How to fix an inverted webcam image

It may happen that our webcam displays a reverse image horizontally or vertically. Because of what we will be shown on Skype, for example, upside down. How to deal with this problem? There are several ways.

This issue seems to affect most Asus laptop users, but it can also appear on personal computers where we use an external USB connected webcam. Here’s what we can do to fix this problem.

Check camera settings

First method. more of a trick than a solution. Webcams often have additional software to control them. we can change the colors, saturation, contrast or brightness of the image. We’ll also find image rotation functions there. then we can forcefully change the image so that it can be restored to its natural state.

How do I find my camera settings? Go to the Windows start menu and search for programs by keywords such as “webcam” or “camera”. If we don’t find anything, you should check your laptop model and then enter it into Google using the “Webcam Software” note. You should see the results with our Official Camera Software. We can also go to the camera properties in Device Manager (Control Panel Hardware and Sound Device Manager) and check the settings there.

Once we have our camera settings, we fire them up and then look for options like “Flip”. We must have horizontal (horizontal reflection) or vertical (vertical reflection). In the case of Asus, this option should be located on the Video Capture Options tab. We choose the correct inversion and keep the configuration. the settings overwrite the factory inversions so we can use the camera normally.

Install new drivers (manually)

Unfortunately, the first method doesn’t always work. some camera settings simply do not offer inversion options or are limited to only one direction (horizontal or vertical). The best solution is to reinstall the webcam drivers because they are responsible for the wrong image display.

To find drivers, check your laptop model, then google it with the notes “webcam drivers”. It is necessary to display the manufacturer of our laptop from which we will download the latest drivers for our hardware.

It is recommended to remove old drivers before installing them. To do this, go to Device Manager (Control Panel Hardware and Sound Device Manager), find your webcam in the list (it should be on the Sample Images tab), Right-click it and select Uninstall.

After uninstalling the driver, we restart the computer and then install the recently downloaded driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Install new drivers (automatically. ASUS)

If you have an ASUS laptop (and they usually deal with this problem with a webcam) and do not want to install drivers manually, you can use the official tool from ASUS called Driver Detective.

After downloading the program, you should launch it. The application scans the system looking for drivers and automatically detects our devices, offering matching items to download. At the very end, all you need to do is confirm your settings with the floppy disk icon to install the latest ASUS software.

Edit the system registry

The last method, which ASUS support also offers, is the manual version of the registry. It is enough to change the value of one entry to make the camera rotate.

To do this, go to the start menu and type “regedit” in the search box (without the quotes). We confirm the entry with the Enter key and wait for the registry editor to start.

Then go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE software Sunplus SPUVCb VIDEOPROCAMP. We mark the VIDEOPROCAMP key and then Pay attention to the right side of the window. We should find an entry here called “VFlip”. Double click on it and change the value to 1.

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Programs for improving the quality of video (almost invisible face). Programs to improve the quality of video (almost invisible face)

Posted by patrul101 on Jan 12, 2012 2:07 pm

Hello. Your help is very necessary. On the video from the cameras, where the offense occurred, the face is poorly visible. Are there any image enhancement programs (file extension 264). It is very necessary to identify the person. Or are these programs only found in spy movies? I really hope for your help. Yours faithfully.

P.S. Sorry if I wrote in the wrong section. I didn’t even know which one to write.

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Well, since the participants in the discussion have appeared, then I will describe the details. Do not believe it, but I myself do not believe that the work

A man brought me a video. He says: “We need to increase and improve the quality. There are such programs” (that is, there are certain programs specifically for such cases). Personally, during my experience of using a computer (for at least 10 years), such programs have not come across, I saw this only in the movies, when the faces were driven through filters, getting a more or less clear picture. I myself have a little experience with photos and videos (for such a time). editing, encoding, converting, etc. I was very surprised by the thought of “getting candy from g.” well, you get the popular phrase.

I promised him to find out something on the Internet. What I am doing.

On one of the forums they answered me the following

Well, actually, here’s a couple of stills from 2 cameras (when I watched the video, I was 99% sure that nothing would come of it)

Izvitom, uploaded BMP to transfer in 100% quality

Improving video quality from CCTV cameras: how you can fix previously recorded video?

Video surveillance systems are an effective means of security for various objects: shopping centers, parking lots, bars and other public places.

You can recognize a hooligan or an intruder by archival video materials, “hot on the trail” you can investigate a crime, quickly resolve a disputable situation.

It often happens that the video image is of poor quality. In this case, only improving the quality of video from CCTV cameras will help.

What affects video quality

You can get high quality video in good weather, with sufficient lighting, and with the right equipment.

If a person cannot influence the weather conditions, then you need to select a camera with parameters suitable for video surveillance.

Let’s consider the main ones. Resolution. this is a parameter that is measured in TV lines TVL. It characterizes image detail.

The higher this indicator, the better small details are seen on the video. For example, you can read the number of a car, recognize a person from a sufficiently long distance.

Sensitivity. a parameter that can be changed in lux, which indicates the minimum illumination at which the camcorder will provide a recognizable picture for the captured video. The lower the value of this characteristic, the less light the camera needs to get the desired video quality.

For black and white video cameras, the sensitivity extends to the visible part of the spectrum and to the infrared range. This allows you to apply IR illumination for shooting at night.

Matrix size. The matrix is ​​the main element of the video camera, through which light radiation is received and the future image is formed.

The size of the matrix directly depends on the size of the video camera itself, but the size of the matrix does not particularly affect the image quality.

The number of megapixels plays an important role here. The higher it is, the better the picture is.

Important to remember. a large number of pixels is not always justified. Video captured with a multi-megapixel camera requires a lot of archive storage space. To reduce the amount of storage required, the frame rate or resolution is often deliberately reduced.

This leads to reduced video quality, especially in low light conditions. Viewing angle. parameter, which depends on the focal length of the lens.

The longer the focal length, the smaller the angle of view. If you need to get high quality video from CCTV cameras operating at long distances, choose lenses with a long focal length, but their viewing angles are smaller.

If you need a panoramic shot, wide-angle lenses with a short focal length will do. They deliver high quality from short distances.

Ways to improve the quality of video from CCTV cameras

There are times when even a properly selected surveillance camera does NOT provide the required video detail. In this case, only improving the quality of video from CCTV cameras can help.

There are two ways by which you can get the required information from the video: Frame-by-frame viewing or processing the video stream with special software. Consider the features of each of THESE methods.

Frame by frame

When watching a video, 25 frames change in one second, some of which are of poor quality.

As a result, in the overall picture, an opinion is created about the insufficient quality of the footage, since it is almost impossible to recognize small details.

The frame-by-frame analysis of the video sequence and the correction of frames of poor quality will allow us to somewhat correct this situation. Using special editors, the analyzed video is decomposed into separate frames.

For those of them that have poor clarity, you need to correct it, using special tools of video editors or online services to improve the quality of images. Based on the corrected images, a new video with improved quality is generated.

Processing with software packages

For editing and processing video streams, special programs are used, which include many functions and tools that allow you to significantly improve the video picture. Consider the three most popular programs and their capabilities.

Adobe Premiere

It is a professional video editor with a large number of plug-ins, tools for editing video stream and improving the quality of video from a CCTV camera.

Video processing can be carried out on a regular computer on which the Adobe Premiere program and the additional Neat Video plug-in are installed. With its help, you can receive a video stream from the camera to the editor.

The capabilities of the program are very wide, users will be able to:

  • Change brightness and contrast;
  • Correct color saturation;
  • Remove video noise;
  • Improve image sharpness.

The program has the ability to both manual image correction and automatic mode. It provides work in a square of 128×128 pixels.

Improvement of video quality is possible up to 70%. There is also a sparing correction mode, used in cases where the capabilities of the hardware system of computer technology are limited.


This program does an excellent job of correcting video streams recorded in different formats. It supports multi-layer editing. video clips of different formats can be placed on one timeline of this program.

This is convenient, since you can edit one video sequence, Viewing, another shot from a different angle using second cameras.

Edius belongs to non-linear video editors working under the Windows operating system.

A distinctive feature of this package is the reduced load on the hardware platform of the computer, due to which the preview of edited videos is improved (without freezing when scrolling). The program also supports the ability to process uncompressed video in real time.

Vegas Pro

This is another professional video editor for editing and editing footage from surveillance cameras.

The program effectively copes with the correction of unclear images in real time. Vegas Pro supports work with different formats of compressed video, and also successfully works with uncompressed video stream.

To simplify the process of editing and processing video data, the program supports work with multiple computer processors and two monitors.

Vegas Pro can work with an unlimited number of tracks, transcodes a video stream with different codecs.

The use of special software and hardware allows you to significantly improve the quality of video received from surveillance cameras.

Thanks to this process, you can get good quality videos that will help you understand a difficult situation.

Modern tools for improving the quality of video images allow recognizing faces, license plates and other small details even in low-quality images.

How to improve the image from a CCTV camera

Computer configuration:
Athlon 5000 x2 AM2. Nforce4m-A. Ram 4Gb (ddr2). Video FX7300GT 256mb. HDD500 (16mb) SATAWindows XP SP3, Pinnacle Studio v.14

Hello members of the forum. The following question arose. Probably many had to see in different films in a spy, how, with some miracle programs, they managed to increase the video reflected on the bumper of the car, and then also improve it, so that you can see the inscriptions and faces. Or is it only in films that there is?

Why am I interested. I was given one video from a security camera in a supermarket. Color video. The camera is located above the cash register. The cashier gives the wrong change. But it is hard to see the denomination of the bills, whether it is possible to somehow enlarge the picture where it gives money, while improving its quality. Or notions that such and such bills are given.

Valeka, this is only possible in spy movies. The video has only that information (in numbers in the value of the color of each pixel. Here are 0 to 255 in 8-bit color mode) that it has. Nothing can be done about it.

And at the expense of your cashier. Let’s bring out one frame and twist the curves in Photoshop, Levels, Threshold. may be able to make out the denomination. By the principle of the difference in edge brightness. Or post a picture, I’ll twist it too. suddenly became the most interesting. Maybe they’ll take it as a spy? Or will the cashier just kill? Valeka, are you even from Ishmael?

In a time of everyone’s lies, tell the truth. this is extremism. (C) J. Orwell.

[To view this link you need]

Computer configuration:
Athlon 5000 x2 AM2. Nforce4m-A. Ram 4Gb (ddr2). Video FX7300GT 256mb. HDD500 (16mb) SATAWindows XP SP3, Pinnacle Studio v.14

Anachoret thanks for your feedback. I myself wondered if something could be done. I can even put a video for you to download. There are about 250MB. Unless, of course, you have unlimited Internet

Detailed instructions for improving the quality of video from a CCTV camera

Calls to technical support begin after the video surveillance system is installed and the camera has recorded the incident. Everything would be nice, but neither faces nor car numbers are visible on the footage.

The problem of how to improve the quality of video from a CCTV camera is solved in two ways. In most cases, they first try to make the settings themselves. It’s good if the attempt is successful. Another variant. immediately call the service company to the customizer.

What determines the quality of the video and can it be changed?

A typical mistake. the camera shows well, but nothing can be made out in the archive. Poor quality in freeze frames, everything is blurry. there is no use in recording.

The effect is especially noticeable at night.

In video cameras. this is the accumulation time.

If the light is insufficient, the exposure time can be automatically extended. The Sutter parameter is set in fractions of a second. To improve your video, pay attention to the following points:

  • Condition of cable products. Even minor damage to the cable leads to distortion on the screen. If one of the cores is frayed and touches metal structures, the cable from the metal and the antenna collects interference and displays it on the screen;
  • Supply voltage. Basically, cameras are powered from 12 V. Reducing the voltage even to 11.8 volts may cause poor quality;
  • Condensation inside the chamber. The water that collects inside the chamber initially distorts the view, subsequently the equipment breaks down.

You can make a high-quality video, but you need to understand that each case is individual.

The parameters are different everywhere. To find the reason, analyze and act, based on the situation.

How to improve video quality from CCTV cameras? We consider the details frame by frame

Video analytics begins with frame-by-frame viewing of details. The video is split into frames using graphic editors.

Instructions for zooming in, adjusting the definition using Movavi as an example:

  • Editing is done after launch in the “Video Editing” field.

Name the icon in the upper left corner and upload a video for processing.

In manual setting, the video is improved by left-clicking on the “Manual Correction” button. Move the sliders, the frames are smoothed as much as possible.

Before saving, select the format, quality, frame rate, save folder and file name.

Overall improvement of video recording with software

If the camera writes too small a picture, you can improve the quality of the video from the CCTV camera using programs, video editors and auxiliary tools. Everyone finds the best bundle for themselves.

improve, image, webcam

Premier handles a variety of file formats. The most popular professional video editor with rich functionality. 64 bit support accelerates performance.

    Adobe Premiere and the Neat Video plugin are downloaded and installed on your computer.

After activating the utility, the video from the camera opens. Neat Video plugin interface uses Shadow Highlight function.

The settings are made manually, the check mark in the box opposite the AutoAmount option is removed. Shadow Amount and Blend with original are set to improve brightness and contrast.

  • Using the S_HueSatBright function, add color saturation from the Sapphire or Color Balcance (HLC) effect set in the standard Premiere tools.
  • To remove video noise, the Reduce Noise tool from the Neat V functionality is used.Access to the plug-in settings opens on a rectangular icon in the Effect Controls panel.
  • In automatic mode, the plug-in works in the area of ​​128×128 pixels. Highlighted by a square and reports on the configuration. Normal result from 70%.

    • Close the settings window,
    • Find Matching Fragment with Homogeneous Region
    • And again go to the Neat video settings and generate an auto profile.
    • Highlight Noise Filter Setting in filter settings,
    • Click clip preset-advanced in turn. remove only half of weaker noise (keep more detail).

    A gentle video enhancement preset is selected. Small images appear and sound interference is removed.

    The hardware works on common computers, compatible with popular operating systems.

    Highly functional editor enjoys well-deserved popularity, has an unlimited number of tracks.

    Unprocessed areas are saved in the exported file without recompression and loss of quality. Supports various formats, processes format in real time.

    Handles different video formats well. Supplied with editing and broadcasting systems.

    Preview is better implemented than other editors. Has support for multi-layer mounting. Can combine different formats and resolutions on one timeline .

    Supports processing of uncompressed video in real time. Qualitatively improves recording from CCTV cameras. Improving video quality by correctly adjusting the exposure tool in automatic mode:

      To recognize objects, it is recommended to limit the time to 1/100 second or less, depending on the speed of movement of objects in the observed scene.

    You may have to pay extra for increasing the noise level in the dark.

    The modern world is covered by video surveillance systems. Most security problems are solved. As with any system, there are flaws. Manufacturers are constantly improving devices, eliminating errors.

    So far, design engineers are optimizing video surveillance systems. minimal knowledge of the administration of video surveillance systems is simply necessary in case of difficulties with setting up the camera, switches and servers of video surveillance systems.

    How to improve your video surveillance system?

    In all likelihood, the issue of the effective functioning of the video surveillance system and how to achieve this has been discussed more than once. Of course, in order for all the tasks assigned to the equipment to be fulfilled, it is necessary to carefully consider all the details required to build a video system. Experts advise to be guided by the following steps when building a video surveillance system:

    • Definition of the object of observation. When the user determines what exactly he needs a video surveillance system for, he can easily set the tasks for the video equipment, as well as the conditions for its functioning. It will be possible to find out what lighting conditions will be at the facility, where the CCTV cameras will be located and in what conditions they will function, and, accordingly, it will be possible to determine the type of CCTV cameras.
    • The way the video surveillance system functions. The user must decide in which mode he will operate the system. Perhaps, the observation will be carried out by the operator with the introduction of the monitor in a separate room. Or the option with a cloud video surveillance service will be used, when all information from video cameras will be available to the user anywhere and from any device with Internet access.
    • Determine the storage period for videos. Depending on the field of activity in which the video surveillance system will be used, you need to find out what is the planned storage period of the data. The method of storing all information (for example, Cloud archive or hard disk) will also depend on this.
    • Determination of the installation locations of CCTV cameras at the facility and the selection of suitable lenses. The location of the equipment installation will depend on the facility at which the video surveillance system will function. It is worth remembering that the overall result of the video surveillance system will depend on the correct installation of the video equipment. The lens for cameras is selected depending on the required viewing angle. You should also exclude bright light sources from entering the field of view of CCTV cameras, but you should immediately take care, if there is a need, for additional illumination.
    • Selecting a CCTV camera. At that moment, when the user has already decided on the place of installation of video cameras and what tasks will be assigned to them, you can proceed to the choice of the design of the video surveillance camera. At this stage, the following questions will be relevant:
    • Is the use of a megapixel camera required?
    • What will be the illumination level at the facility and is there a need for backlit equipment?
    • Do the operating conditions require the use of anti-vandal equipment?
    • What level of protection from external environmental factors is required for CCTV cameras?

    Choosing a means of recording and storing information received from CCTV cameras. At this stage, the user must decide on the type of CCTV cameras and, based on this, choose the appropriate option for storing data. For THESE purposes, a digital video recorder, network or hybrid, can be used. And if the user will use the cloud video surveillance service, then it is not at all necessary to purchase any equipment, which saves additional funds. All information will be stored in a cloud-based archive. If we take the Cambat Cloud service as an example, then the user chooses the storage period for the archive on their own, and access to archived video can be obtained from absolutely any device connected to the Internet.

    Select the video playback option. Someone may prefer the option of viewing video recordings on a monitor in a specially designated room, while for someone it will be more convenient to be at home to have access, for example, from a smartphone and control everything that happens at the facility. Precisely such a convenient opportunity as viewing live images from cameras and accessing archived data using a smartphone is provided by the Cambat Cloud Service using its smartphone application.

    If all the above steps have been passed, then you can safely proceed with the purchase of the necessary equipment and installation of a video surveillance system. The more carefully the approach was in the planning process, the more correct the choice will be and, accordingly, the more functional the installed video surveillance system. But the reliability of video surveillance depends on the entire security system.

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