How to distinguish the original iPhone from fake

To distinguish the original iPhone from the fake, it is enough to know what the brand device looks like and what functionality has it. There are many ways to identify a non-original device, they will help to avoid fraudsters actions and not to purchase a copy that is issued for the original. Consider the more detailed checks.

This iPhone has its own serial number. Depending on the model, it is located in a certain place. Following the instructions on the brand’s website, find it will not be difficult.

  • 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S. the IMEI / MEID number and code are indicated on the SIM card tray.
  • 5 \ 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6 PLUS. It can be found in “Settings” or on the device box, and the IMEI / MEID code (14 digits) is indicated by engraving on the rear panel.
  • 6S, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS MAX, XS. is in “Settings”, and IMEI / Meid code on the SIM card tray. If necessary, the support service can be specified.

Checking serial numbers follows on a special page of the official website of the brand and only there. Trust third-party services not recommended.

If it is not possible to enable the device and find out its serial code in the settings, you can use iTunes:

  • You need to connect the iOS device to the computer and turn on iTunes if the program does not start automatically.
  • Next, you need to find a connected device and go to the Overview tab to see all information about it.
  • If there is a device with OS 10.3 or later its version with the input in the same Apple ID account must be logged in “Settings”, find the desired device and view the information there.

You can find the serial number and through support service by contacting it through the official website.

How is the “restoration” of the iPhone and who does it

Left Typical IPhone Refs Mini Factory Right. a real and normal Chinese plant with which Apple cooperates.

Restored unofficial iPhone began to be made for a long time ago, during iPhone 4. Approximately 2014, this process was built in China with a giant scope.

Now practically no handicraft restored iPhone XS, XR and XS Max. But the iPhone X among them already appeared. About older models there is nothing to say. their tens of millions, it is without exaggeration.

In China, there is a huge number of mini-factories that underwent their own iPhone. It all starts with the purchase of the phones themselves or motherboards from them.

Where and from where the Chinese mined the used iPhone or fees from them in such quantities. still a mystery to all. Then the number we are talking about is not accountable.

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These are Chinese refuses iPhone 5S. Finding in Russia the original iPhone of this model is almost impossible now, so much is overshadowed by such a “Chinese”.

IPhones are produced by factories in fabricated volumes: it is not 100-200 phones per month and not even thousand. Hundreds of thousands of hand-collected iPhone per month!

Only the factory itself exists about 100. If you walk on the market of Shenzheny, meet there four dozen shops selling similar iPhones. It is from there that all this self-help falls on the territory of Russia. Naturally, counterfeit.

One Chinese on average sells in bulk about 300-400 phones per day.

Representatives of these Chinese in Russia more than a hundred. Each of them transports iPhones there and here on their own, through several “shuttoels”.

The devices themselves most often gather in China, less often. in Russia.

Where can I buy?

If the user has decided to be the owner of the iPhone, then make such a purchase better in famous electronics stores. How to buy an original iphone. Ideal will buy it from the official Apple product dealer. Even knowing all the characteristics of the gadget, get from the original original unlikely. You can search for ads for the sale of used device, but a new model cannot be purchased in this way.

Many suspicious stalls with dubious sellers offering to acquire a new version of the original, this is a big probability to give money for a cheap clone. The dishonest seller will not miss the chance to use the buyer’s ignition in the question than the Chinese iPhone differs from the original.

Original iPhone worth a considerable amount of money. However, overpay is for high-quality assembly and iOS, which will give such advantages as access to branded software and stability / speed of work.

I fog iPhone iTunes

This method is for lazy, who is hard to check the serial number manually on the site. But this will require a computer with Apple iTunes program installed.

Open iTunes and connect iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Lightning from charging. The program should appear all information about the original smartphone. Such as: model name, serial number, memory.

If iTunes does not define the phone, then it is a replica. Unless of course, the cable itself and the iPhone connector itself.

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Inspect the appearance

Frame. First of all, there should be no gaps between the screen and the case, the display is obliged to fit tightly to the base. ATTENTION should be given to the buttons: they must be without “backlash”, it is easy to click, with a characteristic smooth click. Crunch and Crack are not allowed. this is a clear sign of fake.

Inspect the inscriptions on the body itself: so that they are smooth, read without problems, did not have errors and typos. Also, the model and IMEI is indicated here, which can be checked on the official Apple website.

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You can even identify the copy of the case of the case: if it is erased and leaves footprints in the hands, it is necessary to immediately postpone such an iphone aside. Sometimes a plastic case is also installed on the fakes instead of aluminum. the material is very easy to distinguish: aluminum saves cold, and if they knock on it slightly, the characteristic metallic sound will sound.

Screen. On the iPhone, the screen is always deep black and can only be a slightly lighter body if the smartphone is made in dark color. If the screen is gray or noticeably the lighter case, it is no longer original. This does not indicate that the entire smartphone is a fake, but it makes it clear that the iPhone at least visited the doubtful service center.

Camera. The camera lens must be smooth and neatly located in a specially reserved location on the case. Dust under the glass of camera and other suspicious effects also indicate an opening and repair.

Rear panels and ports. Apple’s logo in no case should not get drunking. it is made of stainless steel and reliably recessed into the lid, as it is its element. The back cover should not be removed: iPhone housing of any model. monolithic.

No antennas, unnecessary parts and ports (except 3.5 mm and lightning, and with iPhone 7. only Lightning) should not be. The iPhone SIM card tray does not have any slots for memory cards. only for SIM card (Nano format).

Pay attention to the port Lightning. neat threaded bolts are located on its sides. If the bolts are damaged, the thread is torn or there are noticeable scratches, the device was opened, and poor quality. The originality of the “filling” can be immediately questioned.

It is also worth tested the switching slider sound / vibration on a side end. there must be a clear vibration point when transferring to a quiet mode.

Other ways to identify fake

Siri. Apple voice assistant starts by pressing and holding a round home button. For confidence you can ask Siri a few questions. On Android it does not work. On the original iPhone it looks like this:

Original iOS functions. The IOS operating system, which is installed on the iPhone has dozens of unique features that are deprived (or differ) Android devices. With their help you can also easily reveal a fake. Many reviews of various IOS features are posted in this section of our site.

Checking Siri

Siri’s voice assistant is launched by pressing and briefly holding round home button. To make sure the voice assistant works, you can ask a few questions. There is no such function on the Android operating system.

It is very easy to check the originality of the iPhone through the App Store application. Even the coolest Chinese iPhone cannot enter this application, the user will be transferred to Google Play, this is a special application for devices running on Android OS. These two applications look different.

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It should be borne in mind that there are no many applications on Google Play, which are available for Apple devices. You need to try to find such applications like Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Numbers. If there are no applications in the store, then we are talking about a fake smartphone.

Operating system

It lies no less catch. When you first turn on the fake smartphone behaves like a real. Everything you need is present. and the boot screen, and the operating system shell.

Add-on developers need to pay tribute. work has been colossal. I want such a launcher to my Android apparatus. Distinguish from iOS is very difficult. If you do not look after applications.

They give fake. This set, to put it mildly, is unusual even Chinese Android, so an inexperienced user can not recognize.

However, the avid fan of iOS should quickly see the absence of Apple brand services. There is nothing associated with the company. Of course, iTunes, Apple Music and other iOS branded chips do not work.

Application store. your own, chinese. Main Language English, Software Set. from Play Market. But the choice is very good. Naturally, the installation is impossible.

Fortunately, the fake does not have the pre-installed cross-platform applications. But if the fake manufacturer guess. some of the icons in the next revision of the fakes may be copy. Yes, and the set of applications can be corrected.

By the way, the branded for Android the menu item “On the phone” is not. At all. Hardware combinations for the engineering menu could not be chosen. the ability to cut the manufacturer. Accordingly, it will not be able to flash.

When connected to third-party devices (routers, elements of the smart home, and even a computer) a fake “iPhone” is defined as a real. Even many services do not notice replacing.

Such a mess affects terrible. And how the iPhone use the fake can not, and use the Android ecosystem will not work.

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You can also have a fake. Even if you have not repaired it! Typical Russian history too smart Vasya bought iPhone 5S in the pavilion for 9000 and thinks that he deceived the system. He still does not know that instead of the iPhone, he has a set of glands with Ali, of which only the motherboard remained the original. And that.