How to configure the keenetic router

Keenetic Series Routers are considered an excellent option for home. Thanks to the software assistant and a simple control panel, even an inexperienced user will be able to cope without any problems with connecting the computer to the Internet both through Wi-Fi and through the cable.

Keenetic Series Routers are considered an excellent option for home. Thanks to the software assistant and a simple control panel, even an inexperienced user will be able to cope without any problems with connecting the computer to the Internet both through Wi-Fi and through the cable.

Login to ZyXEL settings: By steps

The first thing to do is connect the router to the outlet (and make sure it gives signs of life. For example, LEDs should light up on it. ).

Next, you need to either connect the computer with the router LAN cable, or connect to the wireless Wi-Fi network.

Note: For the first connection to the Wi-Fi network, the password and login is specified on the sticker located on the router housing. Cm. Examples of stickers in step 2 below.

In any case, no matter how the way you did not connect the router to the computer. the network icon in the TREE Windows should explicitly change (see. Examples below).

Network No (the router is not connected!). As an example

And so, the router works, the computer is connected to it. Now, to open the device settings, you need to start the browser and go to one of the following addresses (simply copy the address to the browser URL):


(specially do not bring links, In the address bar of the browser insert “http: //”. not necessary! Also unnecessary to add “www” and. Abbreviation. )

First address (my.Keenetic.NET). Universal, must work regardless of whether the factory presets were changed.

Please note that on the router housing (on the overwhelming majority of models) there are special. sticker. There are several very important parameters on it: the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password to it (this is necessary when you first connect via Wi-Fi), the address of the web intees (settings) of the device. What it looks like. cm. Picture below.

Next, the router “will ask” you to enter a login and password to enter the device’s web intees (these data are indicated on the sticker, cm. Picture above).

Login: Admin

Password: Admin or 1234 or

Please note, you need to enter in the lower case without points, dash, quotes and t.D.

In addition, if the router reports that the password is not true. try it altogether without it, leaving an empty field (also at enter look at what language is installed. Perhaps instead of “admin”. written “FVSHT”).

By the way, in some models of devices (for example, Keenetic Lite). there is a login and password (see. Screenshot below). It remains only to introduce them.

Keenetic Lite. router himself suggests the password

If everything went successfully. the device must appear before you (in fact, it resembles a mini-site that has a dozen partitions and tabs where certain parameters can be changed).

In general, this is solved by our task (for about the subtleties of router settings. goals to tell in this note was not. ). About this in more detail here: https: // Ocomp.Info / Wi-Fi-Routeryi /

What to do if the login does not work

1) The first advice is pretty standard: restart the router and computer (laptop).

2) Next, pay attention to your browser: For example, VPN may be enabled in Opera! If it is true. enter the router settings you will not be able! By the way, many plugins and additions (antiviral, advertising blocking and t.D.). may also interfere with the download of the web intees router.

Generally, I recommend using Internet Explorer (EDGE) for these tasks.

3) Check network settings. To do this, press WinR combination. Enter the NCPA command.CPL and press ENTER. Next, open the properties of the current connection, then IP version 4, and verify that the IP address and DNS-North can automatically (see. Example on the screenshot below).

4) If everything is not turned out from the computer, try to connect to the Wi-Fi network from the phone and go to My address.Keenetic.Net. In case of any problems on the PC, this method can actually help.

keenetic, router, settings, need

Unless all models of routers inteeis are optimized for mobile devices, and it may not be quite convenient to use.

5) If all the above did not help, it is possible to reset the router settings in default (factory presets). To do this, on the router housing there is a small button “Reset”. usually it is enough to clamp with a pencil for 5-10 seconds.

Well, I also can’t but recommend another note on the blog, partly concerning this topic. Link to it below.

To help! How to go to the router (login, password: admin). https: // ocomp.Info / Kak-Zayti-Po-192-168-1-1-vhod-vrouter.HTML

Connect the kinetics through the wire and Wi-Fi

Each Wi-Fi router comes with a special Ethernet cable. Using this wire, you can quickly connect the device to the PC or laptop via LAN. It will be necessary to connect one end of the wire into the appropriate connector on the router. Connect the second end in the LAN connector on PC. Another way involves using a wireless network. This will require you to find out the name of the network itself and password to connect to it. These data can be found on the label pasted on the device. Customize the ZyXEL brand routers extremely simple. You can do it in various ways, choosing for yourself the most suitable.

Despite the fact that among Russians, the kinetic routers are very popular, many users periodically face such a problem as the inability to get into the device’s web intertecer to perform further settings. The situation is so pretty common. Cause of this problem may wage in the incorrect computer settings or a laptop, or have problems with the router itself.

Enter the IP router to the browser address line

After the marns host is connected to a computer, you can go to the settings. Web browser is always used to enter the router settings. You can use any web browser that you are comfortable, it can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or any other.

Open the browser, enter the IP address 192 in the address and press the ENTER key (to enter the Zyxel Keenetic router settings, most often used exactly this IP address). Note that if there is a separate string to search in the browser, it does not fit, the IP address of the router must be entered in the address bar of the browser.

If you have a router from the Zyxel Keenetic line, you can also go to their settings from the MY address.Keenetic.Net.

If none of the above addresses works, you can try to enter the address You also need to make sure that the computer uses the automatic receipt of the IP address. To do this, go to the network connection properties and open the IP version 4 properties there.

In this window you need to select the option “Get the IP Address automatically” and “Get the DNS address automatically”, after which you close all windows by pressing the “OK” button.

Error at the entrance to “My.Keenetic.NET “or”

The first two problems are eliminated easily. Enough to change the browser settings or use another Internet browser. Regarding the use of VPN, it is enough to disable the program at the time of adjusting the router.

To bypass the problem with changing the standard router IP address, you can try the following solution:

  • Find the connection icon on the local or wireless network. For example, in Windows 7, it can be found at the following address: “Start. Control Panel. Network Management Center and Shared Access. Change Adapter Settings”.
  • Click 2 times with an active connection mouse.
  • Find the “Details” button and click on it.
  • View the list “Property” and find the IPv4 Gateway Default item in it.
  • Rewrite the IP address in front of the item to the browser address line.

If the input in the router settings is carried out from the phone, then the address of the main gateway should be found here. For example, for devices running Android 7/8, this is done as follows:

  • Find in the device settings section “Wi-Fi”.
  • On the transition to the section you need to find the current connection with the router.
  • Call connection properties (usually done by pressing and hold the connection icon with the subsequent transition to the “Change Network” item).
  • In the window that opens, click on the inscription “Extended Settings“.
  • In the listed list, find the item “DHCP” and click on it.
  • Additional two items will open. “DHCP” and “Custom Settings”. Need to click on the second point.
  • The current parameters of the Wi-Fi-network will be displayed on the screen, where you should also find the “Gateway” item, and the IP address specified there to rewrite to the browser address bar.

It should be borne in mind that the settings may differ on different phones.

Both on mobile devices and on a computer configuration of any network connection can be set manually. On the router with the IP address “ “It will not be possible to go if, for example, the computer is assigned to IP” “and as the main gateway is indicated””. To negotiate network connection settings with network router network parameters, the following should be done (it only acts only if the IP address of the router has not been changed):

  • Find and click on the active connection icon.
  • Go to “Properties”.
  • In the list of components, find and click on “IP version 4”.
  • If the “Use the following IP address” item is marked in the window, you can first try to switch to “Get IP automatically”.

If it is not possible to connect to the router, select the item “Use the following IP address” and enter:

  • IP address: “”;
  • Subnet mask: “ “;
  • Main Gateway: “ “(t.E. The default IP address of the router);
  • Preferred DNS: “”.

In the case of smartphones, use similar settings.

When hardware malfunctions of the computer’s network card, it may be necessary to replace it. The software malfunctions are mainly associated with the lack or problems of the driver functioning. Also, the operation of the network card may interfere with malicious programs. Standard Solution. Install / Reset Driver, Clear Computer from Viruses.

Login to settings for wired zyxel routers

The login algorithm in the settings of wired routers is identical to any Wi-Fi devices. Exception is only the initial connection to the router. This is done when using a network cable, one end of which is connected to a computer network card, and the other to the LAN port of the router. Network ports from the device may be several, you can use any of them. Also, routers have a WAN-port that serves to transfer data between the device and provider equipment. You need to trace that the network cable is connected to the LAN, and not to the WAN port.

When you try to connect and / or enter the web-intees of the router, the user may encounter several problems. We give the main.

Setting up “Wi-Fay” on the equipment ZyXEL KEENETIC

The right protocol installed. the Internet should already work on devices. But the configuration is not in a hurry. you need to set several parameters for Wi-Fi wireless network:

  • We need a “Wi-Fi” block (the image of the tower, distributing the signal, on the panel below). Go to it.
  • Perform all settings in the first tab for access point. We write down a new network name (you can leave and former. it’s at will). From the “Hide SSID” item, we remove the bird if it stands there.
  • In defense of the connection, specify the combined type. WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK. In the line below drive safety key.

In the network setting, it is important to specify a password for access point

Changing the factory password

For security reasons, it is recommended to change the factory password. Default: Admin login, password 1234. In the intees of the router, you must go to the Password tab. In the New Password field, enter a new password. In the CONFIRMED PASSWORD field, repeat the new password. Then click the SAVE button.

Fast setting of router

The company’s developers are positioning their products as a device for each. Thanks to the simple, but very functional wizard of the fast setting, the user will be able to install the router independently. By connecting it to the Internet, for 10 steps to configure Wi-Fi and IPTV, select the connection type and operation mode, set protection.

In completing the setup, the device connects to the official website, checks the presence of a new firmware and, finding this, independently updated, providing the end user with all current developments of Keenetic.

In this article, I will show how to go to the Keenetic router settings at My address.Keenetic.NET or We will also consider solutions to popular problems when you cannot go to the router settings, the password does not fit, an error appears when you try to open the web intees of the Keenetic Internet center.

This article will be written on the example of current versions of Keenetic routers, which are made in the White Corps and work on the new version of the Keeneticos operating system. With new and modern web inteeis. Instructions Suitable for the following models: Keenetic Start, 4G, Lite, Omni, DSL, City, Air, Extra, Duo, Speedster, Viva, Ultra, Giga, Runner 4G, Hero 4G. I have a Keenetic Viva router.

I bought it specifically in order to prepare several detailed instructions for setting up different functions. Well, let’s start, of course, from entering the web intees (on the page with the settings).