
  • When creating a backup before the disappearance of SMS, they will be saved in this copy. but will be automatically deleted when the user restores the history of chats from a backup copy.
  • If you respond to text (through quoting), the quoted contents will remain in the correspondence, although the source will be destroyed.

And a little more about how to configure the disappearing messages in WhatsApp. You must use this mode wisely. always remember that the interlocutor can take a screenshot, a picture with another camera, send an incoming or preserve it in another way to use correspondence even after the disappearance of the source.

Turn on and disable

If you decide to figure out how to include the disappearing SMS in WhatsApp on a smartphone, remember. any user can activate the option, both in individual correspondence and in group chats. However, in groups, the administrator can change the settings in such a way that only admins control the function.

Let’s try to understand how to include disappearing messages in WhatsApp. The instruction is equally suitable for both devices operating on OS Android, and for smartphones on iOS.

This instruction for individual chat, but what about group correspondence? We do the same. click on the name of the group, find the desired option in the menu and select “Turn on”.

I figured out how to configure disappearing messages in WhatsApp. If you are tired of the function, you can completely disable it. both in personal correspondence and in the group:

  • Click on the name on the top panel (or in the name of the interlocutor);
  • Find the option in the list and click on the button;
  • Select the “Turn off” parameter.

Finally, we note. By default, the obtained media files are stored in the folder with a photo/in the gallery on the device. If the media auto load is turned on, they will disappear from the chat, but will remain on the smartphone. You can turn off the auto load through the settings, in the section “Data and storage”.

The setting of the endangered messages of WhatsApp is completed, like our review. now you can use this interesting option, since you know everything about it!

How to disable the endangered messages in WhatsApp groups

This option may also be activated in group correspondence. True, only the group administrator can manage it, or the one who is endowed with the rights of the admin. Therefore, mainly in his power. whether to activate such functionality, or abandon it. To refuse the option in group chat, use the following algorithm:

Endangered Species and Their Conservation. Yashvardhan Gupta

  • In the block “Chats” Choose a conversation in the group.
  • Click in the upper part of the screen to its name.
  • On the page with its settings, scroll down to the line “endangered messages”.
  • Click on it, then click the inscription “Further”.
  • In the menu, select the string “Disable”.

Features of disconnecting and using endangered messages

Finally, we will pay a few minutes of attention to this functionality. Not everyone knows about him, and perhaps the understanding of some nuances of managing it will help to avoid any random mistakes and misunderstandings:

  • The option will only work in the chat where it is activated.
  • The user who turned it on can turn it off.
  • If we are talking about the group, then only the administrator can manage the service.
  • When connecting, you can choose the time through which messages will be erased in the chat: 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days.
  • You can use it, as well as disable the option in any version of the messenger-mobile, web version and desktop.

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How to make whatsApp messages are not displayed on the screen

By default, all the messenger chats coming to your chats have sound notifications, and also pop up on the smartphone screen. This can distract, and interfere with work in other installed software. They can be removed, and you can do this in the application itself:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the menu. three points on the right.
  • Select item “Settings”.
  • Click on the block “Notifications”.
  • To remove the appearance on the screen, click on the item “Pop.up notifications”, Choose an option “Without pop.up windows“”.
  • To remove notifications that appear in the upper part of the screen in the item “Priority notifications” Turn the runner into an inactive position (gray button color).
  • In step “Sounds in chat”, also deactivate the option by transferring the slider to the left.

Now you will not have sound support,, and the appearance of any notifications from the messenger. When they are needed again, use the same instructions, and go on all these points to activate them.

note! When you turn off only priority notifications, the messages from WhatsApp will be displayed after everyone else.

The full discharge of previously set settings for notifications can be performed with one button. To do this, open the item “Notifications”, Click on three points in the upper corner of the screen, and slip along the item “Reset notification settings”.

How to remove notifications in WhatsApp through phone settings

Modern smartphones are arranged so that in their settings you can turn off notifications from instant messengers and other applications. At the same time, it is enough to press only one button, and you will completely remove the sound accompaniment, and all pop.up windows from WhatsApp. It is not difficult to do this:

  • On the desktop, slip on the icon “Settings”.
  • Go to the block in the menu “Device”, And select the section “Applications”.
  • Click on the line “Task dispatcher”.
  • Scroll through the list of loaded software, and slip on “WhatsApp”.
  • On the application settings card, remove the checkbox from the item “Display notifications”.
  • Get out of the settings.

This method allows you to quickly make the messages not displayed, and do not distract with sound signals. And in this way you can work with all the applications that are installed on your smartphone.