Is the IP address permanent?

Most IP addresses are dynamic, meaning they are not permanent. Some IP addresses are static, meaning they never change. Alas, to get such an IP address, you will have to spend extra money and put in extra effort.

It’s important to remember that even if you have a static IP address, it won’t follow you wherever you move. As soon as you establish a new Internet connection, your IP address will change.

Proxy server: slow and insecure way to download torrent files

Proxies are widely used to access geo-blocked content. Let’s pretend you want to watch a video that is only available in certain countries. Your computer sends a request to a website to access the video, and a proxy intercepts this request and sends it through a server with the IP address of that country. When the proxy server receives a response, it forwards it to you. done!

Proxy servers have several disadvantages: they are very slow and not at all secure because they do not encrypt your traffic like VPNs do. Also, proxies do a poor job of downloading torrent files, since they do not hide your activity from the ISP. In addition, many popular platforms like Hulu easily recognize when someone is using a proxy and block that access.

How to find your new IP address

Once you’ve used a VPN or other method to hide your real IP address, it’s important to make sure everything is working as it should. This should be done immediately after you hide the address, and then, while you need to keep it hidden, continue to check from time to time. This way, you will immediately see any errors that might compromise your privacy.

Our IP address checker tool is the easiest way to make sure your IP address is completely hidden. The tool will automatically show your current IP address and the geolocation associated with it.

If your IP address is properly hidden, then our tool will show the IP address and location of the VPN or proxy server you are connected to. If not, you will see your own IP address and physical location, so you know that something went wrong.

Unplug your modem: reboot your IP address

It sounds silly, but sometimes if you unplug the modem for a long time, the IP address may change. When you disconnect from your ISP’s network, the connection to your current IP address is interrupted, but only if your ISP is using dynamic IP addresses (which is very likely).

Leave the modem without power for as long as you can stand without the internet, as this increases the chances of the IP address changing. When you plug your modem back in, you will get a new address. This method is not very reliable, so don’t use it in the first place.

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique sequence of numbers and dots used to identify each device that connects to the Internet. Each device that is connected to a computer network has its own unique IP address. But if you have several devices that connect to the same WI-FI router, then their IP address will be the same.

When you visit a website, your device sends a request to the website server using the website’s IP address. The device then receives a response with the requested data for its unique IP address.

There are two types of IP addresses. An IPv4 address (Internet Protocol version 4) consists of four two- or three-phase numbers separated by dots (for example, IPv6 address (Internet Protocol version 6) is longer and includes both letters and numbers, separated by colons.

The IPv6 addressing system came about because the number of possible IPv4 addresses was running out. It also has more efficient routing and data flow than IPv4, and improved security. But most of the world is still using IPv4, and switching to IPv6 is not easy.

If you want to switch to IPv6, then the devices of your Internet provider, your own router and the operating system of your device must be compatible with this system. Unfortunately, most ISPs still cannot support IPv6 addresses.

If right now you want to see your IP address, then it is easy to do it using our tool for checking IP address. I used it to check my IP address with and without VPN.

A not-for-profit organization called the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority creates IP addresses and distributes them to the world’s five Internet Registrars (RIRs), who then distribute IP addresses to ISPs in their region.

This means your IP address can be used to locate your location.

Since both PCs and other devices need an IP address to access information online, there is no way to stop using an IP address. The only way to hide your real IP address is to disguise it as a different one.

What else can a VPN do?

Besides the fact that a VPN can hide your real IP address, the best VPNs on the market will give you access to geo-blocked content from all over the world. VPN can also help you bypass restrictions imposed by your ISP, government agencies and other organizations. Finally, this is the best way to hide your identity and Internet activity online if you want to take maximum care of your privacy and protect your personal data.

You can learn more about what a VPN can do in our VPN beginner guide.

What is the Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6?

IPv4 and IPv6 are two different types of IP addresses. IPv4 addresses are the most common and less complex; they are a string of numbers and dots. IPv6 addresses are much longer and include both letters and numbers, separated by colons. Currently, IPv6 addresses are generated to increase the number of IP addresses and solve some of the problems of the legacy IPv4 system.

How to hide Mac computer address

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    Hide your MAC address.

    Hide your MAC address from hackers, government agencies, your ISP, Wi-Fi networks, online games, and more! Anyone with special tools can track your Internet activity if your MAC address is known. Public wireless hotspots are ubiquitous, some are less secure than others. Every time you open the laptop, it automatically tries to communicate with wireless networks, regardless if you are using WEP / WPA encryption. Bypass ACLs (Access Control Lists) based on MAC addresses by cloning the MAC address of a computer that is already allowed to be used on the Wi-Fi network.

    • Change your MAC address with one click !
    • Preventing blocking by MAC address in online games
    • Cloning the MAC address of another computer. Bypassing some of the provider’s registration requirements.
    • Return to your favorite online games that have blocked you based on your MAC address.
    • Hiding your real MAC address from hackers, wireless networks, and ISPs.

    Hide My MAC Address

    Protecting your computer‘s MAC address from unauthorized viewing.

    Change your MAC Address!

    Change your MAC ID

    The program allows you to bypass MAC address filtering and prevent blocking by various network applications of the user by MAC address

    Preventing MAC Address Tracking

    Prevent hackers, government agencies, ISPs, wireless networks, online games from tracking your online activities. The program allows you to hide your real MAC address.

    How to hide MAC Address in your Computer كيفية إخفاء الادرس ماك

    MAC randomization

    Instead of setting a single spoofed address, MAC randomization allows you to cycle through random spoofed addresses when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi address. As soon as you connect to a Wi-Fi network, randomization stops to maintain a stable connection.

    When it comes to MAC address security, this is perhaps the best foothold. Randomization protects your MAC address from being randomly assigned, but it doesn’t stop you from making the connections you want. However, how you implement the randomization will depend on which device you are using.

    Different devices perform MAC randomization in different ways, and not all of them are actually capable of doing this. Starting with iOS 8 on iPhones, it comes standard with the MAC. Windows 10 PCs have a built-in but disabled feature, and can remember different random MAC addresses for different WI-FI connections.

    How to enable random MAC address in Android 10

    In fact, it should already be enabled as the option to randomize the MAC address for all wireless connections in Android 10 is enabled by default. But to double-check (and turn it on if it is suddenly turned off), of course, does not hurt. And this can be done as follows:

    • open the “Settings” application;
    • we tap “Network and Internet” and “Wi-Fi”;
    • then click on the network settings icon (“gear” next to the name);
    • on the “Network Information” screen, tap “Advanced” and then “Privacy”;
    • if the function “Use random MAC address” is not active (the “MAC address of the device” is indicated), then we activate it manually.

    Big Brother is watching you: how they fire MAC substitution in LAN

    Today we are going to talk with you about a local hack. You probably already know how this is done, or rather heard, but did not dare to try. And they did the right thing! Why? This is exactly what I will talk about in this article. You know, even before I became an admin and started fighting with you, I just sneered at my fellows on the grid. What did I do?

    FTP servers are very common on the web. Can you guess? No, not right! I wrote a mini proxy on Delphi and changed the application icon to a regular folder icon, called the application “XXX.exe” and uploaded it to my FTP. The effect was amazing! A huge number of IP-schnicks, on which my proxy was installed, fell on the soap. Yes, I myself did not expect that it would work, but Then I screwed a mini FTP to this case and on port 21 at my disposal there were their logical drives.

    Social engineering rules! A huge number of people who do not know what Remote Administrator is, fell for the idea of ​​technical support. As soon as I saw in the local IRC that someone asks for help Further, you can not tell, you yourself can do this.

    And now, option number 3. It is the final and most important.

    After analyzing the results of the last article (We are disguised or how not to pay money to the administrator for an extra computer in the LAN), I came to the conclusion that today the most pressing problem for you is the substitution of the MAC. You yourself know how to do this, but if they burn it, it will be bad. Yes, they will burn! How will they burn!

    How is data transfer from one computer to another? So, let’s skip the upper levels for now and go directly to the 3rd one. Here, in the packet header (in the case of TCP) or datagram (for UDP), the numbers of IP addresses and ports are entered where the packet should be delivered and where it comes from. Then the package goes to the 2nd level. This is where all the fun begins. Within a segment, i.e. from your computer to the nearest router (if there is one, of course), data is transferred from one MAC address to another. How to understand if the desired computer is in the segment or not? To do this, there is an ARP broadcast request, an ARP cache and an ARP table (note that the last 2 concepts are completely different things, later you will understand why). If your computer sends a packet, for example, to your best friend who is with you on the same subnet, then first it examines the ARP table. If there is already an entry about your friend, then everything is fine, the MAC data is written in the packet header, and it leaves safely. If the data is not there, then the computer accesses the ARP cache. And only as a last resort, when the data is not found anywhere, is a broadcast ARP request made. For the special curious: this request goes to MAC ff: ff: ff: ff: ff: ff. That is, it is addressed to all computers on the subnet and contains information translated into human language, like: “Who has the name moy_drug_pc?” If the answer comes, it is entered into the cache and the packet is sent, if not, an error subject is generated. So, everything becomes much easier

    For the reverse thing, you just need RARP (Reverse ARP). Reverse ARP. You need it, you guessed it, to determine the IP by the known MAC. Its historical use is diskless terminals, where there is no way to store configuration files.

    Oh Good question. Well, let’s start with the fun part. Do you know what is the difference between a hub and a switch? For those who still do not know: the hub sends the incoming packet to all ports, except for the one from which this packet came. The switch is a more intelligent thing, it can memorize the MAC port in a special correspondence table. Thus, it reduces the load on the network and does not allow us, the Pagans, to sniff traffic. Nothing No matter what is there, we can always engage in attacks a la ARP-spoofing, ARP-poisoning (the magazine has already written about them many times, so I will not repeat myself). There is also such a thing as the substitution of the MAC. We will dwell on it in more detail. Avid networkers have known for a long time that the admin is always aware of who changes the MAC. How? And now I’ll tell you.

    I don’t want to scare you, but if you think that the admin is a sucker (sorry, he didn’t want to), that he cannot write this software, or he has no money to hire programmers (which I very much doubt), then you are mistaken. And here’s proof of that. The standard tcpdump sniffer can drop all ARP traffic into a file that will be processed by the simplest perl script (all admins know this language). The data will fly into muscle (mysql) and the simple analysis mentioned above will be carried out As you can see, you do not need to strain too hard to figure you out. And then there are masochists who are ready to bind any MAC in a segment to a specific programmable switch interface. Then all your attempts to change the MAC will simply go down the drain, and even get hit on the head.

    As you learned, ARP is needed not only for dirty tricks, but also for catching dirty tricks. Besides, it can be used as some kind of means of increasing the security of your PC. how?

    You turn off the reception of broadcast requests and, in general, any response to ARP (this is very simply implemented in nix, but I don’t know about Windows, there was no need somehow).

    You clear the ARP table and cache (this is already acceptable everywhere).

    You write in the ARP table only those MACs that have permission to communicate with you over the network (within the segment, of course, because no one needs them further).

    This will prevent your PC from responding to packets of unregistered users. Conveniently. Is not it?

    Random MAC address in Android 10: how to enable it and why

    Tirelessly keeping an eye on the safety of the confidential data of its clientele, the developers of the new Android 10 (nee Android Q), among other new features, have implemented the so-called randomization of MAC addresses in the system. In this regard, briefly about why you need a random MAC address and how to enable this feature in Android 10.

    In short, the randomization of the MAC address is one of the options for protecting your personal user data, namely, what is commonly called the history of activity among specialists, and that today almost everyone loves to collect.

    Therefore, experts in the field of data protection have been saying for a long time that given the current, simply enchanting interest of everyone in a row to the personal data of a modern mobile user, the randomization of MAC addresses should have been made a standard function of all mobile operating systems long ago. So that the curious, as they say, does not seem like a raspberry And now, obviously, Google decided that it was time

    For those who are not quite in the know what we are talking about, let’s clarify just in case: MAC (abbreviated from Media Access Control) address is a unique digital identifier of the network interface controller, which is equipped with every smartphone and, in general, any device capable of working on the network. It is by MAC addresses that such devices are tracked in Wi-Fi networks. Consequently, the MAC address of a smartphone (tablet, laptop, phone, etc.) can also track the actions of its user. If necessary, then with an accuracy of a meter and / or a second. What, in fact, is done when the collection and processing of the history of activity we mentioned is done.

    Thanks to the technology of randomization, the smartphone automatically changes its MAC address every time it connects to a wireless network (any), which significantly complicates the life of such “collectors” of data. Here’s something so simplistic. Now about the main thing.

    Will the MAC address make you vulnerable?

    Your MAC address is usually quite secure, but it can be set against you to monitor your location, interrupt Internet access, or even carry out attacks. All of these approaches are quite difficult to implement, and there are simple ways to counter them.

    How to change MAC addresses with Technitium MAC Address Changer

    Changing MAC with Technitium MAC Address Changer is a simple, fast and reliable way to change the MAC-address of Wi-Fi (Ethernet) of a laptop or computer network card.

    To get started, you need to download Technitium MAC Address Changer (TMAC). Install the program from the downloaded distribution.

    The program interface is in English. It is convenient to work in the program. the GUI is clear and simple. We only need two buttons to change the Mac ADDRESS. Other settings can be left unchanged.

    MAC address: what it is and how it works?

    IP addresses identify you on the internet, but there is another layer of identification that most people are not aware of. There is a label assigned to each device that can be used to track its location, and this is called the MAC address.

    Change MAC address in Windows 10

    Attention! Changing the equipment identifier can lead to its failure, so you perform all further actions at your own peril and risk.!

    System registry

    Replacing the value of the parameter in question is also possible by editing the system registry.

      Open the Run utility using the same method as in the first option and enter the regedit command in it.

    Go to the “Registry Editor” along the following path:

    It is strongly recommended to make a backup copy of the specified registry key. To do this, select the Class directory. then use the items “File”. “Export”.

    Select the desired backup location in the “Explorer”, give it an arbitrary name and click “Save”.

    There can be several directories with a name, with many subfolders.

    Go through everything one by one. they should contain the “DriverDesk” parameter. The value in it will be the name of the device. Using this entry, find the data directory for the target component.
    Find the parameter “OriginalNetworkAddress” in the folder and double-click on it to start editing.

    Replace the current value with the desired MAC address, following the pattern. After entering press “OK”.

    Close all running programs and restart your PC or laptop. If after changing the address you encounter problems (the Internet stopped working, the system does not see the network adapter, etc.), restore the registry from a copy made earlier.

    Adapter driver

    Utility software for some network adapters supports ID sequence replacement.

      Start Device Manager in one of the possible ways. for example, through the Run window. Press the WinR key combination, enter the request devmgmt.msc in the utility window and click “OK”.

    Go to the “Advanced” tab and find a block named “Network Address”, “MAC Address”, “Network Address” or something similar in meaning. It should contain a text string that displays either an empty space or the current device address.

    To replace the code, just put the switch in the “Value” mode, erase the existing one (if any) and register a new one. To apply the changes, click “OK”.

    Restart your computer, after starting up the Mac address should change.

    This method is also convenient and reliable, but not all manufacturers add the described feature to their drivers.

    Technitium MAC Address Changer

    Let’s start the analysis of methods with one of the most convenient. using the third-party utility Technitium MAC Address Changer.

      Open the application, then look at the top of the window for a list of network adapters. Select the one you need and mark it.

    How to Change or Hide Mac Address

    There are two options available in it, the first is to set the identifier manually, for which it is enough to write the desired sequence in the marked line.

    The second option is to click on the “Random MAC Address” button, which will set a random set.

    If you need to return the original code, use the “Restore Original”.

    This completes the work with the program, the MAC address of the computer will be replaced.

    System capabilities

    If for some reason third-party tools are not available to you, you can use the system functions.

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