How to enable push notifications on iPhone. detailed instructions

In today’s world any technical innovation or development very quickly comes from the demo stage to the market. And it will not only be used by ordinary consumers, but also will be adopted by different marketers as a method of active promotion of their products or services. Such a fate, in particular, the technology Push-sending various notifications, and in the literal sense (“push” in the English translation. “jolt”, “promotion”).

How to hide messages on iPhone from unknown persons?

This method is ideal if you receive spam from unknown numbers. However, this method applies to all numbers that are not in your contact list. On the one hand this is a minus and on the other a plus. It all depends on how you use this feature.

As always, go to “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Messages.

Scroll down until you see “Warnings from Everyone” and “Warnings from Contacts”, choose the second option (It may be called “Filtering by sender”, it depends on the version of iOS. It’s a little easier, you just need to move the slider to the “ON” position).

This will disable notifications for IM messages from people who are not in your contact list, thereby sorting them into a separate list.

Now all messages received from previously unknown numbers will be sorted into a separate list of “Unknown senders.

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  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Select Apps & Notifications Notifications.
  • Under “Locked Screen,” tap Notifications on Locked Screen or On Locked Screen.
  • Check Do not show notifications.

To do so, press “Settings” → “Lock screen” → “Advanced” → “Lock screen notifications”. Hide notifications here so you don’t want others to see your messages, or turn them off.

Why you should hide notifications on your screen?

There can be many reasons why a user wants to hide messages on the screen. Some people just don’t like their personal correspondence to be read and try to shut themselves off from other people as much as possible. Some people have something to hide, such as when a married man has an affair on the side. If so, it will behave extremely carefully and definitely hide messages from prying eyes. However, the most important reason is compliance with information security. Now let’s tell you why you need to hide notifications on your phone’s screen.

Imagine that you lost your bag with your wallet containing your bank cards, money and iPhone. Most likely you have a password on your phone. But it is not a hindrance for thieves! Having found the card, the thieves transfer a large sum of money to their account. The bank sends a code via SMS to confirm the transaction. Attackers can see this code because the notifications are not hidden and they are displayed even on the locked screen. This is how they enter the verification code and get your money. This is a real life example. Losses could be reduced if you know how to hide messages on the screen on your iPhone. It is extremely important to keep information security, and of course be careful and watch your belongings.

How to hide the text of any notifications on the iPhone lock screen?

Go to “Settings” → “Notifications” → “Show thumbnails”;

In the menu that opens, select the “Never” option.

By default, in phone settings text preview of notifications is activated “Always. If there is no personal information in your correspondence, and you are not afraid that third parties might see your messages, you can safely leave the function enabled.

In “Never” mode, no text messages will appear on the locked iPhone screen, but you’ll only see how many messages you’ve received and through which application.

The “No lock” option will hide notification content on the lock screen. But as soon as phone is unlocked, preview will be active.

Click on “Settings” and select “Notifications. Tap on the gear icon in the top bar. Select the “On Lock Screen” tab. Click on “Hide personal data”, “Show notifications” or “Do not show notifications.

How to hide notification text on iPhone with Touch ID

  • Go to Settings. Universal Access. Home Button.
  • Disable Open with your finger.
  • Go to Settings. Notifications. Show thumbnails.
  • Change the setting from Always to No lock.
  • Select the “Notifications” section.
  • Click on the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • On the next page. the “Format” button.
  • And you choose one of two options: “Do not show notifications” or “Hide the content of notifications
  • The chosen option is used:
  • You do not need to do anything else.

Hiding the content of the notifications that appear on the Xiaomi MIUI 12 lock screen is easy. Simply go to “Settings”, Go to “Notifications”, Click on the first item “Lock Screen Notifications” and click on “Format”.

How to hide notifications on your iPhone, iPad

Not everyone knows about how to make your iPhone not show your messages. Surely every user is aware of the existence of iPhone thumbnails function, but not everyone knows how to use this function correctly.

In order to hide notifications, the user should do the following:

  • Enter the “Settings” menu. Usually this menu is represented as a gear wheel on most iPhone models, but there are some exceptions.
  • Select the “Notifications” option from several offered options.
  • Next, the user will be prompted to select the desired display method: “Always”, “Never”, “When unlocked”.
  • Choose to show or hide thumbnails for each individual mobile app, if necessary.

If you want the text to always be displayed on the lock screen, you should select the “Always” option. There is also the “If unlocked” option. In this case, notifications will only be displayed if there is no lock. And finally, if you select the “Never” option, the short message will not pop up on the lock screen under any circumstances.

Important! Each user chooses the option he is comfortable with. Then you can change your mind.

Another interesting option is to remove the text in the notifications, leaving only the information about the number of new actions or messages for each specific mobile app. The “Notifications allowance” control will help you do so.

To hide messages means to protect your privacy

Changed default settings apply to all notifications. Now you will not see any text messages or texts from social networks.

How to hide a message text on your iPhone on the lock screen?

I don’t know how Apple got to this point, because I only recently found out myself that there is such a possibility. You can set it for everything at once, or for a certain program separately.

For all applications

It is quite possible that you want to hide the notification text of absolutely all programs. This is quite normal and to make this happen, follow these steps:

  • go to Settings and look for Notifications;
  • At the top, go to the Thumbnail Display;
  • select If unlocked (I have a checkmark at Always, because there is no such a need).

Now, absolutely all notifications will be hidden from prying eyes and you will only see the name of the application with the alert. After unlocking the iPhone, the necessary information will be available.

For a single app

Now let’s talk about the case when you want to hide the content of a message, such as a certain messenger. It can be any program at all.

  • again go to Settings. Notifications;
  • scroll and look for the application you need (in my case, I chose Viber);
  • At the bottom, select Show thumbnails;
  • And again If unlocked.

Now your life is going to be a little bit easier, so you no longer have to worry about someone else reading the contents of a notification on your iPhone lock screen.

If you want how it will be, here’s an example on the 10th iPhone. It will be exactly the same: As you can see, at some points Apple thinks about users. Usually it’s limited and it might be a pity that you can’t make some actions.

iPhone 12/12 Pro: How to Show/Hide Text Messages Content on the Lock Screen

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