12 tIPs to improve your smartphone photography

Stop covering up the flaws of your photos with filters! We have selected many tIPs to help you make your photos so much better.

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in the past few years. Now, for a good shot, it’s enough to get your favorite gadget and make a couple of taps on the screen. Although, if you look at some photos on Instagram, you can understand that not everyone succeeds even in this.

In fact, there are many ways to improve the quality of photography, and if you think you are rIPe for maximum GoPro professionalism in this, then I have bad news for you. The camera of each smartphone is different from the rest, so sometimes even small changes can dramatically change the picture.

Our colleagues at Lifehacker.com interviewed dozens of expert photographers for basic tIPs on how to improve the quality of smartphone photography. Take a look at them, perhaps tomorrow you will become a popular instamographer.

Make photo black and white

How To Improve The Quality Of A Webcam

If all else fails, then you have to be like a hIPster and make your photo in black and white. In most cases, this filter hides major flaws in the photo and makes it more interesting.

Some smartphones support real-time filters, and you can immediately photograph the subject in black and white. We do NOT advise you to do this, as there will be no turning back.

IOS Apps

Turn on image stabilization

When you press the button to take a photo, then move the phone slightly. This also applies to breathing and to various involuntary gestures, which can also blur and ruin the photo. Therefore, if you are NOT a snIPer, who knows how to control your breathing, then you should look in the settings for image stabilization and turn it on.

Adjust colors

If adjusting the white balance and exposure does not give the desired results, you can try adjusting the colors. For example, in GIMP on a computer or in a smartphone app.

Adjust white balance

In most cases, modern cameras themselves determine the white balance. over, quite good. But in a situation with a small amount of light, even they can guide and transform your picture into something terrible and suitable only for friends on Instagram. Sometimes the camera takes a few seconds to determine the amount of light. For example, if you suddenly entered the premises from the street or vice versa. Gave her these few seconds, you Reduce the chance of taking a bad photo.

Use the light correctly

This advice applies to all phone models: the subject should be facing the light source, not the camera. The main problem with smartphone cameras is working with little light. Therefore, our main task is to give the camera the maximum amount of light. You may need to think a little about how to place the object, but you will like the result.

Avoid the zoom

Use physical zoom. How? Very simple: if you need to zoom in on an object, walk up to it. That’s all. As a last resort, if you can’t get close to the object, you can simply crop (crop) the photo in the editor. By doing so, you will achieve the same result without losing anything. A photo taken with digital zoom will be ruined forever.

How to improve quality ?

Setting quality on Xiaomi is NOT more complicated than the actions that are needed to get amazing pictures. Open the camera and carry out the following steps:

Step 1.

Select a section Modes, and then Open settings.

How to set up the camera on Xiaomi?

Every lover of high-quality pictures, after purchasing well-known smartphones from the sensational company Xiaomi, thinks whether it is possible to make the shooting process more productive and improve the results. To do this, you need to answer the question of how to set up the camera on Xiaomi.

Step 2.

When setting the parameter Quality choose exclusively Full HD. If you decide to create a masterpiece in slow motion, you can simply choose HD.

Step 3.

Focus mode is very important. It depends on him how high-quality the material will be. Choosing continuous focus (CAF) mode, you do not have to Monitor the clarity of the image, the phone will take care of it itself.

Adjusting photo quality

To adjust the quality of photos on Xiaomi, open the camera and select the item Settings:

If you have an SD card, we activate the function of saving images to removable media. This action in some way affects the quality of the shooting, albeit slightly. Speaking of the advantages of an SD card, one cannot fail to mention the large extended GoPro space, which can accommodate thousands of your wonderful pictures.

2. Choosing the right aspect ratio will help improve the quality of your photos. The best option looks like 3: 4. This format will provide maximum expansion when shooting on a phone

3. When will you choose Image quality, choose item High. Then your smartphone makes the most of the camera and allows you to enjoy clearly pictures where the smallest details are visible.

4. Inexperienced users most often choose the maximum level of sharpness, which is categorically wrong. For a natural and good quality photo, you must choose either Low, either Lowest.

5. When adjusting the contrast and saturation, do not change anything, just leave Normal level.

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  • How the dual camera works on Xiaomi

It is important to say that certain settings will not always provide the best result. Conditions will always change, including lighting. Changing parameters for higher quality.

One practical example is using a flash. In the daytime, it is useless, and sometimes even spoils the whole frame. If you are working in dark conditions, highlighting objects can guarantee the best results.

Shooting TIPs

If you are aiming for the perfect. Some photography tIPs will be very helpful. Try to use manual focus if you are aiming at a specific subject.

Also, when lighting is poor, use the flash. It will be good when you take care of image stabilization. Even holding the device with both hands will greatly reduce shaking.

To make you feel comfortable viewing everything that you have captured, it is better to create horizontal ones. A computer, laptop or TV is more adapted to this format, so you will enjoy your maximum.

DO NOT make sudden movements with the camera. Sometimes the power is simply not enough and the output is only a blurry picture. Do anything smooth, it will add attractiveness to it.

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How to improve camera quality on a smartphone or tablet

Is it possible to improve the front or rear camera in a Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, meizu m3 note 3 pro, xiaomi redmi 4x, LG k10 2017 phone running Android 6.0.

These are the questions I get asked most often. If your smartphone or tablet has a bad camera, then something can be improved.

Overall, the camera function is now being added to many devices ranging from mobile phones.

Just to get good image quality, you need a DSLR camera, although you can achieve really good results in a simple one if you apply the correct settings.

First, it is worth explaining the relationshIP between sensor size and image quality and refuting the myth about the number of megapixels, which is quite often the determining factor in quality when shooting.

It happens that the camera of a phone with 2 megapixels makes a much higher quality than in a matrix with 12Mpx.

First, the more megapixels, the larger the picture you get and the better the lens, the better the image quality.

Another problem is the camera control software that is supplied by the manufacturer and controls all of this.

You can enhance software for the best image quality. You can familiarize yourself with programs that improve the quality of the built-in camera right here.

Improve the camera using the engineering menu

I am often asked. how to improve the camera using the engineering menu? I’ll tell you how to enter it, but we DO NOT count on superimprovement, and not every smartphone will be able to launch it.

NOTE: if your smartphone or tablet runs on a Qualcomm chIPset, then the engineering menu may NOT appear, but those that use a MediaTek processor will probably.

To open the engineering menu, enter the command: ## 3646633 ##. If this code does not work, try another one: ## 4636 ## or # 15963 #.

NOTE: on a Xiaomi smartphone, you need to click on the parameter several times in a row “Kernel version.

Using the engineering menu, you can make some changes and check the sensors and test the components.

If the code did not work, you can try using the MobileUncle Tools or MTK Engineering applications. you can download it on the play market.

After logging in, you should be interested in the option Camera. setting various parameters.

After the transition, the settings will open.

The engineering menu is preferable for experienced users and should be used very carefully so as not to do tragically miracles.

Settings to improve the WEB-camera in a smartphone or tablet

In order to improve the quality of photos taken with a mobile phone, you need to keep in mind several fundamental issues.

Lighting. try to keep the objects well lit. the dimmer the lighting, the more noise will be seen in the picture, and if your phone is equIPped with an LED flash, it will turn it on well.

Although the built-in flash may not be able to illuminate the entire subject, it can always help a little (LED flashes are more of a marketing ploy than a strong flash lamp).

Contrast. this parameter should be considered when photographing indoors, where the lighting is artificial. thanks to it you will be able to maintain natural colors.

Digital zoom. definitely avoid using this option as nothing spoils image quality more than digital zoom.

Image stabilization. some phones offer digital image stabilization, which should not be trusted unconditionally.

Autofocus. should be used when there is a problem with sharpness when trying to capture objects.

ISO. noise in images is often the result of overuse of ISO settings, which impart artificial light from low light. higher ISO values ​​can produce sharper images in low light.

Programs that improve filmed

If you already have filmed. But of poor quality, it can also be improved using computer programs.

Movavi Editor is a powerful yet simple editor. When you use it, the following tools will become available to you: trimming edges. Rotations, adding audio, effects, filters and more

Vreveal is a great assistant if you like to shoot with your phone. Then, most likely, you get far from ideal.

VReveal has quality enhancement technology to improve the quality of files ands.

Enhancer. This program is capable of increasing resolutions. You can significantly improve the quality of your photo or with Super Resolution technology.

By using frame detail technology, you can increase the resolution to HD standard.

NOTE: all programs have a drawback. they are paid, and I could not find worthy free analogs. Success.