How to see iCloud on iPhone

Apple pays special attention to the development of Internet technologies for its users. In 2011, the corporation introduced the ICLOUD company service.

This is a cloud storage that allows the company’s customers to place multimedia files on it. Anyone can use the service even if he does not have iPhone. The cloud works on all platforms.

The relevance of the service is due to the fact that the initial iPhone configurations have a modest volume of internal memory (32-64 GB). The internal storage is sometimes not enough to post photos and videos in high resolution. ICLOUD in this case comes to the rescue, allowing you to save free space on the iPhone itself. over, the iPhone does not support Microsd memory cards.

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The service is conditionally free. The client receives 5 gigabytes of space for which it is not necessary to pay. But for the expansion of the storage by 50, 200 or 2000 gigabytes, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee.

It is convenient to access files with iPhone through iCloud

The widget of recent files from ICloud Drive has two sizes to choose from

What to do: just add to the home screen iPhone or to the side menu to the left of the desktop tables “Files”.

An analogue of Finder with a Mac named “files” on the iPhone and iPad appeared far from yesterday. This application makes it possible to store on a mobile device files of any offline formats, as well as to access documents from iCloud online.

The program has a separate section named “recent”. As the name implies, there are links to files that were used by the last. A few noticed that this list via iCloud is synchronized between devices.

After adding the “files” widget to the home screen of the mobile device, it will be possible to instantly go to the file from the iCloud Drive, which has recently been edited on the Mac. This is extremely convenient if you work with office and similar files.

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File types and affordable space

ICLOUD DRIVE in many ways follows the tradition of Apple, embedded in OS X. By default, there is no landfill of various files, and each application has its own folders in which it wares the working documents. However, the key difference of the iCloud Drive and the usual iCloud is that now the user himself can create folders and absolutely any types of files in the cloud. In other words, now Apple provides us with a full cloud storage for files.

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The flight of fantasy rests exclusively in the free disc space. Only 5 GB is originally available. there are no changes in this regard. Extensions are much cheaper than it was in the case of iCloud:

Please note that the price of the cloud space has also changed a bit

In such a simple way, you can increase the cloud storage to 1 TB. This will be enough for most users. With large volumes of data on the network, it is worth thinking about specialized solutions. In the dry residue we have an exhaustive amount of free space in the cloud and the lack of restrictions on file types. fairy tale.

What will work if the place in the cloud ends

If you do not pay for the iCloud subscription on time or simply fill out the available limit of the tariff plan used, you will face the following restrictions:

◉ You will regularly receive notifications on all your devices about the lack of space in the cloud.

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◉ In most standard applications that are synchronized through iCloud, you will see a banner with a warning about the impossibility of saving data in the cloud.

◉ All applications with the synchronization turned on will not receive new data from other gadgets and will themselves store new files only locally without backup.

◉ backups of all your devices in iCloud will not be updated.

◉ You cannot use the mailing address iCloud to receive and send new letters.

◉ Synchronization of projects and documents will not work in all office, multimedia and other Apple ecosystem programs.

◉ New photos and videos from devices will not be saved in iCloud.

At the same time, some chips will work even with a complete filling of the place in the cloud. You will not be left without such options:

◎ Synchronization of contacts between all gadgets of your account.

◎ Synchronization of events in the Calendar applications and reminders.

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◎ Data exchange, reading list and bookmarks in the standard Safari browser.

◎ Data migration and sending commands through the Homekit smart home management tool.

◎ Data in Wallet applications, promotions, Game Center.

How to Upload Your Photos To iCloud. iPhone Beginners Guide

◎ Imessage, Facetime and any paid services (Apple Music, Apple TV and others) will not be violated.

You will not remain completely with inoperative gadgets, but lose synchronization in many applications and services.

Now let’s figure out how to quickly clean the place in the cloud.

How to Free Up iCloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

Can I upload any size to iCloud files?

Not. The file size should not exceed 15 GB; In addition, he should not go beyond the ICLOUD tariff plan.

Yes. Folders can be created both on iOS device (iPhone, iPad) and on MAC under the control of MacOS or in the iCloud Drive application for Windows.

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How to delete files in the cloud on iPhone

Each client Apple provides 5 GB of free space for storing backups, photographs, text and iPhone media files. If you increase the volume of storage for any reason, the place must be periodically released, which means to get rid of irrelevant or outdated information. This can be done as follows.

  • Open the “settings” Apple ID, and then select “ICLOD”.
  • In the upper part of the opened panel, information is displayed about which files are stored in the cloud and how much space they occupy.
  • Having familiarized yourself with the data, click on the “Storage Management” key, and start removing.
  • Select an application whose information is no longer needed, and go to the information page.
  • Here slip by the “Delete Documents and Data” button, and then confirm the action.

A similar way should be done with other programs, the data of which have lost its relevance.

How to enable icloud on iPhone

After activation of the device, the system proposes to perform all basic settings, including a “cloud” storage. If this was not done initially, you can start turning on iCloud later. For all versions of iOS, the circuit is the same, but on the 11th and earlier separate block for Apple ID at the top in the “settings”.

  • Slide on the “settings” on the home screen, enter the block with Apple ID, find the ICloud line
  • Drive Apple ID data and enter the entrance. Wait for the end of the check. it can take away a few minutes.
  • Select the ICLOUD DRIVE line, slip it on it and drive the password. The use of the “cloud” storage is launched.
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What to do if there are problems with the entrance to iCloud?

If you not only do not know how to look at the cloud on the iPhone, but you can’t enter the service with your Apple ID, then you can use one of the following recommendations:

  • Check if errors are made when entering the login and password data. In some countries, an Apple ID uses a phone number.
  • For cases of two.stage authentication, you must accurately enter a verification code.
  • If you do not know how to see all the sections or they cease to be affordable, then you need to go into the settings and iCloud, and then resolve the necessary functions.
  • Various technical errors may also occur, for the solution of which you need to contact the Support company Apple.
  • Perhaps you have an outdated version of iOS. If there are updates, it is recommended to load them and install them.
  • You need to make sure that the iCloud Drive function is enabled.
  • If the phone is not synchronized with other gadgets tied to Appleid, then you need to check whether the entrance is made on all devices under the same identifier.

As a result, most typical problems will be resolved, since Apple operating systems are considered one of the most reliable. If the device still does not work correctly, then you can try to reset the settings to the factory and reinstall all the software. In the case of hardware failures, you will have to contact the service center for warranty or post.warranty repair.

How to restore remote photos and videos

On icloud.COM acts the same album recently remote as on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Remote pictures and videos are automatically preserved in it. You can restore them from this album for 40 days.

Recently deleted are easy to find in the site of the web application photo. To restore the media file, you need to click on it with the mouse and press the button with the inscription restore in the upper right corner of the screen.