How to hide an Android app on different phone models

You do not need to download additional software to hide applications. To hide the icon is possible with the built-in tools of the device. But this feature is not available on every smartphone. Let’s look at how the hiding tools are implemented on different brands of devices.

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On devices from the Chinese manufacturer, the option is implemented through the program “Security”, which is displayed on the home screen by default:

Note that initially the security system offers not to hide, but to protect applications. But in the settings, you can refuse this function by moving the sliders to the left against those programs for which you do not need to set a password. They will just be hidden.


A similar option is available on smartphones of the South Korean company Samsung. And on these devices the hiding process looks even more clear and logical:

Unlike Xiaomi, Samsung does not need to think up a password or a graphic key. The smartphone immediately understands that you just want to hide the software, and performs this operation in no time.

Huawei (Honor)

To conclude, let’s take a look at the hiding process on Chinese smartphones released under the Huawei and Honor brands. On both brands of devices, the function is activated in the same way:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to “Security and privacy” and then to “Block apps”.
  • Make up a PIN or specify an existing access code.
  • Move the slider to the right next to the commands you want to hide from prying eyes.

To make these programs visible again, you’ll need to go back to the “App lock” settings, enter the PIN code you created earlier, and deactivate the radio buttons next to each name.

Viruses. hidden applications!

The app itself is unlikely to be automatically added to the list of hidden apps, but if you suspect that your phone is being attacked by some program, be sure to check it with Malwarebytes antivirus. The basic version is free, but it is quite effective.

  • Almost any app installed from an untrusted source can be dangerous for your phone.
  • It is recommended to use proven services to install applications like Google Play.
  • Applications capable of hiding other programs and folders. this is an incomplete list of malware. If an application appeared in the system that you did not install, stop its work and look for information about it in search engines.

How to open hidden apps on your Samsung phone

In my previous article, I showed how to hide apps from prying eyes, on a Samsung phone, using a special built-in function.

But once we removed them, another question arose: how do you open them now yourself??

On the popular Chinese device Xiaomi, to do this you only need to swipe your fingers on the display, from one point to the opposite sides, as immediately the desired programs will appear.

Samsung developers have not implemented anything similar, but this does not mean that we can not get to the hidden programs.

Below in the article, I will give you two ways to implement this task, which of them to use, choose for yourself.

How to see hidden apps on your Samsung phone

The first way

Open the settings.

Next, go to the Applications section.

Find and click on the application you need.

In the lower left-hand corner of the window you will see, click on the Open button.

Method two

Press on any empty spot on the desktop, and hold for a while.

In the window that opens, click on Settings.

Find the corresponding line and click on it.

Remove applications from the top window by clicking on the minus.

After you save the changes you made by clicking on Done.

Hide the icons by using the application panel

In Android 4.0 and higher has a built-in feature to hide application icons. To use it, you will need to:

  • Enter the applications panel. On the screen, it is indicated by a round or square symbol with several squares inside. This section contains all installed games, utilities and other.
  • Open the “Applications” tab at the top of the display.
  • Open the advanced options menu. You can find it either at the top of the screen on the right, or at the bottom in the right or left corner.
  • Select the icons you want to remove from the Android home screen.
  • Press “Done” to confirm hiding.

To return the hidden application icons to the screen, you can use the same instruction by unchecking the checkboxes of the corresponding programs in the last step.

How to hide an application on Android

There are many reasons for hiding an app. This is usually done when more than one user is using the smartphone or tablet. Hiding applications also allows you to free up space on your desktop and optimize the performance of your gadget.

You can hide the application using both the means of the Android operating system itself, and third-party applications. If you don’t know how to do it, here is an overview of the most popular ways to hide the app.

How to hide an application on Android

Often, users of Android smartphones and tablets have the need to hide certain applications from the list of installed on the device or at least from the menu. There could be two reasons. The first is to protect privacy or personal data from unauthorized people. And the second one is usually related to the desire, if not to delete, then at least to hide unnecessary system applications.

Since Google’s mobile OS is very flexible in terms of customization, this kind of task can be accomplished without much difficulty. Depending on the purpose and “sophistication” of the user, there are a number of ways to remove the application icon from the menu.

How to hide an app on Android

How to Hide an App on Android

How to Hide an App on Android

Green Robot has no built-in tools to hide any app from prying eyes. Yes, in some custom firmware and shells from a number of vendors this feature is present, but we with you will proceed from a set of functions “pure” Android. Accordingly, you can virtually do without third-party software.

The device settings (for the system software only)

Traditionally, the producers of Android devices pre-install a whole set of applications, necessary and not very necessary, which can not be removed easily. Of course, you can get Root rights and use one of the special utilities to radically solve the problem.

But not everyone is ready to go that route. For such users a simpler and faster option is available. disabling an unnecessary application through the system settings. Of course, this is only a partial solution, because the memory occupied by the program is not freed in this way, but it will not “bother your eyes” anymore.

The first thing to do is to open the Settings app on your tablet or smartphone and go to “Applications” or “Applications and Notifications” in Android 8.

If necessary, tap on “Show All Apps” and select the desired program from the list presented.

Now just click the “Disable” button and confirm the action in the pop-up window.

An application deactivated in this way will disappear from the menu of your smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless the program will be listed as installed on the device, and therefore will remain available for reactivation.

Calculator Vault (Root)

If you have superuser privileges the task becomes even easier. Google Play Store offers a number of tools to hide photos, videos, applications and other data, but to work with them, of course, you need Root.

One of the best examples of this kind of software is the Calculator Vault program. It masquerades as an ordinary calculator and contains a set of tools to protect your privacy, including the ability to block or hide apps.

So, to use the utility, first of all, install it and then run.

At first glance it will open an unremarkable calculator, but just hold a touch on the title “Calculator” and a subroutine called PrivacySafe will be launched.

Click on the “Next” button and give the app all the necessary permissions.

Next, tap “Next” again, after which you’ll have to come up with and double-draw a graphic key to protect the hidden data.

You can also think of a secret question-answer to regain access to PrivacySafe in case you forget your password.

When you finish the initial setup, you will be taken to the main working area of the app. Now swipe or tap on the appropriate icon to open the pull-out menu on the left and go to “App Hide”.

Here you can add any number of applications to the utility to hide them later. Tap on “” and choose the desired title from the list. Then click on the button with the crossed out eye and grant Calculator Vault root access.

Done! The application you specified is hidden and is now only available from the “App Hide” section of PrivacySafe.

To return the program to the menu, long tap on its icon and check “Remove from List”, then press “Ok”.

In general, there are a lot of similar utilities, both on Play Market and outside of it. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to hide applications with important data from prying eyes. Of course, if you have Root rights.

App Hider

It is a more compromise solution compared to Calculator Vault, but unlike it, this application does not require root privileges. The way App Hider works is that the hidden program is cloned and its original version is deleted from the device. The application we are considering is a kind of environment to run duplicate software, which again can be hidden behind the usual calculator.

Nevertheless, the method is not without disadvantages. So, if you need to return the hidden application in the menu, you will have to reinstall it from Play Market, because the device remains a fully functional, but adapted for App Hider clone. In addition, some programs are simply not supported by the utility. However, the developers assure that there are very few of them.

After installing the application, launch it and click on the “Add App” button. Then select one or more programs to hide and tap “Import Apps”.

The cloning will be done and the imported app will appear on the App Hider desktop. To hide it, tap the icon and choose “Hide. After that, you need to confirm that you are ready to uninstall the original version of the program from your device by tapping “Uninstall” in the pop-up window.

Next, all you need to do is to run the uninstallation procedure.

To enter the hidden application, restart App Hider and click on the program icon, then tap “Launch” in the dialog window.

To restore the hidden software, as mentioned above, you will need to install it again from Play Market. Simply tap the app icon in App Hider and click the “Unhide” button. Then click “Install” to go directly to the page of the program on Google Play.

Similarly to Calculator Vault you can hide App Hider itself behind another application. In this case it is the Calculator program, which also does a pretty good job.

So, open the side menu of the utility and go to “Protect AppHider” section. On the tab that opens, click on the “Setup PIN Now” button at the bottom.

Enter a four-digit numeric PIN code and tap “Confirm” in the pop-up window.

How to hide apps on Samsung phones in 1 minute

After that App Hider will be removed from the menu and the Calculator app will take its place. To access the main program, just enter the combination of codes you have thought up.

If you do not have Root rights and you agree with the principle of cloning applications, this is the best solution that you could choose. It combines both usability and a high degree of protection for hidden user data.

Apex Launcher

To hide any application from the menu, and without superuser privileges, you can even easier. However, to do this you will have to change your system shell to, say, Apex Launcher. Yes, you can not hide anything from the list of programs installed on your device with such a tool, but if you do not need it, a third-party launcher with such a feature can easily solve the problem.

In addition, the Apex Launcher is a convenient and beautiful shell with a wide range of functions. Various gestures, design styles are supported, and almost every element of the launcher can be fine-tuned as desired.

Install the application and set it as your default shell. To do so, go to your Android desktop by clicking on the “Home” button on your device or by making the appropriate gesture. Then select the Apex Launcher as your primary app.

Take a long tap on an empty space on one of the Apex screens and open the Settings tab, marked with a gear icon.

Go to the “Hidden apps” section and tap on the “Add hidden apps” button at the bottom of the screen.

Check the applications that you intend to hide, let’s say it’s the QuickPic gallery. and click “Hide app”.

All! After that, the program you have chosen becomes hidden from the menu and the desktop of the Apex Launcher. To make it visible again, simply go to the appropriate section of the shell settings and click on the “Unhide” button next to the desired name.

As you can see, a third-party launcher is a fairly simple yet effective way to hide any app from your device’s menu. You don’t have to use the Apex Launcher, because other shells like Nova by TeslaCoil Software can do the same.

So, we looked at the basic solutions that allow you to hide both the system applications and those installed from PlayMarket or other sources. Well, what method to use in the end is up to you to choose.

How to hide an app on your Samsung phone

One of the frequent tasks after buying a new Android phone is to hide unnecessary apps that are not deleted, or to hide them from prying eyes. All this can also be done on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which is what we will talk about.

How to hide an app on a Samsung phone

How to hide an application on your Samsung phone:

The instructions describe 3 ways to hide a Samsung Galaxy app, depending on what is required: to make it not appear in the applications menu, but continue to work; be completely disabled or removed and hidden; be inaccessible and not visible to anyone in the main menu (even in the “Settings”. “Applications” menu), but if desired, it can be launched and used. See. also How to disable or hide apps on Android.

Easily hide an app from the menu

The first method is the easiest: It simply removes the application from the menu, while it continues to remain on the phone with all the data, and can even continue to run if it runs in the background. For example, by hiding some messenger with this method from your Samsung phone, you will continue to receive notifications from it, and when you tap on the notification, it will open.

The steps to hide an app this way would be as follows:

Go to Settings. Display. Home Screen. Second method: Click on the menu button in the list of apps and select “Home Screen Options”.

At the bottom of the list, tap “Hide apps”.

Select the applications you want to hide from the menu and click “Apply”.

Done, unnecessary applications will no longer appear in the menu with icons, but they will not be disabled and will continue to work if necessary. If you need to show them again, use the same setting again.

Note: sometimes individual applications may reappear after hiding them with this method. it is primarily the SIM card application of your operator (appears after rebooting the phone or manipulating the SIM card) and Samsung Themes (appears when working with design themes, as well as after using Samsung Dex ).

Uninstalling and disabling apps

You can simply uninstall apps, and for those where it is not available (Samsung built-in apps). disable them. They will disappear from the applications menu and stop working, sending notifications, consuming traffic and energy.

  • Go to Settings. Applications.
  • Select the application you want to remove from the menu and tap on it.
  • If there is a “Uninstall” button available for the app, use it. If there is only a “Disconnect” (Disable). use this button.

If necessary, you can re-enable the disabled system apps in the future.

How to hide Samsung apps in a protected folder with the ability to continue working with it

If your Samsung Galaxy phone has such a function as “Protected folder”, you can use it to hide important applications from prying eyes, with the possibility of access by password. Many novice users do not know exactly how the protected folder on Samsung works, and therefore do not use it, and this is a very convenient function.

The point is this: you can install applications in it, as well as transfer data from the main storage, while a separate copy of the application is installed in the protected folder (and, if necessary, you can use a separate account for it), which is in no way connected with the same application in the main menu.

Set up a protected folder, if you have not already done so, set the unlock method: you can create a separate password, use fingerprints and other biometric functions, but I recommend to use a password and not the same as the simple unlocking of the phone. If you have already set up the folder, you can change its settings by going into the folder, clicking on the menu button and selecting “Settings.

Add applications to the protected folder. You may add them from those installed in the “main” storage, or you may use Play Market or Galaxy Store directly from the protected folder (but you will need to re-enter your account information, which may be different from the main one).

A separate copy of the application with its data will be installed in the protected folder. All of this is stored in a separate encrypted storage.

If you have added an application from the main memory, you can now delete that application by returning from the protected folder: it will disappear from the main menu and from the “Settings”. “Applications” list, but it will remain in the protected folder and you will be able to use it there. It will be hidden from anyone who does not have the password or other access to the encrypted storage.

This last method, although not available on all Samsung phones, is ideal for those cases where you need exactly the privacy and protection: for banking and stock applications, secret messengers and social networks. If you have not found such a function on your smartphone, there are universal methods, see. How to put a password on the Android app.

How to hide the application on your Samsung phone with Android. instruction

The smartphone is a very important device for every person. It stores a lot of personal information that you want to hide from prying eyes. To this end, many people set a password or fingerprint on the lock screen. But what happens if the attacker gets the device unlocked? In that case, he will gain access to all the data, and therefore it is important to understand how to hide the application on the Android phone from “Samsung”.

How to proceed

To mask the application on your Samsung smartphone, you need to enter the settings. Next we do the following:

This section displays all the applications that are installed on the device. It is here we need to find the application that we will hide. For example, Telegram, or Gallery. It can be any application depending on the user’s needs.

Press on the application you need and it will be moved to the upper part of the screen. Hidden applications. Click the button at the bottom of the display. Done.

Adding the application to the hidden ones

After this the hidden application will not be displayed in the applications menu.