How to record webcam video

Want to record webcam video? It is usually quite difficult for an ordinary user to decide on the software in such a situation. An excellent option, which will suit both beginners and advanced users, will be “video editing”. This webcam software is simple, intuitive and has a wide range of features to create cool videos. Read on to learn more about the recording process!

How to get started

First, install the software on your computer or laptop: you can download it from our website. The video editor is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. At the same time, the software weighs significantly less than analogues and does NOT take up much space on the hard drive. The entire installation process is accompanied by prompts, so difficulties should not arise.

Let’s start shooting

Since it is planned to work with a webcam, immediately after starting the software, click on the corresponding button in the main menu.

The first step to creating your project

Next, you should turn on the same shooting device. If there are several cameras, then in the first paragraph you should find the one you need from the list. Next, specify the sound recording device (microphone) and specify the frame size.

Select the options you want

Before starting work, you can adjust the display of the picture: increase or decrease brightness, saturation, adjust hue, sharpness, white balance, etc. Beginners can specify the default settings, then the parameters will be selected automatically.

Change webcam settings if necessary

Then click on the “Start recording” button. An image from the webcam will be broadcast on the screen, and video recording will start online. After the end of the shooting, press the “Stop recording” button. Then. Add to Project. When saving video, it is better to create a separate folder so that you do NOT get confused during further work.

After saving, the main working window will open. You will see five tabs:

  • Adding materials, titles, splash screens and footages.
  • Editing.
  • Selecting transitions.
  • Replace sound or add background music.
  • Saving the resulting clip.
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Evaluate the capabilities of the video editing software

Let’s dwell on each in a little more detail, so that you have an idea of ​​what can be done with the help of “video editing”.

Editing tools

Unlike the second software, this program for recording video from a webcam has not only a user-friendly interface, but also a wide range of tools for editing video recordings. You can add a recorded video from the webcam to the timeline and even shoot a video additionally. Also, the project can be diluted with other files from the PC (clips, photos). The application allows you to insert footage (short animated videos), add titles and screensavers (you can choose from the options offered, or create your own).

Then you can go directly to the editing itself. The following tools are available:

  • Pruning. Cut off unnecessary and unsuccessful frames, Set the duration of displaying photos;
  • Cropping. increasing or decreasing the frame, picks up black frames;
  • Effects. choose from the catalog of effects suitable or create your own according to the proposed parameters;
  • Adding text and graphics. insert text, pictures or original stickers;
  • Image enhancement. adjust brightness, contrast, increase or decrease saturation, hue;
  • Change in speed. allows you to slow down or increase the speed of movie playback;
  • Sound replacement. choose a sound file from the ones offered or add your own.

If the video sequence contains several files or photos, then it is worth adding transitions between them. For example, blinds, waves, fading and more. The built-in catalog contains 30 variants of such animation. Between the fragments, you can set different transitions or the same. You can also name it by the button “Random transitions”, then the animation will be randomly arranged.

Transitions will add originality to your project

Optionally, you can add background music for the video. The collection contains several songs: choose one of them or upload your own track. In the same section, volume control is also available, so that the music either plays in the background or is the main soundtrack.

Music accompaniment for your video

Is it done? It’s time to save the result. Select the appropriate format, specify the save destination and start the conversion process. The program also allows you to quickly write the result to disks, upload to the network, etc.

Advantages of “video editing

  • Easy setup of shooting equipment

Users have no questions about how to record video from a WEB-camera. There are no obscure terms when setting up equipment, foreign words, intricate abbreviations. all buttons have clear names.

  • Image correction is available at all stages

Even before shooting, you can adjust the picture as needed, add or reduce brightness and sharpness, remove noise, and correct the white balance. If you didn’t manage to do this right away, then edit the footage that has already been shot. Video editor provides a large number of tools that can improve the quality of the picture. The assortment is constantly updated and increased. advanced users can take advantage of curve editing to achieve particularly good quality.

  • Fast work

The program quickly recognizes and processes files. You don’t have to wait a long time for the video to be added to the project or saved. Everything takes place in a matter of minutes.

  • Maker of postcards and chroma key

In addition to standard editing, Step-by-Step Video Postcard Creation is available here. Frame templates are categorized to make finding the option you want much easier. In just a few steps, you can assemble a wonderful greeting card as a gift for a second or a relative. Also, the software allows you to change the Monochrome background in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Try the software for shooting and video editing today!

As you can see, our webcam recording software is great for creating videos on any topic. Try it now! Just download a free video editing software from our website, install it on your PC and start recording a clip.

Save yourself an article so as not to lose:

How to improve video quality from a CCTV camera

The first criterion, which determines the quality of the video surveillance system. it is definitely an image. over, the assessment of the video broadcast from the camera can be subjective or objective.

In the first case, the clarity of the image, color rendition, etc. is visually assessed. Naturally, the opinions of different people may NOT coincide, therefore it is more convenient to use a classification that takes into account the resolution of CCTV cameras.

The table below lists nearly all resolution standards in use today, as well as video quality letters. Note. the common abbreviation HD is a very specific parameter, and not a collective designation of high-quality CCTV cameras.

Today, several types of video surveillance systems coexist on the market, for example:

  • Analog;
  • Network (IP)
  • AHD.

By the way, several years ago there was an opinion that IP surveillance would replace analog systems and one of the reasons was the quality of the picture. Indeed, the “analog” has been losing ground recently, but in competition not with IP, but with AHD systems. The resolution of the latter for today is 720p and 1080p (the first two lines in the table).


Since quality is compliance with the requirements of a whole set of parameters. That good CCTV camera should be characterized not only by the resolution. over, for a number of tasks, “average” resolution is quite enough, but more about that. in the article at the specified link.

Speaking about the set of characteristics of video cameras, it should be noted:

  • Sensitivity (ability to work in low light conditions)
  • On-screen display (OSD). this option allows you to fine-tune each specific camera as part of a video surveillance system;
  • A set of all kinds of automatic adjustments (gain, white balance, backlight compensation, etc.).

It’s no secret that the quality of a product as a whole is determined by its components. For a video camera, the type and manufacturer of the matrix is ​​very important. an element that converts an image into an electrical signal. The recognized brand here is Sony.

This, of course, does NOT mean that the camera is from this manufacturer. even collected in any other country. is definitely the leader, but, most likely, the image quality of such a device, all other things being equal, will be better.


If we talk about the quality of the video surveillance system as a whole, then we should not also forget about:

  • Information recording and storage equipment (recorders, video servers)
  • Display devices (monitors)
  • Additional equipment, including Switching.

As for the first point, it is quite obvious that in order to obtain a high quality video surveillance system, it is necessary to ensure the mutual correspondence of the parameters of all the equipment included in the system.

It is quite obvious that if the resolution of a video camera significantly exceeds the similar capabilities of a DVR and (or) monitor, then some of the megapixels will simply be superfluous. The redundancy of the capabilities of one or another component leads to unjustified costs for the purchase of equipment.

Second point. monitor. For video surveillance systems with an image quality of the order of 720p or 1080p, choosing a model with the required resolution will not be a problem. But if IP video surveillance is planned for the installation with a resolution of 3 megapixel cameras and higher, then the choice of a monitor should be approached more responsibly.

It should also not be assumed that the larger the screen size, the higher its quality. The defining parameter here is the resolution.

Additional equipment includes network switches (for IP systems), video transceivers, etc.

To obtain a high quality image, pay attention to the characteristics of the connecting cables and wires. Features of the use of cable and wire products are described on this page.

It is worth saying that the quality of even the most excellent equipment can be reduced to comments by illiterate design, installation and operation.

Problems with network cameras

Entry-level IP surveillance cameras often have enough power, which can cause high-quality image processing to cause time lag and jagged video. When deciding to buy network surveillance cameras, choose well-known brands and DO NOT take risks if their suspiciously low price makes you doubt.

In case you already have a surveillance video camera, you can lower the bit rate or resolution. this will help reduce the latency in video transmission.

Weak decoding capabilities of NVR

If an NVR is used to record video, the smoothness of the image may also be affected by its video processing characteristics. If the incoming video stream exceeds the maximum processing capacity of your DVR, or if the processor has a weaker performance, there may be problems with the image as well. Therefore, when choosing equipment, you should give preference to a high-quality DVR, and also make sure that the incoming video stream does NOT overload the system.

Computer hardware is NOT up to the required level

If a computer and video management software are used to record video, the image is greatly affected by the CPU, GPU, memory cards, and so on. If CPU, GPU and memory capacity are insufficient, connecting more surveillance cameras will result in jerky video recording. Updating your computer hardware can quickly fix this problem.

If this problem occurs when users are watching videos on their web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera), they can try disabling hardware acceleration in their web browsers. Hardware acceleration is a feature of modern web browsers, it allows web browsers to move all graphics from the CPU to the graphics (GPU).

Poor quality Ethernet cable

A poor quality Ethernet cable is one that does not use copper. As a rule, Ethernet cable, Produced strictly according to international standards, provides a transmission distance of up to 100 meters. When using a poor quality Ethernet cable, the transmission distance is reduced. At the beginning of using the system, the image may be normal, but over time the cable cores will oxidize, which can easily lead to loss of data packets. It is very important to choose a good quality Ethernet cable.

Network switches

Choosing a network switch. a very responsible business, since it has a direct impact on the quality of the video. If the number of connected surveillance cameras is 8 or more, the network switch must use Gigabit Ethernet transmission technology, if less than 8. 10 / 100Mbps is sufficient. If the number of cameras in the system reaches 200 units, you should use network switches with 10 Gigabit ports.

To ensure the efficient operation of your network video surveillance system, you must select the correct switch. If you choose to use PoE switches, the network bandwidth and PoE characteristics must meet the system requirements.

Inverted image of the WEB-camera. how to fix?

A common and common problem for many users. an inverted image of a laptop webcam (and a regular USB webcam) in Skype and other programs after reinstalling Windows or updating any drivers. Let’s see how to fix this problem.

In this case, three solutions will be offered: by installing the official drivers, by changing the settings of the webcam, and also if nothing else helps. with the introduction of third-party programs (So if you have tried everything, you can go straight to the third method).


The most common occurrence of a situation. it is in skype, although other options are also possible. The most common reason is that the video from the camera is upside down. drivers (or rather, the wrong driver).

In cases where an upside-down image is caused by drivers, this occurs when:

  • The drivers were installed automatically during Windows installation. (Or the so-called assembly “where all the drivers are”).
  • The drivers were installed with the introduction of a driver pack (for example, Driver Pack Solution).

To find out which driver is installed for your WEB-camera, open Device Manager (type “Device Manager” in the search box in the Start menu in Windows 7 or on the Windows 8 start screen), then find your webcam, which is usually found under “Imaging Devices”, right-click on the camera and select “Properties”.

In the device properties dialog box, click the Driver tab and note the driver vendor and development date. If you see a supplier. Microsoft, and the date is far from relevant, then almost certainly the reason for the inverted image is precisely in the drivers. you have a standard driver on your computer, and not one that is specifically designed for your webcam.

In order to install the correct drivers, go to the official website of the device manufacturer or your laptop, where all the necessary drivers can be downloaded completely free of charge. You can read more about where to find drivers for your laptop in the article: How to install drivers on a laptop (opens in a new tab).

Webcam settings

Sometimes it may happen that even though the driver volume for the webcam in Windows is installed, which are specially designed for use with this camera, the image in skype and in other programs using its image still remains inverted. In this case, the possibilities to return the image to its normal form can be found in the settings of the device itself.

The easiest and fastest way for a novice user to get into the Webcam settings. will start Skype, select “Tools” from the menu. “Settings”. Video Settings, then under your upside-down image, click Webcam Settings. a Dialogue window will open, which will look different for different camera models.

For example, I don’t have the ability to rotate an image. However, most cameras have such an option. In the English version, this property can be called Flip Vertical or Rotate. in the latter case, you need to set the rotation to 180 degrees.

As I said, this is an easy and quick way to get into the settings, since almost everyone has Skype, and the camera may NOT be displayed in the control panel or devices. Another easy option. use the program to control your camera, which, most likely, was installed simultaneously with the drivers when you completed the first step of this manual: there may also be the necessary options for rotating the image.

Camera control program from laptop manufacturer

How to fix an inverted webcam image using third-party software

If none of the above helped, it is still possible to flip the video from the camera so that it is displayed normally. One of the best and almost guaranteed to work. ManyCam software that you can download for free here (opens in a new window).

Installing the program does NOT present any particular difficulties, I only recommend that you refuse to install Ask Toolbar and Driver Updater, which the program will try to install along with itself. you do not need this garbage (you need to click Cancel and Decline where they are offered to you). The program supports Russian.

After launching ManyCam, do the following:

  • Click the Videos tab. Sources and click the “Flip Vertical” button (see picture)
  • Close the program (i.e. press the cross, it will not close, but will be minimized to the notification area icon).
  • Open Skype. Tools. Settings. Video settings. And in the field “Select webcam” select “ManyCam Virtual WebCam“.

Done. now the skype image will be normal. The only drawback of the free version of the program. her logo at the bottom of the screen. However, the image will be displayed in the desired state.

If I helped you, please share this article using the social media buttons at the bottom of the page. Good luck!

Detailed instructions for improving the quality of video from a CCTV camera

Calls to technical support begin after the video surveillance system is installed and the camera has recorded the incident. Everything would be nice, but neither faces nor car numbers are visible on the footage.

The problem of how to improve the quality of video from a CCTV camera is solved in two ways. In most cases, they first try to make the settings themselves. It’s good if the attempt is successful. Another variant. immediately call the service company to the customizer.

What determines the quality of the video and can it be changed?

A typical mistake. the camera shows well, but nothing in the archive can be made out. Poor quality in freeze frames, everything is blurry. there is no use in recording.

The effect is especially noticeable at night.

In video cameras. this is the accumulation time.

If the light is insufficient, the exposure time can be automatically extended. The Sutter parameter is set in fractions of a second.

To improve your video, pay attention to the following points:

  • Condition of cable products. Even minor damage to the cable leads to distortion on the screen. If one of the cores is frayed and touches metal structures, the cable from the metal and the antenna collects interference and displays it on the screen;
  • Supply voltage. Basically, cameras are powered from 12 V. Reducing the voltage even to 11.8 volts may cause poor quality;
  • Condensation inside the chamber. The water that collects inside the chamber first distorts the view, subsequently the equipment breaks down.

You can make a high-quality video, but you need to understand that each case is individual.

The parameters are different everywhere. To find the reason, analyze and act, based on the situation.

How to improve video quality from CCTV cameras? We consider the details frame by frame

Video analytics begins with frame-by-frame viewing of details. The video is split into frames using graphic editors.

Instructions for zooming in, adjusting the definition using Movavi as an example:

  • Editing is done after launch in the “Video Editing” field.

Name the icon in the upper left corner and upload a video for processing.

In manual setting, the video is improved by left-clicking on the “Manual Correction” button. Move the sliders, the frames are smoothed as much as possible.

Before saving, select the format, quality, frame rate, save folder and file name.

Overall improvement of video recording with software

If the camera writes too small a picture, you can improve the quality of the video from the CCTV camera using programs, video editors and auxiliary tools. Everyone finds the best bundle for themselves.

Premier handles a variety of file formats. The most popular professional video editor with rich functionality. 64 bit support accelerates performance.

    Adobe Premiere and the Neat Video plugin are downloaded and installed on your computer.

After activating the utility, the video from the camera opens.
Neat Video plugin interface uses Shadow Highlight function.

The settings are made manually, the check mark in the box opposite the AutoAmount option is removed.
Shadow Amount and Blend with original are set to improve brightness and contrast.

  • Using the S_HueSatBright function, add color saturation from the Sapphire or Color Balcance (HLC) effect set in the standard Premiere tools.
  • To remove video noise, apply the Reduce Noise tool from the Neat Video functionality.
  • In automatic mode, the plug-in works in the area of ​​128×128 pixels. Highlighted by a square and reports on the configuration. Normal result from 70%.

    • Close the settings window,
    • Find Matching Fragment with Homogeneous Region
    • And again go to the Neat video settings and generate an auto profile.
    • Highlight Noise Filter Setting in filter settings,
    • Click clip preset-advanced in turn. remove only half of weaker noise (keep more detail).

    A gentle video enhancement preset is selected. Small images appear and sound interference is removed.

    The hardware works on common computers, compatible with popular operating systems.

    Highly functional editor enjoys well-deserved popularity, has an unlimited number of tracks.

    Unprocessed areas are saved in the exported file without recompression and loss of quality. Supports various formats, processes format in real time.

    Handles different video formats well. Supplied with editing and broadcasting systems.

    Preview is better implemented than other editors. Has support for multi-layer mounting. Can combine different formats and resolutions on one timeline .

    Supports processing of uncompressed video in real time. Qualitatively improves recording from CCTV cameras.
    Improving video quality by correctly adjusting the exposure tool in automatic mode:

      To recognize objects, it is recommended to limit the time to 1/100 second or less, depending on the speed of movement of objects in the observed scene.

    You may have to pay extra for increasing the noise level in the dark.

    The modern world is covered by video surveillance systems. Most security problems are solved. As with any system, there are flaws. Manufacturers are constantly improving devices, eliminating errors.

    So far, design engineers are optimizing video surveillance systems. minimal knowledge of the administration of video surveillance systems is simply necessary in case of difficulties with setting up the camera, switches and servers of video surveillance systems.

    Improving video quality from CCTV cameras: how you can fix previously recorded video?

    Video surveillance systems are an effective means of security for various objects: shopping centers, parking lots, bars and other public places.

    You can recognize a hooligan or an intruder by archival video materials, “hot on the trail” you can investigate a crime, quickly resolve a disputable situation.

    It often happens that the video image is of poor quality. In this case, only improving the quality of video from CCTV cameras will help.

    What affects video quality

    You can get high quality video in good weather, with sufficient lighting, and with the right equipment.

    If a person cannot influence the weather conditions, then you need to select a camera with parameters suitable for video surveillance.

    Let’s consider the main ones. Resolution. this is a parameter that is measured in TV lines TVL. It characterizes image detail.

    The higher this indicator, the better small details are seen on the video. For example, you can read the number of a car, recognize a person from a sufficiently long distance.

    Sensitivity. a parameter that can be changed in lux, which indicates the minimum illumination at which the camcorder will provide a recognizable picture for the captured video. The lower the value of this characteristic, the less light the camera needs to get the desired video quality.

    For black and white video cameras, the sensitivity extends to the visible part of the spectrum and to the infrared range. This allows you to apply IR illumination for shooting at night.

    Matrix size. The matrix is ​​the main element of the video camera, through which light radiation is received and the future image is formed.

    The size of the matrix directly depends on the size of the video camera itself, but the size of the matrix does not particularly affect the image quality.

    The number of megapixels plays an important role here. The higher it is, the better the picture is.

    Important to remember. a large number of pixels is not always justified. Video captured with a multi-megapixel camera requires a lot of archive storage space. To reduce the amount of storage required, the frame rate or resolution is often deliberately reduced.

    This leads to reduced video quality, especially in low light conditions. Viewing angle. parameter, which depends on the focal length of the lens.

    The longer the focal length, the smaller the angle of view. If you need to get high quality video from CCTV cameras operating at long distances, choose lenses with a long focal length, but their viewing angles are smaller.

    If you need a panoramic shot, wide-angle lenses with a short focal length will do. They deliver high quality from short distances.

    Ways to improve the quality of video from CCTV cameras

    There are times when even a properly selected surveillance camera does NOT provide the required video detail. In this case, only improving the quality of video from CCTV cameras can help.

    There are two ways by which you can get the required information from the video: Frame-by-frame viewing or processing the video stream with special software. Consider the features of each of THESE methods.

    Frame by frame

    When watching a video, 25 frames change in one second, some of which are of poor quality.

    As a result, in the overall picture, an opinion is created about the insufficient quality of the footage, since it is almost impossible to recognize small details.

    The frame-by-frame analysis of the video sequence and the correction of frames of poor quality will allow us to somewhat correct this situation. Using special editors, the analyzed video is decomposed into separate frames.

    For those of them that have poor clarity, you need to correct it, using special tools of video editors or online services to improve the quality of images. Based on the corrected images, a new video with improved quality is generated.

    Processing with software packages

    For editing and processing video streams, special programs are used, which include many functions and tools that allow you to significantly improve the video picture. Consider the three most popular programs and their capabilities.

    Adobe Premiere

    It is a professional video editor with a large number of plug-ins, tools for editing video stream and improving the quality of video from a CCTV camera.

    Video processing can be carried out on a regular computer on which the Adobe Premiere program and the additional Neat Video plug-in are installed. With its help, you can receive a video stream from the camera to the editor.

    The capabilities of the program are very wide, users will be able to:

    • Change brightness and contrast;
    • Correct color saturation;
    • Remove video noise;
    • Improve image sharpness.

    The program has the ability to both manual image correction and automatic mode. It provides work in a square of 128×128 pixels.

    Improvement of video quality is possible up to 70%. There is also a sparing correction mode, used in cases where the capabilities of the hardware system of computer technology are limited.


    This program does an excellent job of correcting video streams recorded in different formats. It supports multi-layer editing. video clips of different formats can be placed on one timeline of this program.

    This is convenient, since you can edit one video sequence, Viewing, another shot from a different angle using second cameras.

    Edius belongs to non-linear video editors working under the Windows operating system.

    A distinctive feature of this package is the reduced load on the hardware platform of the computer, due to which the preview of edited videos is improved (without freezing when scrolling). The program also supports the ability to process uncompressed video in real time.

    Vegas Pro

    This is another professional video editor for editing and editing footage from surveillance cameras.

    The program effectively copes with the correction of unclear images in real time. Vegas Pro supports work with different formats of compressed video, and also successfully works with uncompressed video stream.

    To simplify the process of editing and processing video data, the program supports work with multiple computer processors and two monitors.

    Vegas Pro can work with an unlimited number of tracks, transcodes a video stream with different codecs.

    The use of special software and hardware allows you to significantly improve the quality of video received from surveillance cameras.

    Thanks to this process, you can get good quality videos that will help you understand a difficult situation.

    Modern tools for improving the quality of video images allow recognizing faces, license plates and other small details even in low-quality images.

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