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How to make a video in slow motion on an iPhone?

All iPhones starting with the 5S version have a built-in Slow Motion feature that allows you to shoot videos in slow motion. Thus, to slow down the video, there is no need to download applications from the AppStore, but just make a few settings in the device camera itself.

From a technical point of view, the Slow Motion effect is obtained due to the increase in the number of frames per second when shooting video. When the shooting is finished, the video frame rate is brought to a standard value, due to which a slow-motion effect is obtained. By default, iPhones are shooting video at 15 FPS, and in devices from version 6 and above, there is the possibility of shooting in HD format with 240 FPS. After simple calculations, we find that you can achieve a high-quality slowdown of the video as much as 16 times.!

But such a big slowdown is rarely resorted to, because such a file will take up a lot of memory in the device’s memory, and its practical significance is not so high. Usually, to achieve the optimal effect, it is enough to slow down the video by 2 times.

Follow these steps to activate Slow Motion shooting on iPhone:

  • Open the “Camera” application on your phone and go to the “Video” tab;
  • Find Slo-Mo in the list of modes;
  • Press the red REC button.

After the end of the video recording, it will be saved in the device’s memory, and you can view it or post it to social networks at any time, transfer it to your friends.

Note! To slow down the video, you need to press the “Slo-Mo” button exactly before the start of shooting. If you do this after its completion, you will have to slow down the video using third-party programs.

How to change the quality of a slow motion video?

You can improve or, conversely, reduce the quality of the slow-motion video on iPhone devices from model 6S and above.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the phone and select the category “Photos and Camera”;
  • At the very bottom, find the “Camera” item and select the “Record Slo-Mo” section here;
  • Choose the most suitable from the provided quality options.

Note! One minute of video captured in Full HD at 120 FPS takes 350 MB in the device’s memory. This is a lot, and you should not overuse long clips shot in Slow Motion mode, otherwise your phone will quickly run out of memory.

Do not forget that the video quality is set immediately before shooting in the camera settings.

How to slow down or speed up videos on iPhone?

Not every user knows all the functions and capabilities of their iPhone. So, in this device, you can modify videos, for example, change the speed up or down.

There are also third-party programs available to perform this operation. To figure out how to speed up video on iPhone or slow it down, you need to familiarize yourself with the services with which you can do this.

How to increase the speed of slow motion video?

If you suddenly need to return the video to its normal speed, then you can do this using the iPhone hardware.

To speed up your finished slow-motion video, follow these steps:

  • Start the video, shot using the Slow Motion mode, and at the bottom find the “Change” button. click on it;
  • A scroll bar should appear next to the video playback bar;
  • Bring both sliders together to return to standard recording speed.

As the experience of other users shows, it is better to speed up videos in third-party applications, since it is quite easy to find them. Each program presented in this section is available for download in the AppStore.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the IMovie application, which is almost the most popular among video programs.

In addition to the acceleration function, IMovie has such features as removing unnecessary frames, shifting the picture, adding text and special effects, creating a retro style, etc. By the way, since 2013 this program has been included in the basic configuration in iOS devices.

Another decent program for speeding up or slowing down videos is 8mm Vintage Camera. It is very convenient to create videos with a retro picture here, the interface is convenient and understandable even for an inexperienced user.

Options such as adding special effects, changing shades and sound, as well as completely canceling colors (like in an old silent movie) allow you to create a real masterpiece on your phone from a regular video.

And finally, you cannot ignore the Replay program, which opens up many possibilities for editing video on the iPhone, including speeding up or slowing down the video.

over, regarding acceleration and deceleration, there are several modes that allow you to make the most accurate adjustment of the video playback speed. And, of course, as in any good editor, there is a wide range of functions for processing special effects, adding text, processing sound, overlaying frames and removing them, changing colors and others.

Also, after processing the video, you can immediately upload it to any social network or hosting without leaving the application. It is very easy to change the speed and do other operations here. the interface is convenient and will be understandable to every user.

We looked at the main options for slowing down and speeding up video through hardware and third-party applications, which can be downloaded online from the AppStore. If you have an old iPhone model, for example, version 4, then these programs may not work. In this case, use the alternative SloPro application, which does not require high performance from the phone and is freely available.

How to improve video quality on iPhone 11?

Settings for the best shots on iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Go to “Settings” → “Camera”.
  • Turn on Live Photo. After a series of shots, you can choose the best.
  • Turn on the grid to create a great composition in the frame.
  • In the “Video recording” item, select the optimal quality.

How to improve video quality on iPhone 7?

How to change the quality of video shooting on iPhone:

  • Open Settings and go to the “Photo and Camera” section
  • In the Camera item, the parameters “Video recording” and “Slow motion”, for the modes, you can adjust the quality.

How to enable flash on video on iPhone 11?

How to make a flash on the front camera of iPhone

Setting it up is just as easy. Open the Camera app. Switch to the front camera. Tap the lightning bolt at the top of the screen and select one of the options.

How to Switch Cameras on iPhone 11?

How to use the ultra wide-angle camera on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

  • Open the Camera app
  • Click “.
  • Hold iPhone static and take photos.
  • To switch to the wide-angle iPhone camera, press the 1 × button.
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How to increase video speed on iPhone?

  • To slow down the selected video, choose Clip menu item Slow View, and then choose the amount to slow down the clip: 50%, 25%, or 10%.
  • To speed up the selected video, select Clip Fast Forward, and then choose an acceleration rate: 2x, 4x, 8x, or 20x.

How to speed up a finished video on iPhone?

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap Edit on the slow motion video you want to edit. On a Mac, just hover your mouse over the video you want. Then use vertical lines on the video timeline to mark the beginning and end of the slow motion.

How to change video recording quality on iPhone?

To change the video format and frame rate:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click “Camera” then “Video Recorder”.
  • Select the desired video format and frame rate from the list of iPhone or iPad supported by this device.

How to compress video on iPhone

Downloading the free Video Compress app from the App Store.

In the application settings, select the format of the saved video.

Specify the video and the desired file size on the output.

Of course, the smaller the final size, the worse the quality of the video you will get.

How to Change Resolution and frame rate in iMovie for iOS

After saving the new video, don’t forget to delete the old one and empty the folder with recently deleted files.

(4.54 out of 5, rated: 13)

The presence of this instruction is proof that Apple has hidden the settings for changing the video quality and it is difficult for users to find them. After all, this is a much-needed shooting parameter that should be available in one click. Incredibly, you don’t need to change the resolution in the Camera app. Read below how to change video quality on iPhone.

How to improve video quality on iPhone

How to shoot high-quality videos with your iPhone or iPad camera? // How to improve the quality of shooting on iPhone

How to improve the quality of photos and videos on iOS

How to improve the quality of SELFIE on iPhone for FREE!?


Shooting video on iPhone in 4K. Mavis app overview

Hyperlapse or how to improve video quality

10 tips to improve your iPhone photos

3 Tips for Improving iPhone Photos.

Hidden iPhone Camera Features on iOS 7 | iPhone Camera Tips

How to Improve Camera Shooting Quality on iPhone. Auto Focus and Exposure on iPhone

Even the iPhone with the largest storage capacity will sooner or later run out of free space. Removing a couple of applications or a dozen photos will not solve the problem.

Thanks re: Store for useful information.

The bulk of the space is occupied by voluminous videos. If you don’t want to part with your photo, you can compress the video to save space.

How to change video quality on iPhone

By default, the iPhone is set to the highest possible video recording quality. However, if you do not need good quality shooting, but need to shoot a longer video, then the quality level can be slightly reduced.

In order to reduce the resolution of video recording, you need to go to “Settings” → “Photos and camera”. Then select the item “Video recording” and select the required quality.

For example, if you specify the quality up to 720p, then the captured video will take half the space, but the video can be watched on the TV. This tutorial is very useful for iPhone users with 16GB or 8GB storage.

How to mirror camera on iPhone?

How to take mirrored selfies on iPhone and iPad automatically?

  • Open “Settings” on your device.
  • Select the “Camera” section from the main list.
  • Slide the Front Camera Mirror Switch to On.

How to degrade video quality on iPhone?

How to quickly reduce video weight on iPhone and iPad several times

  • Open the application and go to the “Settings” tab. Here you need to select the desired video and audio output quality.
  • In the “Video” tab, select the desired video.
  • Click on the ⊕ icon to compress the video.

Is it possible to improve the video quality from the phone?

How to improve video quality on your phone

  • Always clean the lens
  • Don’t cover the microphone
  • Use both hands
  • Shoot video horizontally
  • Watch for areas of high contrast
  • Charge the battery
  • Clear ROM and take control of RAM.
  • Avoid going from dark to light areas

How to remove double click on iPhone?

How to turn off tap to turn on screen on iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

improve, video, quality, iphone
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Go to the “Accessibility” section.
  • Open the Tap menu and set the Tap to wake up from sleep switch to Off to deactivate this feature.

Which application can improve video quality?

Top 11 Apps That Can Improve Videos / Photos

  • # 1: Snapseed. This is the best photo enhancer app that will be useful for using with instagram and help to improve photo or video.
  • # 2: Afterlight.
  • # 3: Aviary.
  • # 4: Tiny Planet.
  • # 5: Overgram.
  • # 6: Facetune.
  • # 7: PicFrame.
  • # 8: Vintagio.

Where in iPhone screenshot settings?

  • Go to “Settings”. “Accessibility”. “Touch”;
  • Scroll down the list of available options and open “Back Tap”;
  • Select double or triple touches (or customize them one by one);
  • Assign the command you need for each gesture, and then try it out.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone CE 2020?

  • Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.
  • Release both buttons quickly.
  • After taking a snapshot, a thumbnail will temporarily appear in the lower left corner of the screen. To view the photo, tap on a thumbnail, and swipe left to remove the thumbnail from the screen.

How to increase video quality on iPhone?

How to change the quality of video shooting on iPhone:

  • Open Settings and go to the “Photo and Camera” section
  • In the Camera item, the parameters “Video recording” and “Slow motion”, for the modes, you can adjust the quality.

How to degrade video quality on iPhone?

  • Downloading the free Video Compress app from the App Store.
  • In the application settings, select the format of the saved video.
  • Specify the video and the desired file size on the output.
  • After saving the new video, don’t forget to delete the old one and empty the folder with recently deleted files.

How to mirror camera on iPhone?

How to take mirrored selfies on iPhone and iPad automatically?

  • Open “Settings” on your device. 50 most interesting photos from the 90s Shots that will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Select the “Camera” section from the main list.
  • Slide the Front Camera Mirror Switch to On.

How to turn off camera mirroring on iPhone?

Remove specular reflection in the image.

  • Go to “Photo Albums” on iPhone.
  • Select the photo in which you want to remove the reflection and click “Edit”.
  • Select Crop tool → Flip Horizontal.

How to set up the iPhone 11 Pro camera?

Settings for the best shots on iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Go to “Settings” → “Camera”.
  • Turn on Live Photo. After a series of shots, you can choose the best.
  • Turn on the grid to create a great composition in the frame.
  • In the “Video recording” item, select the optimal quality.

How to remove mirror reflection in the camera?

To do this, launch the Camera application and switch to the front module. Then open the settings. for this, click on the gears icon in the upper right corner. Among the settings, find the item “Mirroring” and turn off the corresponding toggle switch.

How to zoom in the camera on iPhone with one finger?

You can press and hold 1X or 2X and then swipe left to zoom in and right to zoom out. iPhone 7 Plus lets you zoom in up to 10x. However, it is worth remembering that after 2X it is no longer an optical zoom, but a digital one, which means that the quality will deteriorate.

How to switch camera on iPhone during video?

Hands-free mode can be accessed by left-clicking on the camera modes shown below. When recording is on, double tap anywhere on the screen to switch the camera. You can use hands-free mode to flip the camera on iPhone.


The application is specially designed for processing videos with dynamic events. Allows you to record with the imposition of slow-motion or acceleration effects, as well as edit previously captured files. With the release of version 2.0, numerous improvements and new features have been added.

Main functions of the slowdown app

  • editing of individual sections of the recording;
  • instant display of the result obtained;
  • applying effects directly during recording;
  • fast transition from deceleration to acceleration to add comic;
  • super slowdown up to 500 and 1000 FPS due to optical flow simulation;
  • hardware acceleration increases performance up to 8x;
  • suitable for smartphones and tablets.
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How to Speed ​​Up Videos in iMovie on iPhone

The application has broad capabilities in terms of video editing, including allowing you to speed up or slow down the video sequence. Instructions:

  • Launch the application and select a video in the “Video” tab.
  • Click on the video sequence, which is located under the window where the recording is being played.
  • A bar with available actions will appear at the bottom. Click on the icon that looks like a speedometer.
  • Using the slider, select the degree of acceleration or deceleration.
  • By moving the borders of the yellow strip on the footage, you can specify the beginning and end of the effect.
  • Go back and select the “Save Video” option.
  • Specify location for file.
  • In the application, you can change the total length of the video, apply filters, add music, apply transition effects and much more. This is a useful and professional tool that comes in handy for the whole Spectra task.

    How to Speed ​​Up Slow Down Videos on iPhone. Useful Apps

    Changing the speed of the video gives an interesting effect and allows you to emphasize certain captured moments. The camera of any modern smartphone has a function that increases the number of frames per second. Special applications are used when it is necessary to process previously recorded footage. This article will look at ways to speed up or slow down video on iPhone.

    Perfect Video Editor, Collage

    Multifunctional video editor with an intuitive interface. Provides a one-stop solution for processing footage: cropping, gluing, rotating, adding subtitles and watermarking, creating presentations with photos, overlaying compositions and recording voice Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    • Slow down or accelerate video within 0.25x-6x.
    • Change the aspect ratio: 16 to 9, 4 to 3, etc.
    • Ability to add background in wine color splash or specific picture.
    • Extract single frames from video to create photos.
    • Reverse playback.
    • Increasing the volume above normal. up to 500%.
    • Compress video to save disk space and more.

    Splice. Video Editor Maker

    A simple yet powerful application for creating and completely modifying videos for a professional look. The developers tried to transfer the capabilities of a computer program to a mobile device and they succeeded. With just one click, you can select the desired effect:

    • cropping footage;
    • change in orientation;
    • speeding up or slowing down the video;
    • applying filters with adding a background;
    • synchronization of video with music.

    The application contains a collection of music and sound effects for overlaying on video. Also, songs are added from iTunes, voice is recorded through a microphone.

    Hyperlapse from Instagram

    A video accelerator that hit the iPhone thanks to the creators of the social network Instagram. Using the built-in stabilization function, it will be possible to create a smooth recording with a “time shift” effect. The app eliminates the need for bulky tripods or expensive equipment.

    improve, video, quality, iphone

    While recording a clip via Hyperlapse, the footage will automatically stabilize, smoothing out any camera shake. This will give a cinematic effect and improve the overall quality. Now it’s not a problem to record a full sunset from the back seat of a motorcycle and fit it in 10 seconds!

    • recording of accelerated video from the hand, directly while walking, while driving, jumping and even free falling;
    • automatic stabilization;
    • acceleration up to 12 times;
    • simple interface that allows you to start recording immediately after installing and launching the application.

    Pinnacle studio pro

    Professional program for slowing down videos, which is available for download only after payment (about 15). The speed change function is one of the many tools presented in the interface. The application is suitable for both regular users and journalists, novice filmmakers. Pinnacle Studio Pro lets you create a full-length movie directly on your mobile device!

    The application works with any type of files: photo, video, audio. In this case, the content can be located in the device’s memory or placed in the cloud storage. Navigating through the project is intuitive and hassle-free. The displayed timeline will enable accurate video editing and smooth transitions.

    Also added are acceleration or deceleration effects, titles, layered animation. Each instrument has fine tuning.


    Free application with the ability to speed up or slow down video on your smartphone or tablet from Apple. In addition to the two main tasks, there is the possibility of overdubbing audio. Other functions are not provided. The edited post is saved in the gallery or shared on social networks and various sites.

    • Select a previously recorded video.
    • On the page for changing the speed, all videos are automatically marked, however, at the request of the user, you can speed up or slow down only a part of it.
    • To increase the speed, move the controller to the right, to decrease. to the left.
    • Adding music is performed after clicking on the corresponding icon.
    • Click on the icon in the upper right corner to save the video.

    How to improve video quality with Adobe Premiere Pro

    As a professional video editor software, Adobe Premiere allows you to solve some problems in simple steps for people familiar with the program. If you are interested in it, you can check below instructions for video color enhancement.

    Step 1 Import the video and drag it to the timeline.

    Step 2 Select the effect color Lumetri Color.

    Step 3 Open the Major Fixes in Lumetri Color Effect.

    Step 4 Clear Temperature and Tint Settings for Manual Color Adjustment.

    While for people who prefer to do most of the tasks on their mobile, please continue.

    Best Video Enhancer. How to improve video quality correctly and easily

    I want to know how to improve video quality. Actually I have an old video with poor brightness and noise. I prefer to tweak the video and remove unnecessary background audio. How can i do this?

    As you may know, there are various reasons that can lead to degraded video quality, including dark video, noisy background, blurry video, and more. If you need to improve video quality, this post will show you 6 definitive solutions.

    How to improve video quality through iMovie

    iMovie. also a famous video editor on Mac, you should try it to improve video quality as below.

    Step 1 Launch iMovie and click Settings General Show advanced tools, Check it out.

    Step 2 Select Project, double-click the video, then click the Video Inspector, Manually adjust the settings in the window, or click Auto, Finally, click Finish.

    Adobe Premiere Pro. the best choice for you.

    Enhance Video Quality with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

    FoneLab Ultimate Video Converter is the first recommendation for you. It is more than a video enhancer on Windows and Mac. It can also help you convert video and audio formats, merge video files, trim video, trim audio file, remove audio background from video, etc. You can use it to edit video files in a few clicks. Below is how.

    Step 1 Download and install the program on your computer, then run it.

    Step 2 Import the video file. You can click Add File, select a video file and click Open. Or drag the video file from the local folder to the program.

    FIXED: Uploading Poor Quality YouTube Videos From Your iPhone

    Step 4 You can check the box next to High quality resolution, Optimize brightness and contrast, Remove video noise or Reduce video shake, click Apply.

    Step 5 Click the Convert button.

    What’s more, you can also improve the video quality before uploading. If you want to know how to improve video resolution, you can also use FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate to help. You can click the Settings button next to Profile then select the appropriate resolution from the drop-down Video Settings section. Then click OK.Finally click the Convert button to export the video.

    Solutions are always more than a problem. You can of course get more methods in the following parts.

    Video Converter Ultimate. best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high image / sound quality.

    • Convert any video / audio like MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP3, etc.
    • Support 1080p / 720p HD and 4K UHD video conversion.
    • Powerful editing features such as Crop, Trim, Rotate, Effects, Enhance, 3D and more.

    How to improve video quality in Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie Maker. one of the most popular video editors on Windows. People can use it to rotate videos, crop video files, and more. Improving video quality should be an easy task for a user who is well aware of this. Below is a demonstration of it.

    Step 1 Import your video and then export it.

    Step 2 Select the Best playback quality for my computer Show more options Other settings.

    Step 3 Click High Video Quality (NTSC) Next.

    Step 4 Save the video to your computer.

    You should know that Windows Movie Maker. it is a tool designed for Windows users, what if a Mac user? You can also try iMovie if you have one.

    Video Converter Ultimate. best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high image / sound quality.

    • Convert any video / audio like MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP3, etc.
    • Support 1080p / 720p HD and 4K UHD video conversion.
    • Powerful editing features such as Crop, Trim, Rotate, Effects, Enhance, 3D and more.
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    How to improve video quality on iPhone

    First of all, you must adjust the resolution for your camera through Settings Camera Video Recording / Slow-Mo Recording, then select the resolution from the list.

    iPhone has intelligent design and convenient use, you can improve the quality of an image or video through its exposure, highlight, shadows, contrast, brightness, easily and quickly.

    Step 1 Open the camera app, select and open the video.

    Step 2 Click Edit Click the button in the upper right corner, then adjust the options at the bottom.

    And the next part will show you how to improve video quality on Android.

    An app to improve video quality on Android

    You can also adjust the Android camera settings through the Camera Settings, then find the permissions and select one.

    Not all methods always work. How about video enhancers on Android or iPhone? The Video Enhancer application will be recommended for you if the above methods are not suitable for you. You can search the App Store or Google Play to improve video quality, then pick one and install it on your Android or iPhone. Then launch it. After that, you can select your video file and follow the instructions on the screen.

    It’s all. Why not download and try it now!

    Video Converter Ultimate. best video and audio converting software that can convert MPG / MPEG to MP4 with high speed and high image / sound quality.

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Over the past couple of decades, the Adobe brand has become synonymous with image editing. The company’s still and moving image editing software is considered by most modern photographers, designers and filmmakers to be one of the best, if not the best of its kind.

    Premiere Pro CC lets you turn raw footage captured with any camera in any format into stunning video. Besides excellent video editing options that include powerful color correction tools and amazing effects, the software also offers a decent amount of audio editing options.

    The only drawback of the program is that Premiere Pro CC is not suitable for inexperienced video editors, as it takes some time to master all its functions.

    Liza brown

    The resolution of our videos currently plays a big role in the overall video viewing and sharing experience. But what happens when the video resolution is poor? Or is the video too dark or too shaky? Or there is some background noise in the video?

    In general, how can you improve the video quality in such cases? It’s simple. we use programs to improve video quality.

    There are a very large number of video enhancement software on the market, while in this article we have selected the 10 best video enhancement software (free and paid) for Windows and Mac that are powerful enough to enhance your clips. We will also show you step by step how to improve video quality.

    Windows Movie Maker: Built-in Video Enhancement Tool for Windows 7 Users

    We know Windows Movie Maker has stopped releasing updates, but many are still using it to improve video quality. Windows standard Movie Maker application. it is one of the best video shooting apps. Windows Movie Maker allows you to not only improve, but also create new videos and publish them directly to YouTube.

    Simply put, Windows Movie Maker makes it easy to import and edit videos. There are also many effects and transitions that can help you switch between scenes. over, you can add animated titles with texts and make your videos even more attractive. Without a doubt, Windows Movie Maker is one of the best standard video enhancement software on the market.

    Vegas Pro

    While Vegas Pro has never been as popular as Premier Pro, its video editing options are as powerful as those provided by Adobe’s famous video enhancement tool. Vegas Pro software is equipped with tools that speed up the video editing process while maintaining the high quality of the processed footage.

    The latest version of Vegas Pro also includes Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX optical effects plug-ins that allow you to blend or experiment with multiple images in a single frame.

    The Blue FX Filter 5 Ultimate package contains 26 effects that allow you to manipulate the colors in your videos or change the light. This allows every video you produce with Vegas Pro to take on the visual style you want.

    Best Free and Paid Software to Improve Video Quality

    Pinnacle studio

    Pinnacle studio. it is one of the video quality enhancement programs that, while improving the quality of your video, has excellent stability, speed and responsiveness. It’s a neat and easy-to-use program that lets you explore thousands of transitions, effects and options while enhancing the quality of your video.

    In addition, Pinnacle Studio can be downloaded in a version tailored to your needs. Yes, there are many versions of the program, and you can choose which one to use, however it does not have a version for Mac.

    How to Improve Video Quality with Wondershare Filmora

    Open the program and click the Import button to upload local files to your library. You can also just drag and drop your files into the program. Be it video, audio or image. Wondershare Filmora can enhance the quality of any file.

    To improve video quality by removing jitter in a video clip, simply right-click on the video clip in the timeline and select Stabilize.

    A video editing panel will open in the upper left corner and Filmora will automatically analyze your video. You can also adjust the Smooth level for the best result.

    For more information on video stabilization, you can check out our Video stabilization guide.

    After loading your media file into the program, drag it to the timeline. Double click on the media file in the timeline to open the video editing panel. Click the Color tab. Here you can adjust white balance, tone and 3D LUT. For audio, click on “Audio” and you can adjust the output volume, fade in and out, and pitch.

    To enhance the color in the video, you can easily change the color contrast, saturation, brightness, hue. You can also click the ADVANCED button to apply additional color adjustments such as white balance, highlights including highlights, shadows, whites and blacks, HSL settings and vignette effects, and apply 3D LUTs.

    To improve the audio quality of your video, you can remove the background noise in the video. Click on the “Audio” tab and then click on “Remove Background Noise”.

    To enhance your sound, Filmora also includes Audio Mixer and Audio Equalizer functions. To learn more about the audio editing features, check out our audio editing guide.

    Add transitions, filters and overlays to improve video quality

    If you want great effects in your videos, you can apply various filters, overlays and transitions. Filmora has over 300 built-in video effects, and the Filmora Effect Store has many more.

    Save or share your video

    After that, you just need to save your video by clicking on the “Export” button and choosing the location where you want to save it. You can save videos in various formats, as well as share them directly to YouTube, Vimeo and other popular platforms. It definitely saves you time and effort and integrates all the necessary steps into one simple process.

    With Wondershare Filmora, you can also add attractive filters, elements, transitions and text boxes to your videos. You can definitely not only improve the quality of your video, but also make it worth watching.

    Wondershare Filmora lets you enjoy some of the most advanced editing tools available. The program provides all the necessary editing functions and is able to effectively transform your video. With tools such as rotation, cropping and cropping, Wondershare Filmora also lets you use filters on your videos or add transitions and intros to them.

    iMovie: Built-in Video Enhancement Tool for Mac Users

    Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on professional video editing software, Mac owners can simply try editing their videos in iMovie. The best part is that this program can be used on iPhone and iPad, as well as on Apple computers, so you can edit the footage immediately after shooting.

    iMovie offers 4K video support and makes editing fun and easy. You just need to position your clips on the timeline, choose background music, create opening credits and ending credits, or add some cool visual effects, and you’re ready to share your videos with the public. iMovie lets you share your 4k videos to YouTube or Vimeo right from the Export menu, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the render to complete and then uploading the video to your social media account.

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