Forget it and reconnect to WI-FI

Make sure you know your WI-FI password before continuing. If you don’t know this and can’t figure it out, skip this solution and go to the next.

  • Open “Settings” on your iPhone and tap WI-FI.
  • Tap the information icon (i) next to the name of the connected WI-FI.
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  • Tap “Forget this network” → “Forget”.
  • Optional, but recommended: restart your iPhone.
  • In “Settings” → “Wi-Fi”, tap your network name and enter its password to join it.

iPhone has poor network reception? Then you go here

One of the most common problems iPhone users encounter is that the iPhone itself has poor network reception. Anybody, whether an iPhone 6 or iPhone 11 owner, can encounter this problem, however the reasons for this malfunction can be different. Let’s start by examining why the iPhone can stop seeing and catching the network

First, the problem is often observed among iPhone 7 owners and it’s just about the modem part. In version 7, Apple used Qualcomm chips for the modem, which have proved themselves in previous models of Apple equipment, however, in this period, there was a lot of tension between Qualcomm and Apple and the Cupertino team decided to promptly switch to Intel. As a result, the iPhone 7 came out with a chip from Qualcomm, as well as with a new chip from Intel, although the Intel chips were very crude and compared to those from Qualkom they were lower speed and often malfunctioned.

In order to determine what kind of chip is in your iPhone, you need to go into Settings, then Basic. Legal information. On this page you can see the model number which modem your iPhone was released with, for example the “seven”. A1778 and A1784 come with an Intel modem, while A1660 and A1661 with a Qualcomm modem. So if your iPhone has an Intel modem and your phone model. 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, then most likely you may have network problems caused by this modem, and this is likely already a “nasty” feature of it that you can’t get rid of in any way.

The second reason for iPhone poor network reception is damage to the modem part, it can be a fall, 100% this happens if the smartphone got into the moisture and corrosion began, very often in the network of service centers Apple. IVEstore, customers are turning after other services, where the “masters” made on the board unqualified repairs, thereby killed the board and the modem itself. Also, the problem arises when soldering on the board with respect to memory and when working with u2, but here it depends on the qualifications. In this case, there’s only one solution. Take it to a good service for repairing iPhone, where they have experience in fixing other people’s bugs.

Improve Network Performance on iPhone

The third reason why your iPhone may have poor network reception. The third reason why your iPhone may have poor signal reception is because you often buy a case that is not certified, and it may be made from random materials and with technologies that degrade the signal bandwidth. Here everything is simple, the case to the trash.

The fourth reason lies in the software hangs. There is a bug and a glitch, it is closely related to the chips from Intel, is that the iPhone shows a good signal, gives 3G or LTE, but almost nothing loads or does not open any website at all. Here the situation is that it is as if hung, it remembered some position of the signal, and when it changed or changed its level, it could not rebuild and hung. Here you just need to turn on/off the mobile network and then it should reset or reboot, after which it will catch an adequate signal and continue to work.

Another fairly common problem lies in the SIM card. If you have an old, shabby SIM-card, then it either technically will not be able to meet the requirements of a smartphone, or it could just be damaged, here it’s simple. You go to your OPSO and make a replacement, the problem will disappear.

And the most common reason, which includes all the previous ones. When a person comes to us with a problem that his iPhone is no longer networked, our craftsmen open the device, and inside everything is dug and dug through. In the end, it turns out that the person bought it off hand on a popular message board and got caught with a REF of basement quality. To avoid this, the best way to buy in IVEstore, we will choose the variant that will be 100% original, and all of our pre-owned iPhones are checked and guaranteed, among other things, if you can not find a suitable option, then you can safely make an appointment with the seller in one of our centers, where you will have a master who will diagnose and report all the problems with iPhone.

Thank you for your attention, we really hope that everything is fine with your iPhone and that you never run into any problems, but if you still have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

How to get your iPhone to switch cell towers to get a stronger signal

Call rejection can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you look down and see that your iPhone has full reception. While this can cause many problems, one common and often overlooked problem is that the iPhone can’t switch cell towers as needed.

When you’re not switching to the appropriate tower, it means that there’s a problem with the connection between your smartphone and the cellular network. Either your iPhone is trying to hold a connection to a cell tower that is far out of optimal range, or the new cell tower is already overloaded with other connected devices.

How to fix your Apple iPhone X that gets poor reception, weak signal after updating to iOS 12 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Software updates are supposed to have their benefits, but their downsides remain part of the. While not everyone ends up experiencing problems after an update, there will always be those who will encounter problems. This is because not all devices are configured to work well with the new system structure. In fact, most devices are tweaked depending on the end user’s preferences. So it is possible that some of the settings are not adjusted to work properly with the new system. And this is when adverse symptoms start to appear.

Spreading among common problems after an update among iOS devices on sudden poor reception or weak signal. The same symptom has been seen on some iPhone X variants after the release of the iOS 12 update. In case you encounter this problem after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 12, this post may help you. Read on to find out what to do if your iPhone X suddenly gets poor reception or a weak signal after updating to the iOS 12 platform.

But before we get to the troubleshooting, if you’re having other issues with your phone, visit our troubleshooting page, as we’ve already covered some of the most common problems with this device. If you need more help solving your problem, fill out our iPhone problem questionnaire and click Submit to contact us.

How to improve mobile Internet speeds on your iPhone

Messengers, streaming services, social networks and watching videos on the phone are all standard “scenarios” for almost any smartphone owner. And all of this requires a stable Internet connection. At the same time with a good speed. And sometimes the latter is not enough. However, as practice shows, it is not always due to a bad signal of the mobile operator. Therefore, users can independently influence the connection speed.

The speed of mobile Internet can be negatively affected by background downloads, software errors, etc.д. And users can do it all on their own. In order to increase the speed of the mobile Internet you need:

Technology news, video reviews, prices

Apple iPhone uses antennas to transmit and receive phone calls and relies on the cellular network for the signal. To get better reception on the iPhone involves improving the ability of the antenna to receive the cellular network signal. This can be done both by using special devices that will enhance the antenna’s ability to work, and by adapting the iPhone to the best cellular network signal available at the time. Improving iPhone cellular reception does not damage your cell phone or cause problems with Apple’s warranty. You can now learn how to improve iPhone reception.

A guide on how to get better antenna reception on your iPhone.

Poor iPhone signal reception can be caused by poor coverage of your cell phone service/provider, a poorly charged battery, or even the way you hold your cell phone. If you work from home or the office, you can improve iPhone reception with a few tricks.

Many people find the iPhone signal booster helpful. Install a cell phone amplifier in your home or elsewhere. Cell phone amplifier antennas will boost your cellular signal to give you better reception when using your iPhone.

Use an iPhone case that boosts the signal. Put your iPhone in an “amplification” case, which passively increases the ability of the cell phone’s internal antenna to receive cellular signal.

Keep your iPhone as charged as possible. The more power the iPhone has, the stronger the phone’s ability to transmit.

Alternative troubleshooting for a bad antenna on the iPhone. Turn off the 3G network on your iPhone in the “Network” screen, in the Settings app. Using 2G network can improve iPhone reception quality. There are many areas where 3G signal strength is low. And in some cases, it’s hard to figure out how to raise the 3G signal to the right level.

Signal strength issues can be resolved by resetting or as they say rebooting the iPhone. Reset, reboot your iPhone by holding down the “Sleep/Wake” key and the “Home” button (it’s known as the round “Home” button) until the “Reset” slider appears. Swipe it to turn the phone off. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo (a bitten apple) appears.

Apple iPhone antenna signal boosting tips.

Cell phone amplifier must be a “repeater” type to work effectively with iPhone.

The hard case/battery pack that comes with the iPhone can reduce the effectiveness of the cell phone in receiving calls.

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Hello! If anyone was able to disassemble the iPhone or do repairs on smartphones. Tell me in the original iPhone 4 where the Wi-Fi antenna is located and how to repair the network antenna on your iPhone?

From experience I can give some sound advice and a warning to buyers of both used and new iPhones.

In case your iPhone has poor reception after a recent purchase, the smartphone may be a factory defect or purchased in time of shipment, and the used model may have suffered from the operation of the old owner, different defects harm signal reception. Return the cell phone to the store or other place of purchase and ask the seller to replace the iPhone with a new one that works properly with the reception of communication signals.

Often have thought that most of us, unfortunately, once experienced poor signal reception on the iPhone and it is at a time when stable calls are most needed.

Although every year I buy new phones and good specs. I’ve had a recurring question. But why the iPhone signal can be weak in the first place?

Thanks for the clarification! I guessed that there are many reasons, but that usually the failure in signal reception is due to factors beyond our control, such as distance from the radio mast and is caused by problems related to geographical factors, such as hills or living in a low-lying area. This was the first time I heard about it. Now I’ll take that into account when making calls from my smartphone.

Is it possible to improve your iPhone-signal with the help of a secret code hack?

There was a story. Not knowing if there is a better way to pick up the communication signal of the phone, once I almost fell out of the top floor window at the cottage. And all in pursuit of one nifty streak of signal on your iPhone screen. Now I will put an end to this trick. Thank you for the recommendation to strengthen the signal smartphone.

I bought an iPhone 6c with his hands, the problem is that when I am in the building (at home) wrote no network at all does not catch anything, and as soon as I go out in the street at once catches the line in what the problem may be?

Agreed. There’s nothing worse than missing important phone calls and messages because you don’t have signal reception from your mobile carrier’s cell tower.

On the advice of an acquaintance. Tried increasing my iPhone signal, got better cell phone reception using a secret Wi-Fi trick. Maybe not everyone knows this, but there is a hidden feature that can solve one of the most frustrating problems with your iPhone 5s or iPhone 8, X and above.

This feature will put an end to such an frustrating dilemma as losing a call!

Some iOS users also know it as Wi-Fi calls, the function will save you from the need to use a strong signal from your phone, allowing you to use alternative Wi-Fi connections to make and receive calls and even text messages. This feature will impressively work, when you will connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots, for instance, in cafes or restaurants.

In short, a Wi-Fi call can be a lifeline if your network has no cellular signal coverage at your location.

Great tip with the alternative connection, thanks for the info! Yes, when the mobile operator’s base station is broken, there’s nothing you can do. But I am never discouraged and I fight the loss of cellular signal on the iPhone this way:

In the mobile operator’s shop I changed my old SIM for a new one, it’s over five years old and has been manually trimmed from micro SIM to nano SIM. Regularly updating iOS on my smartphone. If I lose cellular signal on the train or train, I quickly switch to airplane mode. Sometimes I also solve the problem by resetting the network settings. It is true that Wi-Fi passwords are reset, but that can be fixed. During the holidays, as needed in the settings of the ios, I forcibly turn off the Lite.

Thank you. You have written here all absolutely accessible and more than understandable to me!!

Advise a good circuit to build inexpensive cellular signal amplifier with your own hands for your smartphone.

I join to say thanks for the informative material! 🙂 It’s probably stupid to ask this question but I would like to know the possibilities of signal range. How far away can the cell tower for my phone be so that my cell phone can receive a signal normally?

There is a suspicion that if you take the phone out of its case this may increase the signal strength because in most normal cases the signal from your iPhone is slightly attenuated by cases made of special materials. In any case, try to put the phone on a flat surface without a cover. This way you can quickly see whether or not you can get the strongest possible reception from the mobile carrier without your case.

Hi, is there an app for iPhone se that works as a cellular signal booster?

Cool, I will take it into account! And as an upgrade to my education, can you tell me why a call from a cell phone immediately causes the antenna signal to drop

Thank you so much. I have the same in my country house does not have reliable reception for cell phones, and in some areas of the village is almost impossible to call on the phone at all.

Thank you very much indeed! I often vacation in the woods, there is also a huge disappointment about the quality of the signal in many places.

Air mode to help

If you’re worried about why the internet is so bad on your new iPhone, use the instructions:

  • Open the Settings app,
  • Turn on the function “Air mode”.
  • Hold this function on for a few seconds, then turn it off.
  • After resuming registration of the device in the operator’s network, try to reconnect the data transfer on the iPhone.

This action is comparable to reconnecting to the network. Often the effect is positive, download speed of a page or file is greatly improved. This can be explained by the fact that it will be a priority for the operator to ensure a stable connection for the new client. After a while the situation may be repeated, and again there is a question, why is the Internet so slow? Normal functioning depends on what frequency the device is running on.

Cellular communication on the iPhone and its problems after updating to iOS 15

The latest iOS 15 was recently released. However, a large number of iOS users have found that cellular data does not work on iPhones after updating to iOS 15. And it may be one of the most frequently cited problems these days. Faced with such a problem, that the cellular connection on your iPhone does not work. You will find a couple of quick solutions to fix this problem in this post.

Air mode to help

There is a fairly simple method how to improve the Internet on the iPhone. Due to a number of technical features, a cell phone can remain connected to the nearest communication tower for a long time, rather than to the most efficient base station. In order to reset the connection and strengthen the signal, you must restart the transmitting part of the device. Logically, the hardware shutdown button is often used for this, but it takes a long time. There is a quicker way to solve this problem:

  • switch to Quick Settings mode on your smartphone or tablet (just swipe from the top of the screen);
  • Activate the “Airplane mode” icon;
  • Perform a ten-second wait;
  • Reactivate the data transmission by turning off the “Airplane mode”. Internet speed should increase.