You can hide the status for all users of the messenger, as well as for individual users. This makes the time of your last visit invisible, allowing you to keep your privacy. On smartphones running on the Android operating system, the process of activating the function is identical, regardless of model. A couple of clicks and Invisible mode is on.

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If you for some reason do not want someone to see when you accessed WhatsApp, use the Invisible feature

For all contacts

Hiding the time of your last visit to the messenger for all your contacts at once is easy. The procedure is done in the settings of the utility and does not require additional skills and abilities.

  • Go to WhatsApp and go to “Settings” by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on “Account” and click on “Privacy”.
  • Go to “Attendance time”.
  • Change the default value to “No one.

Now time and date of the last visit will be hidden from everyone, until you return to the default value. If you select “Contacts,” the time will be hidden for saved numbers only. The statuses “Online” and “Typing” will remain visible.

Important! Users who have hidden the time of their visit will not be able to see the status of other subscribers.

For one

You can also restrict access to status information of one contact by blacklisting him or her. In this case, you will not be able to contact them, but you will have access to the other users’ statuses.

  • Go to “Privacy” in the messenger settings.
  • Select “Blocked” option.
  • Click on the “Profile with Plus” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select the desired contact from the list of contacts.
  • Press the plus sign to confirm the action.

You can hide your visits from all contacts or from one of them

You can also ban a number through the chat room. Go to the correspondence, click on the three dots and select lock. In the same way you can blacklist any subscriber, thereby hiding the time of the visit only from specific contacts.

How to hide apps on samsung phone

Reading from the notification screen

If the pop-up feature in the app is turned on and the phone is running Android 7 and above, each user can read incoming messages even without logging into the WhatsApp app. Similar SMS is displayed in the upper part of the screen, called “curtain.

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You can also find the “Reply” button there to text the person who sent the message.

However there is a nuance here: it is possible to use this function only for communication with the one who was the first to send the notification. It is unfortunately not possible to select any other contact while preserving anonymity.

If the user does not want to completely block the sending of read notifications, but intends to hide this fact from one of the subscribers, he should mark it unread after reading the message.

  • open the list of dialogs;
  • click on the desired one and hold it until an additional menu appears at the top;
  • click on the icon with 3 dots;
  • Select “Mark unread” in the drop-down tab.

In addition, there are ways to read a message inconspicuously, without tearing it off. You can do this by setting up pop-up notifications of incoming messages on your smartphone screen. The second way is to install auxiliary software, which allows you to download messages from “Votsap” and read them without activating the application. Such utilities allow not only to remain invisible, but also to receive information, remaining in the status “off-line”.

These services do not replace WhatsApp. It is necessary to install both programs on your gadget. When a person using third-party message-reading software logs into WhatsApp, they can see all the information about when subscribers were online and whether they opened their messages.

An example of such an application is No Last Seen. For it to function, you need to allow access to notifications. In addition, many users encounter incorrect operation of the program itself disconnects after a few days of use, and it has to be reinstalled. If after these actions the messaging icon disappears, you can restore it in the settings menu.

Another way to hide the fact of receiving information is to disconnect your phone from the Internet before opening a message. This can be done by enabling air mode or denying access to existing networks. However, when the connection resumes, the subscriber will know that the text has been read.

How to hide the time of visiting WhatsApp on Android smartphones

WhatsApp users may have noticed that under each contact in the app, the time of last visit is displayed. But some people you are talking to may not have this information. This is because they have set the invisible status. This option is also available to you, and you can set it up yourself. From this article you will learn how in WhatsApp to hide the visiting time on Android, make your account private, and what deactivating visibility will entail for you.

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How to hide a chat in WhatsApp

To prevent your husband or wife from discovering the correspondence on WhatsApp, you can use the function of hiding the group or conversation. Unnecessary conversations disappear from the list, but are not destroyed. At any time, the data can be restored.

On the iPhone

To archive all chats on the iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Votsap messenger;
  • Enter the menu and select the Settings section;
  • Find Chats and activate the archive feature;
  • Confirm the action by pressing the appropriate button;
  • Are waiting for the procedure to be completed.

Archiving an individual conversation on an Apple Phone is done as follows:

  • Open the app. They go to the home page. At the bottom of the window there is a menu where you have to select the Chats section.
  • Tap on the desired correspondence by swiping the screen to the left. In the menu that opens, activate the archive option. once the procedure is completed, a list appears in which the selected conversation will not be displayed.

On Android

You can hide all chats on your Android phone or tablet in the following ways:

  • open the WhatsApp application;
  • Enter the menu, select the settings section;
  • in the Chats tab, click on History;
  • Start the archive function;
  • confirm the action by pressing OK.

Applying third-party apps

There are a lot of programs that are used to limit access to correspondence. Some offer useful features to help hide sensitive data. For example, there are programs that take pictures of the person trying to read other people’s chats. Other applications work based on information encryption. Not only do they offer to set passwords, but they also provide the ability to log in by scanning your fingerprint. Some programs are installed and used for free. Downloading others is possible only after paying money.

How to display hidden contacts

The feature was available until last February. Therefore, if an older version is installed, you can use the instructions.

On Android

The user needs to enter the “Contacts” subsection. It is possible to use the variant described above.

Find the “All contacts” item. This should be ticked. To turn off the function of displaying all numbers, you need to remove the highlighting from the item. Press the “OK” button to confirm the action and save the setting.

On the iPhone

iOS users will have to perform the same actions. You need to find the right section and uncheck the.

After that you need to restart WhatsApp. Settings and contact information list are updated.

The messenger has a feature that allows you to hide individual conversations, and temporarily remove all chats. There can be many reasons for such actions, most often the desire to hide the chat appears in these situations:

  • You want to put some order into your conversations.
  • It is necessary to leave only the most important chats and temporarily delete all the rest.
  • You need to hide the correspondence from third parties, maybe your smartphone is being checked by a jealous other half.
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The chats that you hide will not be deleted, they will simply lose visibility. At the same time, if you need to read new messages in them, the usual notifications will not come. It will appear next to the application icon on your smartphone screen, and you can only check it manually.

To hide an individual chat in the app, there are simple instructions. Following the points, you will quickly master this option:

  • Open the app.
  • Open the tab “Chats”, swipe down to the one you want to hide.
  • Put your finger on it, and hold it until the icons appear in the top bar of the screen.
  • Tap the three dots on the right, tap “Archive chat.”.
  • The conversation will immediately disappear from the public list.

How to hide chats in the messenger WhatsApp

The mobile application and at the same time the social network WhatsApp today is one of the most popular messengers for correspondence and file transfers of various types. Users, can chat here, create conversations, share photos and funny videos.

Recently the application has grown in functionality, so some options for many people remain unexplored. For example, some people want to know if it is possible to hide a chat in WhatsApp without deleting it.

Hiding chats and groups in WhatsApp

WhatsApp creators did not provide in any of the existing versions (for Android, iOS and Windows) of the messenger the possibility of creating chats that are literally hidden, which is present in competing solutions (for example, Viber). Therefore, if the purpose of the user is to hide any correspondence from the eyes of unauthorized persons who have access to the device, the best solution is to set a password on the application.

Next, we’ll talk about the feature of archiving conversations in WhatsApp. Below procedures are mainly used to increase the convenience of working with the “Chats” list by moving individual, rarely used or to be saved for some time dialogs and groups to the nearly invisible from the application archive. Archiving a conversation is also used to prevent its title from being discovered by people who have opened the messenger.