Access sharing service not active

By default, if any service uses a WEB-camera, the system can deny access to other programs. To share access, you need to activate a special service.

From the start menu, type services and run the application.

Find Windows Camera Frame Server in the list and double-click it.

Reboot your computer. If that doesn’t work, try to find a process or service that uses the camera.

Yandex browser

By default, when you go to a site that requires access to a webcam, Yandex Browser asks for permission from the user.

If you accidentally blocked access to the desired site, you can turn on the WEB-camera by clicking on the “Protect” icon. And in the window, activate the switch “Use camera”.

After refreshing the page, the image on the site will appear.

How to turn on the camera on a laptop

activation in Device Manager

If it was not possible to turn on the WEB-camera with the keys and there is no time to deal with the settings, you can go to the Device Manager and use it there.

Right-click on Start, select “Computer Management” from the context menu.

Go to “Device Manager”, expand the “Imaging device” branch. Right-click on the device and select “Engage”.

Turning on the webcam

In this tutorial, I will show you how to turn on the camera on a laptop. We will learn how to launch and use it, solve emerging problems.

If the camera doesn’t work

If, when you turn on the webcam, there is no image on the laptop, the device may be inactive. You can use it in one of three ways.

Other reasons

If the camera still does not turn on, then there are errors in the system. Let’s consider how to eliminate them.

Driver not installed

Without a driver, the computer will not be able to recognize the device and work with it correctly. To check, right-click on Start and select “Computer Management”.

If everything is in order, there will be a “Cameras” item in the Manager. By clicking on it, a description of the device will appear.

And if instead of this item there is an icon with a question mark, then you need to download and install the driver.

To do this, go to the manufacturer’s official website, select your laptop model, download the driver for the webcam and install it.

Read more about installing and updating drivers in this tutorial.

Enabling the Camera in Zoom for Windows, Android, and iOS

Zoom mobile app

Before the smartphone camera can be used in Zoom, it is necessary to provide the service’s mobile application with permission to use the module. This is usually done at the first launch after installation, but it is also available in the “Settings” of the OS:

Find the item “Zoom” in the list of software installed on the mobile device, tap on its name. From the “Details” screen about the app and its settings, go to “App permissions”.

Click “Camera” and then select “Allow” from the list of two options, or make sure that the Zoom application already has access to the module.


    Go to iOS Settings, scroll down the list of options sections. In the area showing the list of programs installed on the iPhone, find “Zoom” and tap its name.

  • Set the “Camera” switch in the “ALLOW ACCESS TO ZOOM” list to the “Enabled” position. Close the “Settings” of the operating system. this completes the issuance of the necessary permission for the camera to work.
  • Manually

    Regardless of the values ​​\ u200b \ u200bof the settings related to video capture of the Zoom for PC program during a communication session organized through it, you always have the opportunity to turn your webcam on and off forcibly:

      Join an existing online conference or create a new one.

    There is a toolbar at the bottom of the window showing what is happening during the conference. If the session controls are not displayed, call the panel with them by moving the mouse cursor to the Zoom window.


    To ensure a situation in which your webcam will automatically be included in Zoom at the moment you enter any online conference, you must first configure the program:

      Open Zoom for PC and go to the configuration section of the program. To do this, click on the “Gear” icon in the window showing the “Home” tab.

    In the drop-down list “Camera” select the video capture device that you plan to use in Zoom. Pay attention to the preview area of ​​the camera image, make sure that the latter is working. By activating / deactivating the options in the “My video” block, if necessary, correct the picture.

    Scroll through the list of settings and in the second block of them uncheck the checkbox to the left of the name of the function “Turn off my video when entering a conference”.

    Zoom for Windows

    In the program intended for access to the Zoom service from computers and laptops on Windows, the activation of your webcam can be done in two ways. automatically and / or forcibly.

    Honor follows that the effective execution of the following two instructions requires the video capture device to be preconfigured by the operating system and turned on.

    How To Place A Video or Picture Over Your Webcam.

    Learn more: How to enable and configure the webcam in Windows


    To ensure automatic activation of the camera of your mobile device, which will be carried out when entering an online conference already organized using Zoom, as well as at the time of starting a new communication session, you should perform the following steps:

      Launch the mobile application Zoom, go to its “Settings” from the section panel located at the bottom of the screen.

    Tap “Conference”, which will open a list of parameters for the operation of various modules of the device, as well as the Zoom client as a whole during the communication session organized with its help.

    Deactivate the second option in the list displayed on the screen. “Always turn off my video”.

    Exit the Zoom settings. Then you can make sure, for example, by creating a new conference in the application. video capture by a mobile device camera and broadcasting of a picture to other participants in the session begins immediately and without additional manipulations.


    To forcibly turn on / off the smartphone camera during a conference, a special interface element is provided on the screen that demonstrates what is happening during the session.

    include, image, web-camera

      Open any online meeting in Zoom and navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. If it does not appear, touch the device screen anywhere.

    To turn on the camera of your device and start broadcasting the captured image, click on the second button in the specified panel. “Enable video”.

    As a result, the video capture module is activated. In addition, the button that initiates the transmission of the video stream will change its appearance and will be named “Stop video”. now the impact on this element will turn off the camera.


    WebcamXP is a very convenient application for video surveillance, which has a wide range of possibilities for transmitting broadcasts from a webcam to the Internet. The program is able to interact with TV tuners, and also allows you to access the webcam via a smartphone. To do this, you need to download WebcamXP to your phone.

    • video recording over a local network;
    • manual selection of broadcast sources, setting the speed and other parameters;
    • sending notifications when motion is detected in the frame;
    • configuring tracking sensor configuration.

    How to turn on the webcam on a laptop?

    Almost all modern laptops are equipped with built-in webcams that allow you to communicate with loved ones via video calls, take instant pictures and even replace a mirror. Usually these devices are turned on by default, but the webcam may stop functioning for various reasons.

    How to turn on the camera on a laptop?

    Checking the status of the webcam in the system

    To check the operation of a webcam in Windows, the Device Manager is used. You need to do the following:

    • Open “Control Panel”.
    • Go to the “Device Manager” section.
    • Having found the name of your webcam, right-click on it and select “Properties”.

    The window that opens will display the status of the camera. The inscription “The device is working normally” indicates its serviceability. Other messages in the status bar will indicate various errors, which are discussed below.

    Webcam software


    ManyCam captures video from one or several cameras, has an online image editing function. the interlocutor in Skype will immediately see the superimposed effects. Features of the program:

    • setting the resolution, the number of frames per second;
    • adding titles;
    • combination of filters;
    • replacement of the audio track;
    • integration with all popular messengers.

    How to check if the camera is working?

    Many users check if the camera works in the programs installed on the laptop. For example, they call friends and family on Skype. However, this method is not 100% reliable. The fact is that the webcam can be disabled in the settings of an application while in working order.

    To find out if the camera is really turned on, special online services allow. One of the simplest and most convenient is WebcamMic Test. To check the video camera, the user needs to:

    • Follow the link
    • Click on the button “Check webcam”.
    • When using the service for the first time, the browser may ask for consent to turn on the device. You need to confirm the action by selecting the “Allow” option.

    If the camera is turned on and working properly, the user will see his image on the laptop or PC screen. Otherwise, the following message will appear.

    In addition, you can find out if the webcam is turned on on the laptop, and without access to the Internet. Windows 10 computers have a standard application installed that allows you to perform this check. You need to open the “Start” menu and find in it a program called “Camera”.

    The webcam will automatically turn on at startup, and an image from it will appear on the screen. A malfunction will be indicated by a corresponding notification.

    “Camera” (standard application)

    A standard program from Microsoft. for those who do not need complex functionality. “Camera” allows you to check if the webcam is on, take a picture and shoot a video. The main advantage of the application is its intuitive control. Additional functions are available here:

    • the ability to set a timer for a snapshot;
    • manual brightness adjustment;
    • multishooting;
    • framing grid;
    • flicker suppression.

    How To Put A Picture As A Webcam!

    Social media camera check

    The same can be done on the social network “” or “”, for example. There you can create a profile photo using your webcam by clicking on the “Take a Snap Photo” button. After that, a small window “Adobe Flash Player Settings” will pop up and ask for permission to use the camera. You need to click “Allow” and “Close”. After that, the camera will activate and you can take a picture. It should be noted that the camera can only work on Internet sites if the Adobe Flash Player plugin is installed. If not everything is in order with the camera, for example, the drivers are not installed, then you will see the inscription “Webcam not detected”.

    You can also use special programs that use and allow you to configure the camera: Active WebCam, RGS-AvaCam, Webcamoid, etc.

    Tips for purchasing a camera

    When choosing a model, be guided by certain functions. If the device was purchased with a built-in camera, then it is quite possible that you will no longer need another one. But the choice is always yours, since there are advantages to both. The inner camera is compact and always with you, while the outer one will provide you with higher video quality.

    How to turn on the webcam on “Windows 7” in a laptop?

    The easiest way to turn on the webcam on Windows 7 is to use the Skype program. Everyone has this program, and if not, then it’s easy to download it. In Skype settings, there is a section called Camera Settings. Already there, in the settings, you can turn on the camera and see your image. However, if you want to know how to enable the webcam on Windows 7 without Skype, then there are other ways.

    Alternatively, you can do this on a specialized website for testing webcams. Just go to and click the Test Webcam button. If everything is in order with it, then it will start, and you can see yourself in the image. In the event of a malfunction or any problem, the message “Webcam is not connected or is faulty” will be displayed.

    Turn on the camera on Windows 7

    Photo gallery: Turn on the camera on Windows 7

    First of all, to start working with a webcam, you should make sure that it is correctly connected to the equipment, in this case. to a laptop or to a computer. This applies when using a separate USB camera. If it is built-in, then other methods will be used to run it.

    The Internet gives us even more opportunities to communicate. In addition to various chats, e-mail, one more type of communication is now gaining popularity. by video. This technology will allow not only talking with your opponent, but also seeing him through the monitor. What do you need to start working with a webcam in Windows 7? This requires two main components:

    • computer or laptop with windows7 OS;
    • webcam.

    Checking the status

    If the described methods of how to turn on the webcam on “Windows 7” do not help, then you need to check its status. To do this, you need to go to the device manager and check if this module is present in the system at all. The easiest way to do this. write on the command line: devmgmt.msc. This will immediately open the “Device Manager” window, and there we need to look for the camera in the list. It will be in the drop-down list under the “Imaging Devices” line. Expand this list, and if there is a webcam, it means that everything is in order with it. But there may be other situations:

    • The webcam is missing from the hardware list at all. This is the worst-case scenario and means that either the device is physically broken or the hardware is disabled.
    • There is some kind of unidentified device. It could be a camera (or something else) that the computer simply cannot recognize. In 90% of cases, this means that there is no software, that is, a driver.
    • There is a camera, but it is marked with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. This means that the device is recognized and generally works, but there may be operational problems. This is treated by removing the old driver and installing a new one.

    Therefore, before you turn on the webcam on “Windows 7”, first check its status. If it suddenly turns out that the computer simply does not see it, then it will not be possible to turn it on at all.

    Now you know how to turn on the webcam on “Windows 7” in the computer, and what to do if this does not work out. Unfortunately, in laptops, cameras often break hardware, not software. However, their replacement does not imply any difficulty.

    How to check the webcam in Windows 7

    Disabling the webcam

    If a simple WEB-camera with a USB port is connected to the laptop, then you can simply disconnect the cord. In the case of built-in devices in the laptop lid, you need to find the video camera in the “Device Manager”, then by calling the context menu, click on the line “Disable”. And also sometimes there is a mechanical switch on the laptop case. The state of the WEB-camera is signaled by a light indicator located in the immediate vicinity of the peephole of the video device.

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