Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Today it is very difficult to find a laptop without a built-in web-camera, and therefore there is no special need to use an external accessory, unless of course the picture quality matters to you. If you want to stream high-definition video and delight your interlocutor with flawless images, we recommend paying attention to the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. This is the manufacturer’s top camera and one of the most expensive models on the market.

Today it is very difficult to find a laptop without a built-in web-camera, and therefore there is no special need to use an external accessory, unless of course the picture quality matters to you. If you want to stream high-definition video and delight your interlocutor with flawless images, we recommend paying attention to the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. This is the manufacturer’s top-end camera and one of the most expensive models on the market.

The C920 is an updated version of the HD Pro Webcam C910. Outwardly, it is very similar to its predecessor.

The rather large body includes stereo speakers and is made of black plastic. Glossy upper highly prone to fingerprints and scratches.

The HD Pro Webcam C920 swivel mounts to an ergonomic leg that attaches the camera to a laptop lid or any monitor, or mounts it on a table.

Rubber inserts and a special movable foot provide a firm hold.

You can even mount the camera to a tripod using a threaded connection.

In this case, the camera can be located anywhere in the room, and the only limitation is the length of the cable. HD Pro Webcam C920 is connected to the computer via USB, and the cable length is 1.8 meters.

The fact that this model is not a cheap accessory is evidenced by the used Carl Zeiss optics with 20-step autofocus. During operation, the camera does not miss, and the picture remains clear at all times. Also, the camera is able to follow the face, quickly zooming in if you move in the frame.

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 records Full HD video at 30 frames per second using the H.264 codec. To transfer video of this quality, you need a channel with a width of at least 2 Mbps, while for broadcasting video in 720p format, half the speed is enough. In order to fully appreciate the high quality of the image during video calls, you will need the latest version of Skype, which supports the Full HD format.

The camera is configured using proprietary Logitech Webcam Software. You can select the level of audio and video recording quality, adjust brightness, contrast, color intensity, correct white balance and exposure, as well as disable autofocus and activate intelligent sound and image settings.

The camera can take pictures with a resolution from 2 to 15 megapixels, and the taken picture can be immediately posted on social networks or sent by e-mail.

You can also use this app to go to Gmail, Skype, or Windows Live Film Studio.

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 uses Logitech’s proprietary Fluid Crystal technology for the best picture quality. It provides a smooth and clear picture, setting the optimal parameters for specific shooting conditions.

Advantages in Full HD at 30 frames per second, high-quality sound, convenient mount

Model Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Video resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels

Basic webcam Logitech Webcam C250

Webcam C250 is equipped with a VGA sensor and allows you to take pictures at a resolution of up to 1.3 megapixels (with software processing). Like the C300, the C250 is equipped with Video Effects Fun Filters.

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Basic webcam Logitech Webcam C300

The basic webcam Webcam C300 will allow you to receive video and 5-megapixel images (with software processing). Filters Video Effects Fun Filters allow you to add effects (for example, image distortion) or neon lights to your video.

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Following the recent release of Logitech’s Vid video chat software, Logitech today announced seven new Vid-enabled webcams. New webcams include Webcam Pro 9000, Portable Webcam C905, Webcam C600, Webcam C500, Webcam C300, Webcam C250 and Webcam C200.

Logitech introduced seven webcams with support for Vid technology at once

Just like the Webcam Pro 9000, the Webcam C600 is equipped with a 2MP sensor and a glass lens. The image can be increased programmatically to the level of HD-video (8-megapixel images with software processing). This camera also uses RightLight 2 technology for low-light shooting. Despite the almost identical characteristics, the quality of the optics and workmanship of this device is inferior to those in the Webcam Pro 9000 model.

How To Adjust Your Logitech Webcam Settings. Full Tutorial

Premium Webcam: Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

The Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 features Zeiss optics with autofocus. The 2-megapixel HD sensor delivers video up to 720p and still images up to 8 megapixels (software enhanced). RightLight 2 technology intelligently corrects images even in dark or backlit environments.

The Logitech Portable Webcam C905 delivers all the benefits of a Webcam Pro 9000 when you need to connect on the go. This model is significantly more compact, which allows you to use it wherever you are.

Logitech Webcam C500

The youngest in the line of functional cameras, the Logitech Webcam C500, is equipped with a glass lens and a 1.3 megapixel sensor. The C500 has the ability to programmatically enlarge the image up to 5 megapixels with minimal loss of quality. The webcam uses the first version of RightLight technology, which automatically corrects images in low light.

Basic webcam Logitech Webcam C200

The junior model of the basic level Webcam C200 is not equipped with any proprietary technologies and provides the functionality of the simplest webcam. Its VGA sensor with the help of additional software processing allows you to take pictures with a resolution of up to 1.3 megapixels.

All Logitech webcams are equipped with a built-in microphone for noise-free and distortion-free conversations with RightSound technology. Free video calling software included with every webcam. Logitech Vid.

Logitech webcams are expected to go on sale starting in August. The approximate of new webcams on the market are already known. MSRP for Webcam Pro 9000 € 109.99, Logitech MP Portable Webcam C905 € 99.99, Webcam C600 € 79.99, Logitech MP Webcam C500 € 49.99, Logitech Webcam C300 € € 39.99, Logitech Webcam C250 € 29.99 and Logitech Webcam C200 € 19.99.

Why Logitech Camera?

Logitech makes new technologies as accessible as possible, you will not find the best representation in Ukraine from any manufacturer, such support and such a network of service centers.
All cameras have passed OTK control, they look modern and justify their price.

Logitech C615 Mobile Video Conferencing Camera

What’s good about the Logitech c615 HD: Foldable, tripod mountable, swivel, high quality video and sound, improved twilight performance, vivid saturated colors, face detection.
If you conduct regular video conferencing and chats, then this camera is perfect for you.

The most-most WEB-camera Logitech C920

The Logitech HD Pro C920 has it all: stereo microphone, wide angle, autofocus, rich colors, tripod mount. With its help, you can make videos for your YouTube channel, maintain a video channel on social networks, and the result will be even without very high quality processing. But the price bites)

Logitech HD

Of particular note are the Logitech HD webcams. What does this mean? This incomprehensible “HD”. everything is simple, it is the picture quality, high definition, bright colors and picture improvement in low light.

WEB-camera for communication with relatives Logitech C270

Your relatives will not worry that you have a gray complexion and you live very dimly in Ukraine! They will even consider the interior behind your back and how badly your hair burned out in the summer.!

Average price of Logitech C270 HD, while the quality is many times higher than expected! Built-in sensitive microphone and driver-free connectivity with Skype. out of the box, the camera is ready for use
Various color options to suit your personality

Logitech webcam how to choose?

Which WEB-camera to choose and which one is better suited for a specific task. a frequent question for a modern active user. Of course, most people prefer the laptop’s built-in camera for all tasks. At the same time, no one asks how the interlocutor sees and hears you: colors, lighting, sound, timbre and tone of voice. Whether you’re an online model, video blogger, or businessperson, Logitech has a dedicated solution for each task. You can choose both a WEB-camera for video streams, and a camera with a remote control for video blogs or small conferences, as well as solutions for video conferencing with up to 50 interlocutors

Logitech cameras range from cheap to ultra-high-tech. What is the difference between a camera for UAH 140 and a camera for UAH 900? Which one do you need? It all depends on what you need a Logitech WEB-camera for

How to choose a WEB-camera?

How to determine the processor model

You may not know the detailed configuration of your computer, but there are several PC components that you must be familiar with. One of these components is the central processing unit. The parameters for it are specified in the system requirements for any software. Also, when choosing other components for a computer, you must compare them with the probabilities of your processor.

  • – a computer with Windows OS;
  • – CPUID CPU-Z program.

How to hide webcams

The use of webcams has become virtually ubiquitous, but not invariably the owner of the camera wants to advertise its presence on the computer. There are several methods to hide the webcam, depending on whether you want to primitively disable it in order to exclude the possibility of surveillance, or whether you want to create the impression on third parties that there is no camera in the computer.

  • – a program installed on a computer for working with a webcam.

PreferredHonor WEB-camera for computer

The webcam gives great advantages when working on the Internet, communicating with friends and colleagues, and in many other fields of activity. The usefulness of a webcam is undeniable. the only question is which model you should prefer for your computer. Among the huge selection of different offers, it is easy to get lost, and therefore you need to realize what to look for when choosing a webcam.


Method 1 is the most primitive. Connect your webcam to your computer and wait for the operating system to recognize the new hardware. If the webcam is mechanically recognized, the model information will be available in the toolbar below. Click on the new device icon. Information about the model and technical collations of this webcam will appear.

If the system does not recognize the webcam and says “Unrecognized device”, you need to update the drivers via the Internet. Click on “My Computer” with the right mouse button. Select “Properties”, then go to the “Device Manager” tab. On the very top line, right-click and then click on the “Update hardware configuration” command. Find the line “Unfamiliar device”. Click on it with the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select “Update Driver”. The system will update the driver. Later the driver update will recognize the device, and it will be allowed to see the model of the webcam.

If, nevertheless, with the support of the device manager, the system cannot find the drivers for the connected equipment, you need to use a special program to find them. Download Driver Cure app. Install and run Driver Cure. In the program menu, primitively select the connected device to which you want to find the driver and click “Search”. The program will mechanically detect and install the required drivers. After installing the drivers, the webcam model name will be displayed at the bottom of the Windows toolbar.

When the drivers are installed, not only the webcam model will be available. but also its technical collations, resolution and functionality. On the Internet, on the manufacturer’s website, you can invariably see all the probabilities of the webcam model and find out information about the functionality.


There are several methods to find out the processor model. The easiest of them is to look at the packaging for it. But if you purchased a more closely assembled computer, then you may not have it. In some cases, the processor model can be viewed in the warranty certificate, if it contains a statement of any individual component of your computer.

Also, on some brands of motherboards, the processor model is indicated during system boot. But from the fact that this screen is shown every few seconds, it is allowed not to be in time to see the necessary information.

Among other methods to find out information about the processor model, it is allowed to notice the use of standard operating system tools. Right-click on the My Computer icon. A context menu will appear. From this menu, select Properties. A window will pop up with basic information about your system. In this window, you can view information about the processor model.

It is also allowed to use this method. Click Start. Select “All programs”, then. “Typical”. In standard programs, click on “Command Prompt”. At the command prompt, type dxdiag and press Enter.

In the System Information section, locate the Processor component and view information about its model. If necessary, you can save data about your system in a text document. To do this, at the bottom of the window, click on the “Save all data” button. In the window that appears, enter the names of the document and select a location to save the file. After that click “Save”.

logitech, webcam, model

You can also use the CPUID CPU-Z program. It is easy to find it on the internet. Each utility weighs several megabytes. Plus it’s free. Install the program. Start it up. The first window that opens will contain details about your processor. In the Name line, you can find information about its model. Below this line, you will find information about other processor parameters.


On the desktop, select the “My Computer” icon and, with the support of the right mouse button, expand its context menu. Open the “Properties” item in it. If the icon is absent on the desktop, the properties of the computer can be found through the “Start” button. Select “Start”. “Computer” and also open “Properties” from the menu.

In the window that appears, go to the “Hardware” tab. There are various services for the operation of devices. Click on the “Device Manager” button.

A new window will show a tree list of all connected devices on your computer. There is also information about the installed webcam. Find the matching line in the list. Traditionally, webcams are displayed as imaging devices or video devices.

Open the detected item and highlight the connected device. In its context menu, click on the item “Properties”.

Next, in a new window, go to the “Drivers” tab. Click the Delete button. After that, confirm the system request to remove the webcam driver. Later the driver will be removed and the device will disappear from the list. For its further work, you will need to install the “native” drivers in the system.

How to determine your webcam model

There are a lot of computer brands nowadays. While two market monopolists. AMD and INTEL. are engaged in the production of processors, there are a lot of manufacturers of component materials. For example, webcams are produced by a lot of companies. If you have a webcam and do not know its model or manufacturer, there are several methods to find out. Any model of a webcam can be determined using the system method.

  • Computer, webcam, Driver Cure app, Internet access

Updating on Windows

To update the driver by means of the system, you need to open the “Device Manager” program built into Windows. It is accessible by right-clicking on the Computer icon in systems released after Windows 7. To access Device Manager, you can also right-click on the My Computer icon and select Properties. Among the proposed menu items, click the appropriate one. You can also use the program search in the corresponding line of the Start menu. Go to the line “Video adapters” and find the name of your Intel graphics card. Right-click on the device and click “Properties”. Select “Drivers” from the tabs offered in the window. Click “Update” in the list of options. You will see a window of the update installation wizard, which will check for the presence of available driver versions and issue a corresponding notification. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. After the end of the procedure, do not forget to restart your computer. Update completed.


Logitech Options software is incredibly easy to use, yet it delivers great value. Devices are displayed as images on the screen, so you can easily find them, install them and switch between them. it only takes a matter of seconds. Great Logitech Hardware Now Works Together with Intelligent Software.

Functional customization for applications

Go beyond the standard general settings. Assign buttons to specific tasks in your favorite applications 3. and when you switch between them, the buttons will perform different operations. For example, you can use the Forward and Back buttons in your browser as usual — to move forward and backward, and then switch to Adobe® Photoshop®. the same buttons will be used to switch between layers.

Customizing buttons and keys

Customize button and key assignments, cursor and scroll wheel speed, and many other settings.

Logitech DuoLink technology

Use your keyboard to expand the functionality of your mouse.

System Requirements

  • Supported Logitech 4 Device
  • Windows ® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 5
  • MacOS 10.11 or later 5
  • Logitech Flow requires computers that you can connect to over a local area network. 6

DuoLink turns your mouse and keyboard into the perfect package.

The link between the mouse and keyboard makes it easier to customize functions and provide additional navigation options. Just hold down the Fn key on your keyboard and your most used mouse button will become universal. She will be responsible for various actions and gestures, providing greater freedom of movement.

Functional customization for applications

Assigning buttons to specific tasks